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                                                          New South Wales
                                                       41/159 Arthur Street, Homebush West, NSW 2140
                                                           P. 02 8756 5900 | F. 02 8756 5911
                                                                     ABN 45 010 037 886

                                                         November 2012
                          CLAY                                                                         3
                          RAW MATERIALS                                                                5
                          GLAZES                                                                       9
                          UNDERGLAZES                                                                  13
                          STAINS                                                                       14
                          SCREEN PRINTING                                                              15
                          JAPANESE TISSUE                                                              16
                          LUSTRES                                                                      17
                          BISQUEWARE                                                                   18
                          FIRING SERVICE                                                               18
                          NON-FIRED FINISHES                                                           19
                          CLOCK MECHANISMS                                                             19
                          KILNS                                                                        20
                          D.I.Y. KILN MAINTENANCE                                                      22
                          KILN FURNITURE                                                               23
                          EQUIPMENT                                                                    25
                          TOOLS                                                                        27
                          PUBLICATIONS                                                                 36

                                                                     BUSINESS HOURS
                                                               MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9AM – 4.30PM
                                                                  SATURDAY: 9AM – 12PM
                                                               CLOSED FOR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

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Pottery Supplies offer…
Materials          &                An extensive range of pottery materials and equipment. Our showrooms are open to the public in
Equipment                           both Brisbane and Sydney. All prices include 10% GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Firing Services                     We can fire to bisque, earthenware and stoneware. Other temperatures are available upon request.

Technical Advice                    If you need technical advice our trained staff members are happy to assist you.

Ordering                            Phone, mail, fax or email. Simply tell us what you need and provide us with your contact details.

Freight / Post /                    We can arrange delivery per your requirements. International & Interstate deliveries are available.

QLD                                 Available in Brisbane – Postage and delays are possible.

NSW                                 Available in Sydney – Postage and delays are possible.

Conditions of Sale
OPERATION AND JURISDICTION - All goods and services specified in this price list are offered subject to our standard Conditions of Sale as herein unless specifically
varied by us in writing.
Orders are accepted by us only on the terms that these Conditions of Sale shall be deemed to be incorporated in any contract arising there from.
Conditions sought to be imposed by a customer which conflict with these Conditions of Sale shall be applicable to any contract.
These Conditions of Sale shall be construed and operated in accordance with the law of the:
State of Queensland for purchase from Pottery Supplies, Queensland;
State of New South Wales for purchase from NSW Pottery Supplies, New South Wales;
Any contract incorporating these Conditions of Sale shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the:
Courts of the State of Queensland for purchase from Pottery Supplies, Queensland;
Courts of the State of New South Wales for purchase from NSW Pottery Supplies, New South Wales.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY - All warranties, guarantees and conditions other than those herein expressed or specifically referred to whether implied by Common Law,
Statute, Custom of the Trade or otherwise are hereby expressly excluded. We accept no liability for any consequential loss, damage or expense of any kind arising
from, or in consequence of, any fault or defect of any nature whatsoever.
We can accept no liability for death, injury, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever whether to person or property however caused, arising out of or in connection
with any materials, goods or service supplied by us.
We accept no liability in respect of loss or damage to third parties caused directly or indirectly by any materials, goods or services supplied by us and we shall be
indemnified at all times by the customer against such loss or damage.
Goods supplied may safely be used for the purpose specified, and within the limitations set out in the manufacturer’s guidelines, providing normally accepted
methods of use are employed. We accept no liability where goods are used other than for the purposes specified, and within the limitations set out in the
manufacturer’s guidelines.

MATERIALS - Materials should be sample tested for suitability before use. It is important to prove their effectiveness under the particular conditions that they are to
be subjected to. The buyer must make all claims within SEVEN days from receipt of materials and in no circumstances will the sellers be liable for any loss in excess
of the contract price of the materials supplied.

DESCRIPTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS - All descriptions and specifications, including drawings, particulars of weights and dimensions submitted in writing or stated
verbally, and the descriptions and illustrations contained in our catalogues, price lists and other literature are intended merely to present a general idea of the
goods described and shall not form part of the contract. In accordance with our policy of continual improvement of products, we reserve the right to change the
specification or delete items from our catalogues, price lists and other literature without prior notice.

PERFORMANCE - All performance figures and information given by us are based on information supplied by the manufacturers and are such as they expect to
obtain in a test situation. We accept no liability if this information is not obtained.

KILNS, MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT - These are sold under their own guarantee conditions and time period. A non-refundable 25% deposit is required per
order for kilns, machinery and equipment.

DELIVERY - Although we make every effort to give prompt delivery and to comply with stated delivery dates, we cannot accept liability for any loss or damage due
to delay outside our control.

CARRIAGE AND INSURANCE - When goods are despatched by third-party carrier, insurance is the responsibility of the customer and if requested with the
nominated carrier under the conditions of carriage offered. Off loading & moving into position shall solely be the responsibility of the customer.

PRICES - Prices in our current catalogue and price lists supersede those given in previous publications and are subject to alteration without notice. Such prices,
including any given verbally, are intended for guidance only and unless otherwise agreed in writing, orders will be invoiced at prices ruling at date of despatch. All
prices quoted are ex our store and despatched freight forward unless otherwise arranged.
Unless otherwise stated all quotations are made without engagement. No binding contract shall be created by acceptance by the customer of a quotation unless
CONFIRMED IN WRITING BY OURSELVES. All quotations are valid for a period of 1 CALENDAR MONTHS.

PAYMENT - We allow credit to Education Establishments and similar bodies and we allow credit to other customers by prior arrangement and on productions of
acceptable trade and bankers’ references.

Payment of credit accounts is NETT 30 days from statement date. Non-compliance will result in the automatic withdrawal of credit facilities.
The company may also charge the purchaser any legal costs incurred in recovering a debt when notice has been provided to the purchaser that the payment is

Goods remain the property of Pottery Supplies and/or NSW Pottery Supplies until payment is received in full.
Prices are correct at the date of printing but are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. (E & O.E.)

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                           Name - Name of the clay.
                           Colour - The colour of the clay when fired in oxidation.
                           Use – Some recommended uses: HB - Hand Building, P – Pressing, R – Raku, T – Throwing, W – Woodfiring.
                           Mesh - Size/coarseness of the clay body particles.
                           % - The approximate percentage by which clay can be expected to shrink wet to fired.
                           Range - The temperatures to which the manufacturer recommends that the clay can be fired.
                            PLEASE NOTE:: ½ Tonne and Mixed Tonne orders receive a 5% discount. Straight tonne orders receive a 10% discount.

              CODE             NAME                                    COLOUR              USE                 MESH            %           RANGE

              BBTCP            Buff Terracotta Paperclay               Buff Terracotta     HB           Med. Fine         6             1100°C

              BWE              White Earthenware                       White               T            80                6             1080-1150°C

              BTC              Tile Clay                               Terracotta          HB           16                              1160°C

              BWE              Earthenware Paperclay                   White               HB           Fine              7             1000-1150°C

              BSGP             Grogged SW Paperclay                    White               HB           30                10            1280°C

              BWSPG            Stoneware Paperclay                     White               HB           Fine              11            1260-1280°C

              BPPG             Gold Label Porcelain P/Clay             White               HB / T       Fine              13            1260-1280°C

              CODE             NAME                                    COLOUR              USE                 MESH            %           RANGE

              CCTC             CTC – Terracotta                        Rich Red            T / HB       60                6             1100-1140°C

              CWHC             WHC – Earthenware                       Vivid White         HB           30                              1080-1120°C

              CSCH             School Clay – Earthenware               Cream / White       HB / T       60                6             1100-1180°C

              CSWE             SWE – Blend                             Cream / White       T / HB       120               13            1040-1260°C

              CTWE             TWE – Earthenware                       White               T/P          120               6             1080-1120°C

              CPE              Paperclay – Earthenware                 Cream / White       HB           60                8             1100°C

              CMFQ             MFQ – Mid Fire                          White               T/P          120               11            1150-1200°C

              CTMK             TMK – Mid Fire / Stoneware              White               T            200               12

              CJB1             JB1 – Porcelain                         White               T            120               11            1220-1300°C

              CJB3             JB3 – Stoneware                         White               T            120               11            1240-1300°C

              CLGH             LGH – Stoneware                         Light cream         T / HB / R   60                12            1240-1320°C

              CRGH             RGH – Stoneware                         Light tan           T / HB / R   60                13            1240-1320°C

              CRSF             RSF – Stoneware                         Cream / White       T / HB       60                12.5          1250-1320°C

              CYG              YG – Stoneware                          Yellow              T            45                13            1240-1340°C

              CKAG             Kagero – Paul Davis Clay                Buff                T / HB       16                10            1300-1340°C

              CWSP             WSP – Porcelain                         White               T            120               13            1260-1300°C

              CSWS             SWS – Porcelain                         White               T / HB       80                13            1260-1300°C

              CCIP             Cool Ice – Porcelain                    White               T            Extra fine                      1180-1240°C

              CSIP             Southern Ice – Porcelain                White               T            Extra fine        14            1260-1300°C

              CSIPP            Southern Ice – P/Clay                   White               HB           Fine              14            1260-1300°C

              CSCF             Sculptural Fine - Blend                 Cream / White       HB / R       30                10            1050-1300°C

              CSC              Sculptural Coarse - Blend               Cream / White       HB / R / W 16                  10            1050-1300°C

CODE             NAME                                 COLOUR              USE                   MESH                  %            RANGE

FSTC             School Terracotta                    Terracotta          HB / T          Medium                11        1020-1100°C

FRR              Red Raku                             Terracotta          HB / R          Coarse                9.5       1020-1100°C

FBRS             Buff Raku Sand                       Buff                HB / R          Coarse                9         1000-1100°C

FRM              Red Midfire                          Terracotta Red      HB / T          Medium                12        1020-1200°C

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FBRT           Buff Raku Trachyte              Buff              HB / R        Coarse            12         1000-1280°C

CODE           NAME                            COLOUR            USE                   MESH             %             RANGE

KTC            Terracotta                      Pale Terracotta   T / HB         Medium           13          1100-1170°C

KRTC           Red Terracotta                  Rich Red          T              100              10          1080-1100°C

K37            No 37 White EW                  White             T              100              8           1080-1100°C

KEG            EW Grogged                      Terracotta        HB             Coarse           11          1080-1100°C

KTCP           Terracotta P/Clay               Medium Red        HB / T                          12          1080-1100°C

K37P           No 37 White EW P/Clay           White             HB / T         100              8           1080-1100°C

K5             No 5                            Light Buff        T / HB         60               14          1300°C

K7             No 7                            White             T              100              14          1250-1300°C

K33            No 33                           Grey              T / HB         60               13          1300°C

KF             Flash                           Buff              T/W            200              13          1280-1300°C

KP             Porcelain                       White             T              100              13          1200-1300°C

K181           181 Porcelain                   White             T              Fine             13          1200-1300°C

KWRP           White Raku Paperclay            White             HB / T         60               12          1100-1280°C

KWSP           White SW Paperclay              White             HB / T                          14          1100-1280°C

KPP            Porcelain Paperclay             White             HB / T                          12          1300°C

KSK            Special K                       White             T / HB         16/60                        1000-1300°C

KRT            Raku T                          Buff              T / HB         60               12          1000-1300°C

KWR            White Raku                      White             T / HB / R     60               12          1100-1300°C

CODE           NAME                           COLOUR             USE                   MESH             %          RANGE

WWE            White Earthenware              White              T/P            80               8.5         1060-1250°C

WNO10          No 10 Stoneware                White              T/P            80               11.6        1250-1300°C

WPB103         PB103 Stoneware                White              T/P            120              12          1280-1300°C

WSWP           Superior White Porcelain       White              T              Ball Milled      12.5        1240-1300°C

