Roll of Honour.rtf by liningnvp


									                                                       Burges, D, Major. RGA. Gibraltar.
Roll of Honour.                        [Sheet 1]               Queen Victoria S African Medal.
                                                               King Edward VII S African Medal.
A Roll of Men born, or resident at the                 Burrough, Rev Charles James, MA, Army Chaplain.
time of joining, in the Civil Parish of                        Glos Reg. 93rd Training Reserve.
                                                       Carver, George A, Gnr. RGA. France.
Winterbourne, serving their King and                   Collett, Alden, Serg. Glos Reg.
Country in His Majesty's Navy or                               Killed, April 11th 1917. Mesopotamia.
Army...                                                Collett, William, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
                                                       Cook, Charles, Pte. Grenadier Guards.
                                                               Wounded. France.
during The Great War.                                  Cook, Percy, Pte. 33rd Training Reserve.
                                                       Curry, Albert, Pte. RAMC. France.
August 4th, 1917.                                      Curtis, Frank, Pte. R Berks Reg. France.
                                                       Derrick, Nathan, Sapper. RE. France.
[It was requested that any corrections or additions be Dobbins, Frederick, Gunner. RGA. France.
sent to...]                                            Edwards, Joseph, Gnr. RGA.
        Mr H Matthews, Winterbourne District;          England, Gilbert, Pte. Grenadier Guards.
        Mr F Howell, Watley's End District;            Flower, Frederick, Pte. SLI.
        Mr W Cordy, Winterbourn Down District;         Gibbs, Arthur, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
        Mr CHB Elliott, Frenchay District.                     Wounded (twice).
                                                       Golding, Joseph, Pte. Queen's Royal Rifles.
Roll of Honour.                                                Killed, September 17th 1916.
                                                       Goodfield, Albert, Pte. Worc Reg. France.
Winterbourne.                                          Goodfield, Gilbert, Pte. France.
                                                       Goodfield, Herbert, Bedf Reg.
Adams, Charles, Pte. South Wales Borderers. France.            Died of wounds, August 1916. France.
Adams, Thomas, Pte. RNVR.                              Goodrick, George, Gnr. RFA. France.
Adams, Thomas, Pte. Norfolk Reg.                       Goodrick, Henry L, Pte. SLI, Machine Gun Corps.
Adams, James, Pte. 37th Batt Training Reserve.                 France. Wounded (twice).
Allen, Ernest GT, Pte. Glos Reg.                       Gradidge, John H, Lieut. North Som Yeomanry.
        Wounded, Septemeber 1916. France. Salonica. Green, Joseph, Gnr. RGA. France.
Allen, Percy, Driver. ASC. France.                     Grove, Archibald, Gnr. HMS Albatross.
Alway, Leonard, Pte. South Wales Borderers.            Grove, Hastings, Pte. Hussars. France.
        Indian E Force.                                Hacker, Alfred, Pte. Glos Reg. S India.
Alway, Percy, Pte. SLI. France.                        Harmer, Ernest, Pte. R Warwick Reg. France.
Amos, Edwin C, Pte. Northampton Reg.                   Harmer, Harry, Pte. Hamps Reg. 34th TR.
Amos, Fred, Stoker. RN.                                Harmer, William, Pte. Worc Reg.
Amos, Wilfred, Pte. Glos Reg. France.                          Killed, June 7th 1917. France.
Amos, William, Pte. Glos Reg, attd Rl Flying Corps.    Holmes, Oliver William, ASC. Wounded.
Andrews, Albert E, Pte. 93rd Training Reserve Batt.            Mesopotamia. Egypt.
Andrews, George, Pte. Glos Reg.                        Howell, Frederick C, Pte. ASC.
Baylis, Albert, Gnr. RGA.                              Howell, Herbert George, Reg Quartermaster-Serg.
Bennett, Philip. HMS Espiegle.                                 Grenadier Guards.
Bignell, Robert, Gnr. RGA. Salonica.                   Howell, LC. Training Reserve Batt.
Bishop, George James, Pte. RE. France.                 Howell, TE, Pte. Oxford & Bucks. LI.
Bishop, William Andrew, Pte. Welsh Reg.                Howes, Robert JP, ASC.
        Wounded, May 1915. France.                     Huish, Harry, Transport Driver. ASC.
Bisp, Albert, Pte. Devonshire Reg. France.             Hussey, Henry, Pte. 35th Training Reserve.
