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									        Christmas and New Year Holidays in Thailand - Let The Snow Fall Somewhere Else

When on luxury family holidays, amazement can dawn upon you at the most unexpected places of
the world, most certainly in Thailand. There are many places where you can be when you have
decided to spend some time in the country. The main tourist cities include names like Bangkok (the
capital city), Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, and many others. The
occasion of being together is best with luxury holidays spent in Thailand. If you are looking for some
of the great options in Thailand in terms of accommodation, count in best of the villas and hotels. Get
geared up!

You would definitely like to consider the following options of Thailand villas:

Villa Acacia, Koh Samui

If you love the idea of getting romantic in a private tropical garden even when you have four rooms at
your disposal, this lovely villa in Koh Samui will win your heart almost instantly. For those who can’t
live without their gym, the villa is a natural choice.

Spending time in all areas will give a home like delight only enhance with a time of togetherness, be it
modern kitchen, dining room, master bedroom or stylish bathroom. Beach frontage will give you just
the idea you need with your family.

Villa Buraran, Pattaya

The city of Pattaya is already on the lips of the people who know what the place is all about. Fun,
nightlife, beach activities, some of the adventurous water sports, etc, you name it and it will be here.
The place is best for those who are considering family adventure holidays.

To do everything we talked about here, this villa is exactly what you need. Its distance from Bangkok
Airport makes it special. It takes only 90 minutes to reach here. Features like AC Bathrooms,
luxurious amenities, Swimming pool, tennis court and highly efficient staff make your experience more

Villa Chi, Phuket

Name is not the only appeal of the villa as well as the city in which it is situated. As short as it is, Chi
is all the elaborated luxury at your service. Three bedroom villas, in spectacular settings make the joy
of Christmas and New Year more joyful if you have decided to spend them in Phuket this time.

Extravagant services for luxury Thailand holidays in best place of Thailand are what you will get in this
small but tastefully decorated accommodation of Phuket.

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