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         A Quarterly Newsletter To Volunteer Leaders Providing 4-H News of Statewide Interest

   New Mexico State University - Cooperative Extension Service - U.S. Department of Agriculture

2005 Photography Contest Begins May 1
By Mindy Denny                                                               experience
Extension 4-H Youth Specialist                                               level.

All 4-H members, ages 9-19, can enter photos in                              Digital
the New Mexico 4-H Photography Contest.                                      Photo:
Photos are displayed at the State Fair and winners                           Beginner–
receive various awards. The categories and rules                             Beginners are
are listed below, so start taking photos now!                                youth who
Watch for more information on this year’s awards                             have zero to
and sponsors.                                                                three years of
Film Photo:                                                                  taking photo-
Beginner– Beginners are youth who have zero to                               graphs.
three years of experience taking photographs.                                Advanced– Advanced photographers are youth
Advanced– Advanced photographers are youth                                   with four or more years’ experience
with four or more years’ experience taking photo-                            taking photographs.
graphs.                                                                      Digitally Enhanced– Any photo that has been
Special Effects– Any photo that has utilized a                               enhanced or adjusted through the use of camera
special technique to acquire a unique perspective                            features or a personal computer should be entered
or effect may be entered in this category. All
photos will be judged together, regardless of                                                                   (see ‘PHOTO’ on page 3)

       SHORT BRIEFS: .................................................   2    State 4-H License Plate Design Contest ............. 6
           2005 4-H Calendars                                                 A Year of Learning in 4-H (Essay Winner) .......... 7
           State Fair Youth Officials                                         Jesse Holloway Memorial Golf Scramble ............ 8
           Greentops                                                          Using Eight Essential Elements .......................... 9
           4-H On the Web                                                     4-H Fosters Positive Adult/Youth Relationships .. 9
           Scholarship Opportunities                                          Wild About 4-H (2005 NM4HLF) ....................... 10
       Novice Camp Dates Set ......................................      3    Redesigned Cross Stitch Project ....................... 11
       4-H...A Future with Traditions (WRLF 2006) .......                4    4-H Adult Leader Award .................................... 11
       National Volunteer Week (ad) .............................        4    Teen Get-Away .................................................. 11
       4-H Ambassadors and Diplomats ........................            5    Let’s Rock’n Roll All Night Long ........................ 11
       4-H Wishes To Thank These Sponsors ...............                5    Calendar of Events ............................................ 12
2         leaderline                                                                                      April / May / June 2005

    by Mindy Denny, Extension 4-H Youth Specialist

2005 4-H CALENDARS                                                     website or in your Extension Office. If you are
    We still have calendars for                                        looking for a new project, or a club project, check
sale. The 2005 calendars                                               out our greentops and know what to expect
feature photos from the 2004                                           before you order the packet. Although every
State Photography Contest and                                          project does not currently have a greentop, they
includes 4-H dates. Calendars                                          are available for over 50. Check them out at
are $6.50 each. Contact the                                  , and click on 4-H Projects.
State 4-H Office at (505) 646-
3026 to order yours today!                                             4-H ON THE WEB
                                                                           Our website has a new look and a new name!
STATE FAIR YOUTH OFFICIALS                                             Simply type into your
    Senior Age 4-H Members (14 & up) have the                          browser and there we are. The website includes
opportunity to serve as State Fair Youth Officials.                    information on State and National Events, 4-H
Members can apply to come to State Fair early                          Projects, Leadership Opportunities, Volunteer
and assist with 4-H Indoor Exhibits. Youth                             Leaders, 4-H Forms, Newsletters, and much
officials stay in the dorms and help take in county                    more. If you don’t have a computer in your
entries, organize exhibits, assist judges, and                         home, you can access the web at local schools,
complete exhibit displays for the State Fair. This                     libraries, and Extension Learning Labs. Learn
year Youth Officials will need to arrive on Sep-                       more about New Mexico 4-H at http://nm4h.
tember 6, and will complete work on September 9.             
Watch for more information on applying to be a
Youth Official.                                                        SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                            New Mexico 4-H offers a variety of scholar-
GREENTOPS                                                              ships to graduating seniors. All scholarships are
    New Mexico 4-H produces very special                               listed on our website and
publications called Greentops. A greentop is a                         click on Scholarships. There is a chart that out-
project summary that includes information on                           lines applications, deadlines, and requirements, as
project objectives, exhibits, demonstrations, and                      well as downloads for all applications. Please
suggestions for other related projects. Greentops                      contact Mindy or your County Extension Office
come in your project packet when you sign up for                       if you have any questions.
a project, but they are also available on our

