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BANQUET CHAMPIONS - Rhode Island Horseman s Association


									   Rhode Island

        JANUARY 21, 2012

 2011 Officers & Directors
         PRESIDENT                     SECRETARY
      Mary Beth Masse             Chris Travers
       VICE PRESIDENT                  TREASURER
   Robin Muksian-Schutt              John Bahret

                BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Bethany Monks         Steve Lynch           Mary Charette
    Bentsen            Liz Prime           Brook DeAngelis
Mark DiBlasio         Joann Shaw           Kathleen Bowser
                     Camille Pepin

                  SENIOR DIRECTORS

 John Bahret         Sharon Molleur        Robin Muksian-
 Amy Eidson          Mrs. E. Patrick           Schutt
   Beverly              Rooney              Diane Monks
 Gifford Vars         Jay Sargent            McDonald

       JANUARY 21, 2012    1    N. KINGSTOWN, RI
             SPECIAL THANK S TO O UR

2011 Year-End Award Sponsors


                       Carnegie Abbey
                       Kathleen Bowser
                          LINX Ltd.
                     Malena Lopez-Mora
                       Sharon Molleur


                  Steve Hopkins Photography
          Angelo Botelho & Tumbleweed Landscaping
                  Brook DeAngelis & Family
                     Beverly Gifford Vars


            Angelo Pirri & Aquidneck Meat Market
    Steve Mathias and Contract Design & Automation, Inc.
                        Rita Mendonsa
Jim Paradise and Paradise Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc.
                          Liz Prime
                          Liz Rooney
       Stefhanie Connors & Salty Dawg Equine Services

              RIHA BANQUET     2      OF CHAMPIONS                JANUARY 21, 2012   3   N. KINGSTOWN, RI
 R H O DE ISLAND HORSEMEN’S ASS O C IATIO N                                   HUNTE R S E AT WA L K-T R OT E QU I TAT I ON

     2011 High Score Awards                                                  CHAMPION
                                                                                     Ribbons Donated by Brook DeAngelis & Family

                                                                                                         THIRD                      FIFTH
                                                                          Madelyn Bradley            Tyler Bellino            Sarah Bourgoin
                                                                              RESERVE                   FOURTH                      SIXTH
       The Leadline Equitation Challenge Trophy                           Anna Holzinger             Kyle Pianka               Halle Berwitz
      Donated by Brook DeAngelis, Reed, Blake and Baylee Rowan
                      in Memory of Jean Dario
                        Won by: Blake Rowan                                      WA LK-T R OT BE G I N N E R’ S PL E AS U R E

                                                                             CHAMPION                   RESERVE                     FIFTH
                                                                            B-Clyde                   Puffin Stuff            Golden Sunrise
                  LEADLINE EQUITATIO N                                    Madelyn Bradley          R: Anna Holzinger           Reid Bentsen
                                                                                                    O: Bonnie Smith
                         Ribbons Donated by                                  CHAMPION                                               SIXTH
     Jim Paradise and Paradise Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc.      Learner’s Permit               THIRD                The Full Monty
                                                                            Kyle Pianka              Dancer Pony              R: Tyler Bellino
   CHAMPION                      THIRD                      FIFTH                                   Sarah Bourgoin            O: Bonnie Smith
  Blake Rowan              Sydney Caswell             Olivia Ferrazza                                   FOURTH
    RESERVE                     FOURTH                      SIXTH                                   Dapper Dan
Elizabeth Fraza              Cori Pianka                Abigail Smith                               Musical Secret
                                                                                                    Halle Berwitz

                  LEADLINE SUITABILI TY
                                                                           HUNTE R S E AT S H ORT S T I R R U P E QU I TAT I ON
                         Ribbons Sponsored by
                Angelo Pirri and Aquidneck Meat Market                                  Division Sponsored by Malena Lopez-Mora

   CHAMPION                      THIRD                      FIFTH            CHAMPION                    THIRD                      FIFTH

