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									Is Dave Wood the Next Tony Robbins?
by Chris |

Why I think Dave Wood is the New Tony
So who is Dave Wood?
Well apart from running a multimillion dollar global internet business which is inspiring others and helping
make them a fortune too, what else do you need to know?

When you first see a picture of Dave Wood you definitely don’t think “charismatic leader”.
You are much more likely to think, ‘beach bum’, ‘surfer dude’ or ‘who the hell is he’.

When you hear him speak you may not think much either – especially when he gets laughing, which is a
lot of the time.

What he speaks about though is amazing, and the passion with which he tells a story and share information
is, well, passionate. I’ll give you an example in a moment.

It is also important to know that Dave Wood is more than Dave Wood – his business partner Dave Sharpe
is actually the guy that inspired me to think of this blog post.

You see Dave Sharpe just a few years ago was living on the streets, a drug addict, and going nowhere.
Now he’s ‘made it’ he chooses to spend Thanksgiving in the same way as Tony Robbins – helping out the
homeless by serving meals to them.

So why isn’t this post about Dave Sharpe being the new Tony Robbins?

It’s not a lack of genius, that’s for sure. It is more to do with the fact that Dave Wood is the main voice of
Empower Network, which you will see in a minute.

Dave Wood is Better Than Tony Robbins
Now this may seem almost like blasphemy to some, or maybe just a ridiculous idea, but I feel I can make a
good case for this.

Tony Robbins is undoubtedly successful and has inspired hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Dave
Wood has not yet reached as many people but he may well help a greater percentage.

When I say Dave Wood is better than Tony Robbins, I don’t mean he is a better therapist, and I’m not
talking about conflict resolution, or corporate business advice. I am talking purely inspiration and
When you go to a Tony Robbins event, or listen to an audio, you definitely get inspired. But when you go
to take all the information about success to your business it’s a long process, often tricky, and you don’t
stay inspired.

Also, Tony Robbins got where he was by selling stuff – other people’s stuff. Yes he took ‘Massive Action’
but he was given a script and told what to do – and that’s his real secret – he was good at following
instructions and following through.

Now, the difference with Dave Wood and Empower Network is that when you join you don’t just get
inspired, you don’t just get a step by step action plan on how to succeed –you get given a business with
products to sell to.

The best part about this is that you get to keep all the commissions. Dave and Dave don’t even get 10%!
So just imagine all those millions of books, cd’s and audio programs Tony Robbins sells, and how easy it
would be to make money from them if they where yours. Are you imagining that? Because that is exactly
what you get with Empower Network.

There are so many stories of people who had been struggling to make an income on line, or who had no
previous experience at all, who found Empower Network and ‘made it’.

It’s not all about the money though, there are plenty of other inspirational moments to be had – especially
with the Inner Circle training.

If you’re hungry to start learning and earning at the same time then get “All in” as Dave Wood says and
join now:

Get All In By Clicking Here
I almost forgot, you want to see Dave Wood in action (including his laugh!) –

Watch The Next Tony Robbins in Action
How red is this page now? (you have to watch the video to know what I’m talking about).

Now go get ‘All In’

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