WHERE ARE YOUR GOALS by OlurantiAkinwoleC


									      Where are
      your Goals
You know what a goal is. You know why they
are useful, how to set them, and how to go after
them. After all, you're dedicated to your career
and your success so goals play an important
role in your life. But have you ever thought
about where these goals come from?
You may think this is silly. After all, if you
know what your goals are, does it really matter
where they came from or why you have them?
Well, yes.
By closely examining the "whys" that the form
the foundation of our goals we can make better
decisions on which goals to pursue and when to
pursue them. So let's take a look at some of the
more common sources to our goals and some
things about each that we should consider.
                    1. WANTS
These are okay goals, but most of the stuff you
want is just that: things you want. Most of us
want a lot, usually much more than we need or
could ever use.
If a want is the source of your goal, ask
yourself if there aren't other goals that deserve
your attention more?
              2. DON'T-WANTS
These goals are based on what you don't want.
These can really be beneficial. They most often
involve creating personal boundaries, defining
what will will allow in our lives and what we
won't allow.
One of your goals should be to eventually not
have any goals based on this area because you
simply don't allow things you don't want into
your life.
                  3. NEEDS
Goals based on our needs are important goals.
They help keep us alive and safe.
It's important when setting these goals to make
sure that your need is really a need (and not just
a 'want' in disguise). Also, when you work to
complete these goals, create a strategy to take
care of the entire need, not just part of it.
                  4. VALUES
These are really great goals to work on since
they come from deep down inside you, from
the things that you truly believe in and care for.
These are the types of goals that, regardless of
the challenges they may pose, actually seem
easy to accomplish as well as the most
You may need to complete most of your 'want'
and 'need' based goals before you can start on
these, but once you get to this point, you'll find
that you truly can create the life of your
So take some time today to think about the true
source of your goals. Where do they come
from? Why are you setting them? Which ones
truly deserve your attention right now?

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