    Cutie Pie               Oliver Sudden                 Tom Tom          Nina Rotondo            Caroline Esposito           William Cooke
R: Elizabeth Fraza          Olivia Ferrazza            R: Blake Rowan         RESERVE                   FOURTH                      SIXTH
 O: Alison Ward                                        O: Jay Sargent      Chloe Esposito           Mary Jenkins                  Erin Shaw
    RESERVE                  Dreamworks                     SIXTH
Learner’s Permit            R: Blake Rowan               The Bandit
  Cori Pianka               O: Jay Sargent             R: Abigail Smith
                                                       O: Bonnie Smith    The Fredrick G. Reeve Memorial Challenge Trophy
    RESERVE                      FIFTH
   Puffin Stuff            Pleasant Hill’s                                      High Point Short Stirrup – donated by Mrs. Fredrick Reeve
R: Sydney Caswell             Grayson                                                   Won by: Holland Hill, Nina Rotondo
 O: Bonnie Smith           Caroline Esposito

                RIHA BANQUET       4     OF CHAMPIONS                                JANUARY 21, 2012      5     N. KINGSTOWN, RI
               SHORT-STIRRUP HUNTE R

    CHAMPION                     THIRD                      FIFTH         The Elaine Holbrook Memorial Challenge Trophy
   Holland Hill        Pleasant Hill’s Grayson            Snowed In                         High Point Stock Seat Award
   Nina Rotondo            Caroline Esposito              Jay Sargent               Donated by the Mancevize & Mitchener Families
     RESERVE                    FOURTH                      SIXTH                           Won by: Nadine Mitchener
      Apache            The Gingerbread Man               Silver Suds
  R: Mary Jenkins           Chloe Esposito               William Cooke
O: Suzanne Hourihan
                                                                                         A DU LT A M AT E U R
                                                                             WE S TE RN / R E I N I N G S E AT E QU I TAT I ON

    The Crown Prince Memorial Challenge Trophy                              CHAMPION                   RESERVE                      THIRD
                                                                         Nadine Mitchener          Alysia Berube             Jamie Hinson
       High Point Adult Hunter – Donated by the Muksian Family
               Won by: Apache, Suzanne Hourihan                                   A P PA LOOSA E N G L I S H PL E AS U R E
                                                                                       CHAMPION                       RESERVE
                                                                                 Collitas Cherry Pop                  Apache
          ADULT AMATEUR HUNTER 1 8 - 3 5                                            Briana Rapoza                 Suzanne Hourihan
                  Ribbons Sponsored by Rita Mendonsa
                                                                                            A PPA LOOSA H A LT E R
                           Epic – Sara Kelly                                           CHAMPION                       RESERVE
                                                                                      Apache                     Collitas Cherry Pop
                                                                                  Suzanne Hourihan                  Briana Rapoza
           ADULT AMATEUR HUNTE R 3 5 +
                  Division Sponsored by Sharon Molleur                      A P PA LO O SA PL E AS U R E , J U N I OR TO R I D E
    CHAMPION                   RESERVE                       THIRD                     CHAMPION                       RESERVE
    Apache                     Prestige                   One Step               Collitas Cherry Pop                   Apache
Suzanne Hourihan             Carol Cotrone               Marie McCoole              Briana Rapoza                  R: Mary Jenkins
                                                                                                                 O: Suzanne Hourihan
                                                                                            BR I D L E PAT H H A C K
           Ribbons Sponsored by Brook DeAngelis & Family
                                                                            CHAMPION                    THIRD                   FOURTH
    CHAMPION                     THIRD                       FIFTH         Sand Dollar              Penny Lane              Okie Leo Magic
Suzanne Hourihan              Sara Kelly                 Hayley Buker      Alison Ward              Gina Villella            Jamie Hinson
     RESERVE                    FOURTH                       SIXTH           RESERVE                                                FIFTH
  Carol Cotrone             Jessica Roberts            Rebecca Shipps     Tactical Blues                                    The Full Monty
                                                                           Elyse Miller                                      Bonnie Smith