Bisp, Dan, Pte. RGA. France.                           Iles, Allan, Pte. Northumberland Fus. France.
Bisp, Stafford, Pte. Glos Reg.                         James, George, L/Cpl. Rl War Reg. France.
Buckley, Percy, Pte. Manchester Reg.                   Jones, Dan, L/Cpl. South Wales Borderers. France.
Buckley, William, Pte. Rl Fusiliers. France.           Jones, Gilbert, Pte. AOC.
Roll of Honour. Winterbourne. [Sheet 2]              Rogers, Charles, Cpl. Glos Reg.
                                                             Killed in action, October 29th 1914. France.
Jones, Frank, Pte. Rl Berks Reg.                     Rogers, Oliver V, Cpl. Grenadier Guards. France.
Jones, Herbert, Transport Driver. ASC.               Rymer, John Stuart, Gnr. RGA. France.
Jones, Percy, Pte. South Wales Borderers.            Shipton, Charles, Mechanic. RNAS.
        Killed in action, April 16th 1916. France.   Shipton, Thomas, Spr. RE.
Knapp, Herbert, Serg. Beds Reg.                              Gassed (discharged). France.
        Killed July 1916. France.                    Skidmore, George, Pte. Worc Reg.
Langley, Charles H, Serg. RFA. France.               Skidmore, Harry, Pte. RE. France.
        Military Medal (1917).                       Skidmore, John, Pte. RFA. France.
Lewis, Edward, Pte. North Som Yeomanry.              Smart, Frank, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
        Killed in action, May 13th 1915. France.     Smart, Victor, Pte. Glos Reg.
Lewis, Stanley, Pte. Glos Reg.                               Wounded, July 1916. France.
Lowe, Albert, Pte. RE. France.                       Smith, Benjamin, Rifleman. RB. France.
Lowe, Frank, Pte. 37th Training Reserve.             Smith, Harry, Gnr. RGA.
Lowe, Fred, Private. RGA. France.                    Smith, Tom Cecil, 2nd Lieut. RFC.
Lowe, George, Shoeing Smith. RGA.                    Thomas, Ernest, Pte. Training Reserve.
Lowe, William, Pte. RE. France.                      Thomas, Gilbert, Pte. Rl Fusiliers, Labour Company.
Ludwell, H Wilfred N, Bomb. RFA.                             France.
Lyons, G, Pte. Devon Reg. Selonica.                  Thornell, Albert, Pte. ASC.
Maggs, Alfred, Pte. Glos Reg. Mesopotamia.           Thornell, Alick Francis, Pte. Duke of Cornwall's LI.
Maggs, Bert, Pte. South Wales Borderers.                     Egypt.
        Mesopotamia.                                 Thornell, Arthur, Pte. Rl Glos Hussars, Yeomanry.
Maggs, Charles, Pte. Glos Reg. France.               Thornell, Edwin, Pte. Ches Reg. France.
Maggs, Charles, Pte. Glos Reg. France.                       Wounded, July 1917.
Maggs, Stafford, Pte. Glos Reg. France.              Thornell, Stafford, Pte. 13th Hussars.
Mann, Alfred, Pte. Wilts Reg.                        Thynne, Edgar, Pte. ASC.
Mann, Geoffrey, Pte. Glos Reg.                       Tilley, Charles J, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
        Wounded, July 20th 1916. France.             Tilley, Frederick W, Pte. Glos Reg. Wounded.
Mann, George, Gnr. RGA. France.                              France.
Mann, Tom, Gnr. RGA. France.                         Turner, Ernest, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
Manning, Gilbert W, Seaman.                          Turner, Herbert, Pte. Welsh Reg. France.
        HM Motor Lighter. Dardanelles.               Turner, Robert, Pte. Labour Batt.
Manning, Herbert C, Pte. 86th Prov Batt.             Veale, Alfred P, 2nd Lieut. RE.
Manning, William F, Pte. Grenadier Guards. France.   Veale, Humphrey G, Lieut. RN. 'Sir John Moore'.
Marks, Leonard J, Pte. Glos Reg. Wounded. France.    Vile, Archibald, Driver. RGA. France.
Marks, Sydney, Pte. R Berks Reg. Wounded. France.    Vile, Ernest L, Pte. RAMC, FA. Salonica.
