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Everyone aspires to have a toned body. There are various implications which come along with such
a toned body. You are perceived as healthy and positively oriented towards your body’s shape.
However, what allures most people is the perception of good looks. In a society where looks play an
important role in determining your standing and reputation, you can hardly afford to let lack of
fitness be associated with you in any way. This is because common intellect would suggest that only
the one who is fit can look good and appealing.

In case fitness holds such high relevance in the modern day society, how can we skip talking about
body toning exercises? There are surely going to many of you, reading this, who would be craving to
find out that mantra or that workout schedule which can help you mould your body into the
opposite sex’s irresistible desires.

If you were to ask about the most effective toning workouts, you would surely come across many
answers that a lot of experts and self proclaimed toning gurus might present. What you have to
understand, though, is that you are an individual and you have to appreciate your individuality.
What works for some might or might not work for you. All that experts can do is to give you a
generic list of toning exercises which are expected to show results. Your job has to be to understand
your body and develop a regime for yourself.

Let us now spend some time talking about specific toning workouts for the most common problem
areas of people – Arms, Legs & Abs. While arms trouble the women more than their opposite sex,
legs & abs are the generic tormentors.

You cannot avoid coming across people who have been troubled because of their abs. You might, in
fact, feel that almost everyone around has abs as his / her problem area. Therefore, abs workout is
an imperative element of an article on toning. Try such exercises as crunches, side lifts and others.
In fact, cardio workouts are also known to work wonders for abs.


There are various toning exercises for the legs that are popular and known to be effective. You can
indulge in such exercises as squat, side lunge, leg lifts and ski jumps.


The exercise that you select for your arms would depend upon your arms’ strength and flexibility.
However, in general, you would be suggested to consider bicep curls and push ups. Bicep curls
require a pair of dumbbells which have to be held in each hand of yours. Let your hands be straight,
facing the floor. Now curl your elbows in a way that the dumbbells touch your shoulders. This is it.
Repeat it 10 to 15 times and you would see the results. Women, however, will be suggested to use
lighter weights to build more lean muscles. Tricep Extensions are also a good way of toning your

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