WISE INVESTMENT by OlurantiAkinwoleC



      There are many people who are living in financial hardship all over the world
simply because of unwise spending of their income.

       There are also so many people today especially among highly educated elites
and professional with high income who are capable of acquiring wealth and riches
but are not anywhere near wealth or riches. In fact many of them in spite of strong
financial status are actually only income rich but asset poor. They stand the danger
of financial embarrassment. Why? All because they don’t know how to spend wisely.

      We can go beyond individual experience to the national level. Nigeria in the
seventies was one of the riches nations of the world. The then Head of State, Rtd.
General Yakubu Gowon made a statement that “money is not the problem of Nigeria
but how to spend it” within a period of 10years the huge wealth which can last
generations was spent unwisely and squandered to push the nation into a state of
poverty. Nigeria, formerly one of the riches nations of the world, is now of the
poorest nations of the world! This creates the tragedy of unwise spending.

      A chief in one of the towns near Ile-Ife where I live was once very rich. At the
climax of his wealth he took new wives and had up to nine wives besides concubines.
He had about 15 private cars he was using he was there at all fund raising
ceremonies to display his wealth he donated money extravagantly to churches,
mosques, social clubs all in the spirit of display of wealth.

       In no time the economic climate in the country changed. His businesses whew
hard hit. He lost all sources of income. One by one he sold his cars to maintain his
family until he was left with none. He sold all the air-conditionals in his houses all
the stereo sets. He even sold a hospital he started which he did not manage well. He
sold the equipment one by one. He even sold the rugs in his office and house. His
wife left him one after the other until he was left with the first wife.

      There are very many people who have plenty of money in the past but who
today are in object poverty. These are very many among sports, merits and movie

      Not how much you earn. It is not how much you earn that is important but
how much wisdom you apply to the spending of what you earn. One can achieve
much with little income if wisely spent. One can on the other achieve little or
nothing with big income if wisdom is not applied.

      When I was working as Doctor at the Health Centre of Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife. I noted with dismay that our junior members of staff were able to
build houses of their own. But most of us who earned four to six times the income of
the junior staffers were not even able to buy a piece of land for building purposes.
The same story was true in the faculties. The messengers, drivers, clerks spent their
money wisely and were able to build houses. But the more highly paid lectures were
not able to build at all.

      Some of us took note of the situation, disturbed it extensively and repeatedly.
We discovered that our altitudes about money was far different from the attitude of
the junior staff the professionals and academics preferred to spend our money on the
maintenance of status which we and the society have carried out for us.

      There were some junior staff too who were spending their money unwisely.
They are income poor but they try to live as if they have high income. At the end of
the day they become as poor as the church rat.

      If you are going to get the best out of your income whether small or big, you
need to know how to spend wisely.

        There is a man close to me that I admire a lot when it comes to wise spending
of one’s income. He was Augustine Ela. He died few years ago leaving behind 12
houses. He spent his retirement in comfort. He was never a burden to his children
till he died at the age of seventy-seven years. In his retirement and old age he was
still supporting his children financially when there were needs to do so. How did he
do it since he was also a civil servant with average income? The simple answer I will
give is that he was very frugal with his money and he spent every time wisely. Many
of his colleagues had experiences of financially hard retirement. They were living on
their children and they left nothing for their children.
        Mr. Augustine Ela did not only leave houses for his children he left huge
shares of leading companies in the country!

      Majority of people with financial difficulty usually look for more income. But
what happens? As soon as more money comes their spending increases to make the
increase of no use on effect. If you want to get out of financial difficulty my advice is
that you first of all look at you spending and adopt the wise spending pattern.

      My wife and myself were looking to bring money more. But to our dismay we
had no saving, no property, no landed property, no furniture of our own (we were
leaving in a furnished university flat) no stocks, and no asset of any kind. We got
angry at the situation. We sat and made careful plans of how to spend our money.
To our greatest surprise we were able to have savings and do some good thins
without any increase in our income.

      When we wanted to have a look of our own all we did again was to organize the
movement of our money, within three years we were able to require a deceit and
spacious building of our own in a quiet and some part of housing estate.

