Let the Moon to Accompany You to Sleep, Magic LED! by rayleich



Let the Moon to Accompany You to Sleep, Magic LED!
LED Artificial Moon Light

Have you ever promised someone to take off the moon to her? Now this impossible desire can
be achieved. The artificial moon is vivid, like a Crescent Moon. The whole consists of two parts,
a single piece of white acrylic shell and white LED surface light source. Due to the use of the
most state-of-the-art LED light source, the light-emitting is uniform, safe and reliable, and it can
be lit for a long time by using batteries.

Also it can be made into small, large, and very large size and be placed in the bedroom, high
places and outdoor according to the requirements. This is an ideal romantic manufacturing tool
to let you fully experience the feeling of touching the moon closely.

Hung moon LED balloon lights

Fill the round balloon with helium, with the internal LED lights, it will become a a glowing sphere,
the appearance can be drawed a variety of planet patterns, plus the star projection, it can
simulate the magical and magnificent universe.

If you like astronomy, you can also play your imagine to hang the Earth, Moon, Mars, and so on
in order, moving the entire solar system to your home. Each balloon is filled with helium so that
it can float safely and durably, creating a wonderful and memorable lighting atmosphere for you.
If you are interested, you can learn more here: led bulbs for home.

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