November 25 2012 - St. Joan of Arc Parish by pengxuebo


									       CHURCH OF ST. JOAN OF ARC
                                                   Marlton, New Jersey
               “…a community of disciples of Jesus Christ called to celebrate, proclaim and share with all the love of God!”

ALL ARE WELCOME!                                                                                             LITURGY SCHEDULE:
God’s love knows no “My Kingdom does not belong to this world!” John 18:33-38                                Saturday Vigil: 5:30pm
boundaries, and neither do
we! We are all God’s                                                                                         Sunday:        7:30am,
children, all sisters and                                                                                    9am, 10:30am & Noon
brothers in Christ! Thank                                                                                    Korean Mass: 3:30pm
you for praying with us!                                                                                     every 2nd Sunday of the
PARISH?                                                                                                      Teen Mass:     5:30pm
It’s easy. Just complete a                                                                                   every 3rd Sunday of the
Registration Form, found in                                                                                  month
the Parish Office, or on the
parish website. Our                                                                                          Daily Mass:
Welcome Ministry will call                                                                                   9am: Monday, Wednesday,
to say hello. We look                                                                                        Friday & Saturday
forward to meeting you!                                                                                      7am & 9am: Tuesday &
HOW TO BECOME                                                                                                Adoration:   Tuesdays,
CATHOLIC                                                                                                                  5-7pm ;
A call to any member of                                                                                      Benediction: 7pm
the Pastoral Staff starts a                                                                                  Confessions: Saturday,
life-changing process at                                                                                     4pm. Anytime by
856-983-0077!                                                                                                appointment.
BLESSING YOUR                                                                                                Baptisms:       Sundays
MARRIAGE: If you have                                                                                        at 1:30pm. Call 983-0077.
been married civilly or in                                                                                   A “Loving Your Baby”
another religious tradition,                                                                                 Workshop will help you
and would like to have your
marriage blessed in the                                                                                      Weddings:         Congrats
Catholic Church, please call                                                                                 to all our newly engaged
the parish priests for more                                                                                  couples! Call 983-0077 as
information.                                                                                                 soon as possible to make
                                                                                                             arrangements and for
                                                                                                             information on Pre-Cana.

            SOLEMNITY OF CHRIST THE KING/November 25, 2012
                                                      100 Willow Bend Road
  For your prayer this week:                            Marlton, NJ 08053
 “Everyone who belongs                              Parish Office: 856-983-0077
                                                 Religious Education: 856-983-7575
 to the truth listens to my
                                                       School: 856-983-0774
                                                   Youth Ministry: 856-983-7674                     CAROL
                                                   Music Ministry: 856-985-5461
                                                       Convent: 856-983-0258
     Question of the Week:                                     Websites:

 What helps you hear the
                                                                                                 NEXT SUNDAY
    voice of Christ?
                                                     Parish Office: 856-983-7716                  DEC. 2, 3PM
                                                     Religious Ed: 856-983-3479
    Christ’s voice?                                    School: 856-983-3278
                                                                                                                               Page 1 - 520
   9:30am-12:30pm, 2pm-5pm,                              JESUS IS THE TRUTH
   Monday-Thursday: 6pm-9pm
    Saturday: 9:30am - 12pm          Dear Parishioners and Friends,
                                         It’s a year of faith. We are already almost two months into it. How’s it
Pastoral Staff:
                                     going? Anything different about this year from last year? Notice any
Msgr. Richard D. LaVerghetta
Pastor                               changes in your relationship with Jesus Christ? Learn anything new?
Rev. Francis Ravi                    Looking at him from a different perspective?
Parochial Assistant                      Last week, roughly 200 of our parishioners attended daily our Parish
Rev. Richard Regan                   Mission. Fr. Simeon gave a wonderful overview of core Catholic teachings
Weekend Assistant                    on the Trinity, the Incarnation, Redemption and the Eucharist. Thanks so
Deacon Barry Tarzy
                                     much to all who participated. It was hard not to notice that very few of the
Deacon George Johnston
Deacon Jeff DeFrehn                  attendees were under 50 years of age. There are, of course, many
Deacon Bill Mueller                  reasons for this. Life is busy, especially life with children. I know, too, that
Deacon Tom Murphy                    everyone is exhausted from working one, maybe two jobs, or from
Sr. Patricia Pycik, SSJ              searching for work, taking care of elderly parents, keeping up the house.