WIP            Imperial Porcelain 4317        White              T              Extra Fine       11          1220-1300°C

WWHB           White Handbuilding             Off White          HB / P         30               7           1060-1300°C

WSCH           School EW SW                   Off White          HB / T         30               9           1060-1300°C

WWS            White Stoneware                White              T              Fine             13.5        1060-1300°C

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     CODE                 NAME                                 COLOUR                       USE             MESH              %                   RANGE

     NPS2000              Northcote PS2000 Terracotta          Salmon Pink                  HB / T          Medium                                1000-1050°C

     NWEB                 Northcote WEB Earthenware            Creamy White                 T / HB          10                9.5                 1050-1100°C

     BENTC                Bennett’s Terracotta                 Red Terracotta               T               Fine              12                  1050-1200°C

     CODE                 DESCRIPTION                                                                                                            WEIGHT
     NNFC2.2              NO FIRE CLAY 2.2 Litre Pail. Dries to white colour                                                                     3.8 KG

     NNFC4                NO FIRE CLAY 4 Litre Pail. Dries to white colour                                                                       7.2 KG

     EGYPT                Egyptian Paste - Body creates its own glaze in drying & firing. Fire 850-950°C                                         1 KG

     EGYPT                Egyptian Paste - Body creates its own glaze in drying & firing. Fire 850-950°C                                         5 KG

     WALKERS                                                                                                                1kg                   5kg

     WWE-P                White Earthenware / Midfire                                                                     $4.50                 $10.75
     WALKER NO10 No. 10 Porcelainous SW                                                                                   $4.00                  $8.95

     WALKER TC            Terra Cotta Concentrate (to colour white EW powder)                                            $10.90                 $43.50

     WA-P                 Auscraft                                                                                        $4.50                 $12.25

     CODE                 NAME                                          DESCRIPTION                        RANGE                    %

     KJC-S                J-Cast Slip                                   Fine white body                    1060-1250°C              8.8% at 1250°C

     CCIP-S               Cool Ice Porcelain Slip                       Translucent White                  1180-1240°C

     CSIP-S               Southern Ice Porcelain Slip                   Translucent White                  1260-1300°C              14% at 1300°C

     WWE-S                White Earthenware Slip                        Fine white body                    1060-1100°C

     WALKER 10            No. 10 Porcelainous Slip                      Fine white body                    1280-1300°C              12.5% at 1300°C

     WSWP-S               Superior White Porcelain Slip                 Fine porcelain body                                         8.8% at 1250°C

       DECORATING SLIPS                                                                                                                                   1000–1180°C
     NAME                      COLOUR                        250 ML            500 ML           1 LTR      NAME                COLOUR
     CS5138                    Tan                              $9.40           $13.00          $17.10     CS5145              Charcoal

     CS5139                    Brown                            $9.40           $13.00          $17.10     CS5147              Deep Blue

     CS5140                    Primrose                        $13.70           $19.00          $25.50     CS5148              Pink

     CS5141                    White                             N/A              N/A            $8.60     CS5149              Black

     CS5142                    Wedgwood Blue                   $10.20           $14.20          $18.80     CS5332              Rose

     CS5143                    Green                           $10.20           $14.20          $18.80     S4976               Terrasigillata

     CS5144                    Green – Pastel                  $12.80           $17.90          $23.90

     CGE1 Red

     CGE2 Purple                        CGE3 Dark Blue       CGE4 Light Blue             CGE5 Dark Green         CGE6 Light Green

     CGE7 Orange                        CGE8 Yellow          CGE9 Black                  CGE11 White             CGE14 Sunflower

     CGE15 Cornflower Blue              CGE16 Desert Orange CGE18 Jade                   CGE17 Port Wine         CGE21 Light Lilac

     B5139 White base coat EW

     Stoneware Walkers WCB21

     Walkers Terracotta

          NAME                                            NOTE

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          NAME                                         NOTE
          Alumina Calcined 100#
          Alumina Calcined 300#

          Alumina Hydrate 240#

          Ball Clay ‘FX’

          Barium Carbonate - Granular

          Bat Wash

          Bentonite – Imported

          Bone Ash – Synthetic


          Calcite (Whiting) Omy Carb. 20

          China Clay – Kaolin – Eckalite 1

          China Clay – Kaolin – Q38

          Cornish Stone – Synthetic

          Dolomite – Local

          Feldspar Potash

          Feldspar Soda

          Fireclay – Standard

          Gerstley Borate

          Grog – Fine

          Gum – CMC

          Lithium Carbonate

          Magnesium Carbonate– Light

          Magnesium Carbonate– Heavy

          Nepheline Syenite

          Plaster – Potters Plaster

          Salt - Coarse

          Silica Sand 30#

          Silica 200#

          Soda Ash – Dense

          Strontium Carbonate


          Titanium Dioxide
         Vermiculite (lt)

         Wax – Paraffin


         Zircon Flour

         Zircon Opacifine 5

         Zircon Sand QLD

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            NAME                                       NOTE
            Dispex – (ml)

            Latex (ml)

            Liquid Soap (ml)

            Sodium Silicate (ml)

            Wax Emulsion (ml)

            APT II Ceramic Earthenware Enhancer

            Brushing Medium – For glazes, underglazes etc.

            SY 545 Patch-A-Tatch Greenware Mender 118 ml

            OXIDES / COLORANTS
            Chromium Oxide (chrome)

            Cobalt Carbonate

            Copper Carbonate

            Copper Oxide – Black [cupric)

            Ilmenite Flour
            Iron Oxide – Red (ferric, local)

            Iron Oxide – Black (ferrous)

            Iron Oxide – Yellow Ochre

            Manganese Dioxide
            Nickel Oxide

            Rutile Flour

            Rutile Sand

            Tin Oxide

            Zinc Oxide

            BRUSH-ON OXIDES
            Chrome Oxide

            Copper Oxide

            Cobalt Carbonate

            Ferric Oxide

            Manganese Dioxide

            OXIDE                 INFORMATION
            Chrome Oxide          Strong, versatile oxide normally producing greens but gives reds and yellows in some lead glazes, brown in presence of zinc. In presence of tin, a chrome–tin pink is produced in glazes high in
                                  CaO in oxidation.

            Cobalt Oxide / Carb   Used from 0.05 – 0.5% in transparent glazes, 0.1 – 2% in opaque glazes, 1– 10% in slips and clay bodies. Carbonate disperses more evenly than Cobalt Oxide. Tinting strength is about 65% of the

            Copper Oxide / Carb   Oxide: In oxidisation, 2% produces strong green, 5% metallic black. Up to 10% may be used in slips/clay bodies, colour variations from yellow brown and green. Copper Carb has 65% the strength
                                  of Copper Oxide. Disperses more evenly. Strong flux. In lead glazes it gives jade green; alkaline glazes, turquoise; reduction, reds to salmons. High percentages produce black.

            Iron Oxide            BLACK - Higher iron content than Red Iron Oxide, gives darker colours. In reduction: 0.5–1.5% produces light cool greens and green–browns, 2–4% olive to brown, 4–8% + brown to black. RED -
                                  Most used form of iron (0.5–15%) in oxidised slips and bodies; oranges, terracottas & browns, up to 10% in reduction – grey to black. In glazes 1–3% for pale hues, 3–6% medium to dark, 6–10%+
                                  dark browns/black. YELLOW OCHRE - A natural form of iron oxide containing clay which gives yellow to brown colours (3–8%).

            Manganese Dioxide     1–4% for pale-medium colour, 4–6% for deep brown. >4% in combination with rutile/ iron/ ilmenite may give crystalline surface. Up to 8% gives brown bodies / slips; larger percentages will make
                                  vitrifying slips / slip glazes when fired over 1120°C. Strong flux.

            Nickel Oxide          Brownish greens, browns and greys in glazes. The colours obtained from nickel tend to be rather uncertain (‘fickle nickel’) and is therefore generally used to modify or darken colours obtained
                                  from other oxides. In high zinc stoneware glazes a yellow or blue can be obtained in reduction (0.1–3%). Very refractory, will raise firing temperature of a glaze.

            Tin Oxide             Widely used, effective opacifier; results are pleasing and dependable, even, smooth & glossy. Soft white colour. 8–15% in glaze usually gives full opacity, 4–7% for semi–opaque. Less suitable for
                                  reduction. With chromium, produces chrome–tin pinks.

            Zinc Oxide            5–15% produces opaque, matte, crystalline effects. Can be used to supplement opacifiers. Zinc influences colour depending on fluxes present. Best with cobalt / copper, variable with iron /
                                  manganese. 1–4% contributes to opacity with Zirconium.

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FRIT                    NOTE         TYPE                                                                OLD #
4101                                 Lead free, high alkaline. For Raku glazes and to increase thermal 5301

4108                                 Lead free, calcium borosilicate. Special effects in Raku. Low 4508,         3134,
                                     alumina. Can soften glaze.                                    1077

4110                                 Lead free, soft, sodium borosilicate. High alkaline. Good with 3110, 1078
                                     copper turquoises & manganese purples.

4113                                 Lead free, hard, clear borosilicate. Good for colour development.   4712

4124                                 Lead free, calcium borosilicate.                                    3124

4193                                 Lead free, hard, clear, barium borosilicate. Not for use with 938
                                     underglazes: Contains zinc oxide.

FRIT       SOFT         C.O.E.          Mol Wt         CaO         Na2O        K2O          ZnO          PbO    Al2O3    SiO2   B2O3   BaO   F2
4101       538°C        99 x 10–7/K

4108       618°C        78 x 10–7/K        229          0.68            0.32                                     0.07    2.00   0.63

4110       575°C        96 x 10–7/K        280          0.29            0.64    0.07                             0.10    3.01   0.10

4113       652°C        69 x 10–7/K        353          0.60            0.27    0.13                             0.35    3.47   0.64
4124       622°C        74 x 10–7/K        266          0.68            0.28    0.04                             0.16    2.56   0.55

4193       653°C        64 x 10–7/K        308          0.51            0.19    0.10        0.10                 0.20    2.86   0.62   0.1

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            DECO Clear Gloss Glazes
                       Brush–on, Leadless, Earthenware.
            Superior Clear Glaze – 1040–1140°C
            Clear gloss glaze - Earthenware

            Superior Clear
            An unleaded glossy transparent glaze for firing at earthenware temperatures. Good Underglaze colour response.

            Application & Storage
            DECO Superior Clear may be applied to either green or bisqued ware by brushing, dipping, spraying, and pouring. Stir contents of jar thoroughly
            before use. Using a well laden hake brush, apply 3 flowing coats to bisque in opposite directions. Allow each coat to dry between applications. Dilute
            with water only if dipping or spraying. Keep lid on tightly. Store in cool, dry conditions; out of sunlight.

            Superior Clear has been formulated for firing in a fully oxidised atmosphere within the firing range: 1040-1140°C. Tests should be conducted if used
            outside these parameters. The maturing of the glaze will depend on the kiln conditions such as kiln load and the overall heat work (heating rate and
            soak time). It is recommended to perform a soak period at peak temperature of at least 30 minutes. Suitability of this glaze should be checked in test
            firings before full-scale production.

            DECO Special Effects Glazes
            Classic Crackle Effect – 1080–1120°C
            Celadon        Clear Crackle       Persian Blue   Iceberg

            Crackle Ink 25mL

            Classic Crackle FX

            Stir the glaze before use and apply three generous coats in opposite directions to the bisqued surface, with the first coat lightly diluted to assist
            application and avoid pinholing. Thick application will assist colour development in both the Persian Blue and Celadon glazes as well as increase the size
            of the crackle after firing. The Clear crackle, on the other hand, needs to be thinly applied to retain its clarity and three diluted coats are recommended
            here. As a general rule, underglaze decoration under the Clear Crackle should appear as a faint image after the application of the third and final coat.

