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10 Things To Stop Caring About Today

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					 10 Things To Stop Caring About

Every day is a new beginning. But in
  life, sometimes you have to stop
   before you can truly begin. So
           starting today…
   Stop caring about everyone’s
          opinion of you.
 For the most part, what other people
    think and say about you doesn’t
 matter. When I was younger I let the
 opinions of my high school and early
college peers influence my decisions.
  And at times they steered me away
     from ideas and goals I strongly
   believed in. I realize now, many
years later, that this was a foolish way
to live, especially when I consider that
    nearly all of these people whose
opinions I cared so much about are no
         longer a part of my life.
Unless you’re trying to make a great
 first impression (job interview, first
 date, etc.), don’t let the opinions of
others stand in your way. What they
     think and say about you isn’t
important. What is important is how
you feel about yourself. Read The 7
  Habits of Highly Effective People.
Stop caring about being politically
    I had a discussion with a friend
 yesterday about censorship and how
   speaking a certain way simply to
please others contributes to the loss of
  one’s true inner voice. During the
discussion I watched him closely, and
 I could actually pinpoint the heated
 moment when he was about to give
 me a piece of his mind, but stopped
   himself. It was so obvious! So I
    called him out on it. “You just
 censored yourself, didn’t you?” He
         laughed and nodded.
  Everyone has this little watchdog
 inside their head. It’s always there
watching you. It was born and raised
 by your family, friends, coworkers,
 bosses and society at large, and its
   sole purpose is to watch you and
make sure you stay in line. And once
    you become accustomed to the
  watchdog’s presence, you begin to
think his opinion of what’s acceptable
and unacceptable are absolute truths.
   But the watchdog’s views are not
truths, they’re just opinions – forceful
  opinions that have the potential to
  completely brainwash you of your
  own opinions if you aren’t careful.
  Remember, the watchdog is just a
watchdog, he just watches. He can’t
  actually control you. He can’t do
anything about it if you decide to rise
     up and go against the grain.
 No, you should not start randomly
 cussing and acting like a fool. But
 you must say what you need to say
 when you need to say it. If it isn’t
   politically correct, so what.
  Don’t censor yourself. Speak the
         truth. Your truth.
Stop caring about looking a certain
There is no right way to dress or right
 way to wear your hair. No, I’m not
  saying to you should dress like a
    clown simply to rebel either.
Everyone who purposely tries to look
 different ends up looking the same.
 Be you, just the way you are, in the
  unique way only you know how.
  Wear clothes and styles you feel
comfortable wearing. Dress the way
             YOU dress.
 You’re a one of a kind. Trying to
look like someone else is a waste of
your own beauty. In this crazy world
    that’s trying to make you like
 everyone else, find the courage to
   keep being your awesome self.
 Stop caring about what everyone
        else wants for you.
  Unfortunately, just before you take
    your first step on the righteous
journey to pursue your dreams, people
around you, even the ones who deeply
  care for you, will usually give you
  awful advice. It’s not because they
have evil intentions. It’s because they
   don’t understand the big picture –
 what your dreams, passions and life
    goals mean to you. They don’t
 understand that, to you, the reward is
             worth the risk.
So they try to protect you by shielding
 you from the possibility of failure,
which, in effect, also shields you from
the possibility of making your dreams
                a reality.
    As our friend Steve Jobs says:
 “Your time is limited, so don’t waste
it living someone else’s life. Don’t be
   trapped by dogma, which is living
    with the results of other people’s
     thinking. Don’t let the noise of
 others’ opinions drown out your own
inner voice, heart and intuition. They
   somehow already know what you
   truly want to become. Everything
           else is secondary.”
 Stop caring about the boundaries
           others set up.
 No matter how much progress you
make there will always be the people
who insist that whatever you’re trying
   to do is impossible. Or they may
  incessantly suggest that the idea or
dream as a whole is utterly ridiculous
 because nobody really cares. When
 you come across these people, don’t
   try to reason with them. Instead,
forget that they exist. They will only
      waste your time and energy.
 Try what you want to try. Go where
  you want to go. Follow your own
intuition. Don’t accept false choices.
  Don’t let others put a cage around
  you. Definitely don’t listen to the
 Whenever somebody discredits you
    and tells you that you can’t do
something, keep in mind that they are
 speaking from within the boundaries
of their own limitations. Ignore them
   and press on. Read The Success
 Stop caring about what everyone
             else has.
When you catch yourself comparing
  yourself to a colleague, neighbor,
  friend, or someone famous, stop!
 Realize that you are different, with
 different strengths – strengths these
 other people don’t possess. Take a
moment to reflect on all the awesome
abilities you have and to be grateful
 for all the good things in your life.