School Principal                     There are many demands on our time and we have important
Sr. Peg. Boyle, SSJ                  responsibilities.
Director of Pastoral Care
Mrs. Linda Mueller                       I am also aware, however, that there is a spiritual side to our humanity
Director of Religious Education      — a dimension that can too easily get overlooked when our schedules are
Sr. Stephanie Cymerman, SSJ          so full. The majority of us — myself included — probably do not give
Director of Music                    adequate attention to our spiritual needs.
Mr. Dan Maney                            This Year of Faith affords us an opportunity to ask: how am I feeding my
Youth Minister                       soul? With what am I feeding it? Do I read the Scriptures … ever? Do I
Pastoral Council Leadership:         read religious/spirituality/church magazines, journals, publications of any
Sheila O’Neill Hannon, Chairperson   kind? Are the most spiritual things I am reading the little poems and clever
Cheryl Wilkins, Vice Chairperson     sayings and thoughts for the day sent to me via the internet?
Karen Stroker, Secretary                 How do I inform my faith? How do I learn about what the church
                                     teaches? Or — and this is not meant to be judgmental or sarcastic — do I
Parish Trustees:                     even care what the Church teaches? Are Church teachings not important
Bill Riches                          to me — if not, why not? Do I own a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic
Jackie McBride
                                     Church? Have I ever looked over the documents of the Second Vatican
        WELCOME                          Jesus tells Pontius Pilate (and us) that he came “to testify to the
                                     truth” (John 18:33-37). We believe, as His Church, that we have the same
        VISITORS!                    mission. But we’ve got to know the truth — meaning, we’ve got to know
                                     Jesus who is the truth, the way and the life — in order to testify to it, and
                                     proclaim it, and live it!
  WELCOME HOME                                                            Peace!
                                                                          Fr. Rich
                                                        ST. JOAN OF ARC SCHOOL
    HOPE YOUR                                                 SENT BY GOD
                                          Our SJA moms are invited to spend Tuesday, November 27 at
  ENJOYING YOUR                             7:00 PM to reflect and prepare for the Advent season.
  THANKSGIVING                            The 7th grade Spaghetti Dinner has been rescheduled to
                                           Wednesday, November 28 at 6:15 PM. All 7th grade students and
    WEEKEND!                               their families are welcome!
                                          Congratulations to all the 8th grade students of SJA Parish who
                                           will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Friday,
  ADVENT BEGINS                            November 30. God Bless them all!
                                                                                                          Page 2 - 520
                                                                             Monday       November 26
                                                                             9:00 AM      Bob Bernard
                                                                                          r/o Happy Anniversary
                                                                                          Love, Mary and Kids
                             BAPTISMS                                                     Robert Petri
                                                                                          r/o The Malone Family
                We warmly welcome the following children                                  Gino Gambino
       who are being baptized into our community this weekend:                            r/o Gambino Family
     Olivia C. Dinovelli, Samantha L. Dinovelli, Gianarosa G. Marra           Tuesday     November 27
                           and Gavin M. Whalen                               7:00 AM      Krystal Bellini
                                                                                          r/o The Brinkman Family
                                                                                          Doris White
                                                                                          r/o Rosemary Sullivan
                                                                             9:00 AM      Stanley Michael Tomczyk
                                                                                          r/o Jenifer DeSimone
                                                                                          Armand Mastrangelo
                                                                                          r/o Nancy & Bob Swift
                       WEDDING BANNS
                                                                             Wednesday November 28
                        Third Publication                                    9:00 AM      Marie Tortu r/o
              Shannon Mulholland & Christopher Shannon                                    Kara & Danny Wasserman
                                                                                          Barbara Thomas
                                                                                          r/o Pauline Thomas
       O Come O Come Emmanuel!                                               Thursday November 29
                                                                              7:00 AM     Gul Lalwani
     December is fast approaching and so is the                                           r/o Wife Deborah
              Children’s Sunday Liturgy -                                                 Krystal Bellini
December 2, 9 am which is the first Sunday of Advent.                                     r/o Parishioners & Staff
   Let us lead our children in the Light of the Lord!                        9:00 AM      William Reed