            After firing and when cooled, the finished piece should be removed from the kiln using gloves or a clean towel to avoid oil or hand creams from the
            skin clogging the craze patterns. The piece should be allowed to sit for 24 hours or until the desired craze pattern is achieved. A tissue, to which a good
            quality black drawing ink has been applied, can then be rubbed over the fired glaze surface, using circular motions until the inking is complete.
            Following this, a damp clean tissue or rag can be used to remove excess ink. If the Matt Crackle glazes have become stained with ink during this process,
            they should be allowed to dry for an hour before cleaning with a damp scourer and a mild abrasive such as alumina or silica powder or Jif cream
            cleanser followed by rinsing off with clean water.

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Earthenware Glazes                                                                                         1060 – 1100°C
           Brush On, leadless except those that are marked with ** contain lead.
CODE DESCRIPTION                        CODE           DESCRIPTION         CODE        DESCRIPTION
EG100     Coffee                        EG323          Jellow Yellow       EG795       Purple

EG101     Liquorice                     EG325          Satsuma Orange      EG809       Blue

EG103     Banana                        EG334          Black Star          EG857       Light Orange

EG104     Pistachio                     EG351          Clear Gloss         EG859       Ultramarine

EG105     Mandarin                      EG362          Clear Satin         EG861       Pink Peach

EG156     Fiesta Pink                   EG363          Clear Matt          EG863       Turquoise

EG199     Mulberry                      EG364          Black Gloss         EG902       Lime Green

EG229     Daffodil Yellow               EG366          Rockingham

EG230     Blue Green Mottle             EG389          Pewter

EG250     Honey                         EG444          Tin White Gloss     EG324**     Rococo Red

EG271     White Gloss                   EG525          Italian Green       EG346**     Gold

EG290     White Matt                    EG532          Peacock             EG371**     Gold Olive Gloss

EG311     White Crackle                 EG634          Jade

Stoneware Glazes                                                                                           1280 – 1300°C
CODE DESCRIPTION                        CODE           DESCRIPTION         CODE        DESCRIPTION
SG265     White Gloss                   SG624          Jade Satin          SG910       Lime Crystal

SG277     Mottled Blue Grey             SG670          Ming                SG911       Blue Gloss

SG416     Yellow Fleck                  SG825          Antique             SG920       Shino Style
SG562     Robin Egg                     SG860          Tomato Red          SG921       Chun Style

SG600     Tin Blue                      SG900          Black Gloss         SG922       Fat White Crackle

SG620     AME SW                        SG905          Gold Crystal        SG923       Celadon Style

NAME                       DESCRIPTION             NOTE                  FIRING RANGE
BEG21                      White                   NSW                   1040–1140°C

CSG220                     Clear                   NSW                   1260–1300°C – Ball milled

BMG140                     Clear – Brush-On        NSW                   For Clayworks Cool Ice

CMG140                     Clear – Dip Glaze       NSW                   For Clayworks Cool Ice

Powdered Glazes
NAME                       DESCRIPTION             NOTE                  FIRING RANGE
KMG191D                    White Majolica                                1080–1140°C

KMG203D                    Clear Earthenware                             1040–1140°C
KMG216D                    Matt Base                                     1040–1100°C

KMG271D                    Clear Midfire                                 1040–1240°C

BG220                      White Crackle           NSW                   1080–1140°C

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            Cesco Brush–On Flowrite Glazes –2ppm Lead Free Glaze
            –2ppm: When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, this glaze will yield less than 2 parts per million of soluble lead and
            complies with the permissible limits for glazed food or beverage ware.
            CLEAR              –2ppm
            B5295               Raku Gloss                                   980–1080°C

            B5223               Earthenware Gloss                           1080–1100°C

            B5381A              Earthenware Gloss                           1040–1120°C

            B5600               Earthenware Matt                            1080–1100°C

            B6000               Earthenware Crackle                         1040–1120°C

            B5490               Midfire Gloss                               1180–1240°C

            B4914               Stoneware Gloss                             1260–1320°C

            RAKU                –2ppm                                           1080–1100°C
            B5296               White Opaque

            GLOSS                –2ppm                                          1080–1100°C
            B1042               Turquoise Blue                  B5262         Oyster White

            B3530               White Opaque                    B5262BS       QLD Oyster White Speckled

            B4986               Oatmeal                         B5264         Honey

            B5261               Avocado                         B5266         Grey Jade

            B5278               Pumpkin                         B5281         Copper Turquoise

            B5279               Forest Green                    B5282         Turquoise Green

            B5285               Rockingham Brown                B5287         QLD Dark Brown

            B5286               Yellow Opaque                   B5292         Drake Neck Green
            B5294               Red Brown                       B5467         Apricot

            B5387               Pewter                          B5470         Tan

            B5389               Pink                            B5477         Twilight

            B5394               Apple                           B5480         Honey Gold
            B5400               Salmon Pink                     B5482         Mint Green

            B5414               Light Grey                      B5483         Caramel

            B6001               QLD White Crackle

            B5267               Burgundy                        B5277         Purple

            B5283               Royal Blue                      B5284         Black
            B5293               Raspberry

            B5491               Hot Orange                      B5492         Brick Red

            OPALENE GLOSS                  –2ppm                                 1080–1120°C
            B5192                Jade Blue                     B5198         Peacock Blue

            B5193                QLD Opal White                B5199         Mist Jade

            B5194                Mist Blue                     B5200         Mist Green

            B5195                Mist Grey                     B5201         Plum

            B5197                Midnight Blue

            STONEWARE GLOSS –2ppm                                                   1260–1320°C
            B4915               White Opaque                    B5168         QLD Royal Blue

            B5472               Cocoa                           B5474         Autumn

            B5473               Denim                           B5475         Lavender

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Cesco Brush-On +2ppm Leaded Glazes
+2ppm: These glazes contain fritted lead and may yield in excess of 2 parts per million (+2ppm) of soluble lead under certain conditions of application and
firing. These glazes should not be used on food and beverage contact surfaces.
MEDIUM                                +2ppm                    1080–1100°C
PB             INTERGLAZE Glaze Flow Medium

CLEAR                                 +2ppm                    1080–1100°C
BG 2           Earthenware Clear Gloss

GLOSS                                 +2ppm                    1080–1100°C
B5106          Green (transparent)

B5160          Olive Green

B5186          Honey Flame

B5185          Crackle Goldene                                 B5323      Silver

MATT                                  +2ppm                    1040–1080°C
B4146          Bronze Green                                    B5163      Ebony

B5158          Seadrift                                        B5165      Sand

B5159          Walnut Brown

RUTILE MATT                           +2ppm                    1000–1040°C
B5038          Green Gold                                      B5136      Sand

B5039          Seadrift                                        B5137      Pebble Green
B5040          Walnut Brown                                    B5138      Ebony

B5041          Steel Blue                                      B5386      Seafoam

B5042          Golden Tan                                      B5402      Apricot

B5043          Yellow Gold

CADMIUM                               +2ppm                    1000–1040°C
BF5128         Daffodil Yellow                                 BF5131     Flambé Red
BF5129         Tangerine Orange                                BF5133     Lime Green

BF5130         Signal Red                                      BF5154     Burnt Orange

Cesco Powdered Glazes –2ppm Lead Free Glazes
* P l e as e no te t h at powdered glazes are not kept in stock and can only be ordered depending on availability.
Add approximately 1kg of dry glaze to 600 ml of water and allow to stand overnight or longer.
    Sieve. Repeat if necessary. – Should be smooth consistency of pouring cream. Adjust by adding or removing water. A small amount of glaze
   suspender may be necessary. Keep the glaze well stirred whilst dipping. Glaze no thicker than 1mm.
CLEAR                                                  –2ppm
S5295                       Raku Gloss                                     980–1080°C
S5223                       Earthenware Gloss                             1080–1100°C

S5381A                      Earthenware Gloss                             1040–1120°C

S5313                       Midfire Gloss                                 1180–1240°C

S4914                       Stoneware Gloss                               1260–1320°C

POOLING                               –2ppm                    1020–1100°C
PF1 Diamond          S5167 Turquoise          S5175 Amethyst    S5174 Sapphire     S5179 Emerald    S5276 Purple

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            DECO Brush–On Underglaze
            Colour charts are available.
                     Can be used over raw-glaze, on bisque and greenware.
                     Can be fired to all temperatures except ones marked * - Can burnout over 1250°C or give poor results if mixed together.
          GROUP 1
          DU01 Wattle              DU06 Icing             DU07 Jacaranda*      DU13 Pacific           DU15 Azure

          DU18 Marine              DU19 Lagoon            DU20 Spearmint       DU21 Lime              DU22 Jungle
          DU25 Ochre               DU26 Cocoa             DU27 Sepia           DU30 Coconut           DU32 Citrus

          DU34 Teddybear           DU35 Skin              DU36 Cream           DU37 Butter            DU40 Tuscany

          GROUP 2
          DU14 Sky                 DU23 Bluegum           DU24 Daintree

          GROUP 3
          DU02 Mango               DU05 Galah             DU09 Ozone *         DU11 Berry *           DU12 Flamingo *

          DU16 Aegean

          GROUP 4
          DU03 Papaya              DU28 Licorice          DU33 Iris            DU42 Firecracker

          GROUP 5
          DU04 Watermelon DU08 Mauve *

          TRIAL KIT - 7 colours x 15ml

            Cesco Brush–On Underglaze
                       All colours except UG17 Orange can be intermixed.
          GROUP 1
          UG1 Arctic Blue                  UG2 Rose*                   UG3 Grey                   UG4 Puce*

          UG5 Forest Green                 UG6 Turtle Brown            UG7 Amulet Green           UG10 Reef Gold

          UG11 Cobalt Blue                 UG12 Ebony Black            UG13 White                 UG14 Celeste

          UG15 Violet*                     UG16 Fawn                   UG17 Orange*               UG18 Blue Grey

          UG21 Jade                        UG22 Red Brown              UG24 Flesh Pink*           UG25 Chocolate Brown

          UG26 Maroon*                     UG27 Mint Green             UG29 Purple*

          GROUP 2
          UG9 Deep Blue                    UG20 Victoria Green         UG23 Daffodil Yellow       UG28 Nasturtium

          GROUP 3
          UG8 Brick Red                    UG19 Royal Blue             UG30 Flame

          UG31 Hot Orange

          GROUP 4
          UG32 Bright Red

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Trailers - Onglaze
CODE                         DESCRIPTION                                                                                              SIZE
KERA ONGLAZE KIT             OGBR1 Black         OGBR16 White OBGR9 Canary OGBR33 Blue               OGBR132 Bright   OGBR100         6 x 30 ml
                                                                           Lagoon                    Red              Emerald Green
OGBRM                        Onglaze Brushing Medium - Sealant                                                                        120 ml

Trailers – Underglaze
CODE                         DESCRIPTION                                                                                              SIZE
KERA U/G TRAILER             BGUT1 Black         BGUT5 Indigo    BGUT8 Lilac      BGUT16 White BGUT132 Bright                         30 ml
KERA PEN SQUEEZE TYPE        Pen - Standard Nib Squeeze Type                                                                          30 ml

CODE                         DESCRIPTION                                                                                              SIZE
KERA PEN INK                 Bright Red      Blue Lagoon   Canary         Black       Emerald Green Indigo            Red Brown       60 ml

Fluid Writer Pen CD3301

Chalks & Pencils
CODE                         DESCRIPTION                                                                                              SIZE
UNDERGLAZE CHALKS            Bordeaux Red, Orange, Canary, Emerald, Indigo, Lilac, Black, Red Brown                                   8 chalks
UNDERGLAZE PENCILS           Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow                                                             single
FOUNDATION COAT              Foundation Coat – To seal chalks and pencils before glazing. (spray)                                     120 ml

