Diabetes Facts by calmyourbeans


									Ipsos MORI interviewed 14,526 members of the general public aged 18+ across 13 countries between
March and 4th May 2012. These were Great Britain (2,024), USA (1,003), Australia (1,204), New Zea-
land (1,006), Egypt (1,068, Saudi Arabia (1,179), Thailand (1,003), Mexico (1,017), Hong Kong (1,004),
Brazil (1,000), India (1,011), China (1,002) and Spain (1,005). Data was weighted to the known popula-
tion profile within each country. Global averages were taken from the mean score across all 13 coun-
tries, no further weighting was applied to the global average. The survey was undertaken for Bupa
Health Pulse 2012 www.bupa.com/healthpulse.

Bupa have a global team of medical experts who are available to talk to journalists about a
range of health topics.

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