  **6-8th graders if God graced you with the gift of                                      r/o Wife Barbara
                                                                                          Jack Quinn
            reading please share with us!**                                               r/o The Gibbons Family
       Contact Alyson Madorno 856-266-3238
                                                                             Friday       November 30
                                                                             9:00 AM      Elizabeth Rutolo
                                                                                          r/o Frank & Maria Rutolo
                HOW BEST TO USE AN iPAD                                                   Stephen Southwick
                                                                                          r/o John & Lynn Doherty
                         November 29, 2012
                          Arc Room, 7:00pm                                   Saturday     December 1
                                                                             9:00 AM      Don Jeffery
Mr. Natu Desai M.E., an engineer by profession, will talk about this great                r/o Bob & Mickie Shea
tablet computer and how best to use it. He will guide us through the                      Dick DeLacy r/o
basics of using this versatile tablet computer. Mr. Desai will take us                    George & Ginny Johnston
step-by-step through the iPad's many useful features, such as surfing the    5:30 PM      Mary Cirillo
                                                                                          r/o Anzideo Family
internet, sending emails, listening to music, viewing movies, taking
                                                                                          Chris Picciano
pictures, video chatting, taking notes, reading ebooks etc. He will also                  r/o Anne & Ken Picciano
provide a list of many useful applications and websites. Limited to 25       Sunday       December 2
seats. (free will offering).                                                 7:30 AM      Joe McBride r/o Friends
        For reservations please call Sr. Peg - 856-983-0077 ex. 303                       Donald Jeffery
                                                                                          r/o Joanne Swift
                                                                             9:00 AM      Alberta Maguire
  ST. JOAN’S BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP                                                    r/o The Lineman Family
                                                                                          William Gmitter
       For Loss of Spouse, Parent, Friend & Other Relatives
                                                                                          r/o Josephine, Susan &
   St. Joan of Arc Bereavement Support group will meet this month on                      Carolyn
   Tuesday, November 27th in the Arc Room from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.             10:30 AM     Kathy Warren
   At this meeting we will share about our grief and the holidays. This                   r/o Dolores Nay
  season can be an especially difficult time when we have experienced                     Marie Rienzi r/o
                                                                                          Miriam Canahuate & Esper
        the loss of a loved one. Let us come together in caring and          12:00 Noon   Fran LoPresti r/o Nicole
     understanding to support and comfort one another through this                        LoPresti & Michelle Wagner
            holiday season. For further information or questions,                         Michael Battiato r/o Frank
        call Terry M. at (856)267 5800 or Joanne at (856)983 5523.                        & Theresa Vecchiarello
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           FRANKS                                     PRAYER GARDEN PAVER SALE
          & A MOVIE                       It’s not to late to purchase a paver for the Prayer Garden. All
     Come join us on Thursday,            orders received now through March 1st will be placed in the
November 29 at 7:30pm in Pedata           Prayer Garden in early Spring.
 Hall as we present “The Greater          The prayer garden is just about completed. Our hope is that the prayer
 Glory." An impassioned group of          garden will provide a place of beauty and solace for everyone to visit and
men and women risk everything for         pray, a place where we can feel closer to the Lord.
 family, faith and the very future of     Memorial pavers will be placed in the garden walkway. Pavers can be
their country in this true story of the   purchased in remembrance of those who have died, the living, life
1920s Cristero War. Starring Andy         events, thanksgiving, blessings, family names etc. Paver forms are
  Garcia and Eva Longoria. Come           available after all Masses in the church foyer, rectory, web site or
  hungry! Lite refreshments will be       contacting the persons listed below. Purchasing the pavers will help with
   served. Hope to see you there!         the cost of the garden which is a special remembrance of St. Joan of
      This movie is rated R so            Arc’s 50th Anniversary. Filled out forms can be mailed or dropped off to
    parental discretion is advised.       the rectory or placed in an envelope marked PAVERS and put into the
      Coming in December…..               offertory collection baskets.
       Last Ounce of Courage               A 6” X 9” paver with CAPITAL LETTERING, 3 lines of 16 characters
                                               per line including spacing and punctuation, is $100.
         FAMILY TO                         A 9” x 9” paver with CAPITAL LETTERING, 6 lines of 16 characters
                                               per line, including spacing and punctuation, is $125.
        FAMILY 2012                            A cross can be added to the paver for an additional $5.
    PLEASE JOIN US                                   Contact persons – Ken & Betty Mills – 856-596-0407
  Please remember to share with
   those in need this Christmas.