Really, wisdom is the principal thing, even in spending.
To me able to cope successfully in an economy with high unemployment rate and
very low job opportunities the first thing is for you to have proper attitude about your

Most people have wrong attitudes about education. And once your attitude is wrong,
you will never attain good attitudes in life!

It is wrong thinking and attitude to take your education of being means of obtaining
certificate that will enable you to enter the labor market. It is also wrong to see your
degree certificate as meal tickets as many call it. You must note that you are not
born or educated to eat.

The purposes of the education you were given are:

   1. To equip you to face life challenges more boldly and courageously.
   2. To equip you defect and acquire the best from opportunities that life naturally
   3. To make it easier for you to learn that things necessary for your success and
      happiness in Life’s Informal School.
   4. To make it possible for you to contribute reasonably to the life of others, your
      society and community. You must note that in this lies real success and
   1. Education gives you both internal and external authority and power to face life
      challenges. It is the external authority and power i.e. special knowledge and
      certificate that we actually pursue and concentrate upon. We miss the internal
      power and authority that education can give the lecturers too does not have at
      all. They intimidate the students. Many do not do their work well. Many are
      morally bankrupt. They in some other ways erode and rub our students of the
      internal authority that University or higher education is supposed to give.
   2. Without the ability to detect and tap into the opportunities that life has to offer
      you will never be able to go beyond the ordinary level of struggling to make
      ends meet, meet your basic needs. You will or best be able to just meet the
      basic needs and necessities of life and life near broke level. It is possible to
      detect and know how to tap into life’s great opportunities the purpose of
      education to make it easier for you to do so and that it possible for many to be
      able to do so. Unfortunately the designs of our college curricula are defective
      in this regard. Only the very careful students are able acquire this discerning
      heart with their education.
   3. You are not fully made in the university or polytechnic. Your teachers in
      college only open up your faculties for further development. For full
      development and good degree of self-actualization and good placement,
      complete success with attending fulfillment and happiness; you need other
      teachers in life. These teachers are your field of choice. There are others who
      are not in your field of learning. They are just like coaches some may never
      come across personally or physically some of these teachers are nice people
      around you some of them are bad and offensive people around you. Some of
      these teach are not people. They are life experienced good and bad, pleasant
      and unpleasant. They have things to offer you to help you in life.
            Formal education makes it easier for you to learn from these great
   4. Jesus Christ say in Mathew 18: that the real value, worth and real success and
      happiness of a man or woman in life don’t depend on the much money, big
      name, big positions, big cars or houses that he or she has. I have learnt and
      would like you too to know that your real value worth success and happiness
      is in what will contribute and give and not what we consume or get.


Your education is not wasted if you do not have a paid job after leaving school or if
you find yourself doing something out your discipline. I studied medicine but I am
profitably and happily engaged in Christian ministry and providing education
services by establishment of schools. My medical training is still useful. No training
is useless.

Debola finished from Obafemi Awolowo University in the early 90s. She got married
to a schoolmate who finished from the same University two years earlier. The
Government Teachers Commission employed both of them. Initially their salaries
were enough for them but as children started coming and the cost of living continued
to increase due to inflation, their salaries were no longer sufficient to sustain them
even with cost cutting measures.

Debola while preparing for entrance examination left the village to stay with her
uncle who was a graduate and a business owner. The three years he spent with this
uncle opened her eyes to alternatives of making money. Her parents were teachers
who always complaining about their salaries.

Debola encouraged her husband to quit teaching to start a business. He was afraid
of the unknown. His parents discouraged the idea. They said it would be a waste of
his education to go and be making Poultry Feed, which according to them any idiot
can be doing. When Debola weaned her second child she told her husband she was
going into the business. Everyone discouraged her. She was told ‘a bird in hand is
worth more than 10 in the bush’. Her teacher parents heard about the idea. Then
both traveled to meet her. They told her the usual story that it will be a waist of her
certificate and university education to go and mixing maize and groundnut cake for
fowls. But her uncle encouraged her. He persuaded the parents to leave her to her

For a standard factory she needed up to two million Naira for the following: a harmer
mill, a giant mixer, a packaging machine, a building, and staff salaries for 9 months.
She dropped this idea of ideal situation. She approached her landlord who was kind
enough to give her a junk store in the compound. She bought some books on poultry
nutrition. She also met some people in the city who are into poultry and who make
their meals themselves. One elderly successful poultry farmer was so kind to her.
He also gave her the formulae he uses.

