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Software Industry

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					Software -It’s types
What is Software?
Software refers to a series of logical instructions given to the computer. A program or information stored in the main memory of a computer is called SOFTWARE Software

Program 1

Program 2




Types of Software
There are diverse ways of categorizing software. Software types that are commonly applied to education are described, generally in terms of their function in the learning process. It is possible to access a) specific examples of software types b) review role of software in furthering learning c) uncritical description of software resources and software titles

Main Categories
1) Application Software 2) System Software

Application Software
 The software developed for a specific function is categorized in application software  These programs are written to solve particular problems only  Application software is specific in nature. Thus a single application will be able to do only the work that it is meant for  An application program requires input from a user, processes the input and gives an output  Application software can also be used to support creative and unusual learning habits  These softwares are provided to ease the burdens of labour that are repetitive  Examples of Application software include Word, PowerPoint, Graphic Packages, Excel etc.

System Software
 It is a collection of programs, which control, coordinate and supervise the activities of various components of a computer  This category of software is concerned with making the computer work and understanding the user given data to produce the necessary software  The functions of System Software are 1. To make the best use of the hardware 2. Interpreting the user-defined instructions 3. Controlling the machine  System Software works in the background and is not in direct contact with the user  The most important software of this category is the O.S. (Operating System)  An O.S. is an organized collection of software used to control the overall working of the computer. Examples of an O.S. is Windows, Macintosh  System Softwares also includes device drivers, programming languages, compliers, assemblers and translators

Types of Application Software
1) Modelling Software  These softwares are centrally concerned with using a model to think about the other  There is software that is used to represent models picked from the real world. These softwares also allow people to create their own models  Making of Modelling software is a very conscious process and involves sophisticated thinking about several entities, properties and relations  Some of the examples of Modelling Software are spreadsheets, Dynamic Modelling System, STELLA, Expert Builder, Linx88 etc.  Certain tools like spreadsheets allows building of qualitative models. Others are meant for constructing quantitative models; few allow people to mix the characteristics of both  Simulations are another kind of Modelling software but they also involve many other forms of Application softwares in proper combination

2) Interactive Multimedia  Multimedia is a collection of different forms of media to be used together  A Multimedia product would consist of at least two forms of media. For example, DVD consists of audio and video  Most of the multimedia products today include more than one type of media – sound, animation, static images and text  Multimedia softwares are large hence are provided via a CD-Rom. However, lot more is now also available over the Internet  Multimedia provides many ways to present information Multimedia Sound Static Images Animation Text Conventional Pictures Reading

3) Simulation  Simulations are one of the best software examples in which various units are integrated into a specific unit  Simulations are also a way of providing goalbased approaches using different applications  Simulation uses a lot of properties of Modelling and Multimedia softwares Simulation Software Modelling Software Multimedia Software Specially Created Programs

 Many Simulations are used as training tools for certain jobs. For example, Flight Simulator is a well-known series for flying planes, Simcity series that is a Simulation of operating a city

4) Virtual Reality  It is the latest type of Application Software  Virtual Reality is an extension of Simulation, where real life is simulated in such a way that simulation appears real to the person  Virtual Reality has little to show for in the public world for it hasn’t been completely tested yet. But in the US soldiers are already being trained using such softwares  Virtual Reality like all Application softwares can only be used for a special function. For example, a Virtual Reality software meant for training soldiers cannot be used for entertainment purposes  Using Modelling, Multimedia, Simulation and goal-oriented software created by manufacturers, creates virtual Reality softwares. Virtual Reality softwares also require a special device, which has to be placed on one’s eyes

Softwares - Other Types
Here two other types of Softwares would be discussed. They are: 1.) Internet 2.) Logo Internet  The Internet serves various functions and offers a range of possibilities to teachers and learners  As both resource and a publication & communication medium, it presents a range of pedagogic issues  It helps those concerned with planning for its use to support and extend the curriculum  The Internet in some senses provides a unique set of tools both for the learners and the teachers  However there are questions about the limits to which Internet can be extended. When is a book better than the Internet – is one such issue  Indeed there is a vast range of diverse comments and views on the value of Internet in education. It is beyond doubt, that Internet is here to stay  The most accessible and exciting face of the Internet is provided by the “World Wide Web

(www)”. It is the hypertext media that allows seamless navigation around information bases that can contain a multimedia mix of graphical, video, animated, text and audio information  The key to the value of the “Web” lies in its facility to allow non-linear representation of information  More particularly, the key to the value of the “Web” in educational terms is in its facility to allow users to participate in an active process of handling and processing information

Logo  Logo is procedure oriented computer programming language developed for young children to teach the computer how to perform the tasks.  Logo was created by Seymour Papert of MIT to involve young children in exploring and building understanding of concepts related to Maths  Logo provides opportunities to build work and play in learning environments characterized by exploration and discovery

 It is possible to obtain a range of programming resources to help with Logo

Software is an ever-expanding field. Every day newer fields are being created, older ones upgraded. This is what makes the study of Softwares both interesting and challenging Experts spent sleepless nights trying to keep pace with the latest in the field, but a newer application would always elude them That’s where the fun ends and the toil begins

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