Youth Ideas: Christmas- What Do You Hold? by sappken


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       Youth Ideas:
     Christmas- What
      Do You Hold?

        Can you identify
       Christmas objects
           by touch?

   A variety of objects related
   to Christmas: pine cone,
   ornament, star, angel, bow,
   candy cane, nativity, Santa
   hat, nutcracker, bell, holly
   leaf, Christmas light, candle,
   reindeer, snowflake,
   chestnut, wrapping paper,
   garland, tinsel, apple, etc.

     Game Play

     1. Divide the participants
     into teams.
     2. Each teams sends a
     representative into
     another room.

     3. Then bring out a
     number of objects related
     to Christmas, which have
     been prepared ahead of
     time, and one by one
     blindfold each
     representative and guide
     them back into room.
     4. The representative is
     instructed to hold out
     his/her hands.

  5. Various objects are placed in
  the palm of his hands and left
  there for just a moment. The
  team he represents gets points
  for each object he correctly
  identifies. He may not grasp or
  finger the object. You may wish
  to allow an object to be shaken
  lightly in the hand, but
  representatives may not try to
  identify it by any other means
  of feeling. The team with the
  most correctly identified objects

    Blindfold everyone and
    place them in a line. Pass
    the objects down the line.
    When they get to the end of
    the line, remove them from
    sight. Then after all the
    objects have been passed,
    give each person a piece of
    paper to write down a list of
    the objects that were
    passed. The one to correctly
    identify and remember the
    most objects is the winner.

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