Multi-Purpose Stains
      These stains can be used as body, underglaze and glaze stains. Stable to 1300°C+ except where indicated with an *, suitable to 1250°C.
      Please note that all stains are subject to change due to availability.
CODE                         NAME                               CODE                    NAME
CK13074                      Black                              13L5077                 Matt Blue

CT1701                       Black                              6387                    Mulberry

C220944                      Blue                               14M955                  Pink

CT1503                       Blue                               C279496                 Red

CK12021                      Burgundy                           K5997                   Red

CT1108                       Coral                              CT1800                  Red Brown

CT1201                       Golden Brown                       CK14028                 Sea Green

6319                         Lavender                           CT1597                  Turquoise
CX16104                      Lilac                              13T5055                 White

CT1202                       Mandarin                           CT1301                  Yellow

6020                         Manganese Alumina Pink

Onglaze Enamel Stains
CODE                         NAME                               CODE                    NAME
93K1001                      Green                              93T1001                 White

93M1000                      Poppy Red
93L1000                      Sky Blue

93E1000                      Jet Black

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             Screen Printing Colours
                       For application on greenware or bisque.
           CODE                      DESCRIPTION                  CODE                  DESCRIPTION
           UGPR1                     Black                        UGPR9                 Canary Yellow

           UGPR5                     Blue – Indigo                UGPRM                 Clear Medium

           UGPR33                    Blue – Lagoon                UGPR100               Emerald Green

           UGPR132                   Bright Red                   UGPR54                Verdant Green

           UGPR12                    Chilli                       UGPR16                White

             Print Gocco – Screen Maker
           ITEM                                            ITEM
           NEHOC Ceramic Printing Kit                      NEHOC Screen Mount Frame 120x180mm

           NEHOC Print Lamp(s)                             NEHOC Screen Mount Frame 180x240mm

           NEHOC Blue Filter – 2 Pack                      NEHOC Silk Screen 70# 1m

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      Can be applied to raw or bisqued pieces and pre-fired underglaze. Cover with clear glaze.

     Basket Weave                Cherry Blossom           Chrysanthemum                   Clover                Cubic             Curlicue - Delicate

    Curlicue - Heavy                   Daisy                Daisy Carpet                Dotted Fan          Florentine Leaf        Flowers & Bars

        Lily Spray                 Maple - Blue                Mosaic                  Paisley - Black       Paisley - Blue        Paisley - Painted

      Paisley - Red             Scribbled Flower            Spiral - Black              Star Flower         Waving Grasses             Blossom

         SAMPLE PACK (8 samples)                             HALF SHEET (410 x 290 mm)                            SHEET (590 x 410 mm)

Apple Blossom - Blue          Apple Blossom - Pink            Camellia                 Daisy Flower          Daisy & Leaf             Grapevine

    In the Wind - Pink         Mixed Flower - Pink        Paisley - Swirled                Roses              Butterflies               Owls

    Cottage Flowers             Cartoon Animals

        SAMPLE PACK - 8 samples -                                                                                SHEET - 460 x 340 mm -


         Geisha                    Boys Playing               Bamboo                Painted Dragonflies       Landscape           Stork in the Reeds

                                                                                                                 SHEET - 300 x 300 mm -

JC COLOUR                    JCS COLOUR                NC COLOUR                   NC 5 COLOUR            JC RAISED PLAIN

      Two Flowers              Two Colour Cranes       Florentine & Curlicue Bud       Bright Flower             Raised Paisley

     (460 x 340 mm)               (300 x 300 mm)           (590 x 410 mm)             (590 x 410 mm)            (460 x 340 mm)

                                                                                                             *Full Sheet Only

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            Ð – Discontinued when stock is depleted

          LUSTRE                   NOTE            LUSTRE              NOTE

          Black                                    Light Blue Ð

          Bright Gold                              Mother of Pearl

          Bright Platinum                          Purple Violet   Ð

          Carmine                                  Red

          Copper                                   Rembrandt Ð

          Grey                                     Topaz Grey


          Gold & Platinum Thinner
          Lustre Thinning Oil


            Lustres may be fired on glass and glazed ceramic. For best results the lustre should be applied to clean glazed surfaces with
           a flat, synthetic–bristle brush, evenly. A much thinner application should be used if firing on glass. Too heavy coat will blister
           or flake. Uneven coats may cause variations.
           o Mother of Pearl should be applied in a crisscross manner and stippled to bring out the mottled characteristic.

            Lustresvary in viscosity and workability. Those that appear thick and tacky can be conditioned by adding a few drops of
           Lustre Thinner. Lustres may be also thinned further and applied by spraying.

            Theideal firing in any particular kiln is best determined by experience. The following ranges serve as an initial guide:
           o Earthenware 640–740°C
           o Bone China 680–760°C
           o Porcelain        760–820°C

            Toptemperatures should be approached slowly during ‘smoking off’ stage. Kiln door should be left open slightly until ware
           has smoked off. Above 500°C, the door should be closed and fired to maturity.

            Thekiln may be switched off once top temperature is reached or may be soaked for about 30 minutes. Under–fired
           decoration will wipe off. Over fired will sink into the glaze and lose its appeal.

            The kiln should not be crowded. Allow sufficient space to permit complete burning off of the combustible matter in the

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Wheel–Thrown Stoneware
      White Stoneware, ready to decorate and fire to 1280°C.
      Please note that these may vary as they are hand-made.

Bowl – Large                             35 cm x 13 cm
Bowl – Medium                            28 cm x 12 cm

Bowl – Small                             19 cm x 8 cm

Bowl – Dip                               13 cm x 5 cm

Bowl – Mini                              7 cm x 2 cm

Mug – Coffee                             8 cm x 12 cm

Plate – Side                             20 cm

Plate – Dinner                           28 cm

Platter – Large                          35 cm

Vase                                     25 cm high

Japanese Tea Bowl                        7 cm x 7 cm

Tiles – Earthenware
      Buff earthenware, ready to decorate and fire to 1100°C.
DIMENSIONS (CM)                          DIMENSIONS (INCHES)
10.8 x 10.8 cm                           4.5 x 4.5

15 x 15 cm                               6x6

 Pottery Supplies take all care and no responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any items which
  we feel may cause problems.
 Firings will only be done when kiln is full. If work is needed urgently, the whole kiln space can be hired i.e. full kiln load
  price applies.
 You must supply specific details of the clay and / or glazes used or your work cannot be fired.
 The base and 5mm from the base must be free from glaze.
 Your work and your boxes must be clearly named or may not be returned to you.
 All work left at Pottery Supplies for longer than 2 months will incur storage charges. After 3 months, work will be
  disposed of.
 Please note: there is a non-refundable %50 deposit to secure a kiln booking for a full kiln.
 Please note: you are responsible for any damage your work causes to Pottery Supplies kilns and / or shelves; you are
  liable for replacement costs.


Bisque 1080°C

Earthenware glaze firing 1120°C

Stoneware glaze firing 1280°C maximum


Full Kiln Large (dimensions 600 x 600 x 750 mm)

*Specific Firings outside temperatures above will be charged at full kiln prices.

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            Catalyst (100ml)

            Oxidising Patina (100ml)

            Real Copper Paint (100ml)

            Real Iron Paint (100ml)

             Copper or Iron Finish on Fired Clay
             1.          Apply Copper/Iron Paint to base. Allow to dry.
             2.          Apply Copper/Iron Paint to all other surfaces and allow coat to dry.
                    a.   If desired, the oxidising patina may be applied over this to give an aged– copper / rusty effect.
             3.          Seal with varnish.

            L3                          L6                     M1                         M10                       S13

            Available in:               Available in:          Available in:              Available in:             Available in:
            Black                       Black                  Black                      Black                     Black
            Gold                        113mm long             Gold                       Gold                      39mm long
            75mm long                                          55mm long                  75mm long

            Roman                                                  Arabic                                                 Classic

                    I           II            III         IV            1            2              3           4               1         2             3         4
                  V             VI            VII       VIII            5            6              7           8               5         6             7         8
                  IX            X             XI         XII            9            10             11          12              9        10             11        12
            Available in:                                          Available in:                                          Available in:
                 Gold – 25 mm tall                                     N4 Gold – 12 mm tall                                  N29 Gold – 12 mm tall
                 Black – 25 mm tall                                    N4 Black – 12 mm tall                                 N32 Gold – 25 mm tall

            Each movement comes complete with your choice of hands & numbers, and a set of instructions.
            Will run up to 3 years on one AA size battery (not included).

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Tetlow Electric Kilns
      Heavy gauge stainless steel cases.
      Simple designs, rugged components & top quality materials.
      Hot face insulating bricks, with additional.
      Elements are made from Kanthal A1 wire.
      Kilns are fitted with energy regulator, safety switch & pilot light.
      All kilns are capable of firing to 1300°C
      F/L = Front Loading, T/L = Top Loading, GL = Glass/Ceramic Kiln

Small Kilns
MODEL                 INTERNAL W x D x H                 FT3            WEIGHT       PHASE          VOLTS   AMPS   KW
K2 F/L                225 x 225 x 225 mm                 0.4            30 kg        1              240     10     2.4

K4 F/L                325 x 325 x 225 mm                 0.9            55 kg        1              250     15     3.6

K4A F/L               325 x 325 x 325 mm                 1.4            75 kg        1              240     15     3.6

K4B F/L               325 x 325 x 450 mm                 1.74           85 kg        1              240     20     4.8

K5 T/L                337.5 x 337.5 x 362.5 mm           1.53           85 kg        1              240     15     3.6

K5A T/L               337.5 x 337.5 x 437.5 mm           1.84           85 kg        1              240     20     4.8

K6 T/L or F/L         375 x 375 x 450 mm                 2.3            95 kg        1              240     20     4.8

K6 GL F/L             450 x 450 x 300 mm                 2.3            95 kg        1              240     20     4.8

K7MW F/L              460 x 460 x 460 mm                 3.4            175kg        1              240     30     7.2

Large Kilns
MODEL                 INTERNAL W x D x H                 FT3            WEIGHT       PHASE          VOLTS   AMPS   KW
K7 F/L or T/L         450 x 450 x 450 mm                 3.4            360 kg       3              415     10     7.2

K8 T/L                450 x 450 x 600 mm                 4.5            410 kg       3              415     15     10.8

K8A T/L               562.5 x 562.5 x 450 mm             5.28           420 kg       3              415     16.6   12

K8A F/L               562.5 x 562.5 x 450 mm             5.28           420 kg       3              415     15     10.8

K8B F/L               450 x 450 x 675 mm                 5.06           420 kg       3              415     15     10.8
K9 T/L                900 x 450 x 450 mm                 6.8            460 kg       3              415     20     14.4

K9 F/L                450 x 450 x 900 mm                 6.8            420 kg       3              415     20     14.4

K10 T/L               600 x 600 x 600 mm                 8              500 kg       3              415     23     16.5

K10 F/L               600 x 600 x 600 mm                 8              440 kg       3              415     23     16.5
K11 T/L               900 x 450 x 600 mm                 9              520 kg       3              415     25     18

K11 F/L               450 x 600 x 900 mm                 9              480 kg       3              415     25     18

K11A T/L              750 x 600 x 600 mm                 10             530 kg       3              415     25     18

K11A F/L              600 x 600 x 750 mm                 10             500 kg       3              415     25     18

K12 T/L               900 x 600 x 600 mm                 12             560 kg       3              415     28     19.8

K12 F/L               600 x 600 x 900 mm                 12             520 kg       3              415     28     19.8

K12A T/L              1350 x 600 x 600 mm                18             620 kg       3              415     40     28.8

K12A F/L              600 x 600 x 1350 mm                18             580 kg       3              415     40     28.8