          Leaderline is a quarterly newsletter for New Mexico
     volunteer leaders providing 4-H news of statewide interest. Tax
     dollars support distribution of Leaderline to enrolled New        Editor: Mindy Denny, Extension 4-H Youth Specialist
     Mexico 4-H leaders through the following issues: January/
     February/March (first issue); April/May/June (second issue);      Contributors This Issue:
     July/August/September (third issue); and October/November/        Mindy Denny, Elisa French, Cindy Grooms, Frank Hodnett,
     December (4th issue).                                             Sue Miller, Katelyn Olson, Linda Schultz, Amy Zemler
          For subscription information, address changes, or article
     submissions, call Mindy Denny at (505) 646-1166 or Sue Miller     New Mexico State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative
     at (505) 646-5774. You can write to us at: State 4-H Office,      action employer an educator. NMSU and the U.S. Department
     MSC 3AE, New Mexico State University, PO Box 30003, Las           of Agriculture cooperating.
     Cruces, NM 88003-8003. Our website is:
April / May / June 2005                                                                 leaderline       3

2005 Novice Camp Dates Set (North and South)
by Mindy Denny
Extension 4-H Youth Specialist                             Last Year’s Novice Camp
    Novice Camp is a statewide camp for 4-H
members ages 9-11.
This year we will
have two Novice
Camps, one in the
North, held at
Kamp Kiwanis in
the Zuni Mountains
and one in the
South, held at Scott
Able Camp in the
Mountains.                                                                Workshops
    Northern Novice Camp will be June 6-8
and Southern Novice Camp will be July 25-27.
    Cost is $70.00 per participant. Senior age
members can apply to be counselors for either
    Contact your County Office to find out which
camp your county will attend, mark the dates on
your calendar and watch for more information in
your County Newsletter and on our 4-H website at                                                     Recreation

‘PHOTO’                                                    office or the State 4-H Office, May 1, 2005.
(continued from page 1)                                ·   Entries must be at least 4x6 in size and may be
                                                           color or black and white.
in this category. Entries must include the original,   ·   Photos will not be returned! If you want to keep
unaltered photo.                                           your photo, please retain a copy.
                                                       ·   Photographs must be the work of the 4-H mem-
Entry Rules:                                               ber, taken during the current year.
· Members may submit more than one entry. Each         ·   Entries must be in the State 4-H Office no later
   entry set must have an Entry Form and a Mem-            than August 1, 2005. Send to the State 4-H Of-
   ber Information Sheet. These forms are avail-           fice, MSC 3AE, Box 30003, Las Cruces, NM
   able from any New Mexico County Extension               88003-8003.

 • 505-646-3026
4      leaderline                                               April / May / June 2005

 4-H… A Future with Traditions
                    WRLF 2006
By Linda Schultz
4-H Youth Development Specialist

    The 2006 Western Regional 4-H Leaders’ Forum
(WRLF) is slated for Salt Lake City, Utah, March 1-5.
The WRLF will feature workshops, educational tours,
speakers, entertainment and more! Volunteer 4-H leaders
from throughout the west will gather together for learn-
ing and fun in Salt Lake City.
    Workshop proposals for Utah are being accepted
until June 1, 2005. The workshop proposal form and
other information are available at
Share your expertise and knowledge with other leaders
by submitting a workshop proposal—ask another leader
to team-teach with you.
    Financial assistance in the amount of $500 is avail-
able for one New Mexico leader with at least three years
of experience by applying for the 4-H Leader Award
sponsored by the Extension Association of New Mexico.
The form is available on our 4-H web site, from your
county extension office, or from Linda Schultz at 646-
1156. Application must be submitted by August 1, 2005.

