Children and Development in Both Urban and Rural Area by oakridgint


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									Children and Development in both Urban and Rural Area

The day is coming when the majority of the world’s children will grow up in cities and towns. Already,
half of all people live in urban areas. By mid-century, over two thirds of the global population will call
these places home. Urban areas offer great potential to secure children’s rights and accelerate progress.
Cities attract and generate wealth, jobs and investment, and are therefore associated with economic
development. The more urban a country, the more likely it is to have higher incomes and stronger

Children in urban areas are often better off than their rural counterparts thanks to higher standards of
health, protection, education and sanitation. But urban advances have been uneven, and millions of
children in marginalized urban settings confront daily challenges and deprivations of their rights.
Traditionally, when children’s well-being is assessed, a comparison is drawn between the indicators for
children in rural areas and those in urban settings. As expected, urban results tend to be better.

In terms of education, urban areas' education is generally more advanced than those in the rural areas
due to better teachers and higher grades of education. Also, children in rural areas usually start working
to support the family at young ages and thus not attend school. Due to higher education, people in
urban areas tend to get better jobs and earn more money. With money, urban areas can prosper.
However, people in rural areas depend on primary sector industries for money, such as agriculture,
mining etc. Firstly, this is because nobody wants to invest and urbanize the rural areas. Also, the lack of
education force people in rural areas to do low-pay jobs. In this case, if the government does not take
action, rural areas will never prosper.

Here some points we should not deny when it comes to the development of children is that along with
educational development, children should also be able to develop their social, personal and emotional
relationships. To understand the meaning of these they should be able to realize what all these
relationships mean which are normally not available to see in the busy going urban world. So there
should be a balanced development in both the places urban and rural. Rural based children should be
available with quality education and facilities and urban based kids shall get a good atmosphere to grow.
If these things are promised then only we can call a balanced development.

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