Within few weeks, she actively resigned her appointments. Her colleagues appealed
to her to wait till she will be qualified for pension. She said she was not impressed
by the lives of people living with mere pension. She took the bull by the horns. She
used the last salary she earned to buy feed ingredients. To everyone’s amazement,
she was better than all her colleagues she left in the teaching and various
government employments. She is now building her standard factory gradually.

She has even started a small-scale poultry farm. The husband is erasing around
with a small car she bought from her business. The husband and her parents want
them to start building their personal house. She has however insisted that she will
build her factory first and expand her poultry to 1,000 birds first. Please see the
book of Proverbs 24:27 preferably in the Living Bible.
Is her education really wasted or most wisely put into use? It is worthy of note that
Debola did not read agriculture in school. She read Business management. She
was only attached to a feed mill as an assistant Business manager.

Yinka’s story too will encourage you. She grew up near an auto mechanics
workshop. He was often at the workshop playing with the owner’s children after
school. He observed this man was making good money. He went to the University to
read Biology Education.

While in the NYSC camp, he spent a lot of time praying for divine guardian about his
future. He was not satisfied with the money his colleagues who have finished earlier
were earning both private and public employment. He was posted to a village
Secondary school for his primary assignment. In the first month of the primary
assignment, an idea dropped into his mind to learn the repair of motor vehicle. He
went to rent a house in the major form close to the village where he was teaching. He
attached himself to a well-known mechanic in the town.

According to him, he first learnt about the suspension systems, then the ignition
system and then the break system then the transmission system. He bought some
books to read along. He was going to the workshop up and down like his colleagues.
He spent a lot of money shuttling between the village and the town where he was
living. But he did not mind this.

By the time he finished his service year, he was able to do a lot of repair work on
motor vehicles. He used the Japanese service to learn. On arrival at home from
NYSC, Yinka told his parents he was going into auto repair and maintenance work.
His mother cried and went from prophets to pastors. Some of the prophets lied.
They told the mother it was the work of the enemies for him to waste his life.
Neighbors felt he was loosing his mind. How would one waste such education
certificate and long year spent acquiring them. A young and dynamic Pastor the
mother met took time to invite Yinka for discussion. After the discussion He prayed
with Yinka and encouraged him. The Pastor, they called him bad names e.g. first
blind guide leading the blind. Yinka went to Ibadan and learnt more in the next six

He later started his own workshop in a remote part of the city. Today he is in
another major city in Nigeria making plenty of money. He travels abroad regularly to
buy genuine spare parts. He has his manager forearm and many workshop
assistants and apprentices. He has known moved higher to specialize in one.

Deacon Oladini is a member of our church. He studied Economics at Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and made good grades. After NYSC he could not get a job.
Things were so difficult that his wife left him to marry another person. This made
him to be resolutely determined to make it in life.

He stumbled on the idea of supplying Laboratory Chemicals to Secondary Schools.
He later ascended these services to the University. At this point he came across
many highly technical terms in science. He read Economics. The names of some of
the Chemicals were so strange to him. What did he do? According to him he bought
books on science Lab Chemicals and Instruments. Today when he talk, you will
think he read Chemical Engineering or He is living well He is still working very hard
because the work is still very young. He has been able to build his house. His
children are attending good schools. He has capacity to grow more.

Please note that this Deacon came from a poor background. His parents are
uneducated. He borrowed money for the take off of his business. Is his education in
Economics wasted just because he is not into financial or economic management
field? His education enabled him to learn fast in a field that is different all together.