            National Volunteer Week
                                 April 17-23, 2005
                                                           Thank you
                                                             for making
                                                           a difference in
                                                             the lives of
                                                            New Mexico
                                                             4-H youth!
April / May / June 2005                                                            leaderline      5

4-H Ambassadors and Diplomats Selected for 2005
By Elisa French
Ag Communications Reporter
Press Release

LAS CRUCES - Eight senior
4-H members will lead state
service projects, host leadership
workshops and represent New
Mexico at national events.
     The new ambassadors and
diplomats were selected based
on an application, interview and
group project during Senior
Leadership Retreat Jan. 21-23 in
     The ambassadors will attend    Back Row (L-R): Shay Zamora, Alyssa Bromley, Jamie Thomas,
the National 4-H Conference in      Cody Benavidez, Amanda Dearholt, Jett Sharp. Front Row (L-R):
Washington, D.C., and serve as      Amanda Sandoval and Jennifer Driskell.
a liaison between the New
Mexico 4-H Foundation and           2005 diplomats are Amanda         4-H member for six years. He
donors.                             Dearholt of Albuquerque,          served as a novice camp coun-
     The 2005 ambassadors are       Jennifer Driskell of Los Lunas,   selor and Tumbleweed Club
Cody Benavidez of Socorro,          Amanda Sandoval of Española       president and photographer. He
Alyssa Bromley of Lovington,        and Jett Sharp of Estancia.       participated in Senior Leader-
Jamie Thomas of Moriarty and           Benavidez, Socorro County
Shay Zamora of Las Vegas. The       Council president, has been a       (see ‘DIPS/DORS’ on page 6)
6       leaderline                                                               April / May / June 2005

‘DIPS/DORS’                          student government. Her 4-H         and baking projects. Her service
(continued from page 5)              projects include market swine,      projects include giving blankets
                                     market goats and vegetable and      to the needy and preparing
ship Retreat, the New Mexico         flower gardening. Her parents       Easter baskets for a crisis
State Fair and State 4-H Confer-     are Kenny and Marsha Zamora.        center. Her parents are Darryl
ence. His parents are Albert and          The diplomats will attend      and Teresa Sandoval.
Robin Benavidez.                     Journey and Opportunity Lead-           Sharp, a six-year member of
    Bromley, an eight-year 4-H       ership Training (JOLT) in           the Tumbleweed 4-H Club, has
member, said she is looking          Heber, Arizona, and lead recre-     held the offices of president,
forward to organizing work-          ational activities throughout the   vice president, treasurer and
shops and working with her           state.                              reporter. His 4-H projects are
team. She has served as the               Dearholt, a junior at La       beef cattle, replacement dairy
Yucca 4-H Club president and         Cueva High School, has partici-     heifers, shooting sports and
Lea County Council reporter          pated in the Western Roundup        market swine. He is active in
and treasurer. She volunteers at     in Denver, Colorado, the            the New Mexico High School
a nursing home, hospital and         Bernalillo County 4-H Fair and      Rodeo Association, Estancia
local day care center. She has       the state shooting sports compe-    FFA, and student council. His
participated in Teen Get-Away,       tition in Raton. She served as      parents are Cyle and Sharla
the Lea County 4-H lock-in and       the Mountain Heights Club vice      Sharp.
State 4-H Conference. Her            president and historian. She            4-H is the largest youth
parents are Scott and Scarlet        enjoys showing market lambs,        organization with 7 million
Bromley.                             hunting and taking part in          members. New Mexico has
    Thomas, a 4-H member for         shooting sports. Her parents are    76,000 members representing
six years, has completed numer-      Jim and Tara Dearholt.              447 clubs and numerous school
ous service projects, such as             Driskell is a member of        enrichment and special interest
collecting toys, preparing a feast   Bosque Farms 4-H Club, where        groups, 4-H members partici-
for elders and making Easter         she has held the offices of         pate in contests, service projects
baskets for the less fortunate.      president, treasurer and junior     and activities to develop leader-
Her resume includes terms as         executive officer. She has also     ship, citizenship and life skills.
Moriarty Mustangs Club re-           served terms on the Valencia
porter, historian, vice president    County Council as county
and president. After high            ambassador and song and               State 4-H License Plate
school, she wants to attend a        recreation leader. During her six     Design Contest
four-year college and major in       years in 4-H, she completed           By Amy Zemler
agricultural education. Her          horse, leadership, public speak-      4-H Activities Specialist
parents are Albert and Lisa          ing clothing and baking
Thomas.                              projects. Her parents are Jamie           Show us your artistic
    Zamora, a junior at              and Carmen Driskell.                  skills and design the next
Robertson High School, has                Sandoval, a freshman at          State 4-H License plate!
served as the Blue Ribbon            Pojoaque High School, has                 Contact your County
Wranglers Club president and         served as a New Mexico State          Extension Agent for further
treasurer and as the San Miguel      Fair youth official, Los Coyotes      details or check the flyer
County Council president, vice       Club vice president and Rio           out on the website at http://
president and secretary. She         Arriba County Council presi-
participates in band, golf and       dent. She participates in horse
April / May / June 2005                                                                leaderline        7