December 2nd is the last day to sign
     up for "Family to Family", a                                    MONDAY, 11/26
   Christmas outreach project for                     Prayer Shaw Ministry - 10:00am - Pedata Hall
   helping local needy families at                           Bible Study - 7:30pm - Arc Room
           Christmas time.                                           TUESDAY, 11/27
 Experience the joy in sharing with                            Adoration - 5:00pm - Church
those less fortunate than ourselves                             Benediction - 7:00 - Church
  by providing gifts, food and store                   School Advent Night - 7:00 PM - Pedata Hall
    gift cards or money for their             Bereavement (Loss of Spouse/Loved One) - 7:30pm - Arc Room
             rent/utilities.                                       WEDNESDAY, 11/28
To sign up call Michele Donahue at                  Health Ministry Workshop - 9:30am - Pedata Hall
            856-983-5560.                            7th Grade Spaghetti Dinner - 6:15pm - Cafeteria
                                                                 Rosary - 7:00pm - Church
                                                               RCIA - 7:00pm - Pedata Hall
       ST. NICHOLAS                                   Life and Justice Meeting - 7:00pm - Arc Room
                                                         Prayer Group - 7:30pm - Gathering Room
        TOY DRIVE
                                                                    THURSDAY, 11/29
      We will be collecting new                           iPad Presentation - 7:00pm - Arc Room
       unwrapped toys for the                    Knights of Columbus Movie Night - 7:30pm - Pedata Hall
   St. Nicholas Toy Drive after all
 Masses up until December 16 at                                       FRIDAY, 11/30
Noon. Please place all toys in front                    Korean Prayer Group - 9:30am - Arc Room
 of the signs that are placed in the                     Confirmation - 4:00pm & 7:00pm - Church
 entrances to the Church and the
         altar. Thank you in
          advance for your                                             ROSARY
  generosity and kindness. If you               Join us to say “I Love You” to the Blessed Virgin Mary every
     have any questions please                  Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 7:30pm in the Church.
           contact Kathy at                       For more information please call Renata 609-304-1473. or
            856-767-5491                                                                                   Page 4 - 520
Page 5 - 520
        Jesus is the way, the truth and
         the life!    Year of Faith 2012 –2013

                                                                                               But what is the deepest
                                                                                               expression of the truth that is
                                                                                               in Jesus? Pilate asked Jesus,
                                                                                               “What is truth?” Jesus gave no
                                                                                               verbal response. However, not
                                                                                               long after in the story, Jesus is
                                                                                               crucified. The cross, God’s self
                                                                                               -giving love for the world, is
                                                                                               the answer. “God so loved the
                                                                                               world that God gave His only
                                                            Check out the                      begotten Son. (John 3:16).
                                                               Parish                          Jesus’ reign is the reign of
                                                                                               God’s love. Truth finally is not
                                                               Website:                        words. It is the Word made
                                                                                               flesh in Jesus. (Paul Hammer)

                                                      Christ before Pilate, by P. Lorenzetti

                                                             WEEKLY MEDITATION FOR THOSE IN
                                                             RECOVERY … I am not so envious of other
A Particular Truth                                           people, nor am I so jealous of other people’s
A particular truth can be stated in words—that life          possessions and talents. When I was drinking, I was
is better than death and love than hate, that light          secretly full of jealousy and envy of those people who
travels faster than sound and cancer can sometimes           could drink normally, who had the love and respect of
be cured if you discover it in time. But truth itself is     the their families, who lived a normal life and were
                                                             accepted as equals by their friends. I pretended to
another matter, the truth that Pilate asked for, tired
                                                             myself that I was as good as they were, but I knew it
and bored and depressed by his long day. Truth
                                                             wasn’t so. Now I don’t have to be envious anymore. I try
itself cannot be stated. Before it is a word, the gospel     not to want what I don’t deserve. I’m content with what I
that is truth is silence, a pregnant silence in its ninth    have earned by my efforts to live the right way. More
month, and in answer to Pilate’s question, Jesus             power to those who have what I have not. At least, I’m
keeps silent, and even with his hands tied behind            trying. I pray that my soul may find its rest in God.
him manages somehow to hold silence out like a
                                                             THOSE WITH ADDICTIONS FIND THIS TIME OF
terrible gift. (Frederick Buechner)
                                                             YEAR EXTRA DIFFICULT. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM
                                                                                                                      Page 6 - 520
                                                                Only this I want, but to know
                                                                the Lord, and to bear his
                                                                cross so to wear the crown he wore...

