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it distance learning courses from UK University


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									                           UK distance learning courses catering to IT needs

The Information Technology or the IT sector holds the key to the future. Hundreds of thousands of
professionals across the globe are employed to the numerous IT firms and reaping the rewards of their
skill and expertise over the matter. Attaining a degree on the subject has however been a hindrance for
many due to multiple reasons. But distance learning acts as a solace to the deprived by framing an
opportunity to gain a degree in IT and hence further their careers. Online distance education providers
have been able to ease the efforts of the aspirants by making under graduate as well as post graduate
degrees from accredited universities available.

A leading distance learning provider, RDI has successfully taken the study culture to the students
through a string of courses via its online portal. IT distance learning courses from UK is not left behind
either. RDI caters to a range of interests in the field by providing graduation level programs in computing
and media design and masters level programs in IT and telecommunications from some of the esteemed
universities in the United Kingdom.

Undergraduate Programs:

As of now, there are three different courses available at RDI at the undergraduate level. The first two
being BA (Hons) degrees in Business Computing as well as Graphic Design, both under the prestigious
Anglia Ruskin University. The former is a detailed course on application of information technologies in
enhancing business processes while the latter deals with commercial application of IT sources in

The third course is a BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Computing and Media Design and is administered by
Edexcel. Aimed at developing the technological cum management skills of the individuals, it also imparts
knowledge on key areas such as information system design among others.
Post –graduate Programs:

The master’s level degrees on offer at this time are M.Sc. in Information Technology and in
Communications from Anglia Ruskin University and Birmingham City University respectively. The two
year course in IT specializes primarily in computer networks and web development. Designed for
graduates with knowledge on computing, this can also be availed by those with adequate experience
required to enroll.

The Telecommunications course comprises of applied training on traditional as well as data systems
(including mobile and wireless). The positive side is that the modules for both these courses are
designed in order to ensure that the students will be able to successfully utilize their acquired skills in
practical situations.

Maintaining a standard of services:

RDI has ensured that the education and the level of training that is provided to the candidates is of the
best possible standard. The academic support to the students is administered by teachers with adequate
professional experience to fit the role, especially because it is a distance degree course. Apart from
them, the course material and modules for every program is selected and finalized after a rigorous
scrutiny keeping the best interests of the students in mind. These modules are totally unique and
present an opportunity for effective networking with other students across the world.

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