K13+                  Larger kilns available

Harco 8-Stage Type-N Programmer & Thermocouple Type-N W/ Sheath Fitted to K2 – K14 Kilns


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               Tetlow Octagonal Kilns
                       All kilns are fitted with:
               o        Dawson kiln sitter
               o        Energy regulator
               o        Warning light
               o        Safety switch (turns power off when the lid is opened)
               o        Stainless steel body
               o        Spy hole, and
               o        Furniture

                       All octagonal kilns are capable of firing to 1280°C

           MODEL            INTERNAL W x H                FT3                 PHASE           VOLTS   AMP    KW
           1                279 x 267 mm                  0.69                1               240     12.5   3

           2                254 x 394 mm                  1                   1               240     15     3.6

           3                356 x 394 mm                  1.48                1               240     20     4.8

           4                445 x 508 mm                  3                   1               240     30     7.2

           5                445 x 622 mm                  3.67                1               240     40     9.6

           5                445 x 622 mm                  3.67                2               415     20     9.6

           6                584 x 508 mm                  5                   2               415     25     12

           7                584 x 737 mm                  7.28                3               415     20     14.4

           8                584 x 851 mm                  8.4                 3               415     20     14.4

           9                724 x 737 mm                  10.9                3               415     TBA    TBA

            Harco 8-Stage Type-N Programmer & Thermocouple Type-N W/ Sheath Fitted to Octagonal Kilns

           TES 1313 Pyrometer – Multi Input Meter

           Thermocouple Type N no sheath
           Thermocouple Type N with sheath


           Harco Controller - 8 Stage, Type N

           Type N Jack / Type N Plug

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FIBRE                                                      DIMENSIONS (MM)           TEMP.
Back–Up Blanket (Standard)                                 610 x 25 (96 kg)          1260°C

Hot Face Blanket (Hi–Duty)                                 610 x 25 (128 kg)         1400°C

Ceramic Paper                                              610 x 2                   1260°C

Vacuum Form Board – Compressed kaowool                     610 x 12                  1260°C

Vacuum Form Board – Compressed kaowool                     610 x 25                  1260°C

ANCHORS                      TYPE
50 mm Hole                   Ceramic Anchor

75 mm Hole                   Ceramic Anchor

Nut, Bolt & Washer           Stainless Steel

REFRACTORY BRICKS                                          TEMP.                      NOTE
DP Rylance Standard Fire Bricks (FCB26D)                                              QLD

K23 / JM23 Refractory Insulating                           1260°C

K26 / JM26 Refractory Insulating                           1420°C

Refractory Cements & Adhesives
Blakite Mortar (KG)

Fibre Cement (KG)

Kaogrip (KG)

Kaowool Hardener (L)

Pyrocrete (KG)

PRODUCT                          USE
BLAKITE MORTAR                   Will withstand temperatures (surface) up to 1700°C. Used mainly for small repairs and for joining bricks (as a mortar). Blakite
                                 can also be used to glue fibreboards and tiles to bricks. Apply thinly.

FIBRE CEMENT                     High temperature refractory mortar used for bonding fibre to fibre or fibre to brick.

KAOGRIP                          Used for securing fibre to fibre, brick or steel – continuous use temperature limit 1000°C – can be used for joining vermiculite
                                 board. Apply up to a thickness of 2mm to clean surfaces. Coverage approximately 0.5m2 / Litre. Dry at maximum
                                 temperature of 90°C.

KAOWOOL HARDENER                 Diluted 50–50 with water. Can be applied by spraying, or dipping. Spray in well ventilated area. As a surface coating, 2.5
                                 litres of diluted Hardener will cover 1m2, and 17 litres will saturate the same area of 25 mm @ 128 kg/m3 Blanket. Drying
                                 procedure is not critical but 12 hours at 90°C is fairly typical.

PYROCRETE                        A high alumina, highly refractory cement. Suitable for use on its own. When mixed with sand, fireclay grog or vermiculite it
                                 can be used as a mortar or concrete. Can also be used as a castable. Water content is critical: must not be more than 20
                                 litres per 50 kg bag. To make mortar, use approximately. 1 part cement to 3 parts sand or grog. Will withstand temperatures
                                 up to 1400°C.

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            KILN FURNITURE

             Shelves / Bats                                                      Props – 44mm Diameter
           Small bats or light loads – 20 - 25mm thickness                               Three props are better than four, being inherently stable.
           Larger bats or heavy loads – 20 - 25mm thickness                              Props should be placed in line vertically.
           Above 1280°C, especially under reducing conditions, we suggest a 25mm thick   Ensure that the end faces of the props are flat and parallel.

                            THICKNESS            DIMENSIONS (MM)   NOTE                                 HEIGHT (mm)                HEIGHT (inches)
                            8 mm                 305 x 305                                              25 mm                      1”

                            12 mm                305 x 305                                              51 mm                      2”

                                                 330 x 330                                              76 mm                      3”

                                                 400 x 400                                              102 mm                     4”

                            15 mm                340 x 340                                              127 mm                     5”

                                                 400 x 400                                              152 mm                     6”

                                                 450 x 450                                              178 mm                     7”

                                                 500 x 500                                              203 mm                     8”

                            20 mm                400 x 400                                              229 mm                     9”

                                                 450 x 330                                              254 mm                     10”

                                                 450 x 450                                              279 mm                     11”

                                                 550 x 550                                              305 mm                     12”

                                                 610 x 305

                                                 610 x 610

                                                                                 Ceramic Stilts
Tile Crank
                                                                                             SIZE               DIAMETER
                                                                                             01 Stilt           16 mm
          6” Set of 4 uprights and 2 Cranks

                                                                                 Wire Stilts
                                                                                  SIZE          DIAMETER
                                                                                  2             30 mm
                                                                                  3             35 mm

                                                                                  4             55 mm

                                                                                  5             70 mm

                                                                                  6             85 mm

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Pyrometric Cones
STANDARD                                               MINI
Cone               60°C / hr      150°C / hr           Cone   300°C / hr

                                                       022    630

                                                       021    643

                                                       020    666

019                676            693                  019    723

018                712            732                  018    752
017                736            761                  017    784

016                769            794                  016    825

015                788            816                  015    843

014                807            836                  014    870

013                837            859                  013    880

012                858            880                  012    900

011                873            892                  011    915

010                898            913                  010    919

09                 917            928                  09     955           PLEASE NOTE:

08                 942            954                  08     983                Cones are used to determine the effect of ‘heat work’, when
07                 973            985                  07     1008                firing. Use these charts as a guide to heating rates for the last
06                 995            1011                 06     1023
                                                                                  100°C of firing.
05                 1030           1046                 05     1062
                                                                                 Cones in bold text are available in store. Others may need to be
04                 1060           1070                 04     1098
                                                                                  ordered in.
03                 1086           1101                 03     1131

02                 1101           1120                 02     1148

01                 1117           1137                 01     1178

1                  1136           1154                 1      1184

2                  1142           1162                 2      1190

3                  1152           1168                 3      1196
4                  1160           1181                 4      1209

5                  1184           1205                 5      1221

6                  1220           1241                 6      1255                        ORTON CONES        PACK OF 5             BOX OF 50
7                  1237           1248                 7      1264                        STANDARD           $4.10                 $28.55
8                  1247           1269                 8      1300                        MINI               $2.85                 $26.30
9                  1257           1278                 9      1317

10                 1282           1303                 10     1330

11                 1293           1312                 11     1336
12                 1304           1326                 12     1355

13                 1321           1346

14                 1388           1366

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                   POTTERY SUPPLIES                                                 Page 24 of 38
            SLAB ROLLER - Venco
             Easy roller adjustment with thickness indicator. Large handle for easy rolling. Comes complete with canvas.
             Very stable galvanised and powder coated steel frame. Large work tables.
             Table Size: 1200 mm x 600 mm
             Slab Thickness: 3 mm – 75 mm

                Stainless steel Barrel: 13cm diameter
                Stainless steel frame
                Holds up to 4kg of clay
                Acrylic die plates
                Includes 6 dies, die mask & Z-brace
                Extra-long handle – good leverage

                   Optional Hollow Die Set (sold separately)

             EXTRUDER - Stainless steel construction – no corrosion
                 Barrel: 75 mm (W) x 300 mm (L)
                 Bayonet–style die holder
                 Includes 4 pre–cut dies and 1 blank

                   Optional 8–piece die set- available to order POA

             Red & black powder coated steel body.
             Dies acrylic & mild steel.
             Set includes a set of four acrylic dies & one blank.
             Overall Length - 765mm, Diameter of barrel - 75mm / Weight - 4kg.
             Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.                                                                    .

                   Spare coiling die set
                   Hollow Die – Mild Steel – T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7
                   Solid Die – Mild Steel – A-K

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                          POTTERY SUPPLIES                                 Page 25 of 38
Cone–drive wheels, variable speed control via foot pedal. Free–wheeling aluminium wheel head. Steel frame/body, zinc plated and painted with durable epoxy paint, heat
cured. Resilient mounted motor for smooth, quiet operation. Guaranteed for 12 months, against defective parts or faulty workmanship. Cast aluminium splash tray with drain

COMPACT NO 6 – 280 mm (11") wheel head
180W (1/4hp) motor.
Speed range: 0–240 RPM
Padded fold–away seat as standard.
Weight 25 kg
580 mm (L) x 480 mm (W) x 530 mm (H) (23” x 19” x 21”)

NO 3 – 330 mm (13") wheel head
370W (1/2hp) resilient mount motor w/ overload protection.
Speed range: 0–240 RPM
Weight: 30 kg
690 mm (L) x 510 mm (W) x 560 mm (H) (27” x 20” x 22”)

NO 5 – 330 mm (13") wheel head with speed-lock
Speed–lock enables user to work around the wheel.

    Clip–on marine ply work tables – Left and/or right
    Replacement Drive Wheels – for all models
    11” Wheelhead / 13” Wheelhead
    Bush bearing kit
    Seat – for No 3 & No 5 Wheels
    Grommet – Small & Large
    Spring – Small / Large
    O–Ring – Small / Large
    Washer – Fibre / Steel                                                                                                      Seat                  Work tables

DIRECT DRIVE WHEEL – 330 mm (13”) Wheel head – 2 pins on 25 cm centres
550W (3/4hp) Direct Drive motor 110–240V 50/60hz. Overload protection. 0–300 RPM speed
range, forward and reverse rotation. 10 year warranty on tray, frame & legs. Diecast aluminium
tray with drain spouts. Stainless steel body and legs. Wireless foot pedal – radio controlled.
Weight: 25kg 690 mm L x 510 mm W x 530 mm H
    Clip–on marine ply work tables – Left and/or right
    Riser bat
    Standard bat

Frame: Fabricated steel, zinc plated and painted with durable acrylic paint. Barrel: Cast aluminium (high corrosion resistance) longitudinally split for easy cleaning. Drive: Gear
motor – totally enclosed fan cooled motor direct coupled gear box Feed: Double helix auger / Clay Loading: Lever operated tamper. Auger: Stainless steel shaft with welded
stainless steel flights.

100mm Model                                                87mm Model                                                 75mm Model
   Barrel Ø: 200 mm, nozzle Ø 100 mm                         Barrel Ø 150 mm, nozzle Ø 87 mm                           Barrel Ø 136 mm, nozzle Ø 75 mm
   Single phase, 1.5kw                                       Single phase, 0.75kw                                      Single phase, 0.37kw
   110kg – 1600 mm L x 345 mm W x 530 mm H                   90kg – 1330 mm L x 320 mm W x 450 mm H                    70kg – 1330 mm L x 320 mm W x 400 mm H
      (crated)                                                    (crated)                                                   (crated)
     Hopper: 200 mm x 175 mm                                    Hopper: 150 mm x 120 mm                                   Hopper: 115 mm x 100 mm

Vacuum pump (included with de–airing pug mills)
    High capacity (90kp) piston pump, with reed valves.
    Fitted with air and water filter.
    Fabricated steel zinc plated frame, painted with durable acrylic paint.
    Single phase motor (0.56kw for 100 mm & 87 mm Models, 0.18kw for 75 mm Model) w/ thermal overload.
    Close coupled direct drive (75 mm Model). Single vee belt (87 mm & 100 mm Models).
    Size (crated): 550 mm L x 365 mm W x 370 mm H.
    Weight: 25kg 100 mm & 87 mm Models – Pump is crated with 75 mm Model.

