POWERFUL DRAMA by OlurantiAkinwoleC



        This is another soul inspiring and life changing stage Drama
Ministration from the producer and writer of ‘JOURNEY WITH THE DEVIL’!
        SAVED BY GRACE! Is the story of young chap called ‘DESTINY’
who was captured by the great army of ‘Ilugun-ese Kingdom’ during her
visitation to the land in order to learn some new things from the daughters
of the land.
        Alert! The great King of Ilugun-ese, the Amunisin 1 of Ilugun-ese
Kingdom soon appoint Her a stranger in the land to be the next sacrificial
offering to the gods of his land at the Igbo Iru mole (Evil Forest) as their
custom demand during an annual ‘Eru-ese Festival’ (Slave to Sin Festival).
        Amazingly, Destiny escapes the judgment of the King and violated
the law of the land. How? Is the question. Saved by GRACE is the answer.
        Then Destiny reclaimed: “But why, why would GRACE save me?
Why would GRACE willingly eat the death in the pot of sin meant for
me to eat”.


   1.     King of Ilugun ese Kingdom
   2.     Queens (Four Queens)
   3.     King’s Special Guards (Four)
   4.     Warriors of Ilugun ese (Four)
   5.     Captain G (the leader of the Warriors)
   6.    Strangers (Two male & Two Female)
   7.    Destiny (One of the strangers)
   8.    Villagers (as many as possible, Male & Female, Old and Young)
   9.    Masquerade, Dancers and Drummers.
   10.   Edidi Oreofe (The Man)

                                      SCENE ONE

             At the village square!   Day.

  The entire people of Ilugun-ese were dancing and rejoicing during their annual
 “Eru-Ese Festival” there were various activities taking place. Some dancers are
 there to display, shortly after the King’s guard carried the King into the midst of
                    the celebration, accompany by the Queens.
Sound effects…

VILLAGERS: [They all dance in one after the other with different styles and groups
          when they notice the arrival of the king they all bow to hail Him].

AKEWI:       [continue to Hail the King]

KING:        [He stands up from his Royal throne, the Queen and all villagers hail him
             again] Thank you, thank you very much my people. May the God of my
             ancestors bless you and keep you.

VILLAGERS: [shouted] Ase o o o o……

KING:        I welcome you all to this great festival of Eru-Ese!


KING:        Aseyi sa mo dun o...


KING:        People of Ilugunese! As you all know that during this festival of Eru-ese, it
             is appointed unto a man or a woman to die of which blood we will use to
             purify the land and the body given to the gods in Igbo-Irumole. Today is
             another day for us to fulfill our right to the gods of our land. Let me also
             remind you that anfi omo ore bo ore, torina ajogi le ran awon Irumole. Only
             strangers are fit as sacrifice to the gods. Eyin omo ogun [He call on the
             warriors] bring me the strangers in your custody.

WARRIORS: [They bow and left to bring them]

                                        MIX TO

                                      SCENE TWO

             At the village square!      Day.

  The warriors brought the strangers and display them before the King and the
    villagers, then the King choose one of them. A man, to be the sacrifice.

KING:        [Stands up from his seat after he has carefully watch the strangers as they
             display them before him, he choose one by putting on him a red neck
             bead. That is the sign to identify the one to be sacrifice]. People of Ilugun-
             ese, here are the strangers available for sacrifice. But as our custom
             demands, we can only choose one of them and keep the rest till the next
             Eru-ese festival. So therefore, to him who bear my red Royal bead I have
             choosen as sacrificial offering to the gods.

VILLAGERS: [They hail the King and rejoice]

STRANGERS: [They were all afraid as they cry bitterly]

KING:        [He place the Red Royal bead on one of them and went back to sit on his

The people rejoice, the guard carried the King on their shoulder heading towards
the Igbo Irumole, why all the people dance as they follow after. The warriors and
         the stranger choosen are the first to go why others now follow.


                                      SCENE THREE

             At the market square!       Evening.

    All the market women and men are all getting ready to start going home,
  including their customers too. Laro and her friend Ayoka also hurrying to go
 home because the Eru-ese festival will be the next day, and they need to go and
     prepare to be there. So they talked about the festival as they go home.
AYOKA:      [She ran after Laro who can know longer be patient waiting for her] Laro!
            Laro… A – A, ki wa lode to wa binu, wait for me now!

LARO:       But you know how important tomorrow is in this land, tomorrow is another
            Eru-ese festival, all of us must be at the village square early enough. [With
            pose she then say] And you know I will be among the dancing group that
            will entertain the king, so I must go home now to prepare.

AYOKA:      Eeee! [With surprises] Ore mi, oti wa le gan o! I must be there to witness
it, but…

LARO:       But what? But what now, are you not happy I’m dancing tomorrow to
            entertain the King?

AYOKA:      No my friend, I am very happy for you! But every time I remember that a
            person will be killed at Igbo Irumole, it saddens me.

