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									Medical Tourism India – An Insight
Medical Tourism
Medical tourism is a great new trend that is changing the way that thousands of Americans and Europeans are choosing to have surgery. This exciting new way of receiving medical treatment involves traveling to an advanced facility, having your procedure at a much lower cost, and using the savings to opt for and enjoy a holiday during your recovery in an exotic location! Here people seek Medical Treatments in foreign country and travel to obtain a variety of medical and surgical treatments at a much lower price.

Medical Treatment & Tourism
Medical Tourism is also for the people who either do not have Medical Insurance, NHS, etc or these are not enough to cover the treatment they need. Another category of the people opting for Medical Treatment in India are those who need to take a medical treatment and also wish to take that holiday, so they combine their Treatment & Holiday Together and still save big. They combine this with a vacation in the country they are visiting.

“Research has shown that recovery in a new and stimulating environment is much faster than if you were to stay in hospital or at home”.
1. The procedures in countries like India are usually far less expensive – in certain cases, as less as 15% of the cost for the same treatment abroad. 2. The medical professionals in these facilities are some of the most well-trained and experienced surgeons in their fields. 3. The standards of hospitality at hospitals in countries like India and certain other far and middle-Eastern countries are far higher than in America or Europe. 4. Research has shown that recovery in a new and stimulating environment is much faster than if you were to stay in hospital or at home.
5. All doctors and medical staff speak fluent English, as does most of the population.

Medical Tourism in India
Here people from all over the world travel to India for various medical treatments & pay a much lesser price for the treatment here & also take a holiday here & still save money. Cost of certain treatments in India is as less as 25% of the cost for the same treatment abroad and today, India offers World Class Medical Treatments with world class medical facilities at fraction of cost comparatively. It makes India the an ideal healthcare destination for highly specialized medical care & High Quality Medical Facilities. India is already one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists and with the all round growth and development, is confident to further enhance it’s reputation. A recent CII-McKinsey study on healthcare says Medical Tourism is likely to grow to US$ 125-250 Million by 2012. Compared to many other Medical Tourism countries, India has both the Professional the Technological setup and infrastructure to support it and help stay ahead of its competition for many years. Many Pharmaceuticals Companies meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements and numerous Indian hospitals provide Treatments & Healthcare Services that are simply available only here. Many Hospitals in India are JCI Certified which requires to meet the most stringent norms.

Key benefits of Medical Treatments & Tourism in India
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World Class Treatment & Fraction of comparative cost in western countries. Patients from more than 55 countries treated in India. Medical Technology, Equipments. Facilities & Infrastructure in India at par with International Standards. The Indian doctors are recognized as amongst the best at International levels. Practically no waiting time for Taking Medical Treatment. India rated among the top 5 favorite tourism destinations worldwide.

Worldwide Growth of Medical Tourism…..
Several factors combined together has led to the unimaginable increase in popularity of medical tourism worldwide. 1. Low costs & World Class Medical Treatments . The costs of Medical Treatments in majority of Western Countries tend to be high in relation to the major medical treatments & tourism destination countries and the advanced facilities, awareness and accessibility has led to a favourable situation where people can take advantage of this benefit & avail world class medical & healthcare treatments abroad

2. Low travel costs The major reduction in travel costs worldwide has been a great advantage that makes medical treatments & tourism in these countries more affordable.

3. High Growth of World Class Medical Treatments in Foreign Countries. In recent years the technology and standards of care in many developing countries have seen dramatic improvements and these countries now have standards of healthcare that are on par with any in the USA or Western Europe. As a matter of fact, many Eastern countries like India produce more doctors and Foreign and domestic investment schemes, as well as growing government support in the health care industries in many of these countries are some of the best in the world. You will find that larger facilities are equipped with the latest in medical technology. Many new surgical procedures are pioneered in India’s large hospitals, and there are many experts and leaders in various surgical fields who work in Indian hospitals. People facing major surgery in the near future and are now not worried about how they will afford it without insurance and they consider opting for treatment abroad. Likewise, they get an excuse to go on an exotic holiday without spending more than they would have on their surgery and also Medical Tourism is a great way to enjoy their recovery on vacation.

Medical Treatments & Tourism – Major Destinations
Major Medical Tourism Destinations - India, South Asia, & South America.

These countries alongwith World Class Medical & Healthcare, also offer various touring, sight-seeing, shopping, and exploring options. Apart from these currently the most popular destinations, the Medical Treatments & Tourism industry is rapidly growing and many more countries are joining the list and in continuous effort to establish their own medical treatments & tourism industry. The expectation is that the options for medical tourists will continue to increase as healthcare facilities improve around the world, but which country is best?