               RIHA BANQUET        6     OF CHAMPIONS                               JANUARY 21, 2012     7      N. KINGSTOWN, RI
                C HILDREN’S EQUITATI O N                                           C HI LDRE N ’S / A DU LT A M AT E U R J U M PE R

    CHAMPION                      THIRD                      FIFTH                                        CHAMPION
Allyson Marrinan              Thea Chafee               Briana Rapoza                                   Hailey’s Comet
                                                                                                         Jamie Budd
    RESERVE                      FOURTH                      SIXTH
Courtney Lemois               Sophie Cooke              Talyah Lambert

                                                                                            E N G L I S H H OR S E I N H A N D

                                                                                 CHAMPION                   THIRD                       FIFTH
      The Flashback Memorial Challenge Trophy                                My Lady’s Prince             B-Clyde                  Cash It In
        High Point Children’s Hunter – Donated by Alison Ward               Robin Muksian-Schutt        Madelyn Bradley           Bonnie Smith
            Won by: Dream Catcher, Allyson Marrinan                               RESERVE                   FOURTH                      SIXTH
                                                                               True Embrace              Counterpoint           Drops of Jupiter
                                                                                Elyse Miller            Bethany Bentsen          Sophie Cooke

             C H ILDREN’S HUNTER HO R SE
                     Division Sponsored by LINX, Ltd.                                          G R E E N PON Y H U N T E R

    CHAMPION                      THIRD                      FIFTH                                        CHAMPION

 Formal Attire                Harmony                   Will You Be Mine                              A Chance Encounter
Gabriella Cottiero           Sarah Colando               Rachel Lupovitz                                 Thea Chafee

    RESERVE                      FOURTH                      SIXTH
     Brydon                Sweet Baby James                 Matrix
Courtney Hazelton-           Lauren Alofsin             Courtney Turcotte                          H U N T E R PL E AS U R E
                                                                                 CHAMPION                   THIRD                       FIFTH
                                                                               Double Dutch             Shasta McCloud          Drops of Jupiter
               C H ILDREN’S HUNTER PO NY                                       James Paolino             Phoebe Burton           Sophie Cooke
                     Ribbons Sponsored by Liz Prime                               RESERVE                   FOURTH                      SIXTH
                                                                               True Embrace             Sashay Shante              Methodical
    CHAMPION                    RESERVE                     THIRD               Elyse Miller          Felecia Tantimonico-         Kim Kirby
 Dream Catcher                  Sunlight         Killy Gordon’s Giddy Up                                     Rauchle
 Allyson Marrinan             Sydney North          Courtney Hazelton-

                RIHA BANQUET        8     OF CHAMPIONS                                   JANUARY 21, 2012      9     N. KINGSTOWN, RI
                                                                                  HUN T E R S E AT E QU I TAT I ON 1 5 - 1 7
        The Gifford and Vars Challenge Trophy                                       Ribbons Sponsored by Brook DeAngelis & Family

    High Point Equitation Trainer – Donated by Beverly Gifford Vars
                                                                             CHAMPION                     THIRD                       FIFTH
                       Won by: Bonnie Smith                                Lauren Alofsin             Elyse Miller             Jessica Hebert
                                                                              RESERVE                    FOURTH                       SIXTH
                                                                           Caitlyn Doerr           Christina Cottiero         Julia Benevides
                 Division Sponsored by Kathleen Bowser
                                                                                           H U N T E R T Y PE PE T PON Y
   CHAMPION                     THIRD                      FIFTH
Allyson Marrinan          Abigail Brayman            Talyah Lambert                 Award Sponsored by Steve Hopkins Photography
                                                                                          Ribbons Sponsored by Liz Rooney
    RESERVE                     FOURTH                     SIXTH
   Celia Rapp            Madison Thompson            Madeline Noreau         CHAMPION                     THIRD                       FIFTH
                                                                        The Gingerbread Man         Dudley Do Right                Tasha
                                                                            Chloe Esposito         R: Abigail Brayman          Kylie Mulhearn
                                                                                                     O: Alison Ward
                                                                              RESERVE                                                 SIXTH
  The Tribbie Chafee Memorial Challenge Trophy                              Holland Hill                 FOURTH                 Silver Suds
 High Point Hunt Seat Equitation 12-14 – Donated by The Chafee Family       Nina Rotondo              Tiddlywinks              William Cooke
                      Won by: Courtney Lemois                                                         Daly Ravino