If the government does not create opportunities for us we can create opportunities for
ourselves. There is creative power in you and in all of us. This creative power is part
of God’s image and likeness in us. You need to realize this and release your creative
power as you face the realities of life and aspire for strong financial status in life.

                        LEVELS OF MAKING MONEY



      There are 4 levels, which you can make money.

Level I:- (a) There are very few people here – very, very few (b) They are of various
educational levels. They don’t work for money, money work for them. They have or
no staff. Money is their staff. They make money from near and for without running
are usually very rich without sweat or hassle. Their money keeps growing ahead and
inflation. They involved in two things only – STOCKS (SHARES) and REAL ESTATE.
Their wealth lives on after them.

      - Aim at operating at Level 2 and 1
      - Start to buy stocks regularly. The earlier you start the better.
      - Educate yourself in the issue of stock and real estate.
      - Do not keep your money in banks. Keep them in stock or landed
      - Before you start to build.

Level 2:- (a) There are few people here (b) They use their head to work not their
hands like people in 4 and 3 do. (c) They organize people to work for them (d) They
can have multiple means of income and chain of business. (e) Most of them are not
highly educated. They are of average brilliance and performance in school – 2.2 or
3rd class. There are fewer highly brilliant people here.

They have small scale or medium or large-scale enterprise. They have money. The
have time to enjoy their money. They keep growing. Their business continued to live
after their death. Their children can inherit their businesses to develop their money
or to wreck them.

Level 3:- (a) Many people are at this level (b) They are self employed without any
(c) They work hard to make money (d) they are highly educated people most of them
are – Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and Teachers. (e) They are averagely educated and
people with low education here. (f) They make more money than people in Level 4 (g)
They don’t retire (h) Their businesses often die with them (i) They live big (j) They
have little or no assets
(k) They work harder and harder to make more money.

Level 4:- Many people (a) Most people are here. Graduates, Lawyers, Doctors,
Engineers, Accountants (b) They work for other people or the government (c) They live
big but they are not (d) They may be earning big salaries, they have little or no assets
(e) They struggle to buy their cars, maintain their cars, build their houses, send their
children to schools, no saving keep on hoping things will be better (f) They are either
broke or near broke (g) they fear financial risk (h) they are grumblers (i) they work for
money (k) after retirement they look for contract appointments that swifter a lot from
inflation. They enjoy pray rise for short periods only because inflation makes the rise
meaningless and by which time they have increased their standard of living.

Thinking that money is the most important thing for taking giant steps in life have
hindered and will continue to hinder many people all.

Thinking that money is the most important thing for taking giant steps in life is a
very big mistake. This error has prevented people from achieving what they could
possibly achieve. The thought pattern is a terrible but mighty effective trick of the
Satan truncating the destiny of people.

Money is very important. The Bible says with money you can get almost anything
done in life. But that is something the Bible says is more important Proverbs 4:7,
and stronger than money – that is wisdom. A wise mind is what you need to get
great dreams in your mind established.

When you have an idea, the first thing you must look up to is God not money. Call
on God for wisdom to go about it. Ask God for wisdom to get all the money you need.
The money you need is available somewhere. By wisdom and favour of God, you can
get it out.

Uncountable number of people has killed great vision by thinking that money is the
most important thing they need. No. You need wisdom and God’s favour more than

There are people with money who don’t have idea of what to do with the money.

Mr. Nikah Ogba is a schoolteacher; he conceived the idea of having a school of his
own. He had no money to start. He prayed fervently to God. He asked for wisdom
and favour. He met his Pastor and some members of his church and shared the
vision with them. He was given a loan of N2,500.00. he knew this will not do
anything in the city. He moved to a big village and with N2, 500.00 he started a
secondary school. People laughed at him. The Government Officials closed the
school. He reopened it. He told the education officer he did not mind being arrested
in the course of fighting poverty and unemployment. He said he wants to establish
an institution where lives of young people will be changed, bring hope and joy to the
villagers’ children and employment for many.

The Education Officer him a chance, that is God’s favour. Today it is a big school
with 300 students, many buildings, school vans and almost 25 people gainfully

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