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					                                                       SPECIAL EDITION

May 31, 2007                                                    A Weekly Publication for the Employees of the City of Phoenix

  Individual winners                           Excellence Awards presented
The following employees received
Excellence Awards during Wednesday’s           to 17 teams, 8 individuals
ceremony: Santos I. Robles, Police;          Seventeen employee teams and
Umayok Novell, Law; Kerry Wilcoxon,          eight individuals were honored
Street Transportation; Stephen Craig,        Wednesday morning at the 2006
Law; Jane E. Pincus, Law; Cheryl J.          Employee Excellence Awards
Brunton, City Manager’s Office; Nathan       Ceremony at the Herberger
Finden, Parks and Recreation; and Maria      Theater Center.
Uhing, Neighborhood Services.                    The following teams were
    Robles went above the call of duty to    recognized:
protect children in an unsafe home and           60-Inch Water Main Break Response Team.
make the Palomino Neighborhood safer.            Recognized for its response to a major water-main break: Dane Traines, Finance;
    Novell was the driving force behind      Noe Avila, Richard Blankenship, William C. Campbell, Aimée Conroy, Terry Dorschied,
the Canyon Corridor Alliance and works       Arthur Lee Easter Sr., Jorge Estrada, Ken Kroski, Steven Lake, Patricia Macias,
with the community to reduce crime           Ron E. Maze, Wayne M. Rosch, Steven Schoen, Larry O. Smith, Timothy Sterne,
along the Canyon Corridor and in west        Larry Tellez, Robert Vargas and Bruce Warren, Water Services.
Phoenix.                                         Household e-WasteRecycling Team
    Wilcoxon contributed to several              Established a program to recycle old computers and electronic equipment:
programs and projects designed to make       Lupe M. Buys, City Manager’s Office; Theresa F. Foster, Terrence Gellenbeck,
Phoenix streets safer for all.               Public Works and Marsha Butler (retired).
    Craig assisted Finance’s Real Estate         Summer Youth Entrepreneur and Healthcare Program Team
Division with complex real estate                Championed a program that introduces inner-city students to health-care careers:
acquisition issues related to the light          Lisa Gmeiner, Tim Valencia, Community and Economic Development; and Mark Carr
rail project.                                    Human Services.
    Pincus provided exceptional legal            Automatic Meter Reading Implementation Team
support and guidance to city staff               Implemented an automatic meter-reading system in new subdivisions and other areas:
overseeing the Matthew Henson HOPE               Joe Spina, Information Technology; Russell Andreini, Laverne Boykins, Rebecca L.
VI Revitalization Project.                   Broughton, Connie Guethle, Linda Haeufgloeckner, Sheri Kroeplin,
    Brunton researched and                    James Lyman, Theresa Marquez, Frances M. Morris, Cyndi Ostrander, Gary S. Oulton,
recommended bill-tracking software that      James J. Rodgers, David Romero, Ron Romo, Everett C. Russell, Trina Sevilla,
effectively tracks all measures introduced   Drew Taraian and Pamela G. Willier, Water.
at the State Capitol.                            Public Transit Detour Coordination Team
    Finden organized “The Phoenix                Informed bus passengers, drivers and others about bus stop changes due to
Summit Challenge,” a successful non-         light-rail construction: Karen Bienias, Marie Chapple Camacho, Dale Hardy and
competitive hiking event for all ages and    Chuck Italiano, Public Transit; Kirk S. Alire, Thomas Smith, Stephen Warwick and
fitness levels.                              Robert Wojciechowski, Street Transportation.
    Uhing’s research into an investment          Palomino Safe Route to School Project Team
partnership resulted in fines against the        Coordinated installation of a lighted pathway that improved safety for Palomino
firm for failing to comply with codes.
                                                                                                 -See Excellence Awards on page 2
  Excellence Awards (continued from page 1)
Neighborhood children: Ray Scarla,                       Petroleum Stores Team
Development Services; Brian Solarik,                     Facing a federal deadline, converted
Engineering and Architectural Services;              90 underground fuel storage tanks from
Todd M. Belzner and Mary Cobbs,                      low sulfur diesel to ultra low sulfur diesel:
Finance; Elijah Chaffino, Housing;                   Matthew Gilmore, Marilyn Nolan, Denis
Joseph A. Belval, Tim Boling, Veronica               J. Sheehan and Patrick Ybarra, Finance.
Gonzalez, Kate Krietor and Mary Beth                     Source Code Team
Thompson, Neighborhood Services;                         Thwarted legal challenges by defense
Randall Singh, Parks and Recreation;                 lawyers by becoming experts on the
Wade Carmen, Donald Cross,                           computer source codes of DUI breath-
Doraine Jacob, Gary Kuznia, and                      testing devices: Diana Hinz and Jo-Ann                    The Excellence Awards trophies await their
Mark D. Landrith, Street Transportation.             Leonard, Law.                                             winners before the 2005 ceremony.
    CHRIS Enhancements Team                              Administrative Support Certificate
