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									                Overcome Translation Complexities with Professional Translation Services

Language translation is one of the greatest requirements of global organizations, intelligence agencies and
government entities challenged with communicating, interacting, and commercializing a global audience. With
businesses growing internationally, global organizations require multilingual digital content to engage their global
communities. As for intelligence agencies, their primary and mission critical requirement is to translate quickly,
accurately and securely massive amounts of information with respect to national security to and from other
languages. Government entities, on the other hand, require language translation solutions for the dissemination
and communication of government-produced information such as rules, policies and other public sector
information to the public. Hence, they depend mostly on translation software and tools to translate information
faster and with greater accuracy.

Though machine translation helps, its greatest drawback that proves a constant hindrance is its inability to
recognize colloquialisms and idioms of what they mean in context. Hence, regardless of how clever the technology
is, professional-level translation must include highly skilled linguists and managers. Hence, a good language
translation solution is the one that combines machine translation and human expertise in a way that exploits the
natural capacities of each. This combination results in two benefits. Firstly, the translation process is streamlined
like never before and secondly, the machine translation actually gets smarter and learns from the changes made
by humans, resulting in better machine translations the next time through.

Hence, the best possible solution is to partner with leaders in the field of collaborative translation solutions. The
reason for this is that the collaborative aspect of their online platform brings together all the right experts – from
across the world – to complete translation. It provides customers the ability to find translation freelancers that
provide a variety of services, including desktop publishing, interpretation, post-editing, project management,
review, software and website localization, subtitling, transcription, vendor management and voice-over work from
around the world. Here is a look at some of the benefits of the collaborative translation platform.

·     Seamless integrations with various content management systems (CMSs) reduce the time, cost, and risk
traditionally associated with translating large content volumes in CMSs
·     Proper preparation, known as internationalization, reduces the time, costs, and risks associated with the
traditional localization of websites and software
·    Automatically brings glossary matches and translation memory matches to the attention of translators and
editors so that customer preferences are implemented consistently throughout every translation
·    Automatic lookup reduces the risk of any potential human error
·     Save time and money by reusing existing translations that are repeated in whole or in part
·     Revisions made automatically update the translation memory database so that all subsequent translations
use the approved translations

Thus, with professional translation services, customers succeed in overcoming the complexities that are inherent
to translation and localization.

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