Major Medical Treatments & Tourism Destinations:
1. South Asia South East Asia offers some great advantages for medical tourism with Thailand and India being the major destinations . Thailand’s Medical profession is one of the most advanced in this region and government has extended and invested heavily in supporting high standards. Medical staffs undertake specialist trainings in foreign countries, including United States and Europe. Singapore and Malaysia are also well emerging as medical tourism destinations. 2. South America Brazil is the main Medical tourism destination in South America. It is a well established centre for plastic surgeries & treatments. Brazil has built a good reputation in many areas of medical & healthcare treatments with volume of medical tourists, mainly from North America Although Brazil is expensive, still it is one of the most beautiful countries and offers good quality medical & healthcare treatments. Argentina also has a flourishing medical tourism industry, but its geographical position is problem for many. 3. The Rest Of The World Medical Tourism industry is growing in many other countries with Eastern Europe, Africa and Dubai joining the list. Africa and Eastern Europe can also be considered as emerging medical tourim destinations, but still have a long way to go to match medical & healthcare treatments available in other countries, such as India.

India the World Class “Medical Treatment Destination”
World-class Medical Professionals & Doctors As a matter of fact, India produces more doctors and surgeons per person every year than most European countries. World-class Medical Facilities The health care industry in India is amongst some of the best in the world, equipped with the latest in Medical Technology. Equipments. Infrastructure in India at par with International Standards. Medical Research & Technology Many new surgical procedures are pioneered in India, and many experts and leaders in various surgical fields work in Indian hospitals. Biotechnology research has significant investment and India is a leader in stem cell research at a level approached only by Britain. A deep look at modern medical literature of India will show that vast amount of talent and experience in the hospitals of India.
The biggest advantages are that World Class Medical Treatments, with practically no waiting time and at a fraction of comparative cost in western countries are available in India



India the “Tourism Destination”
Lonely Planet in a survey of 134 countries India has been rated among the top 5 favorite destinations. i-explore - India has been rated among top 5 destinations of the world. National Geographic Traveler describes- India as “Land of Mystery & Majesty” Forbes says - “India is one of the world’s fastest growing travel markets". The most important unique selling points of India include the variety and beauty of India’s mountain ranges, colorful deserts, green rain forests, virgin beaches and holiest rivers besides its history, culture, religion and people. Besides India has architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal, The Golden Temple, Khajuraho Temples, The Sun Temple, Trimurti and many more.

The equation holds so true. Medical Tourism in India = World Class Treatment+Holiday+Big Savings

World Class Medical Treatments

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Planning for Medical Treatment & Tourism in India ☺ STEP 1 : Fill up the Query / Inquiry Form online. From this moment on, you are on Our Care List. Send your medical reports with the Query / Inquiry Form or email, or provide the web link if all the reports are on a web folder. ☺ STEP 2 : We will study the same and identify the suitable doctor and hospital based on your query, from our list of Empanelled Doctors. ☺ STEP 3 : After consultation with the Doctors, we get back to you with their suggestions and how to proceed further. ☺ STEP 4 : Fill up the Registration Form online on the website giving specific details of medical condition and medical reports with your desired suitable dates. Send all your diagnostic, pathological reports and alongwith MRI / CTScans / OPG Images / X-Rays / Angiograms, etc. with the Registration Form or email. CD's or Xerox copies can be sent in addition through Courier. You can also provide web link if all the reports are on a web folder. ☺ STEP 5 : You may choose to opt for / add a short holiday to your Medical Tour (Before / After / Interval of Treatment) ☺ STEP 6 : After consultation with our Medical Professionals & Travel Section, we finalize your Treatment Package and send you confirmation and complete Booking Details of your Treatment, Holiday Itinerary, and other relevant details of pre-treatment and post-treatment. ☺ STEP 7 : You finalize details and make advance payments. (100% of Approximate Cost as decided). ☺ STEP 8 : On finalization and payment receipts itself, we shall provided you with your Free Local Mobile Number, (with free incoming in Delhi) which can be given to your people back home to stay in touch with you here during the period of your stay with us.

☺ STEP 9 : Arrival in India. ☺ STEP 10 : We arrange Airport pick-up and hotel check-in and provide you your Local Mobile Phone (See Step 8 above). We can also arrange translator if required (at cost). ☺ STEP 11 : We arrange your meetings with the requisite doctors. ☺ Step 12 : If opted, proceed for an advance Holiday before the treatment. ☺ STEP 13 : We proceed further with the treatment as discussed / finalised. ☺ Step 14 : If opted, Post treatment, proceed for your Holiday Break, recuperating and Relaxation. ☺ Step 15 : End of trip, hotel Check-out, drop to the Airport. ☺ Step 16 : You return to your home with a smile and a special Souvenir as gift from Us. Total Turn Key Option Complete Package including Airfare. (From & Back To your country) - We have our in-house IATA Travel Agency. World Class Medical Treatments at Affordable Prices

Medical Treatments & Tourism India
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