LARO:       What is your own? Are you the person they are going to offer to the gods
            or any of your family members? They are strangers so for me I am less
            concern. Meet me if you are ready to go home. [She started out]

AYOKA:      [Rush after her] Wait now…

                                   SCENE FOUR

            At the Evil Forest!   EVENING…

 There were hurrible sounds of dangerous animals. The captain of the warriors of
Ilugun-ese brought the lady who had been choosen by the King to be beheaded at
                     the Evil forest with her face blind folded.
CAPTAIN: [He had a sword kept in his tight. He suddenly stops to think as he was
            leading the lady to be beheaded. He unfolds her eyes and looses the
            chain upon her neck and removes the King’s red Royal bead too.]

DESTINY:    [She was terrified thinking that her death has come. She cried bitterly.
            Soliloquizing] Ha! I’m finished, moti fo owo arami se rami, so this is how
            my life will be cut short. Curse be the day I was born, curse be the womb
            that born me. Ha [She knelt down closed her eyes excepting the captain to
            cut her head]

CAPTAIN:    [He stand looking at her as she lamented and called out to her] Silent!

DESTINY:    [She kept quit immediately but cried the more]
CAPTAIN:   [With sober voice] what is your name?

DESTINY:   [She stops crying though tears are still on her face. Opening her eye] My
           Na—me is Destiny…

CAPTAIN:   Destiny!!! Now tell me what brought you to Ilugun-ese? How did you find
           yourself here?

DESTINY:   [She began to cry again] I was enticed by the daughters of this land. I love
           there style of life, so I wanted to do what they are doing, wear what they
           are wearing. I wanted some new knowledge far different from what we
           practice in my kingdom, so I came to learn from them. But before I know it,
           as soon as I entered into Ilugun-ese, I was captured by the warriors of the
           land. Ha, I’m finished.

CAPTAIN:   Hum!!! You left your own kingdom for Ilugun-ese, the dwelling place of sin.
           You left peace for trouble. You left life for death; you left a glorious
           Heritage for destruction.

DESTINY:   [She was crying seriously]

CAPTAIN:   I hope you know the consequences of anyone appointed by the King on
           Eru-ese Festival day? The king has appointed you for death and as
           sacrificial offering to the gods of Ilugun-ese land. But…. I wish you are
           exempted. I wish you be free from the rout of your own ignorance. I wish
           to re-appoint you for life instead of death.

DESTINY:   [She quickly wraps her tears and stops crying, stands up with fear and
           great surprise]

CAPTAIN:   I have wished all these for you since the very day you are captured by the
           warriors of Ilugun-ese. So, I waited for a day as this to save you from the
           kingdom of Ilugun-ese that you may return back to your father land and to
           your people.

DESTINY:   [She was still very amazed, so she knelt down thanking the captain] Ha…
           Thank you sir…

CAPTAIN:   Although, I am doing this with my own life on the line! Tori pe eni toba se
           ohun teni ka nose ri, odi dandan koju reri ohun teni kan oriri. I am going to
           pay a difficult price for this. So…. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE BEFORE I
           CHANGE MY MIND… [He brought out his sword from his tight]

DESTINY:   [She stood up quickly and ran away, not looking back at all]

CAPTAIN:   [He shouted to her as she was running away] Never return to this land
           again! Never, Ever!!! [He knelt, sorrowfully and weep, then he stood up
           with courage and leave]


                                   SCENE FIVE

           At a pathway.       DAY.

   Destiny met with a man while she was running away. She was very tired and
taste, so she was on the ground when the man came and offered her some water.

MAN:       Destiny! Get up your destination is still far! I brought some water for you.
           Take and drink.

DESTINY:   [She was afraid and does not want to collect the water from the man since
           she doesn’t know him]

MAN:       Come on, take the water from me, it will renew your strength for the rest of
           the journey.

DESTINY:   [She collected the water and drank all, then stood up] Now I feel better,
           thank you sir, as if you know I am taste. Wait a minute; I’m I dreaming or
           what? No, am not. You see sir! There is nothing like been free from
           bondage. I thought by now I would have been a dead person but how
           hope for living came I can’t explain. Because the man who was to offer me
           as a sacrificial offering was the same man who saved me and set me free.
           I don’t understand this…

MAN:       [He laughed] I see! You are right by not been able to explain why He
           saved you. By your own hand you invited death and destruction, because
           the wages of strangers in Ilugun-ese is death. But by his own wish, he
           cancels your wages and gave you life again. ‘Out of the broken pieces of
           your past, He built for you an edifice of HOPE! Do you know that the man
           who saved you paid a very BIG price for saving you? Anyway, that was
           GRACE who saved you… And I am the PRICE he paid for saving you!

DESTINY:   [She knelt and cry passionately] “But why, why would Grace saved me,
           why would Grace offered himself for a sinner that I am, Why would
           GRACE willingly eat the death in the pot of sin meant for me to eat. Oh,
           GRACE, you who takes away my disgrace and shame, GRACE, you who
           gives me HOPE in dark places. GRACE, upon whom the punishment that
           brought me peace was laying. GRACE, you who gave me another chance
           to redirect my life unto a glorious destiny. GRACE! What can I give in
           return or do to you? But for a dedicated life to that which you saved me”
           [She kept crying]

MAN:       Destiny! Your journey is still far, let’s go…

DESTINY:   {As they both walked on, she began to sing.]

               Amazing Grace, how sweet thy sound that saved ….

                                      THE END

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