Standard Pug Mill (75mm Non–De–Airing)
Weight: 40kg (50kg crated)
Size: 1060 mm L x 310 mm W x 310 mm H
Hopper: 100 mm x 115 mm

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                                     POTTERY SUPPLIES                                                           Page 26 of 38


               EQ0905 (*E13C) – 65(H) mm x 220 Ø mm
              EQ0907 (*E13D) – 170(H) x 220 Ø mm

            BATS                                                                                        It is a good idea to seal the edge of
               Ø 150 mm / 6” – MASONITE                                                                 the ply bats before first use.
               Ø 180 mm / 8” – MASONITE
               Ø 230 mm / 10” – MASONITE
               Ø 310 mm / 13” – PLY
               Ø 380 mm / 16” – PLY
               Ø 590 mm / 24” – PLY
                                                                      Masonite                    Ply

               BW0102 (*B1–102) – FAN BRUSH                                                             BW030: Ideal for the application
                       220 mm (L) x 10 mm x 5 mm                                                        of clear glazes.
                 BW030 (*B3–101) – GLAZE MOP
                        220 mm (L) x 15 mm x 5 mm                                                       BW0501 and BW0503:           Resilient
                                                                                      BW0301            nylon with long, fine tips, excellent
                 BW0501 (*B5–101) – DETAIL LINER                                                        for delicate strokes and detailed
                        190 mm (L) x 2 mm x 2 mm                        BW0501
                                                                                 BW0503                 work.
                 BW0503 (*B5–103) – DETAIL LINER
                       190 mm (L) x 2 mm x 2 mm                                                         BW0702: Stiff nylon ideal for paint
                 BW0702 (*B7–105) – FLAT BRUSH                        BW0702                            flow and even application.
                       200 mm (L) x 10 mm x 3 mm
                 BW0803 (*B8–103) – POINTED ROUND            BW0803                                     BW0803: Goat hair. Soft bristles
                       180 mm (L) x 3 mm x 3 mm                                                         coming to a delicate point.

            BRUSHES – BAMBOO                                                                            Made with goat hair, this brush is
               BK0701 – 150 mm (L) x 30 mm x 9 mm                                                       ideal for the application of glaze
               BK0702 – 150 mm (L) x 45 mm x 9 mm                                                       over large areas.

            BRUSHES – HAKE                                                                              Ideal for the smooth application of
               BH0101–25 mm (W) x 190 mm (L) x 11mm (H)/1”                                              glaze and slip.
               BH0102–50 mm (W) x 190 mm (L) x 11mm (H)/2”
               BH0103–75 mm (W) x 190 mm (L) x 11mm (H)/3”

            BRUSHES – HAKE SLANT (GOAT HAIR)                                                            Made with pure goat hair with an
               BS0101–25 mm (W) x 220 mm (L) x 20mm (H)/1”                                              angle which makes it easy to control
               BS0102–50 mm (W) x 220 mm (L) x 20mm (H)/2”                                              vertical and horizontal applications.
               BS0103–75 mm (W) x 220 mm (L) x 20mm (H)/3”

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                           POTTERY SUPPLIES                                        Page 27 of 38
BRUSHES – CALLIGRAPHY                                                                            Made of wolf and mare hair. Fine
   BC0301 (*C3–1) Ø 5.7 x 39 mm (L)                                                              tip brush ideal for oriental
   BC0302 (*C3–2) Ø 4.6 x 28 mm (L)                                                              decoration, lining and calligraphy.
   BC0303 (*C3–3) Ø 4.5 x 27 mm (L)
                                                                                                 Made of pure wolf hair. This brush
     BC0501 (*C5–1) Ø 3.3 x 23 mm (L)                                                            has a very fine tip, ideal for
     BC0502 (*C5–2) Ø 3.3 x 18 mm (L)                                                            decorative techniques of detailed

     BC0601 (*C6–1) Ø 2.1 x 11 mm (L)                                                            Made of pure sable hair. This
                                                                                                 brush has a fine tip and is ideal for
     BC0602 (*C6–2) Ø 1.8 x 9 mm (L)                                                             delicate painting and fine lines.
     BC0603 (*C6–3) Ø 1.4 x 7 mm (L)
                                                                                                 Made of goat and pony hair. This
     BC0702 (*C7–2) Ø 8.8 x 32 mm (L)                                                            brush is ideal for flowing, general
     BC0703 (*C7–3) Ø 7.2 x 26 mm (L)                                                            brushwork and application of
    BC1101 (*C12–1) Ø 9.2 x 50 mm (L)
                                                                                                 Made of pure goat hair. This
    BC1102 (*C12-2) Ø 8.2 x 44 mm (L)                                                            brush is ideal for spontaneous
    BC1103 (*C12–3) Ø 7.3 x 35 mm (L)                                                            brushstroke decoration and

BRUSHES SETS                                                                                     BK04 - Ideal for any kind of
   BK04 – CALLIGRAPHY SET (6 Brushes)                                                            oriental application and
   BK05 – SET (6 Brushes)                                                                        decorative techniques.

                                                                                                 BK05 – Ideal for applying glazes
                                                                                                 and colour in detail and to larger

                                                                BK04                  BK05

   CD1801 (*C18) CLEAN UP BRUSH
                      Ø 10 x 180 mm (L)

   PC0203 (*P36) – 210 mm (L) x 90 mm x 20 mm
   PC0202 (*P37) – 260 mm (L) x 80 mm x 13 mm
   PC0201 (*P38) – 310 mm (L) x 115 mm x 13 mm

   PT0401 (*P33) – 300 mm (L) LIPMETER
   PC0103 (*P34) – 180 mm (L)
   PC0101 (*P35) – 300 mm (L)


                                                       PC0103            PC0101

   PK4702 CLAY SHAPPER Ø 13 x 175 mm (L)                                                      Enable users to sculpt accurately with a
   PK4705 CLAY SHAPPER Ø 13 x 180 mm (L)                                                      variety of materials; clay, soft wax and
                                                                                              modelling materials, plaster, heavy
                                                                                              body paints and adhesives. The length
                                                                                              of the shaper is approximately 16 mm.

   PL0101 (*P44) – TOGGLE CUTTER                                                              Stranded wire.
                  (WOODEN HANDLES)

CLAY GUN                                                                                      Push clay through 19 discs. The
   CD38 (*C27) (Includes 19 discs)                                                            extruded shapes can be used for
   CD38 (*C27) REPLACEMENT DISCS                                                              different decorative effects such as hair,
                                                                                              grass, rope, logs, bricks, etc.

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                       POTTERY SUPPLIES                                                Page 28 of 38
              Decorating Comb CD4201 (*C39) – 80 mm x
              50 mm

                PK2601 (*C36-1) Ø 6 mm x 135 mm (L)                                          Single ended flat wire too ideal for carving
                PK2602 (*C36-2) Ø 6 mm x 135 mm (L)                                          and relief work.
                PK2603 (*C36-3) Ø 6 mm x 135 mm (L)
                PK2604 (*C36-4) Ø 6 mm x 135 mm (L)
                PK2605 (*C36-5) Ø 6 mm x 135 mm (L)
                PK2606 (*C36-6) Ø 6 mm x 135 mm (L)

                 PK26 (*AR1) – Carving tools Kit                                             Single ended flat wire too ideal for carving
                                                                                             and relief work.

                                                                                             AR1 – single ended flat wire.

                  PK25 (*MWT) – Wire Modelling Tool Kit
                            Each approx.. Ø 6 mm x 160 mm (L)
                                                                                             MWT – double ended fine wire.


            GLAZE DIPPER
               CD4701 (*C49) – Ø 50 mm x 520 mm (L)                                                   Stainless steel dipper with a long
                                                                                                      wooden handle; ideal for pouring

               KEVLAR 16" MITTS (PAIR)

                                                                      KEVLAR MITTS   LEATHER GLOVES

              GREEN WELDERS GOGGLES                                                                   Green Welding Goggle with SH.5
              SAFETY GOGGLES                                                                          Lens.
                                                                                                      Clear acetate goggle with anti-fog
                                                                                                      lens; medium impact.

            HANDLE MAKERS
              PF0901 (*P62) – Ø 14 mm x 115 mm (L)                                           Made with Stainless steel ends and
              PF0902 (*P63) – Ø 14 mm x 115 mm (L)                                           polished hardwood handles. Suitable for
                                                                                             making handles for cups, pitchers,
                                                                                             teapots, etc.

            HANDLES - TEAPOT
              MT0401 - 100 mm / 4" (L)                                                       Ready to use bamboo handles. Soak in
              MT0402 - 125 mm / 5" (L)                                                       water for a few minutes immediately
                                                                                             before fitting to the pot.
              MT0403 - 150 mm / 6" (L)

Please go to our website - shop online for more info             POTTERY SUPPLIES                                              Page 29 of 38
   MT2401 (*M26) – REPLACEMENT WIRE                                         Solid Stainless steel harp used for cutting
                                                                            equal thickness slabs.

                                                                            CD1501: Drills holes for salt and pepper
  CD1501 (*C15) – DRILL DOUBLE END                                          shaker.
                         Ø 9 mm x 190 mm (L)
     CD2701 (*C20) – Ø 5 mm x 180 mm (L)                                    Ideal for making clean cut holes in
     CD2702 (*C21) – Ø 8 mm x 180 mm (L)                                    greenware items. Particularly useful for
     CD2704 (*C23) – Ø 21 mm x 180 mm (L)                                   making strainer holes in teapots.

HYDROMETER                                                                  Measures specific gravity of liquids.


       PK20 (*TK12) – POTTERY
                                                                            Ideal for beginners or students. 8 tools:
                                                                            wooden rib, steel rib, wooden modelling
                                                                            tool, needle, double ended loop tool, large
                                                                            loop tool, sponge & wire clay cutter.

       PK10 (*TK13) – SCULPTURE                                             Comprising nine sculpture tools: seven
                                                                            boxwood, both 6" and 8" and two double
                                                                            ended wire tools.

       PK2400 – FINE CARVING DENTIST TOOLS                                  Comes with 7 tools; ideal for sgraffito work
    Each tool approximately 10 mm x 20 mm x 150 mm (L)                      and fine carving.

KNIVES                                                                      PF0101 and PF0201 – Multi–purpose knives
     PF0101 (*P39) Ø 8 mm x 150 mm (L)                                      for trimming, carving, and sculpting.

     PF0201 (*P40) Ø 19 mm x 215 mm (L)
     PF0401 (*P42) Ø 24 mm x 170 mm (L)                                     PF0401 – Multi-purpose knife with black
     CD2902 (*C25) – PALETTE KNIFE                                          plastic handle.
                          Ø 16 mm x 170 mm (L)
                                                                            CD2902 – Steel blade with wooden handle.
       CD0101 (*C1) – FLEXIBLE BLADE                                        Ideal for the use of grinding and mixing small
                     Ø 13 mm x 130 mm (L)                                   quantities of China paints, oils, slips, colour
       CD0601 (*C6) Ø 12 mm x 155 mm (L)                                    and glazes.
       CD0701 (*C7) Ø 9 mm x 140 mm (L)                                     CD0101 – Flexible Blade

       CD4103 (*C37) – MOULD TRIMMING KNIFE
                    200 mm (L) x 25 mm (W) x 6 mm (H)                       CD4103 – Mould trimming knife to clean
       CD4104 (*C38) – MOULD TRIMMING KNIFE                                 up slipware.
                    200 mm (L) x 25 mm (W) x 9 mm (H)                       CD4104 – Mould trimming knife to clean
                                                                            up slipware.