                     Junior Essay Winner
                      A Year of Learning in 4-H
By Katelyn Olson                                     taught the kids more and more, I began losing my
Valle Verde 4-H Club, Doña Ana County                patience. I had to explain simple sewing tech-
                                                     niques multiple times, and I had to watch their
    John Quincy Adams once said, “If your ac-        every move. I often bailed out half way through
tions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do   the workshops and left all five kids with my mom.
more, and become more, you are a leader.” I am       Of course that didn’t make her the happiest person
Katelyn Olson, a junior member of the Valle          on earth. Finally, she blew up and made me stay
Verde 4-H Club in Doña Ana County. This year, I      the whole time. Not only that, but she made me
took Mix and Match 2 and I had many experi-          work. I couldn’t believe it.
ences with leadership.                                        As I began to work with the kids more and
Throughout my 4-H                                            more, I learned that the work was hard, but
year, I have helped                                           there was never a day that I didn’t enjoy it.
other 4-Hers dream                                            I began to make new friends with my
more, learn more, do                                          students. We laughed, teased, and worked
more, and believe more.                                       all at the same time. Conner Maxwell, one
    This year, in Mix                                         of my first year sewing students, learned
and Match 2, I con-                                           that she loves sewing because of us. Now
structed a capri and                                          she sews every chance she gets...literally!
jacket suit with a side                                        When County Contest came around, all
lap zipper, wide waist-                                          my kids looked great! “Wow!” I thought.
band, set in sleeves, and                                          “Did I teach them this?” It was an
darts. I had fun trying to                                           amazing feeling to see them all
figure out which way to pin my                                       showing off their entries with pride.
pattern on the fabric so the one way                                   Before this year, many of my
print would be right side up. I even had to                          friends used to tell me that they
recut the collar twice. I had fun making and                         couldn’t be in 4-H because they
showing my outfit.                                           didn’t have livestock. This year I decided
    Leadership has been a huge learning experi-      that I was going to promote 4-H in such a way that
ence for me in the 4-H program this year. I have     people would understand that 4-H isn’t just for
learned that teaching isn’t as easy as it looks.     farmers. To my surprise, the newspaper called me
Throughout my life I have thought that teaching      the night before County Contests to interview me
would be easy. When my mom first asked me to         about 4-H. “Yes!” I thought. “Here’s my chance to
help her teach Sewing I and II, I said, “Oh, that    tell the world that 4-H is more than agriculture.” I
will be easy. All you have to do is explain it to    told them that anyone could be in 4-H whether
them, then sit back and watch.” Boy was I wrong!     they had animals or not. I explained that there are
During the first workshop, I explained the safety    many Home Economic Projects in 4-H. This is
of the sewing machine and then asked if there        only one of my experiences of how I encouraged
were any questions. Five hands shot up in the air.
“Oh boy, this will be harder than it looks.” As I                               (see ‘ESSAY’ on page 8)
8       leaderline                                                              April / May / June 2005

