Global Warming by rajganthan


									The effect on Domestic Ecomomy Agriculture and Tourisme Industry contributes a fair bit to Malaysia’s economy. The fruits of agriculture are consumed locally and are exported too. Many foreigners come to Malaysia and it a vital contributer to the nations wealth. Anything affecting these two industry in Malaysia will deteriorate the country’s income. Due to global warming, places like Cameron Highlands and Fraser’s Hill will not be attractive anymore for tourists. Moreover, plantations, especially vegetables and tea estates will be severely affected. Malaysia’s rice bowl, Kedah will feel the pinch too. The changes in rain pattern will jolt the paddy plantation and such situation will make farmers poorer and we might have to import more rice from the neibouring country. This will incur more expenses and such increase will flow our wealth out. Sea level increase will eat up lands and Malaysia might loose our beautiful island which are residance and attraction to many. It is scarry to imagine Malaysia without Langkawi and Penang. Penang has been very popular among tourist for it’s food and loosing this particular island will loose the lion’s share in Malaysian economy. Despite islands, coastal area will feel the wave too. Imagine how if we loose Rantau Abang of Terengganu? The breeding ground for turttles all this while will be washed away. Another significant reason people come to Malaysia is to participate in the Malaysia’s East Coast Monsoon season activities like flying the ‘Wau’ and playing ‘Gasing’ on the coastal sand. Such activies wil reduce in time to come as global warming reaches alaring level. People will cease all outdoor activities as it will be harmful to be under the sun. When this happens, tourist will have very little or no reason to visit Malaysia. Despite all the above, according experts, the warmer the earth surface gets, the better it is for insects and germs to populate. Such growth will have tremedous effect on other living being ot the surface. Plantations will be polluted and humans will fall sick often. New deceases will emerge. When people are always down not feeling well, it

will reletively reflect in productivity. When productivity is at stake, what to say about ecomony?

Suggestion to reduce Global Warming – Company perspective Our activities like open burning, blogging and non-biodegradeable usage and many more have resulted to global warming. Knowing that, we should think and come out with sollutions that may save the world. Knowing the severity of impact which is forecasted , we have decided to take some actions internally. A five year plan have been derived to manage and reduce the amount of pollution we contribute. First of all, we encourage all staff to use energy effeciently. Basic rules do apply like switching the electricity off during lunch. A reminder will be sent to all staff to completely switch off all electric appliances before leaving home on weekends.Leaving computers running after work is a great waste therefore controlling this area wil cut down wastage on the energy level.Any celebration in the office will conducted in minimum lighting possible. It is not only useful for the environment, it will also reduce some cost for the company. Arranging for transport for staff is good way to reduce the number of cars on the road. For example, most flight crew are provided transport for flight. By doing so, they don’t need a vehicle for work and some of them don’t own a car for themselves. Recycling is something all of us should take very seriously. Some sort of waste will be eventually produces by any industry. Name it, from construction to pharmaceutical. Whaterver it is, we must find a way to manage this waste so that, if possible to be reused to conserve the environment at the same time save some costs as well. Besides all the above, I personally believe that whatever said and done, the initiative to conserve the environment should come from within individuals. Opting for a hybrid vehicle would be a good choice at the moment. Using biodegradeable plactics at home would be another. There are so many other ways in which we could contribute to a greener earth. Each and everyone of us have a role to play too. It should start form home. We must ensure that minimal and effective energy usage is adhered at home.

In a company perspective, knowing the situation well, I will ensure my staff are leading a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging them to exercise will help in this area. It can be done by having an area in the company premisses for employees to work out and stay healthy. At least by staying healthy, our imune system can counteract the deceases that may emerge due to global warming as explaned above. Industries that contribute a great amount to global warming should take corrective measures to see how best it could be reduced. For example, contruction companies should recycle or manage their waste properly to avoid pollution which will eventually contribute to global warming. When individuals. families and companies take part and work hand in hand towards saving the earth from disaster, the next generation would be able to see and enjoy the wonderful gift we have – EARTH.

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