Please go to our website - shop online for more info     POTTERY SUPPLIES                                                     Page 30 of 38
                 STEEL ENDS
                 PF2101 (*P83) – Ø 12 mm x 170 mm (L)                                                                 Double-ended looped tools with
                                                                                                                      ground steel ends. Firmly attached
                 PF2103 (*P85) – Ø 12 mm x 170 mm (L)                                                                 to wooden handles by brass
                 PF2201 (*P88) – Ø 15 mm x 195 mm (L)                                                                 ferrules.
                 PF2201 (*P89) – Ø 17 mm x 200 mm (L)
                 PF2203 (*P90) – Ø 17 mm x 195 mm (L)

                 STEEL ENDS & WIRE LOOP
                 PF2204 (*P91) – Ø 17 mm x 210 mm (L)
                 PF2205 (*P92) – Ø 17 mm x 200 mm (L)
                                                                                                                      S2: Made of hardwood handles
                 CARBON TOOL                                                                                          and stainless steel flat ribbon firmly
                 PF1911 – Ø 13 mm x 210 mm (L)                     P83 P85 P88 P89 P90 P91 P92 PF1911       S2        attached with brass ferrules. Ideal
                                                                                                                      for the use of texture work and the
                 FLAT RIBBON SCULPTURING TOOL                                                                         removal of large amounts of clay.
                 PF4801 (*S2) – Ø 21 mm x 230 mm (L)

               PF1201 (*P81) – Ø 20 mm x 185 mm (L)
               PF1101 (*P82) – Ø 20 mm x 185 mm (L)                                                                   PF1201 and PF1101 Made from
                                                                                                                      heavy stainless steel ribbon with
               PF1401 (*N30) – 9 mm (H) x 50 mm (W) x 185 mm (L)                                                      sharp edges and hardwood
                 PF2802 (*P114) – Ø 25 mm x 130 mm (L)
                 PF2803 (*P115) – Ø 25 mm x 130 mm (L)                                                                PF1401: Made from carbon steel
                 PF2901 (*P116) – Ø 25 mm x 140 mm (L)                                                                with robust construction; providing
                 PF3001 (*P117) – Ø 30 mm x 135 mm (L)                                    PF1101 PF1201   PF1401      a sharp ribbon and long duration.
                 PF3002 (*P118) – Ø 40 mm x 140 mm (L)
                 PF3102 (*P120) – Ø 25 mm x 125 mm (L)

                                                                   PF2802 PF2803 PF2901 PF3001 PF3002 PF3102

              FILTER                                                                                                  For working with powders and/or
                                                                                                                      glazes etc. and when sweeping
              DISPOSABLE DUST MASK                                                                                    workshop floors.
              BOX OF 50

              PB0201 (*P61-1) – 5 mm x 50 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0203 (*P61-3) – 6 mm x 20 mm x 204 mm (L)                                                             For the use of sculpture and
              PB0205 (*P61-5) – 7 mm x 18 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0206 (*P61-6) – 7 mm x 20 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0211 (*P61-11) – Ø 14 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0216 (*P61-16) – 8 mm x 18 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0218 (*P61-18) – 7 mm x 20 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0219 (*P61-19) – 11 mm x 19 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0221 (*P61-21) – 11 mm x 19 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0226 (*P61-26) – 7 mm x 20 mm x 204 mm (L)
              PB0227 (*P61-27) – 8 mm x 18 mm x 204 mm (L)

                                                                    1   3    5   6   11    16   18 19 21 26      27

            MODELLING TOOL – BAMBOO                                                                                   Long bamboo tool for fluting,
              PF4601 (*P165) – 13 mm x 20 mm x 230 mm (L)                                                             carving and sculpting.

            MODELLING TOOL – RIBBON & WOOD                                                                            Wood and ribbon modelling tool
              PF2401 (*P100) – 150 mm (L)                                                                             ideal for shaping and light cutting.
              PF2403 (*P102) – 150 mm (L)

            MORTAR & PESTLE                                                                                           Porcelain; for hand grinding raw
              Small Ø 100 mm x 55 mm (H)                                                                              materials.
              Large Ø 160 mm x 85 mm (H)

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                        POTTERY SUPPLIES                                                      Page 31 of 38
  PF0701 (*P46) Fine – Ø 9 mm x 145 mm (L)                                                       Steel needle       and       hardwood
  PF0702 (*P47) Thick – Ø 9 mm x 145 mm (L)                                                      handle.
  PF0801 PRO TOOL – Ø 6 mm x 170 mm (L)                                                          Steel needle      with       aluminium

   SMALL                                                                                         Made of wood; for the use of
         225 mm/8.75”(L) x 70 mm/2.6”(W) x 20 mm/ ¾”(D)                                          paddling clay.
         300 mm/12”(L) x 70 mm/2.6”(W) x 20 mm/ ¾”(D)

RIB – BAMBOO                                                                                     Throwing rib; ideal throwing aid
     PF4501 (*P163) – 10 mm x 40 mm x 115 mm (L)                                                 for the use of opening, shaping,
                                                                                                 carving and smoothing wheel
                                                                                                 thrown forms.

RIBS – BOXWOOD                                                                                   Throwing rib; ideal throwing aid
    PR0201 (*P14) – 14 mm x 38 mm x 285 mm (L)                                                   for the use of opening, shaping,
    PR0101 (*P19) – 8 mm x 50 mm x 115 mm (L)                                                    carving and smoothing wheel
                                                          PR0201                                 thrown forms. Can also be used
    PR0102 (*P20) – 8 mm x 60 mm x 113 mm (L)                                                    for refining hand built forms.
    PR0103 (*P21) – 8 mm x 53 mm x 100 mm (L)
    PR0104 (*P22) – 8 mm x 62 mm x 110 mm (L)                                                    PR0101 PR0102        PR0103
    PR0105 (*P23) – 8 mm x 60 mm x 110 mm (L)
    PR0106 (*P24) – 8 mm x 48 mm x 118 mm (L)
    PR0108 (*P26) – 8 mm x 58 mm x 100 mm (L)                                                    PR0104    PR0105 PR0106
    PR0109 (*P27) – 8 mm x 74 mm x 118 mm (L)
    PR0115 (*T111) – 8 mm x 50 mm x 85 mm (L)
    PR0110 (*P28) – 8 mm x 38 mm x 183 mm (L)                                                    PR0108 PR0109 PR0115


    PR0801 (*P12) – 2 mm x 42 mm x 75 mm (L)                                                     Made of rubber, this flexible rib is
    PR0803 (*P13) – 2 mm x 52 mm x 115 mm (L)                                                    useful for smoothing and shaping
                                                                                                 clay surfaces.
    PR0702 (*P13H) HARD – 2 mm x 52 mm x 115 mm(L)
                                                          PR0801    PR0803            PR0702
    PS0307 TRIANGLE SERRATED RIB                                                                 Flexible plastic scrapper.
          2 mm x 110 mm x 110 mm (L)


      PS0110 (*P3) – 0.5 mm x 52 mm x 118 mm (L)
      PS0104 (*P5) – 0.5 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm (L)                                                 Made of tin and flexible stainless
                                                                                                 steel; ideal for smoothing,
      PS0105 (*P6) – SERRATED                             PS0110   PS0104      PS0105 PS0107 &   scraping, trimming and cutting.
               0.5 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm (L)                                              PS0303
      PS0107 (*P8) – SERRATED RECTANGULAR FLEXIBLE                           SERRATED SERRATED
               0.5 mm x 50 mm x 149 mm (L)                                           SOFT/HARD
               1 mm x 59 mm x 150 mm (L)

     SMALL Ø 60 mm x 270 mm (L)                                                                  Smooth finish, strong rolling pins.
     LARGE Ø 70 mm x 335 mm (L)

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            SCALES - BALANCE                                                                                                  Small scale set for weighing out
               EQ0401 Small Balance Scales                                                                                    materials in test quantities. Complete
                                                                                                                              with boxed sets of weights.

                                                                                                                              SIZE: Capacity (100 g) Sensitivity (0.1
                                                                                                                              g) Net Weight (0.1 kg)

               C33-1 – 24 mm x 44 mm x 165 mm (L)
               C33-2 – 24 mm x 34 mm x 175 mm (L)
               C33-3 – 24 mm x 55 mm x 163 mm (L)

                                                                          C33-1            C33-2           C33-3
               PF4801 (*S2) – Ø 21 mm x 230 mm (L)

            SCULPTORS THUMB                                                                                                    Compact hand–fitting hardwood
               PR0308 (*S1) – 24 mm x 20 mm x 115 mm (L)                                                                       sculpturing tool that duplicates
                                                                                                                               thumb and finger strokes.

               CD0801 (*C8) – BALL STYLUS                                                                                      Double ended tools to carve
                               Ø 21 mm x 230 mm (L)                                                                            incised and engraved decorations.
                                                                                                                               Also useful for carving leather hard,
                 CD1001 (*C10) Ø 12 mm x 158 mm (L)                                                                            dry clay and plaster.
                 CD1101 (*C11) Ø 12 mm x 155 mm (L)
                 CD1201 (*C12) Ø 9 mm x 158 mm (L)
                 CD1301 (*C13) Ø 9 mm x 155 mm (L)
                 CD1601 (*C16) Ø 9 mm x 170 mm (L)
                 CD1901 (*C19) – LACE TOOL
                                   Ø 9 mm x 179 mm (L)
                 CD2001 TEXTURING TOOL Ø 9 mm x 158 mm (L)
                 CD0401 (*C50-33) Ø 9 mm x 142 mm (L)

                                                             CD0801 CD1001 CD1101 CD1201 CD1301 CD1601 CD1901 CD2001 CD0401

            SIEVE - TALISMAN                                                                                                   Bowl - polyethylene plastic. Brushes
               ROTARY SIEVE (INC 80# INSERT)                                                                                   - plastic with nylon bristles. Crank
                                                                                                                               handle - powder coated steel with
                                                                                                                               wooden knob. Frame – aluminium.
                                                                                                                               Screens - rubber lip with stainless
                                                                                                                               steel mesh.
                                                                                                                               Diameter top - 41 cm. Diameter
                                                                                                                               bottom - 22 cm. Depth - 15 cm.

                                                                                                                               Bowl - white polyethylene plastic.
                                                                                                                               Bucket not included.
                                                                                                                               Diameter top - 27 cm. Diameter
                HANDSIEVE (INCLUDES 80# SIEVE INSERT &                                                                         bottom - 22 cm. Depth - 7.5 cm.