‘ESSAY’                                                   the 4-H Motto states, ‘Learn By Doing;’
(continued from page 7)
                                                      •   do more...
Home Economics in 4-H.                                    Like Conner, 4-H members were inspired to
    Another one of my experiences was when I              participate more in 4-H because Junior lead-
went to the downtown mall to promote 4-H at the           ers, like me, helped them set a higher goal for
4-H Awareness Fair. My brother and I organized a          them to accomplish;
few home economics sections together. We told
the community about 4-H’s wide variety of             •   and believe more...
projects without animals. Many people in the              4-Hers have learned to believe in themselves.
community seemed to be surprised that I was able          If they see what their junior leaders can do,
to do so much in 4-H without having a horse, a            and if we teach them to do what we do, they
cow, or any other animal.                                 will do more because they believe they can;
    As John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions
can inspire others to:                                •   ...then you are a leader.”
                                                          Although others believe I am a leader, I don’t
•   dream more...                                         consider myself one. I consider myself a
    I helped not only my sewing students to               regular 4-Her on a mission to make a differ-
    dream, but also other 4-Hers and the commu-           ence in youth and the 4-H program through
    nity. I helped them dream about their future,         leadership. By doing leadership, I feel that I
    what they can do, and about the difference            have learned to dream more, learn more, do
    they can make by participating in 4-H;                more, and believe more. I’m sure I have
                                                          learned more from my 4-Hers, than I have
•   learn more...                                         taught them this year. I am a proud 4-Her, and
    ...through leadership, I helped people learn to       I intend on teaching and learning even more
    appreciate and love the 4-H program just as           next year.

    Jesse Holloway Memorial 4-H Golf Scramble Set
    By Mindy Denny                                           Though the deadline for entry fees
    Extension 4-H Youth Specialist                    and forms has passed, you may still be a
                                                      sponsor. You can sponsor a tee for $50, a
           The 2005 Jesse                                          hole for $100, or a team for
    Holloway Memorial 4-H Golf                                     $400. Proceeds will benefit
    Scramble is set for April 8th at                               4-H youth programs through-
    the Picacho Hills Country Club                                 out New Mexico.
    in Las Cruces, New Mexico.                                              For more information
    Noon registration and lunch is                                 or to get a sponsor form con-
    from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.                                  tact the State 4-H Office at
    The Shotgun Start is at 12:30                                  (505) 646-3026, or call your
    p.m. The scramble format is 18                                 County Extension Service
    holes with four-person teams.                                  office.
April / May / June 2005                                                                  leaderline       9
You Can Create a Great 4-H Experience
Using Eight Essential Elements Can Meet Youth Needs
By Linda Schultz                        for young people and would             lives, they increase their
4-H Youth Development Specialist        be called supporter, friend            potential to become self-
                                        and advocate.                          directing adults.
    New Mexico 4-H uses eight       •   A safe environment—                •   Inclusiveness—An inclu-
essential elements in its pro-          Youth should not fear                  sive environment allows a
gramming to address the devel-          physical or emotional harm             sense of belonging to
opmental needs of youth. These          while participating in the             develop, encourages and
essential elements form a “best         4-H experience whether                 supports its members and
practices” guide to help parents,       from the learning environ-             offers encouragement with
volunteers and staff work as            ment itself, adults, other             positive and specific feed-
partners with young people.             participants or spectators.            back. Healthy groups cel-
    Over the next year we will      •   Mastery—This is a process              ebrate the success of all
look at each of the eight ele-          over time that includes                members taking pride in the
ments and examine ways to               building knowledge, skills             collective efforts of all.
include them in your 4-H                and attitudes that allow           •   Futuristic—Youth need to
programming. Each article               youth to demonstrate profi-            have hope that they can
offers you an opportunity to            ciency.                                shape meaningful, produc-
“Take the 4-H Challenge.” You       •   Service—The first step in              tive lives. Hope for the
might use these challenges as a         finding oneself is to lose the         future leads to choices that
basis for discussion at an              self in service to others. It is       make possible active partici-
organizational meeting, a               necessary to actively prac-            pation in that future.
parents meeting, new leader             tice and uphold service in         •   Engagement—Youth who
training or other events.               order to develop generosity.           are actively engaged in
The essential elements in this      •   Self-determination—Youth               learning make connections
eight-part series include:              need to believe that they can          in order to develop greater
• A caring adult—This                   take some control over life’s          understanding. They learn
    would be a person who acts          events rather than passively           from experience and display
    as an advisor, guide and            submit to others. When                 a high degree of self-moti-
    mentor. The adult helps set         young people have some                 vation and an unending
    boundaries and expectations         influence over their own               capacity to create.