 The problem with many of us is that
  we think we’ll be happy when we
reach a certain level in life — a level
we see others operating at – your boss
with her corner office, that friend of a
  friend who owns a mansion on the
  beach, etc. Unfortunately, it takes
awhile before you get there, and when
 you get there you might have a new
         destination in mind.
Instead, appreciate where you are and
     what you have right now. Try
comparing yourself to those who have
    less, those who are dealing with
tragedy, and those who are struggling
  to survive. Hopefully it opens your
  eyes to all the things you should be
               grateful for.
 Stop caring about the imaginary
         state of perfect.
    Perfect is the enemy of good.
 Many of us are perfectionists in our
own right. I know I am at times. We
set high bars for ourselves and put our
    best foot forward. We dedicate
copious amounts of time and attention
   to our work to maintain our high
 personal standards. Our passion for
 excellence drives us to run the extra
mile, never stopping, never relenting.
      And this dedication towards
  perfection undoubtedly helps us to
achieve results… So long as we don’t
           get carried away.
  But what happens when we do get
  carried away with perfectionism?
      We become disgruntled and
 discouraged when we fail to meet the
(impossibly high) standards we set for
ourselves, making us reluctant to take
on new challenges or even finish tasks
we’ve already started. Our insistence
   on dotting every ‘I’ and crossing
every ‘T’ breeds inefficiency, causing
   major delays, stress overload and
            subpar results.
 True perfectionists have a hard time
   starting things and an even harder
time finishing them… always. I have
   a friend who has wanted to start a
  graphic design business for several
   years. But she hasn’t yet. Why?
 When you sift through her extensive
 list of excuses it comes down to one
        simple problem: She is a
    perfectionist. Which means she
  doesn’t, and never will, think she’s
good enough at graphic design to own
  and operate her own graphic design
   Remember, the real world doesn’t
   reward perfectionists. It rewards
people who get things done. And the
  only way to get things done is to be
 imperfect 99% of the time. Only by
wading through years of practice and
imperfection can we begin to achieve
     momentary glimpses of the
   So make a decision. Take action.
 Learn from the outcome. And repeat
  this method over and over and over
again in all walks of life. Also, check
out Too Perfect. It’s an excellent read
     on conquering perfectionism.
 Stop caring about being right all
             the time.
We all dance to the beat of a different
drum. There are few absolute ‘rights’
  and ‘wrongs’ in the world. What’s
  right for you may be wrong for me,
  and vise versa. People need to live
 their lives their way – the way that’s
              right for them.
 When it comes to life choices and
opinions, not much is worth fighting
  about. Step back from arguments
 with your spouse, family members or
   neighbors. When you feel anger
 surging up and you want to yell that
 vulgar remark on tip of your tongue,
just close your mouth and walk away.
Let mind calm down. You don’t have
    to be right or win an argument.
Instead, open your mind to new ideas
and opinions. Don’t just concentrate
on what others are doing, spend time
figuring out why they are doing what
            they’re doing.
    Stop caring about mistakes.
    Mistakes teach you important
lessons. The biggest mistake you can
make is doing nothing because you’re
  too scared to make a mistake. So
don’t hesitate – don’t doubt yourself.
   In life, it’s rarely about getting a
  chance; it’s about taking a chance.
   You’ll never be 100% sure it will
  work, but you can always be 100%
sure doing nothing won’t work. Most
 of the time you just have to go for it!
  And no matter how it turns out, it
always ends up just the way it should
 be. Either you succeed or you learn
something. Win-Win. Remember, if
 you never act, you will never know
for sure, and you will be left standing
       in the same spot forever.
Stop caring about things you can’t
Some forces are out of your control.
Accept this fact of life. Wasting your
 time, talent and emotional energy on
things that are beyond your control is
  a recipe for frustration, misery and
    The smartest thing you can do to
  compensate for the things you can’t
   control is adjusting your attitude.
Your attitude has a profound effect on
  your overall potential. Consuming
yourself with the negative aspects of a
 circumstance gets nothing productive
accomplished. But if you instead look
 at the circumstance productively and
      positively, coming from the
  standpoint of “What’s my next best
 move?” you put yourself back in the
              driver’s seat.
   Bottom line: As Maria Robinson
 once said, “Nobody can go back and
start a new beginning, but anyone can
 start today and make a new ending.”
 You can’t change what happened, but
you can change how you react to it. If
  you awake every morning with the
thought that something wonderful will
  happen in your life today, and you
 pay close attention, you’ll often find
that you’re right. The opposite is also
  true. The choice is yours to make.