                                                                                                                               Push-in stainless steel screen with
                                                                                                                               moulded        rubber      rim     -
                                                                                                                               interchangeable. Available in the
                                                                                                                               following meshes: 60#, 80#, 100#,
                                                                                                                               120#, 150# and 200#.
                SIEVE INSERT (60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200
                                                                                                                               One piece construction made from
                                                                                                                               PVC. Ideal for sieving stains and test
                                                                                                                               batches      of   glaze.     Available
            SIEVE - TEST                                                                                                       Diameter top - 11 cm. Diameter
                                                                                                                               bottom - 8 cm. Depth - 4.5 cm.
               TEST SIEVE 80#
               TEST SIEVE 100#

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                           POTTERY SUPPLIES                                                                Page 33 of 38
    80 #
   100 #                                                                                                      Available in square foot sections
   150 #

    MT1001 – 215mm(L) x 100(H) DIA 80#
    MT1101 – 265mm (L) x 100(H) DIA 80#

     CD4401 (*C42) – Ø 55 mm x 135 mm (L)                                                                     Complete      with hard rubber
     CD4402 (*C43) – Ø 55 mm x 175 mm (L)                                                                     nozzle and detachable soft rubber
     APPLICATOR BOTTLE - Ø 23 mm x 115 mm (L)

                                                            C42         C43              Applicator Bottles

   Sponge 020 2” – 40 mm x 30 mm x 50 mm (L)
   Sponge 040 3” – 40 mm x 50 mm x 70 mm (L)
                                                                                                              Natural sea sponges. Useful in
   Sponge 001 4” Honeycomb –                                                                                  throwing and decorating.
                   80 mm x 80 mm x 100 mm (L)

                                                           Sponge 020    Sponge 040        Sponge 001

   CD4001 (*109) – Ø 65 mm x 25 mm (H)

     Hydra Sponge – Ø 90 mm x 25 mm (H)
                                                                                                 109 Sponge
                                                                                                              Absorbs water from the bottom of
     CD4002 (*C30) – Sponge on a stick                                                                        tall thrown vessels.
              60 mm x 80 mm x 100 mm (L)

   CD52 Wooden stamps – Geometric shapes                                                                      Wooden stamps - 19 double-
                                                                                                              ended stamps.

                                                                                        WOODEN STAMPS

     CD5101 – 882/A SET OF 4 POLY STAMP
     CD5102 – 882/B SET OF 4 POLY STAMP
     CD5103 – 882/C SET OF 4 POLY STAMP

                                                       CD1501                         CD5102

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              CD2201 (*N9) TEXTURING BRUSH

          THROWING STICK                                                                                To aid in the formation of a narrow
             PT0201 (* P29) Small                                                                       necked wheel thrown piece.
                          25 mm x 13 mm x 210 mm (L)
               PT0202 (* P30) Large
                          14 mm x 40 mm x 330 mm (L)        PT0202 (TOP)              PT0201 (BOTTOM)

          TILE CUTTERS
               10 cm SQUARE
               15 cm SQUARE
               Ø15 cm ROUND CD5304

          TONGS                                                                                         M21 – 400 mm (15¾”) spring
             MT1701 (*M21) GLAZING CLAWS                                                                loaded, wooden handles, stainless
                              25 mm x 160 mm x 345 mm                                                   claws.

                                                                                                        FE2 – Two-handed metal tongs
                                                                                                        with long handles for raku firing.
               FE2 RAKU TONGS

          TURNING TOOLS                                                                                 For cleaning base of pots.
             TT36 – 12 mm x 40 mm x 170 mm (L)

                                                                                                        Steel blades and wooden handles.
                                                                                                        Ideal for shaping and trimming clay
               PU0201 (*P48) STEM TURNING TOOL                                                          forms on wheel.
                       – 25 mm x 35 mm x 180 mm (L)


                                                                                                        Made with strong metal; ideal for
              PU0101 (*P51) – 20 mm x 30 mm x 170 mm (L)                                                shaping rims and bases on thrown
              PU0102 (*P52) – 20 mm x 35 mm x 175 mm (L)                                                forms.
              PU0103 (*P53) – 20 mm x 30 mm x 170 mm (L)
              PU0104 (*P54) – 20 mm x 30 mm x 160 mm (L)
              PU0105 (*P55) – 20 mm x 35 mm x 175 mm (L)
              PU0106 (*P56) – 20 mm x 45 mm x 185 mm (L)   P51   P52       P53      P54   P55   P56

             PK3003 (*N18)

Please go to our website - shop online for more info                   POTTERY SUPPLIES                                               Page 35 of 38
             500 Animals                                                          Lark Books
             500 Bowls                                                            Lark Books
             500 Ceramics Sculptures                                              Lark Books
             500 Cups                                                             Lark Books
             500 Figures in Clay                                                  Lark Books
             500 Pitchers                                                         Lark Books
             500 Plates & Chargers                                                Lark Books
             500 Teapots                                                          Lark Books
             500 Tiles                                                            Lark Books
             500 Raku                                                             Lark Books
             500 Vases                                                            Lark Books
             Alternative Kilns – Ceramics Handbook                                Ian Gregory
             Ceramics for Beginners: Surfaces, Glazes &Firing                     Angelica Pozo
             Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing                               Emily Reason
             Clay, Light & Water – The Ceramics Handbook                          Margaret O’Rorke
             Clay in the Primary School                                           Peter Clough
             Clay Projects for Children                                           Monika Krumbach
             Colouring Clay – Ceramics Handbook                                   Jo Connell
             Complete Ceramics; Easy Techniques and Over 20 Great Projects        C & B Crafts
             Electric Kiln – Ceramics Handbook                                    Harry Frazer
             Exploring Clay with Children                                         Chris Utley & Mal Magson
             Handbuilding – Ceramics Handbook                                     Michael Hardy
             High Fire Glazes, Complete Guide to                                  John Britt
             Image Transfer on Clay                                               Paul Andrew Wandless
             Kiln Building – Ceramics Handbook                                    Ian Gregory
             Large Scale Ceramics – Ceramics Handbook                             Jim Robison
             Lettering on Ceramics – Ceramics Handbook                            Mary White
             Maiolica – The Ceramics Handbook                                     Daphne Carnegy
             Modelling in Clay & Other Materials                                  Dorothy Arthur
             Mold Making & Slip Casting, Essential Guide to                       Andrew Martin
             Paper Clay – Ceramics Handbook                                       Rosette Gault
             Potter’s Book of Glaze Recipes                                       Emmanuel Cooper
             Potter’s Dictionary                                                  Frank & Janet Hamer
             Single Firing                                                        Fran Tristram
             Slab Techniques – The Ceramics Handbook                              Jim Robison & Ian Marsh
             The Glaze Book                                                       Stephen Murfitt
             The New Ceramics; Ceramic Transfer Printing                          Kevin Petrie
             Wall Pieces – Ceramics Handbook                                      Dominique Bivar Segurado


              Journal of Australian Ceramics                      $16.00                             Ceramics Art & Perception
              Ceramics Technical                                  $22.00                             Craft Arts
              New Ceramics                                        $19.00                             Crafts Magazine

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            BOOKS – Only Available When in Print

            A Complete Guide to Pottery Making Techniques                          Tony Birks
             Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques                                 James Watkins & Paul Wandless
             Art of Firing                                                         Nils Lou
             Ash Glazes                                                            Phil Rogers
             Basics of Throwing, The                                               David Cohen
             Celadon Blues                                                         Robert Tichane
             Ceramic Faults and Their Remedies                                     Harry Fraser
             Ceramic Form – Design and Decoration                                  Peter Lane
             Ceramic Glaze Handbook                                                Mark Burleson
             Ceramics Material Inspirational Design                                Chris Lefteri
             Ceramic Narrative                                                     Matthias Ostermann
             Ceramic Spectrum                                                      Robin Hopper
             Ceramic Surface                                                       Matthias Ostermann
             Ceramics & Print 2nd Edition – Ceramics Handbook                      Paul Scott
             Ceramics Class: Decorating Techniques                                 Joaquim Chavarria
             Ceramics Class: Glazing Techniques                                    Joaquim Chavarria
             Ceramics Class: Moulding Techniques                                   Joaquim Chavarria
             Ceramics Class: Throwing Techniques                                   Joaquim Chavarria
             Ceramics with Mixed Media – Ceramics Handbook                         Joy Bosworth
             Clay & Glazes for the Potter                                          Daniel Rhodes & Robin Hopper
             Clay in the Classroom                                                 Peter Clough
             Clay Lovers Guide – Making Moulds                                     Pierce Clayton
             Coiled Pottery                                                        Betty Blandino
             Coiling – Ceramics Handbook                                           Michael Hardy
             Complete Potters Companion                                            Tony Birks
             Complete Pottery Making                                               John B Kenny
             Contemporary Studio Porcelain                                         Peter Lane
             Creative Ceramic Painting                                             Cheryl Owen
             Crystalline Glazes – Ceramics Handbook                                Diane Greber
             Design Sourcebook – Ceramics                                          Edmund De Waal
             Electric Kiln Ceramics                                                Richard Zakin
             Encyclopaedia of Pottery Techniques                                   Harry Fraser
             Extruded Ceramics                                                     Diana Pancioli
             Figure in Clay                                                        Lark Books
             Figure in Fired Clay                                                  Betty Blandino
             Functional Pottery                                                    Robin Hopper
             Glazes & Glazing Techniques                                           Greg Daly
             Glazes Cone 6 – Ceramics Handbook                                     Michael Bailey
             Glazes for the Craft Potter                                           Harry Frazer
             Glazes from Natural Sources                                           Brian Sutherland
             Hand Formed Ceramics                                                  Richard Zakin
             Handbuilt Ceramics                                                    Kathy Triplett
             Handbuilt Tableware                                                   Kathy Triplett
             Handmade Tiles                                                        Frank Giorgini
             Impressed & Incised Ceramics – Ceramics Handbook                      Coll Minogue
             Introduction to Precious Metal Clay                                   Mary Ann Devos
             Kiln Construction                                                     Joe Finch
             Making Marks                                                          Robin Hopper
             Modelling a Likeness in Clay                                          Daisy Grubbs
             Modelling Heads and Faces in Clay                                     Berit Hildre
             Modelling the Figure in Clay                                          Bruno Lucchesi
             Modelling the Head in Clay                                            Bruno Lucchesi
             Mould Making – Ceramics Handbook                                      John Colclough
             Mould Making for Ceramics                                             Donald Frith
             Naked Clay                                                            Jane Perryman

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             Oriental Glazes – Ceramics Handbook                                        Michael Bailey
             Painted Clay                                                               Paul Scott
             Penland Book of Ceramics                                                   Lark Books
             Porcelain – Ceramics Handbook                                              Jack Doherty
             Porcelain Masters: Major works by leading ceramicists                      Lark Books
             Potter’s Guide to Ceramic Surfaces                                         Jo Connell
             Potter’s Primer                                                            Morgen Hall
             Potter’s Professional Handbook                                             Stephen Branfman
             Potter’s Workshop                                                          Jenny Rodwell
             Pottery – A Complete Guide                                                 Tony Birks
             Pottery Decoration                                                         John Gibson
             Raku Mastering                                                             Stephen Branfman
             Raku                                                                       Tim Andrews
             Raku – Ceramics Handbook                                                   John Mathieson
             Resist & Masking Techniques – Ceramics Handbook                            Peter Beard
             Revealing Glazes                                                           Ian Currie
             Safety in the Ceramics Studio                                              Jeff Zamek
             Sculptural Ceramics                                                        Ian Gregory
             Sculptural Materials in the Classroom                                      Peter Clough
             Sculpture as Experience                                                    Judith Peck
             Setting Up a Pottery Workshop                                              Young
             Setting Up Your Ceramic Studio                                             Virginia Scotchie
             Slip Casting – Ceramics Handbook                                           Sasha Wardell
             Slipware                                                                   Victoria & Michael Eden
             Smashing Glazes                                                            Susan Peterson
             Sources of Inspiration                                                     Carolyn Genders
             Stoneware – Ceramics Handbook                                              Richard Dewar
             Stoneware Glazes                                                           Ian Currie
             The Ceramic Process                                                        Anton Reijnders
             The Craft and Art of Clay                                                  Peterson
             The Kiln Book                                                              Frederick Olsen
             Throwing Pots – Ceramics Handbook                                          Phil Rogers
             What Every Potter Should Know                                              Jeff Zamek
             Wheel Thrown Ceramics                                                      Don Davis
             Wheel Thrown Pottery                                                       Gilder & Biasucci
             Wood Fired Ceramics                                                        Coll Minogue & Robert Sanderson
             Wood-Fired Stoneware & Porcelain                                           Jack Troy

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