This is the first in an eight-part series about the essential elements that strengthen a
young person’s sense of belonging, generosity, independence and mastery.

4-H Fosters Positive Adult / Youth Relationships
     New Mexico 4-H uses eight essential elements       people and would be called supporter, friend and
in its programming to address the developmental         advocate.
needs of youth. One element needed by young                 Caring adults address youth by name, know
people is a caring adult.                               young people’s individual interests, pay attention
     4-H experiences should include an adult who        to their activities outside 4-H, join in fun and
acts as an advisor, guide and mentor. This person       educational activities with youth, enjoy laughing
helps set boundaries and expectations for young                                  (see ‘CARING’ on page 10)
10       leaderline                                                          April / May / June 2005

Wild About 4-H
Cindy Grooms
4-H Leaders’ Association President

     The 2005 New Mexico 4-H Leaders’ Forum
planning committee met in January to begin
planning for this annual statewide adult leader
education event. The Forum will be held Novem-
ber 12-13 at the Wyndham Hotel in Albuquerque.
The planning committee is building on the suc-
cess of previous Forums and established several
goals at the January meeting. One is to increase
the number of counties participating and another
is to involve adult 4-H leaders and parents who
have not attended in the past. Come join in the    leader. Enthusiasm is contagious and you’ll find
fun and learning that occurs during Forum!         a lot of it at the Forum. Mark your calendars for
     The committee has put together a list of      November 12-13, 2005. Come and be Wild
recommended workshop topics which was sent to      About 4-H!
county offices in February and information is
also available on the 4-H web site. Leaders from
around the state are encouraged to submit a        ‘CARING’
proposal for a workshop to be presented during     (continued from page 9)
the 2005 Forum. The talents and skills that New    with youth and stay in touch by notes, cards,
Mexico leaders have are amazing, so come and       phone calls and e-mails.
share with others from throughout the state. The       Caring adults also create leadership opportuni-
completed workshop proposal forms are due by       ties for youth and interact with them individually,
June 20 in the State 4-H Office.                   promoting mutual understanding and respect.
     The planning committee is working on some     These nurturing adults help young people talk
hands-on activities for Saturday night and Sun-    through the learning they gain from active partici-
day morning that you can take back to your         pation in 4-H.
counties and clubs. Come join in the safari
adventures that are being planned. Wild About      Take the 4-H Challenge
4-H - that’s the 2005 theme and you’ll have            List ways that you can strengthen your role as
many opportunities to learn, have fun, make new    a positive adult role model in the lives of young
friends, and share the enthusiasm of being a 4-H   people.
April / May / June 2005                                                            leaderline       11