                                                                                        J U N I OR E X H I BI TOR’S H A C K
         H UN T ER SEAT EQUITATION 1 2 - 1 4
                                                                                          Ribbons Sponsored by Steve Mathias and
   CHAMPION                     THIRD                      FIFTH                            Contract Design & Automation, Inc.
Courtney Lemois            Meaghan Costa              Lauren Henry
                                                                             CHAMPION                   RESERVE                       FIFTH
    RESERVE                     FOURTH                     SIXTH
                                                                          The Full Monty               Cash It In             Drops of Jupiter
  Sophie Cooke               Thea Chafee             Claire Davidson       Bonnie Smith               Bonnie Smith             Sophie Cooke
                                                                              RESERVE                     THIRD                       SIXTH
                                                                            Sand Dollar                  Harley                    Penny Lane
                                                                            Alison Ward              Bethany Bentsen               Gina Villella
  The Cape Cod Bay Memorial Challenge Trophy
                 High Point Open Equitation 15-17
      Donated by W.A. McCusker in Honor of The Liguori Family                                        Tactical Blues
                                                                                                      Elyse Miller
                       Won by: Lauren Alofsin

                 RIHA BANQUET     10     OF CHAMPIONS                                JANUARY 21, 2012      11     N. KINGSTOWN, RI
              J U NIOR WORK ING HUN TE R                                           MODI FI E D A DU LT E QU I TAT I ON
                                                                                      Division Sponsored by Beverly Gifford Vars
                           Tactical Blues                                  CHAMPION                     THIRD                      FIFTH
                            Elyse Miller
                                                                          Beth Sylvia              Claire Gadrow            Christopher Lebo
                                                                            RESERVE                    FOURTH                      SIXTH
              L ADIES PLEASURE HO R S E                                Christine Ferrazza      Nancy Parker Wilson        Christopher Holiday
   CHAMPION                  RESERVE                   FOURTH
Redeeming Belle          Colby’s Ostionero      Living For The Night
R: Alysia Berube          Jamie Sylvander          Stephanie Chafee
O: Bonnie Smith
                                                                                The Rolex Memorial Challenge Trophy
                                                                          High Point Modified Adult Hunter – Donated by The Brayman Family
                          The Full Monty
                           Bonnie Smith                                               Won by: Just Skip N Bye, Beth Sylvia

      The DeeDee Harrison Challenge Trophy                                              M ODI FI E D A DU LT H U N T E R
  High Point Long Stirrup Equitation – Donated by DeeDee Harrison                        Division Sponsored by Carnegie Abbey
                   Won by: Mary Jane James-Pirri
                                                                           CHAMPION                     THIRD                      FIFTH
                                                                        Just Skip N Bye             Dapper Dan                  Her Majesty’s
                                                                          Beth Sylvia               Nordic Prince                 Artifacts
            LO NG STIRRUP EQUITATI O N                                                             Bethany Bentsen              Sarah Roberts
                                                                        Cabernet Franc                 FOURTH                      SIXTH
   CHAMPION                  RESERVE                   FOURTH
                                                                       Nancy Parker Wilson               Moe                    Darseuse
 Mary Jane                Laura D’Amico           Lauren Levesque                                  Christopher Lebo        Stephanie Colasanto
                          Kayla Sullivan
                                                                                        M ODI FI E D PON Y H U N T E R