Marsh, George AB. Northumberland Fus. France.        Walker, Fred, Pte. Som LI.
Matthews, Relton J, Cpl. ASC, Remounts.                      Killed in action, April 9th 1917.
Mayell, Alfred, Coy Serg-Major. Glos Reg. France.    Walker, Thomas, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. Egypt.
Mayell, Frank, Serg. South Wales Borderers.          Wall, Charles, Pte. ASC Remounts.
        Salonica.                                    Williams, Arthur J, Pte. Mon Reg. France.
Painter, Frank, Pte. Wilts Reg.                      Williams, Frederick, Pte. Devon Reg. France.
Painter, Harry, Gnr. RGA.                            Wiltshire, Joseph, Pte. Rl Berks Reg.
Pearce, James, Spr. RE. France.                              Discharged (invalided).
Pearce, Thomas, Spr. RE France.                      Wiltshire, William, Pte. Devon Reg. France.
Price, Henry J, Driver. RFA. France.                 Winter, Henry, Gnr. RFA.
Pullin, Harry, Pte. Som LI.                          Winter, John Noble, Gnr. RFA. France.
Pullin, Henry, Pte. Worc Reg. India.                         Died in Hospital.
Reveley, Charles, Pte. South Wales Borderers.        Winter, S Charles, Pte. Worc Reg.
        Killed, May 1915. France.                    Young, Ernest, Pte. RGA. France.
Richardson, Thomas D, Pte. Glos Reg. France.         Young, J Charles, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
Ricketts, Osbourne, Pte. Devon Reg.                  Young, William, Pte. RE.
Roll of Honour.             [Sheet 3]                 Goodfield, Henry, Spr. RE. Wounded in France.
                                                      Green, Herbert, Pte. Canadians, Western Irish Reg.
Winterbourn Down.                                            France.
                                                      Harcombe, Herbert, Pte. Grenadier Guards.
Adams, George, Spr. SMRE. France.                            Killed, March 17th 1915. France.
Adams, John Austin, Spr. RE. France.                  Lloyd, Clifford, Pte. Glos Reg.
Alden, William, Gnr. RFA.                             Lloyd, George Edward, Pte. Glos Reg.
Amos, Frank, Pte. Worc Reg.                                  Killed, November 7th 1916. France.
Amos, Frederick, Pte. Rl Berks Reg.                   Lloyd, Gilbert Edward, Gnr. RFA. France.
       Killed in France, May 6th 1917.                Lloyd, John, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
Badman, Joseph, Pte. ASC. France.                     Lloyd, Wallace, Driver. RFA. Wounded in Salonica.
Barnes, Charles, Pte. Glos Reg. India.                Lockyer, Fred, Spr. SMRE. France.
Biggs, Thomas Francis, Pte. Glos Reg.                 Luton, Daniel, Pte. ASC.
       Killed in action, November 7th 1916. France.   Luton, Shadrach, Pte. South Wales Borderers.
Bird, William, Pte. Devon Reg.                               France.
       Discharged (medically unfit).                  Maby, Albert, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. France.
Bowen, Eynon George Rice, Capt. ASC, Remounts.        Maby, William, Pte. Glos Reg,
       Invalided out of Army.                                transfd to Rl Berks Reg. France.
       Died at Hambrook, 1916. France.                Maggs, Edward, Bomb Thrower. Glos Reg.
Bowen, Eynon George Arthur, Lieut.                           Killed, April 21st 1916. Mesopotamia.
       RGA, attached RFC.                             Maggs, James Thomas, Pioneer. RE. France.
       Killed in France, September 8th 1916.          Mann, Frank, Pte. Glos Reg. Discharged. Recalled.
Bowyer, Benjamin, Pioneer. RE.                        Manning, Fred, Pte. Mon Reg, attached RFC.
       Died in hospital. France.                      Manning, William, L/Cpl. RE. France.
Clark, Alfred, Pioneer. RE. France.                   Martin, Alan, Pte. Hamps Reg. India.
Close, George, Pte. Glos Reg. France.                 Monks, Henry George, Pte. Welsh Reg.
Coles, Denys FP, Lieut. Trench Mortar Battery.        Nicolls, Basil E, Capt. N Staffs Reg.
       France & Egypt.                                       Wounded at Cape Helles, January 1916.
Coles, James Hugh, Capt. E Yorks Reg.                        Dardanelles & Mesopotamia.
