The working nature of employment agencies

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					                The working nature of employment agencies

Employment agencies are typical firms that are hired by the companies for their staffing
requirements and for the job seeker an employment agency is a good source of finding
decent jobs in the employment market. The employment agencies are helping both the
organizations and job seekers in cutting through the red tape of the hiring process. These
agencies are helping both the companies as well as the job seekers in facilitating the
recruitment process. The employment agencies find people to fill all kinds of jobs from
temporary to a full time in a number of career fields. An employment agency can find the
right employee in any field whether it may relate to a position of an administrative
assistant, a manager, a carpenter or other management level positions.

In the United States of America, the both public and private employment agencies are
helping to place workers and the required staff in various capacities in different types of
organizations. In the U.S. one of the major public employment agencies are the U.S.
Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration that is providing job seeking
services and tools for workers through online resources and a network of offices around the
country. This agency is also providing job seeking services and tools for workers through
online resources and network of offices located around the country.

The private employment agencies are specialized in the following three services and
these are:

---Personnel placement services,

---Temporary help services or staffing services,

---Executive search services

Every day millions of workers and job seekers are being placed to work. As per the statistics
of American Staffing Association, these staffing companies are helping in employing about
8.6 million temporary and contract workers every year. The function of staffing agency
begins when a company needs a specific person for a job and contracts with a personal
placement services or staffing firm. The recruiter or the staffing agency then handles the
search process and matches up a candidate with the job in question and lining up potential
candidates to be finally interviewed by the company.

For senior-level management positions, a company may choose to hire an executive search
firm or head hunter. The headhunter works under a retainer agreement from the hiring
company and uses a set code of standards to identify and place workers for these highly
placed positions. Thus, employment agencies are an invaluable resource for both the job
seeker as well as for organizations searching for their quality staff requirements.