                                                                           CHAMPION                   RESERVE                      FOURTH

     The Jhoncorde Memorial Challenge Trophy                            Dudley Do Right               Sunlight                     Polly
                                                                       R: Abigail Brayman           Sydney North                Lauren Henry
       Modified Adult Equitation – Donated by Mary Charette              O: Alison Ward
                                                                                                        THIRD                      FIFTH
                        Won by: Beth Sylvia
                                                                                                  Called To Duty                Tiddlywinks
                                                                                                 Nicholas Muscatelli            Daly Ravino

               RIHA BANQUET     12     OF CHAMPIONS                                 JANUARY 21, 2012     13     N. KINGSTOWN, RI
                                                                              Q UA RT E R H OR S E H A LT E R G E L DI N G S
        The Celestial Tapestry Challenge Trophy                                                    CHAMPION

           High Point Pet Pony – Donated by Jackie Walker                                   Double Sox and Chrome
                                                                                               Nadine Mitchener
               Won by: Golden Sunrise, Reid Bentsen

                                                                                 Q UA RT E R H OR S E H A LT E R M A R E S

                    OPEN PET TY PE PON Y                                              CHAMPION                     RESERVE
                                                                              Magnum Caliber Magic            TeeJay Amanda Lyn
               CHAMPION                        RESERVE                          Nadine Mitchener                 Amy Boudreau
           Golden Sunrise                   For Petes Sake
            Reid Bentsen                     Sophia Javid
                                                                          Q UA RTE R H OR S E H U N T E R U N DE R SADDL E

                                                                           CHAMPION                 RESERVE                  FOURTH
                        PONY IN HAND                                    The Full Monty       TeeJay Amanda Lyn        Double Sox and Chrome
                                                                         Bonnie Smith           Amy Boudreau            Nadine Mitchener
    CHAMPION                     THIRD                   FOURTH
   Dancer Pony         The Gingerbread Man             Puffin Stuff                              Redeeming Belle
  Sarah Bourgoin           Chloe Esposito           R: Anna Holzinger                             Bonnie Smith
                                                     O: Bonnie Smith
Borrowed Investment                                      FIFTH
   Bonnie Smith                                         Bandit                     QUA RT E R H OR S E PL E AS U R E
                                                     Sophie Esposito         E NG LISH OR W E S T E R N J U N I OR R I DE R
                                                                                      CHAMPION                     RESERVE
                                                                                  The Full Monty                Redeeming Belle
               P RE-CHILDREN’S HUN TE R                                            Bonnie Smith                  Bonnie Smith

    CHAMPION                     THIRD                   FIFTH
     Sunlight              Double Dutch              I Think I Can      Q UA RTE R H OR S E W E S T E R N PL E AS U R E H OR S E
   Sydney North            James Paolino             Bethany Bentsen
                                                                           CHAMPION                 RESERVE                      THIRD
     RESERVE                     FOURTH                  SIXTH
      Sonic                  Winooski               Good and Plenty     Redeeming Belle     Magnum Caliber Magic         Okie Leo Magic
   Danny Regan              Jay Sargent               Jay Sargent       R: Alysia Berube      Nadine Mitchener            Jamie Hinson
                                                                        O: Bonnie Smith

                  RIHA BANQUET     14     OF CHAMPIONS                             JANUARY 21, 2012    15     N. KINGSTOWN, RI
                     RI W ORK ING HUNTE R
   Award Sponsored by Angelo Botelho and Tumbleweed Landscaping
          Ribbons Sponsored by Brook DeAngelis & Family
                                                                                     The Chester “Chip” Marshall Memorial
                                                                                               Challenge Trophy
                              CHAMPION                                        High Point Western Rider – Donated by the Boarders of Maplebale Farm
                                WiFi                                                              Won by: Nadine Mitchener
                   R: Brook DeAngelis, O: Jay Sargent