       Wounded in France, October 20th 1914.          Nicolls, Jasper EH, Lieut. RGA. France.
       France & Greece.                               Nicolls, Reginald N, Capt.
Coles, Nicolas R, 2nd Lieut. E Yorks Reg.                    Mesopotamia Railway Section, Mesopotamia.
       France & Egypt.                                Palmer, William, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. France.
Cooke, Alfred, Pte. RAMC. France.                     Player, Leonard George, Pte. ASC Remounts.
Cook, Sidney, Pte. Worc Reg. France.                         Died in France, January 19th 1916.
Cordy, Daniel, Pte. Glos Reg. Salonica.               Pincott, George, Pte. Worc Reg. India.
Cordy, Isaac, Pte. Hants Reg. France.                 Pincott, Tom, Gnr. RGA. France.
Crossman, George Lytton. CMG DSO Major,               Prosser, John, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
       GSO, 2nd Grade. W Yorks Reg. France.           Prosser, William, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
Edwards, Peter, Pte. RE. Pioneer Lab Batt. France.    Pullman, William, Serg. RFA.
England, George, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. France.                  Wounded, September 26th 1915. France.
Evans, Albert, Gnr. RFA. France.                      Sargent, Norman, Cpl. ASC. Salonica.
Evans, Alfred, Pte. Welsh Reg.                        Simmons, Henry Charles, Pte. RAMC. Salonica.
       Discharged (invalided).                        Skuse, Charles, Pte. 33rd Training Reserve Batt.
Evans, Alfred George, Pte. Glos Reg. France.Evans,    Thomas, Harry, Pte. RE. France.
Evans, Ernest, Pte. Berks Yeomanry.                   Tuck, Wilfred, Pte. Devon Reg. Disacharged.
Evans, Herbert, Cpl. Worc Reg. Salonica.              Turner, Alec, Pte. Worc Reg. France.
       Military Medal.                                Turner, Gilbert, Pte. Northants Reg.
Flook, George, Pte. RGA. Discharged.                  Turner, William, Pte. Devon Reg.
Flook, George, Pte. Devon Reg.                        Wheeler, William, Pte. Glos Reg.
Flook, Samuel, Pte. Som LI. France.                          Wounded, August 15th 1916. France.
Ford, Tom, Pte. Wilts Reg. France.                    Williams, Clifford, Pte. Glos Reg. Wounded. France.
Glastonbury, Charles, Pioneer. RE. France.            Woodbury, Henry, Pte. RGA. France.
Glastonbury, Frederick, Pte. Som LI.
Goodfield, Albert Henry, Pte. Rl Marine LI.
Roll of Honour.             [Sheet 4]                Elliott, Charles Aubrey Babington, Capt. Leic Reg.
                                                             France. Wounded, 1916.
Frenchay.                                            Flux, Alfred Ernest, Bomb. RFA,
                                                             Heavy Trench Battery. France.
Adams, William Sydney Graham, Pte.                   Flux, Francis Charles, Bomb. RFA. France.
       Glos Reg. France.                             Fidler, Henry John, Pte. ASC, MT.
Alden, Arthur, L/Cpl. Durham LI.                     Ford, Arthur Graham, Gnr. RGA. France.
Alden, William, Pte. India.                          Ford, Arthur Henry, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
Allen, Bertram William, Driver. Glos Reg.                    Wounded. Discharged, 1917.
       Machine Gun Corps. France.                    Ford, George Henry, Gnr. RFA. France.
Alston, Richard Speakman, Capt. SMRE. France         Ford, Reginald, Pte. Training Reserve Batt.
       (1915). (Invalided out of the Army, 1917).    Ford, Sydney Alexander, Pte. Essex Reg.
Ashman, Roland, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. Salonica.         Ford, Thomas Charles, Serg. Army Pay Corps,
       Wounded, 1916.                                        transf. Pte. Welsh Borderers.
Ayliffe, Leslie Knowles. HM Transport Service,       Fox, Henry Charles. Grenadier Guards. France.
       Signal Station, Walcot Bay.                   Gilham, Evan Ross, Serg. Army Pay Corps. Egypt.
Bartlett, Frederick Charles, L/Cpl.                  Girdlestone, Percy, Pte. ASC. Staff R Motor Cycle.
       Rl Welsh Fusiliers. France.                   Godwin, Charles, Serg. Irish Fusiliers. France.