Redesigned Cross Stitch Project
Ready For Members and Leaders                                            4-H Adult
By Sue Miller                                                            Leader Award
Reports Layout Typist II                                                 By Linda Schultz
                                                                         4-H Youth
    The information is the                                               Development Specialist
same, but the Cross Stitch
project looks a lot different.                                               A $500 award is
Both the member’s and leader’s                                           available to leaders with at
books (publications #100.C-6                                             least three years of experi-
and 200.C-6) have been rede-                                             ence. It is sponsored by
signed. The member’s project                                             the Extension Associa-
book is available in packets, and                                        tion of New Mexico.
the Leader’s Guide is also                                                   The award is for use in
available.                                                               attending the Western
    Some fun pizzazz graphics                                            Regional 4-H Leaders’
have been added to these publi-                                          Forum (WRLF). This
cations to give members and         the redesigned Cross Stitch          regional Forum brings
leaders examples of the types of    project books; then contact your     together 4-H leaders from
cross stitch projects 4-H mem-      County Extension Office for a        the 13 western states and 2
bers can do.                        Cross Stitch member’s packet         Canadian provinces for
    Tell your members who like      #6055 plus the leader’s guide.       education, networking and
to do fibercraft projects about                                          fun.
                                                                             In 2006 the WRLF
  Teen Get-Away                                                          will be held in Salt Lake
  By Amy Zemler                                                          City, Utah, March 1-5.
  4-H Activities Specialist                                              Application forms are
      Come and help us solve a                                           available on the 4-H web
  mystery at Teen Get-Away,                                              site, from your County
  April 22-24, 2005, at Camp                                             Extension office, or from
  Inlow Baptist Camp.                                                    the State 4-H Office.
      For more information                                                   Application deadline
  contact your County Exten-                                             is August 1, 2005.
  sion Office for details.

                                           Let’s Rock’n Roll All Night Long...
                                           Let’s Rock’n Roll, Oh yeah!!!
                                           By Amy Zemler, 4-H Activities Specialist
                                              That is what we are going to do at the
                                           82nd State 4-H Conference, July 11-15, 2005.
                                              More information is available at your
                                           Cooperative Extension Office.
12             leaderline                                                                                  April / May / June 2005

                       2005 STATE 4-H CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                              APRIL                                                                  JULY
1          Registrations for Teen Get-Away due in the                   1         New Mexico 4-H Foundation Scholarship
           State 4-H Office–Amy Zemler, 646-5204                                  applications due in State 4-H Office–Frank
8          Jesse Holloway Memorial 4-H Golf Scramble                              Hodnett, 646-1157
           (Las Cruces)–Frank Hodnett, 646-1157                         1         Allen Chapman Memorial 4-H Scholarship
17-23      National Volunteer Week                                                applications due in State 4-H Office–Frank
22-24      Teen Get-Away (Inlow Baptist Camp)–Amy                                 Hodnett, 646-1157
                                                                        1         New Mexico State 4-H Rodeo Scholarship
           Zemler, 646-5204
                                                                                  applications due in State 4-H Office–Frank
                                MAY                                               Hodnett, 646-1157
                                                                        11-15     State 4-H Conference
15         New Mexico Wool Growers, Inc. Scholarship                    25-27     Southern Novice Camp (Scott Able, Sacra-
           applications due in State 4-H Office–Frank                             mento Mountains)–Mindy Denny, 646-1166
           Hodnett, 646-1157

                              JUNE                                                               AUGUST
                                                                        1         Entry deadline for Photography Contest and
6-8        Northern Novice Camp (Kamp Kawanis, Zuni                               State Fair Exhibit due in the State 4-H Office–
           Mountains)–Mindy Denny, 646-1166                                       Mindy Denny, 646-1166
20         Workshop proposals for the 2005 New Mexico                   1         WRLF 2006 application deadline due in the
           4-H Leaders’ Forum due in the State 4-H                                State 4-H Office–Linda Schultz, 646-1156
           Office–Linda Schultz, 646-1156                               1         Application deadline due for the 4-H Adult
    4-H Website:                                             Leader Award held at the 2006 WRLF–Linda
                                                                                  Schultz, 646-1156

    We are glad to send you this educational material. Our purpose      national origin. The Extension Service is represented in every
    is to provide educational services to the people of New Mexico.     county in the state by a staff of local agents in agriculture and
    These services are financed jointly by the county, state, and       resource development, home economics and 4-H youth develop-
    federal governments, and are offered on a nondiscriminatory         ment work.
    basis regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or

    Frank E. Hodnett, Ph.D.                                             Mindy Denny
    Department Head/4-H and Youth Development                           Extension 4-H Youth Specialist

                      STATE 4-H OFFICE, MSC 3AE
                      NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY
                      BOX 30003
                      LAS CRUCES NM 88003-8003

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