     THIS ADVENT, MAKE YOUR                                   BE PREPARED FOR
       HOME A “SANTE FE!”                                     NEXT SUNDAY, the 1st
Uh, why would we want to do that? Because                     Sunday of Advent—Gospel:
“Sante Fe” means CITY OF HOLY FAITH! Here                     Jesus said to his disciples: "There will be signs in the
are some ways to make your home a place of                    sun, the moon, and the stars, and on earth nations
                                                              will be in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea
HOLY FAITH:                                                   and the waves. People will die of fright in anticipation
   Set up an Advent Wreath on your kitchen table and         of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of
    before every evening meal light the appropriate           the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see
                                                              the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and
    amount of candles and pray (how to do this will be
                                                              great glory. But when these signs begin to happen,
    spelled out in each Advent bulletin)                      stand erect and raise your heads because your
   Create a personalized Advent Calendar — this year,        redemption is at hand. Beware that your hearts do
    Advent is only 22 days, so you’ll want to make the        not become drowsy from carousing and drunkenness
                                                              and the anxieties of daily life, and that day catch you
    most of every day. (Read more about this in next
                                                              by surprise like a trap. For that day will assault
    week’s bulletin)                                          everyone who lives on the face of the earth. Be
   Bless the Christmas Tree — after you have put up          vigilant at all times and pray that you have the
    and decorated the tree, gather the entire household
                                                              strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent
                                                              and to stand before the Son of Man."
    around it and say a prayer. There will be a Christmas
    Tree blessing in next week’s bulletin.                    FOR PRAYER AND SHARING AT
   Think round — like the Advent Wreath; ask, “What          HOME: What daily anxieties cause
    rough edges do I need to ’round off’ this Advent in       you to miss the simple joys of life, the
    preparation for Christmas? Or: put family globe in a      presence of Christ “disguised”?
    prominent place and decorate with holly and
    evergreen and pray for a different country every day                             Special Advent Presentation:
    of Advent. Or: how can your circle of friends be
    expanded this Advent?                                                          KING DAVID:
   Participate in our parish toy drive or Family to
                                                                                 A Real Life Saint
   Send Christmas cards with Jesus on them (or if a                       We may only think of David as a
    family photo is used, maybe a picture with your                        famous marble statue. But there is
    Nativity scene.)                                                       so much more to him. David loved
                                                                           God but when he sinned, he sinned
   Do a family or neighborhood “Advent Angel”: Each          big. He is very much flesh and blood … and a
    person picks a name from a hat and during Advent          great model of faith for us. Remember: Jesus of
    they pray for that person and leave little “secret        Nazareth was born into David’s lineage. Come
    gifts” for them — nothing expensive, homemade is          see how learning more about this King of Israel
    even better — just little reminders that they are loved   can help us prepare to meet the King of Kings.
    and remembered and prayed for during this Holy                      Tuesday, December 4th,
                                                                         7:30pm, Pedata Hall
   Decorate your front door in purple (more bluish hews            Presenter: Fr. Rich LaVerghetta
    to distinguish it from the purple of Lent)                            No fee; no prior registration
   Pay attention to the Advent “Saint of the Day”                          Sponsored by the St. Joan of Arc
                                                                                Faith Formation Team           Page 7 - 520
                                         PARISH HEALTH MINISTRY…..
                                         November 25 - Blood Pressure Screening in Pedata Hall
                                         For those with Celiac Disease, a low gluten host is available at all
                                         Masses. Just line up in the center aisle before everyone else
                                         receives Communion. If this is your first time receiving the low
     TAKE CONTROL                        gluten host, please let the priest know before Mass that you will be doing this.
      OF YOUR LIFE                       There are hearing amplifiers available. See an usher for assistance.
       WORKSHOP                          There is a transport wheelchair to help you move from the car to Church.
                                         Please see an usher for assistance.
Whether we are young or aging, we
may be experiencing some type of         Keep your medical history on hand for emergencies, hospitalizations, and
chronic health condition. This can       doctor visits. Go to Scroll down to the
lead to emotional distress,              form, complete the information online, print it and cut it out. Keep it in your
frustration, fatigue and even a          wallet with your insurance card.
feeling that we are no longer in         Nurses are needed to help with Blood Pressure Screening. If you are
control of our lives. The “Take          interested in helping out, please call Barbara Johnston 609 707-5235.
