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    WASHINGTON COUNTY                      Louise Bauschard. Liaison, Todd       anger management to form an
    CORRECTIONS CENTER                     Shagott explains, “Louise is          innovative            rehabilitative
                                           excited that we are out at the        technique that practices centering,
  Tom Johnson                              center      working.           We     controlling       and        taking
       After sewing seeds of               communicate with her about            responsibility for one’s actions.
  horticulture        therapy        the   important issues. However, since      The STAXI-II is a surveyed
  Washington         group     changed     we are working directly with          measurement of the participant’s
  directions and opted to study an         Steve Bettencourt, Therapeutic        before and after anger levels. Our
  innovative program in anger              Martial Arts Concepts instructor      group has aided not only in
  management education. Entitled           and creator, most of our contact      attending the anger management
  TMAC, for Therapeutic Martial            with WCCC is through him”.            classes, but also in scoring and
  Arts Concepts. This program                   At the center the WCCC crew      interpreting the results of the
  combines        traditional     anger    has been trained on scoring the       STAXI-II.
  management techniques with               STAXI-2, an anger assessment          From the beginning, the direction
  martial arts concepts.                   used to determine multiple            and progression of our focus has
       Meetings surrounding the            dimensions of anger. Also, group      shifted into several pathways.
  specific design of the research          members have observed both the        Our group is gaining incredible
  will be commencing next week.            anger management classes, as          amounts of experience through
  We plan to have 24 participants in       well as TMAC program. TMAC            research       and        exploring
  the study, TMAC participants,            combines the inner strengthening      measurements.       We are also
  Regular Anger Management                 and center concepts from martial      getting the opportunity to work
  program participants, as well as a       arts, with anger management           directly with the residents and
  control group. We’re planning on         classes.     Theoretically TMAC       discover several dimensions of
  using the STAXI-2 as well as             will give participants the tools      psychology      and     community
  other potential anger management         needed to identify emotions other     criminal justice.
  evaluations. Finally, we’re also         than anger, to become more
  considering             interviewing     aware of situations that trigger      Nicole Benjamin
  participants in TMAC and                 their anger, and to be more                The Washington County
  comparing their response to the          centered as a person in general.      Community Corrections group
  STAXI.       Other than studying                                               (WCCC) is currently under a bit
  simply anger management scores,          Kristie Reid                          of pressure as far as designing a
  I’m interested in what would                 Our project group has been        research study goes. The group
  motivated a person to voluntarily        collaborating        with     Steve   started off working towards a
  participate in anger management          Bettencourt from Washington           project focused on horticultural
  program as well as their personal        County Corrections. Steve is a        therapy.         Early on, we
  perceptions of results.                  Psychologist, Therapist, and          encountered some roadblocks in
       It’s definitely exciting to see     holds a 7th degree black belt.        this project, and we opted to find
  the      bounds      of    traditional   Currently, he is working with         something different. We were
  approaches to therapy expanded,          selected      residents    of   the   introduced to a program called
  by martial arts and eastern              Washington County Correction          Therapeutic Martial Arts Concept
  philosophy. Similarly it will be         Facility. These residents were        (TMAC), which incorporated
  intriguing to find out how well          former criminal offenders who         anger management classes and
  they can coexist.                        have transitioned into a semi-        martial arts into a therapeutic
                                           lockdown community center. At         rehabilitation program. I was
  Todd Shagott                             the center residents are given the    thrilled at the opportunity, and so
      The project group partnered          opportunity to leave the facility     my vote was to abandon the
  with the Washington County               and work; however, they have to       horticultural therapy program and
  Corrections Center (WCCC) is             return after their shifts.            move onto this innovative
  now in full swing out at the                 Specifically, our project         program.
  corrections center in Hillsboro.         group has been involved in                 With the switch official I
  This term, the group has had little      Steve’s program: Therapeutic          participated in the observation of
  contact with WCCC volunteer              Martial Arts Concepts (TMAC).         the classes and took the STAXI-II
  coordinator and group contact,           Steve combines martial arts and       test that is administered to all
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inmates wanting to be in the             and external problems in a
program. It seemed that we were          respectful and productive way.
finally     getting     somewhere.       We continue to build community
However, once again, we have             and strive to learn more about our
bumped into a roadblock. With            partner      organization      and
questions about IRB processes            ourselves.
and research design, and the
responsibility of creating research      Tawny Schmeer
questions when we thought some                 Our project at Washington
ideas would already be in place, I       County Community Corrections
am left frustrated and yearning to       Center (WCCC) continues to be
move forward. Fortunately, I can         the most engaging and interesting
take all of this and realize that this   learning experience I have ever
is the kind of stuff that is actually    been involved with. Not only are
important to learn. There will           we learning how to apply the
never be a clear-cut answer, and         knowledge we have gained in the
there will always be a large             classroom, but we are also getting
amount of work to be done. I             first        hand        experience
have not had the experiences that        implementing our own ideas. It
I thought I would going in this          has been a wild ride thus, far and
project, however, I know that I          we are miles away from our
have gained very valuable                original idea at the beginning of
experience in other areas of my          the class. We moved from the
own life.                                original conception of studying
                                         WCCC residents working in a
Jayme Barger                             horticultural therapy program to
    My group has partnered with          evaluating a Therapeutic Martial
Washington County, and we are            Arts Concepts in alternative
currently working on helping to          rehabilitation program. Our main
implement and evaluate the               interest was to look at some of the
second phase of an alternative           newest concepts in alternative
corrections approach. We will be         rehabilitation programs and the
conducting research on the               TMAC program was the best
Therapeutic      Martial      Arts       suited for our research given the
Concepts (TMAC) program’s                school year time constraints.
effectiveness.      TMAC was                   In addition to the practical
designed by Steve Bettencourt as         experience outside the classroom
an alternative to conventional           we are also getting an interesting
anger management classes. It             glimpse at what it's truly like to
combines martial arts with               work in a team setting. That is to
traditional anger management.            say we are getting a much more
Working with Steve Bettencourt,          realistic picture of what it's like to
we have learned a great deal             work on something over an
about anger management and               extended period of time with
TMAC. We have learned to score           people that you are forced to
STAXI-II’s (the test used in anger       maintain        a      professional
evaluations), observed anger             relationship with.       This long
management and TMAC classes,             duration compels us to keep
met with various Washington              ourselves organized and always
County personnel and learned to          moving toward our goal.
write a grant proposal. Our group
has encountered difficulty, but we
have worked through our internal

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