January 17_ 2012 - Volunteer Services Council for NTSH by pengxuebo


									                                                                                     Volunteer Services Council for
                                                                                     North Texas State Hospital, Wichita Falls Campus
                                                                                     Board of Directors Meeting
                                                                                     January 17, 2012

12:15 p.m.
Presiding: Chris Horgen, President
Members Attending: Ann Arnold, Karen Baker, Berniece Lile, Pam Moss, Bill Smith, Gary Southard,
Members Absent: Taresa Brotherwood and Linda Thompson
Guest: Pastor Dean Libby
Staff Present: Rick Hoban, Ronna Akins, Tonye Shirey, Chantilly Sweet, and Susan Richardson

I.     Welcome and call to order: Chris Horgen.

II.    Invocation: Gary Southard

III.   Approval of Minutes:
        Minutes from the November meeting were approved
        Berniece Lile made a motion to pass with Karen Baker seconding the motion – motion passed.

IV.    Correspondence:
        Ms. Akins handed out a copy of the Nonprofit Center’s schedule of “Brown Bag It” web conferences.

V.     Chairman’s Report: Mr. Horgen
       1) Mr. Horgen stated that the board needs to resume some of the responsibilities that NTSH staff has been doing; reiterating that the
          staff is here to provide clerical support for the board.
       2) Alberston’s Community Partners program – We have received 2000 keychain cards to pass out to those interested in supporting
          the VSC. Albertson’s will issue the VSC 1% of the first $50,000 our supporters spend and 5% on everything over $50k per
          quarter. They are scanned at the register just like a traditional savings card is scanned. All present were interested and requested
          a few to distribute.

VI.    Treasurers Report: Pam Moss
        The treasurer’s reports were distributed and reviewed. We are still operating under our budget for 2012 – finances look good. A
          copy of the report attached with minutes of this meeting.
        Mr. Southard made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report as written with Mr. Bill Smith seconding – motion passed.
       1) Christmas Wrap-Up – we collected $9170.73 and our total expense was $7877.51. Our budget for Christmas was $8400, so we
          came in $522.49 under budget!
       2) Sales Tax – Sales taxes are due January 20th; Ms. Akins has already turned them in. Taxes due are from the last garage sale and
          the gold sale.

VII. Committee Reports:
     1. Projects
          Cemetery Committee Update – Mr. Bill Smith
           There is no report at this time. Ms. Lile questioned if we should have a second quote on the project. It was decided that
             once we get a more firm estimate from Fowler that we will look into a second quote.
       2. Fundraising –
          (a) Garage Sale – Nothing scheduled at this time. We will schedule one once donations accumulate.
          (b) Spooktacular Car Show 2012
               Mr. Horgen stated that it is time for a new batch of members on the committee; we need to rotate members so that all can
                have the experience. He asked those members that were on the committee last year to sit out this year to let new members
                learn the ropes.
               Chris asked Pam and Bernice to be active members of the car show committee.
               It was announced that Ms. Susan Sims is the chair for the 2012 show.
         (c) Miscellaneous Fundraising
             Gold Sale – The decision was made to not plan for any gold sales as our last sales were very poor ($235.48 profit). The
              market is flooded with companies buying gold and most people have sold all that they have. This item is closed.
             Jewelry Sale – We are still waiting to hear back from the company. We did learn that we have a new contact person
              and that person will be contacting us.
         (d) Fundraising Committee –
              Ms. Shirey passed out information on a candy bar fundraiser (attached to minutes). The bars sell for $1each and we
               make 40 cents a bar. If the committee is interested, we will place a minimum order, which consists of one case of 52
               bars. That also includes four small carrying boxes.
              If the sales go well, we can purchase more and we will then determine if we would like to designate what fund the
               money will go towards.
              The committee discussed and agreed they’d like to pursue this fundraiser. Ms. Lile made a motion with Mr. Southard
               seconding – motion passed.

VIII. Superintendent’s Report

        Mr. Hoban thanked the board for all their hard work and efforts for our hospital.
        Mr. Hoban stated that we still don’t know anything on the advocacy lawsuit but Mr. Smith will keep us apprised.
        We have responded to the Commissioners Report on vision panels (windows) on doors. We currently have 19 doors to
         receive these panels. Life Safety Codes have forced us to order new doors as the ones currently in place are too old, and have
         asbestos in them, to be modified.
        Renovations continue but we are are seeing the end; generators have arrived and will be installed very soon, and the fire
         escape project is almost complete as well. Future renovations include adding elevators in patient buildings and building a
         larger secure area outside for the CAP program. Unfortunately EEP will not be getting new windows as the funding for those
         have been depleted. They are installing new fire alarms, HVAC system, drop ceiling, tile, etc.
        Joint Commission will be here within the year (by February of 20130), our bed capacity is being maintained (258 for
         Wichita Falls and 230 for Vernon).

IX.    Community Relations Department Report – nothing at this time.

X.     Old Business

        Christmas Social – We had low attendance this year but everyone that was able to come had a good time. The date for this
         years’ Christmas Social has already been set; December 6, 2012.

XI.    New Business
        Ms Shirey announced the Rotary West club donated $500 to the VSC. She will attend their weekly breakfast and receive the

        North Texas History Museum – Ms. Arnold has met with Superintendent Smith to collect items from the hospital to be used

         in a display at the museum.
        Mr. Eason would like to borrow the cemetery gate to use at the Home and Garden show being held in February. This

         decision will be at the discretion of the Superintendent.

XII.    Adjournment: With no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 1:25pm. The next regular meeting will be
        March 20, 2012 in the Community Relations Building.

        Susan Richardson, Recorder

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