Bawn, Edward George, Pte.                                    Missing, believed to be killed, 1914.
       Queen's Rl West Surrey Reg.                   Godwin, Cuthbert, Lieut. ASC, MT. France.
Belfield, William, Major. ASC, MT. France.                   Accidently injured.
Bracy, Frederick, Pte. ASC, Remounts.                Good, Benjamin Charles, Pte.
       Accidently injured. Discharged, 1916.                 N Hants Cycling Corps.
Boddie, Frederick, Cpl. SMRE.                        Green, Alec William Verdant, Pte.
Boddie, Reginald, Lieut. Lanc Reg.                           Toronto Sportsman's Batt. France.
Boddie, William, Driver. RHA. France.                Harding, Frank, Serg. N Som Yeomanry
Brunt, Arthur Thomas, Spr. RE. Signal Station.               (now at Cadet Training School). France.
       France.                                               Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Burges, WEP, Col. Glos Reg.                          Harding, Gilbert Edgar, Cpl. ASC, MT. France.
       In Command 12th (Service) Batt. Bristol.              Gassed.
Bullock, Frank, Bomb. 132nd Siege Batt. RGA.         Harding, Henry William, Spr. RE. 139th ATC.
       Salonica.                                             France. Salonica.
Carpenter, Eli, Pte. Dorset Reg. France.             Holliday, William, Gnr. RFA. France.
Carpenter, Pryce, Pte. Glos Reg, Transf Signaller,           Killed in action, 1917.
       RE Signals. France.                           Hill, Arthur Charles, Pte. Worc Reg. India.
Carpenter, William John, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. France. Hill, Frederick William, Bomb. RFA. France.
       Wounded. Discharged, 1916.                            Military Medal.
Chamberlain, James Llewelyn, Pte. Essex Reg.         Hill, Harold Reginald, SPR. SMRE. France.
Clark, Harry Gilbert, Driver. RFA.                           Killed in action, August 1916.
       France. Mesopotamia.                          Hodgson, Herbert, Pte. ASC, MT.
Cleeveley, Frederick, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. France.     Hodgson, John Richard, Pte. ASC, MT. France.
       Discharged (invalided), 1917.                 Hodgson, Walter Samuel, Pte. ASC, MT. France.
Clifford, Arthur Charles, Pte. Glos Reg.             Hughes, Albert Fletcher, Rifleman. London Reg.
Clifford, Herbert George, Gnr. RFA. France.                  France. Wounded, 1917.
       Gassed (1917).                                Hughes, Frederick, Driver. RFA.
Clifford, Walter John, Pte. Devon Reg. Labour Batt.          Discharged (invalided), 1917.
       France.                                       Huish, Albert Edward, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
Cox, Charles William, Pte. ASC, Remounts.                    Shell-shock.
Criddle, Arthur George, Driver. RFA.                 Huish, Henry, Pte. Devon Reg. France. Wounded.
       Discharged (invalided), 1915.                 Huish, Sydney, Pte. Devon Reg. France.
Criddle, Harold John, Bomb. RFA. France.             Hutton, Albert Francis, Pte. Rl Marine LI. France.
Criddle, William Ewert, Pte. Glos Reg.                       Military Medal.
       Mesopotamia. Killed in action, February 1917. Hutton, Henry Thomas, Pte. RAMC.
Durbin, Henry George, Pte. 156th Labour Co.
Roll of Honour. Frenchay.         [Sheet 5]         Rawlins, Daniel Robert, Cpl. ASC.
                                                    Reed, William Henry, Pte. Devon Reg.
James, Dennis, Driver. RGA. Dardanelles. France.           Discharged (invilided), 1915.
Jones, Albert William, Cpl. Rl Welsh Fusiliers.     Rogers, Arthur Henry, Pte. Rl Rifle Bde. Salonica.
        France. Egypt. Gassed.                      Rose, Walter F, Sap. SMRE. France. Wounded.
Kethro, Gilbert, Pte. Worc Reg.                     Selwood, Ernest, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
        Discharged (medically unfit).                      Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Kilby, Jack, Lieut. Worc Reg. France.               Shakespeare, William Henry, Pte. Worc Reg.
        Killed in action, 1916.                            Labour Co. France.
King, Robert Oliver, Pte. Glos Reg.                 Shepperdson, Thomas, Pte. ASC, MT. France.