Control Of Your Health”                  In case of emergency… we have an AED located in the main hallway outside
workshop is for those with any           the Sacristy door by Pedata Hall.
ongoing or long-term health
conditions or for their caregivers. It   Occasionally, parishioners have health issues at Mass and may need the
was created by Stanford University       assistance of trained medical personnel. If you are a doctor, nurse, or EMT,
and is sponsored by the NJ Dept of       willing to help, please let an usher know before Mass you are available and
Human and Senior Services. The           where you will be sitting.
workshop meets once a week, for
six weeks. It will give you tips and
ideas to make your life easier. You                           CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS CHOIR
will learn how to solve problems,                                    4:00 Christmas Eve Children’s Mass
deal with emotions and how to                                   Rehearsals will be held in the school cafeteria
relax. The sessions last for about                                  on Sundays from 10:00am – 11:30am.
2 ½ hours each and are both                                    All singers from grades 3 and up welcome!!
informative and interactive. It is                                See for details!
free of charge and includes the                              Call Carol Porter 609-426-4385 for more information.
workbook and refreshments. This
proven program will help you get
more out of life.
During the workshop you will learn:
     How to manage your                                  PRAYERS FOR THE MILITARY
       symptoms                                   Kindly pray for the welfare of Jason and Matthew Alexander,
     How to get started with              CMS Michael Allen, Cpl. Jason Annese, Josh Blassman, Bryan Bolt III,
       healthy eating and exercise         Marine Cpl. Justin Ryan Booth, Col. Denis C. Brown, Maj. Ryan Brunk,
     How to communicate                       Staff Sgt. John Ciacci, Michael A. Costello, LCpl. James Crosby,
       effectively with your doctor       Joseph DeStefano, Josh Dikmak, Major Christopher DiNote, John Dixon,
     How to manage fear, anger,         Cpl. Robert Dooner, 1st Lt. James A. Dougherty III, Cpl. Kevin M. Dougherty,
       and frustration                      Silvio V. Duplechan Jr., Sgt. Mohamed Embaby, James Brent Evans,
     How to make daily tasks                 Cpl. Brady Foster, Col. Gerard R. Gagnon, Cpl. Michael Goncalves,
       easier                              1st Lt. John Harding, James Hayes, Capt. Emily Vanden Heuvel USMC,
To register or to learn more about       Sgt. Jeffrey Jayne, Pfc. David A. Johnson, Brian Kohler, Sgt. Jonathan Krall,
this workshop, please call                   Staff Sgt. Stephen MacCrory, William Mace, 3rd Class E4 Alexander
Betty Tourscher, 609 254-8845.            Marchica, Bryan Marines, Brende McKittrick, Sgt. Brian J. McNally USAF,
                                         Sgt. Luke M. McNally USMC, 1st Lt. Stefan Mello, S.Sgt. Richard E. Miller III,
After Nov. 28th, registration will be
                                            Cpl. Timothy S. Miller, Lance Cpl. Gerald Murray, Pvt. Daniel Murray,
closed for this workshop.
                                                      2nd Lt. William A. Nagy, Cpl. Shannyn Marie Noone,
DATES:           November 28                       Airman 1st Class Anthony Orlando, Jr., Crpl. Alexander Orr,
                 December 5, 12, 19      USMC, Sgt. Michael Peterson, Bob Poller, Senior Chief USN Kimberly Ripoli,
                 January 2               Doug Sackett, Clinton E. Scheibner, Col. Dan Shanahan, Pfc. Joseph Seller,
TIME:            9:30 AM until Noon            OS Krista Smith, USN2C, Dallas Thorp, Luke Williams, Ryan Witt,
WHERE:           Pedata Hall                                        and SSgt. Jaried Zavatter.
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                                                                                    CELEBRATE… BELIEVE… SING...