    Launched a custom-designed Web                   Program Team
                                                                                                               Tom Jayo, Patrick E. Larkin, Josie
application in time for benefits open                    Created a program that enables
                                                                                                               Leyvas-Garcia and Yolanda E. Martinez,
enrollment and other customer-service                central Phoenix residents to earn                         Neighborhood Services.
enhancements: Joyce Griffin, Donna                   certificates in administrative support:                      Employment Advertising
Konecki, Finance; Christopher J.                     Becky Castro, Raquel I. Elizalde, Lou                     Outreach Team
Andrews, Zeke Bishop, Terri Comey,                   Ann Smith and Molly Weiss, Housing;                          Streamlined the system by which
Sam Coughenour, Amy M. Harvel,                       Leonard Charley, Rosemarie Chávez,                        organizations receive employment
Lori Kizer, Ron Kogler, Robert Loe,                  Pattie Fransen, Alejandra Garcia, Katina                  notices from the city: Michelle
Joel Matheus, Lisa Murray and Mamta                  Lechuga, Linda K. Randles, Theresita                      Fernandez and Annette Medina,
Vijayasarathi, Information Technology;               Rodriguez, Barbara Stoneman-Herman                        Personnel.
Leslie Baird, Jerry Edwards, Jenelle D.              and Denise Wallentinson, Library.                            Matthew Henson - HOPE VI
Hancock, Kathleen F. Nulph, Catherine                    200 Compression Protocol CPR                          Project Public Safety Team
Parker, Rey G. Servin, Tere Sidney,                  Project Team                                                 Provided a safe environment for
Personnel; Jackie Temple, Retirement;                    Led a pilot project based on                          Henson Village and the surrounding
and Don Harrington (retired).                        innovations in traditional                                area: Marcos Andrade, Angelita Castro,
    Smoke Alarm Awareness Team                       cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Warren                     Clara Gomez, Abiana Irwin, Lydia M.
    Heightened awareness of smoke                    Schneider and Bruce Toliver, Fire.                        Martinez, Jeanette Newman and Zona
alarms in the Isaac Neighborhood:                        Maryvale Community Center and                         Pacheco, City Manager’s Office; Kevin
Rhonda Baxter, Chris Ketterer,                       Palo Verde Library Team                                   E. Lawrence, Rubén Silvas, Housing;
Linda Kirby and Penelope Quinn, Fire;                    Shared facilities, programs and                       Raymond Buchanan, Travis Fields,
Doris J. Marshall, Human Services;                   expertise to better serve the Maryvale                    Monique Sermeno, Neighborhood
Tiffany Huisman, Mayor’s Office;                     community: Margaret Baker, David                          Services; Emmett R. Boyd and Rob Sells,
Olivia Delgado-Carroll and Kate Krietor,             Cervantes, Paula Fortier, Judy Goad,                      Parks and Recreation; and Cy Cahill,
Neighborhood Services.                               Rebecca Hannah, Victoria Kassel,                          Sean Patrick Connolly and James A.
    Tampico Apartments Task Force                    Marijo Kist, Johnny Martinez Eisenhauer                   Piña, Police.
    Helped an apartment owner who                    and Lisa Tharp, Library; Tony Bonifacio
routinely rented to sex offenders find               Castro, Regina Cota, Tyre Davis, Mark
more appropriate tenants: Aarón J.                   Engelhardt, Janie Gonzales, Denise                             Nominations for the 2007
Carreón-Aínsa and Umayok Novell,                                                                                Excellence Awards will open in
                                                     Romero, George Ronquillo Jr., David
                                                                                                                December. If you’re currently working
Law; Lisa M. Hubbard, Neighborhood                   Waldrip, Parks and Recreation.
                                                                                                                on a project that you are considering
Services; Rose Akre, Shannon Kay                         Healthy Homes Demonstration                            nominating, start documenting your
Bartlett, David Chambers, Thomas                     Project Team                                               work with photos, even video.
Farney, Jill Fowler, Ed Haines, Dave                     Remedied health and safety hazards                         Photos and video will not be part
Harvey, Steve Landry, Greg Myracle,                  in privately owned, low-income housing                     of the selection process, but if your
Tim Peltier, Bryant Rockwood and                     units: Diana L. Gomez, Carolyn Willmer,                    project wins, they can be incorporated
Holly J. Withers, Police.                            Human Services; Cecile Fowler,                             into the Excellence Awards ceremony.

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