        France. Wounded.                            Shipton, Frederick, Pte. Army Vet Corps. France.
Kindred, Hugh Cowell, Capt. Glos Reg. France.       Skidmore, Parker A, Pte. Rl West Kent Reg. France.
        Wounded, 1916. Military Cross.                     Military Medal, 1917.
Kirk, James, Pte. Devon Reg, transf Rl Berks Reg.   Smart, Sydney Herbert, Pte. Glos Reg. France.
        France.                                            Wounded.
Knapp, Albert, Pte. Devon Reg.                      Staddon, Albert John, Bomb. RFA. France.
Knapp, Frederick, Pte. Somerset LI. France.                Accidently injured.
Land, Reginald James, Bom. RFA. Egypt. France.      Stickler, Frank, Driver. RFA. France.
        Wounded, 1917. Military Medal. (1917).      Stinchcombe, Frank EJ, Rl Marine Artillary.
Lahney, John Henry, Naval Trans Service. HMS        Tanner, Robert Arthur, Lieut. RNAS.
        Glendower. Accidently injured, Dardanelles. Tanner, William, Cadet.
Leaworthy, Robert John, Pioneer Serg. Devon Reg.           Officer Cadet School, Aldershot.
        Salonica. France.                           Taylor, Ernest, Pte. Glos Reg, Machine Gun Corps.
Luton, Austin David, Pte. Glos Reg.                 Teagle, Albert Ernest, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. France.
Locke, Jessie Charles, Pte. ASC, MT. France.        Teagle, Frederick John, Gnr. RGA. France.
Maggs, George James, Spr. RE. France.               Thompson, Percy, Pte. RND. France.
Maggs, William, Driver. RGA. France.                       Killed in action, February 1917.
Maggs, William Henry, Driver. ASC, attached RGA. Tiley, Albert Francis, Spr. RE Labour Batt. Salonica.
        France.                                     Treadwell, Frederick, Serg. RFA. France.
Mauler, William JW, Bomb. RFA. Gallipoli. France.          Wounded, April 1917.
        Distinguished Conduct Medal.                Trevelyan, George Henry, Serg. Glos Reg. France.
        Killed in action, November 1916.            Upton, Alfred John, Pte. ASC, transf RFA. France.
Mayell, Walter, Pte. RAMC. France.                  Vicary, Leslie, Pte. Worc Reg.
Mayell, William Sackville, Gnr. RFA.                       Discharged (medically unfit).
Miles, John, Pte. Rl Berks Reg. Lab Co. France.     Wadlow, Harry, Capt. ASC. transf to RFC. Gallipolli.
Moreton, Thomas, Pte. South Wales Borderers.               France. Killed accidentally, while flying at
        France. Wounded (1915). Discharged.                Dartford, Kent, May 1917.
Newman, George Harry, Pte. ASC, MT.                 Wallace, Ernest, Pte. ASC. France.
Nichols, William Alfred Charles, Pte.               Wallace, Percy. RN. HMS Zeelander.
        Devon Reg, Labour Batt. France.             Wallace, William. RN. HMS Marlborough.
Orchard, Ernest, Serg. Rl Berks Reg. France.        Whitehall, William John, Pte. Devon Reg.
        Wounded.                                           Lab Co, fransf to ASC.
Packer, George Frank. Royal Marines.                Wilcox, Ernest Noel, Capt. London Reg. Malta.
        HMS King Alfred.                                   France. Prisoner of war, 1917.
Packer, Herbert, Pte. Canadian Infantry. France.    Withers, Leslie Thomas, Driver. RGA. France.
        Wounded, 1917.                              Withers, Richard John, Driver. RGA.
Packer, James John. Royal Marines. HMS Inflexible. Wools, Arthur, Gnr. RFA. France.
Paddock, Harold Stanley, Pte. ASC, MT. France.      Young, Arthur, Pte. Glos Reg.
Parker, Albert, Gnr. RGA.
Parker, Alfred James, L/Cpl. Military Police.
        France. Wounded.                            Transcribed from an original booklet published by
Payne, John Henry. RN. HMS Achilles.                T & W Goulding, Printers, 6 Nelson Street, Bristol.
Pendock, Arthur B. 96 Training Reserve.
Player, Bertie Adolphus, Pte. RAMC. France.         End of transcript.
Pullen, James, L/Cpl. RAMC, RND. Dardanelles.
        Salonica. France. Military Medal.

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