                     Trenton Diocesan Spiritual Center                                      EMMANUEL
                       Box 392 • Rancocas, NJ 08073                                  A CONCERT EXPERIENCE BY
                    609-877-0509 or                                              TAJCI
                            ADVENT RETREAT                                          Exquisite music that tells the story of
                       WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE                                      longing to believe, of waiting for the
                 Monday, December 3, 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM                               Miracle of Christmas to happen in
   The Advent/Christmas Season often gets lost in the shuffle of Christmas                     one’s own heart.
   preparations and responsibilities. Give yourself the privilege of time with       Saturday, December 15 - 7:30pm
   God without the ordinary distractions of daily life as this Advent Season         Visit our website,,
  begins. You will receive a booklet by Thomas Merton to guide your prayer                   for more information
      throughout the season. Donation: $25, includes lunch and booklet
                        GOD’S FAVORITE LANGUAGE
                     Tuesday, December 4, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
  The Advent Season invites us to experience the sound of silence and the
 sweetness of solitude as a means of simple surrender to the Mystery of the
                                                                                        ADVENT FOOD &
Incarnation and God’s Incarnate Love. Come listen to the quiet and be in the           TOILETRIES DRIVE
 stillness of this evening of prayer which will set the tone for your celebration        FOR CATHOLIC
                            of Advent. Donation: $10
                  SILENT DIRECTED RETREAT WEEKEND                                     Drop off at the rectory garage
             7:00 PM Friday - 1:00 PM Sunday December 7 - 9                                     or main foyer
  Due to the frantic pace of contemporary life, it is essential for our spiritual
                                                                                    December 1 and 2
   and physical health to take time to pray. The Weekend Directed Retreat
                                                                                    Food week: tuna, canned fruit and
  offers you the opportunity to experience the graced rhythm of life in which
                                                                                    vegetables, peanut butter, jelly,
     rest restores your body and God revives your soul. Liturgy, Spiritual
                                                                                    spaghetti sauce, pasta,
  Direction and optional Contemplative Prayer periods are included. Please
                                                                                    mac & cheese, soups ,rice, beans,
 register early. These fill quickly. Donation: $125/$40 non-refundable deposit
                                                                                    instant potatoes, stuffing mix, gravy,
                with registration To register, call 609-877-0509.
                                                                                    pancake mix, syrup, cereal, ready
              Please check for our other offerings!                    serve bacon, granola bars, oatmeal,
                                                                                    pudding cups, crackers, coffee, hot
              PART TIME COOK FOR RECTORY                                            chocolate, tea, creamer, sugar etc.
The Church of Christ the King in Haddonfield is looking for a part-time rectory     December 8 and 9
cook [three days a week – T, W, Th]. Duties include food shopping,                  Toiletries week: toilet paper,
preparing meals, and cleaning kitchen. Prior cooking experience necessary           paper towel, soap, shampoo/
and applicant must have a car. Please send work experience / letter of              conditioner, toothbrushes,
interest to: Christ the King Church, 200 Windsor Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ            toothpaste, deodorant, disposable
08033. No calls, please.                                                            razors, liquid body wash, feminine
                                                                                    products, Q tips, dental floss, hair
              PART-TIME MAINTENANCE MAN                                             brushes etc.
The Church of Christ the King in Haddonfield is looking for a part-time             Food stamps can not be used for
maintenance man [three days a week: 1100 AM – 4:00 PM]. Duties include              paper produces or toiletries.
general maintenance/cleaning as well as basic electricity, carpentry and                      Thank you for your
plumbing – perfect for someone who retired early and is looking to stay                   continuous generosity.
busy. Please send work experience / letter of interest to: Christ the King
Church, 200 Windsor Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. No calls, please.
MASS OF PRAISE, WORSHIP AND HEALING WITH                                                    BASKETBALL
              “SELAH SONG”                                                           St. Joan of Arc CYO Basketball is
                                                                                     open to High School age boys who
St. Isaac Jogues Church 349 Evesboro-Medford Rd., Marlton, is proud to
                                                                                           are interested in playing
welcome “Selah Song” a contemporary Christian music group to lead us in
                                                                                       competitive basketball. Games
worship on December 6, 2012, at our Mass of Praise, Worship and
                                                                                       and Practices will be on Sunday
Healing. This will be a very special event. Come join us in Celebrating
                                                                                         and Tuesday evenings. For
with Fr. Charles Muorah. Praise and Worship is at 7:00 pm, Mass begins at
                                                                                      additional information, please call
7:30 pm. Individual Prayer for all your needs will be available after Mass.
                                                                                     Mr. Mike Cooker at 856-983-5219.
Refreshments to follow in the Holy Family Hall. For more information
contact Teri at 609-330-2920 or                                                             Page 9 - 520

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