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                                                                                        STORY IDEAS
                          Jude Ray is an award-winning
                          filmmaker of social issue, cultural, and     Taking a filmmaker's leap of faith: It takes an
                          historical documentaries and                 average of seven years to complete an independent
                          investigative reports. Her credits           film. Jude Ray discusses the process a filmmaker
                          include programs on PBS, HBO, BBC,           goes through when developing or collaborating on an
                          A&E, and Turner Broadcasting.                independent film. Not only does it require dedication,
                                                                       but trust and faith that the project is both worthwhile
                           Ms. Ray is co-director (with Katrina        socially and financially. This is especially true when
                           Browne and Alla Kovgan) and                 getting on board with a film that is just getting off the
                           executive producer of the                   ground.
                           documentary film “Traces of the
                           Trade: A Story from the Deep                Celebrating (and surviving) the art of
North.” The film is featured in the prestigious main competition       collaboration: Creative minds can be both beautiful
of this year's Sundance Film Festival and is slated to be              and bewildering. Jude Ray can discuss the delicate
broadcast nationally on PBS’s preeminent documentary series,           bond of "collaboration" as it applies to filmmaking and
P.O.V.                                                                 can address questions like: What are the benefits
                                                                       and pitfalls of collaboration? When is it right to
“Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North” is a feature        collaborate? How can collaborators work through
documentary film that tells the extraordinary story of first-time      creative differences when they develop?
filmmaker Katrina Browne's New England ancestors, the largest
slave-trading family in U.S. history. Two hundred family               Bringing forth what lies beneath: How a powerful
descendents were invited to join Browne in tracing her family’s        interview can make or break a documentary. The
deeply disturbing hidden legacy. Nine signed on to retrace the         integrity and power of a documentary film is wholly
steps of the Triangle Trade. At each stop, the family grapples         based on the authenticity and quality of the
with the contemporary legacy of slavery, not only for black            information presented. One of the biggest challenges
Americans, but also for themselves as white Americans.                 filmmakers face when producing films like Traces of
                                                                       the Trade is getting participants to open up. Jude's
Suggested Interview Questions:                                         strong skills as an interviewer made all the difference
1. What does it mean to a filmmaker to have his or her work            in persuading Katrina Browne's family members to
    featured at the Sundance Film Festival?                            divulge their personal and possibly controversial
2. What makes Traces of the Trade an important film for                thoughts and views on their family history and on
    people to see?                                                     race in general.
3. What were some of the biggest challenges of filming Traces
    of the Trade?                                                      Looking through the wide lens: What began as
4. How did you know this was a project you wanted to be a part         one woman's discovery of her family's past became
    of?                                                                an entire family's confrontation with its dark history.
5. What do you consider to be your purpose as a filmmaker?             This is an example of how collaboration can almost
6. We've all heard stories about great films that were produced        completely change the direction of a film. Jude can
    on a shoestring. What does it really cost to make an               discuss this in more depth.
    independent film?
7. When is it "right" for a director to seek collaboration on a        Funding: The business of filmmaking. Another
    project?                                                           major challenge faced by filmmakers is obtaining
8. Give us some examples of what you experienced working on            funding for their projects. Having a concept - no
    Traces of the Trade. How did the film and this family affect       matter how brilliant - is one thing. Finding someone to
    you? How do you think it will affect audiences?                    back you financially is another. What does it really
9. Is race an "evergreen" issue for filmmakers?                        cost to make an independent film, and how do
10. What are you working on now?                                       producers go about getting funding?
                                                                     Visit Jude’s online press kit: www.JudeRay.presskit247.com
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