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Overview of Penny Stock Prophet While penny stocks do not get the same kind of coverage compared with the other big boys, they certainly have a great profit potential (if you make the correct trading decisions). This is where Penny Stock Prophet, developed by James Connelly, comes in. It is a newsletter service that will provide you with trade recommendations on the top penny stocks that you can invest in. You'll discover where you can find these penny stocks, how you can trade them successfully with minimal risk and at the same time have more leverage (and profits).

About James Connelly James Connelly, developer of Penny Stock Prophet, was a student in MIT (majoring in Applied Mathematics) and his goal was to devise a formula to predict winning trades. Like many, James started out trading on "regular" stocks (those costing $20 or more per share) and like many, he did not get much success with it. So, he decided to focus his attention on trading penny stocks, and that's where he devised a special formula that helped him generate a profit of $1.3 million in 13 months (and his initial investment was only a mere $1,000) In Penny Stock Prophet, you'll receive newsletters from James with top penny stock picks (where you can go on and invest in these stocks and generate profits from them)

How Does Penny Stock Prophet Work? In Penny Stock Prophet, you'll receive newsletter via email which James calls it the "daily alert" where it starts off by discussing the previous top picks, along with how they're done, etc., as well as information on today's pick, which consists of additional information such as:
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Buy Point Sell Point Additional Information About The Stock

What you need to do on your part is to digest the information in the newsletter, invest in the stock as close to the buy point as possible, and sell the stock as close to the sell point as possible (depending on your level of risk tolerance)

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ever had much of an interest in trading stocks until I found I was really looking for a work-from-home type program, but when I stumbled across this website I figured it looked like a great opportunity. To be able to trade along someone who had already become a millionaire by trading stocks; I figured it was too good to pass up. I started in August of 2008 and from my very first trade I was making money. Even when the market hit rock bottom in September and October of 2008, I was making huge gains on individual stocks. While most of my friends lost 40-50% of their 401k, I had TRIPLED my net worth during the same time frame. James, I will be a member for life, and so will my sister, my husband, and both my parents! We thank you for all your help and keep the good times rolling! Thanks!” - Lisa Torino

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