         R IH A ENGLISH PLEASURE HO R S E                                             R I HA W E S T E R N PL E AS U R E H OR S E

                                                                                           CHAMPION                       RESERVE
   CHAMPION                      THIRD                     FIFTH
                                                                                    Magnum Caliber Magic              Redeeming Belle
 Kaluha’s Folly             True Embrace                 Methodical                   Nadine Mitchener                 Bonnie Smith
Gina Marie Lindell           Elyse Miller                Kim Kirby
    RESERVE                      FOURTH                    SIXTH
                                                                                      TR A I L H OR SE DI V I S I ON E N G L I S H
  Double Dutch             Shasta McCloud             Sashay Shante
  James Paolino             Phoebe Burton           Felecia Tantimonico-        CHAMPION                  CHAMPION                     THIRD
                                                           Rauchle            True Embrace            Colby’s Ostionero       Double Sox and Chrome
                                                                               Elyse Miller            Jamie Sylvander          Nadine Mitchener
     The Tock-oo-ee Memorial Challenge Trophy                                                           Bethany Bentsen
 High Point RIHA Hunter – Donated by The Monks & Muksian Families
                                                                                      TR A I L H OR SE DI V I S I ON W E S T E R N
                  Won by: Penny Lane, Gina Villella
                                                                                                   Magnum Caliber Magic
                                                                                                     Nadine Mitchener
                         RIHA HUNTER
              Ribbons Sponsored by Stefhanie Connors and
                                                                                           W E S T E R N H OR S E I N H A N D
                      Salty Dawg Equine Services
                                                                                CHAMPION                   RESERVE                    FOURTH
                                                                           Magnum Caliber Magic      TeeJay Amanda Lyn           Redeeming Belle
   CHAMPION                    RESERVE                     THIRD
                                                                             Nadine Mitchener           Amy Boudreau             R: Alysia Berube
  Penny Lane               Shasta McCloud             Sashay Shante                                                              O: Bonnie Smith
  Gina Villella             Phoebe Burton           Felecia Tantimonico-                                    THIRD
                                                           Rauchle                                  Double Sox and Chrome
                                                                                                      Nadine Mitchener

                  RIHA BANQUET     16     OF CHAMPIONS                                   JANUARY 21, 2012     17    N. KINGSTOWN, RI

                       In Memory of
                    my Wonderful Horse
                      My old friend, this song’s for you
                           cause a few simple verses
                            is the least that I can do
                     to tell the world that you were here
                       Cause the love and the laughter
                              will live on long after
                      all the of the sadness and the tears
                     We’ll meet again…my old friend
                             Goodbye, old friend
                               – Tim McGraw

RIHA BANQUET   18   OF CHAMPIONS                             JANUARY 21, 2012   19   N. KINGSTOWN, RI
                                                        Steve Hopkins Photography
CONGRATULATIONS                                           Capturing Special Memories Through Photography

to all the

RIDERS                                                  EQUESTRIAN   •   SPORTS   •   EVENTS   •   PORTRAITS
                                                                         NOW SCHEDULING
                                                          Indoor Shows • Snow Shoots • Beach Rides
                                                                    Farm & Portrait Sessions

                                                            774-254-1451 • SHOPPIX@PHOTO.NET

                                                          I nlet Walk
                                                                     to all
                                                          Year End Award Winners
                                                                         Beverly G. vars
                                           especially                      401.377.8998
                                                                   East GrEEnwich, rhodE island
                       TYLER BELLINO

        RIHA BANQUET   20   OF CHAMPIONS                     JANUARY 21, 2012   21    N. KINGSTOWN, RI
                                                                                  Rhode Island Horseman’s Association
                       Congratulations Team

                                                                                      129 RUGGLES AVENUE, NEWPORT, RI 02840
                                                                                  (401) 862-5788 • RIHAPOINTS@RIHORSEMAN.COM

                                                                                                       YEAR ___________
                                                                                                  (membership runs 12/1 through 11/30)

                                                                                                 o NEW or o RENEWAL
                                                                           I herby apply for and enclose payment for the following type of membership:❑
                                                                           o Life Associate – $250 o Family – $50/year o Individual – $30/year

              Reed Rowan – Baylee Rowan – Blake Rowan                    Membership Number _______________ Life Member Since (if applicable) _____
RIHA, SEHA & SPS Leadline Champions 2009, 2010 & 2011                    Name ________________________________________ D.O.B. ___________
                             – many thanks to –
      Jay Sargent with Dreamworks, Tom Tom, Snowed In, & Holy Smokes     Address __________________________________________________________
       Cindy Kirby with Chesterfields, Phineus Phledge & Golden Ticket   City/Town ________________________ State ______ Zip Code _________
            Mary Charette with Pleasant Hill’s Grayson & Toy Soldier
                                                                         Telephone (        ) __________________________________________________
  Mommy and Daddy are so lucky! You are wonderful kids and riders!
                DeAngelis-Rowan Riders Rock!                             Cell (     ) _______________________________________________________
                                                                         Email ____________________________________________________________
                                                                         Trainer Name ______________________ Phone (                    ) __________________

                                                                                               HORSE POINT REGISTRATION
                     A L L R I H A M E M BE R S
                                                                              RIHA members who wish to accumulate points for Year-End Awards
          AR E CO R DI A L LY I N V I TE D TO T HE
                                                                                    must register their horse or pony with the Point Secretary.
                                                                             (Please list names of horses or ponies you are registering on back of application.)
    2012 Annual Meeting                                                     Please Note: Points will begin to accumulate only when your membership
                                                                                             fee is received by the Point Secretary.
                  February 13, 2012, 6:30 pm
                                  at the                                                o At this time, I do not wish to register for points.
            Sheraton Airport Hotel, Warwick, RI
                                                                           RIHA members who wish to accumulate points for Year-End Awards must
     This is a chance to participate in YOUR association:                register their horse or pony with the secretary. It is REQUIRED for points to
  Meet your Board of Directors; Vote for a new board member;              count. If your mount changes during the year, you must inform the secretary.
   Hear about new rules; Ask questions; Make Suggestions;                There is a $10 fee to register horses and ponies. Owners of 5 or more animals
                       PARTICIPATE!                                                        pay $50 (i.e., unlimited number of animals).

     We will also be looking for Juniors to become involved              Even though Lifetime members do not have to apply each year for membership,
               with the various RIHA committees.                          they MUST register their horses/ponies each year in order for points to count.

              LE T YO U R V O I CE BE H E ARD!                                            Please fill out reverse and sign your application.

            RIHA BANQUET            22      OF CHAMPIONS                                   JANUARY 21, 2012          23    N. KINGSTOWN, RI


Name ___________________________________________________________
Show Age ______________________ Date of Birth ____________________
Junior Exhibitor o YES or o NO            Amateur o A (18-35) or o B (over 35)

Name ___________________________________________________________
Show Age ______________________ Date of Birth ____________________
Junior Exhibitor o YES or o NO            Amateur o A (18-35) or o B (over 35)

Registered Name _______________________________ Size* _____________
Breed _______________ Green (1st or 2nd) ________ Sex ______________
Owner _______________________________________ Leased** _________

Registered Name _______________________________ Size* _____________
Breed _______________ Green (1st or 2nd) ________ Sex ______________
Owner _______________________________________ Leased** _________

        * H = Horse, S = Small Pony, M = Medium Pony, L = Large Pony
       ** Leased Horses – please send lease agreement to the Point Secretary.


                  o Hunter/Jumper         o Breed      o None

       I herby agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the
                   Rhode Island Horsemen’s Association
Signature _____________________________________ Date _____________

                   RIHA BANQUET         24    OF CHAMPIONS                       JANUARY 21, 2012   25   N. KINGSTOWN, RI

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