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					                          Recycle Utah’s                                                               Fall 2007
                                                                                                       Volume XV Issue 3

                Trash Talk
                News you can use and re-use from your local non-profit recycling center

Fall Green Education Events
Business Energy Workshop October 23rd
Service Staff Workshop October 30th
Recycle Utah, the Board of Realtors, the Park City Lodging
Association, and the Green Building Initiative will present a
3-part lineup of education seminars for businesses, resi-
dents and contractors this Fall.
The Board of Realtors and Recycle Utah will deliver a third
workshop for businesses on Tuesday, October 23rd. This
workshop will teach businesses how to reduce their energy
consumption and save money. See info p. 8.
Recycle Utah and the Park City Lodging Association will
present an open seminar for service staff workers in the
                                                                 July 4th Parade Sends Recycle Now Message
identification and proper disposal of recycling and hazard-
ous materials. See info p. 8.                                    Thanks to many volunteers Recycle Utah’s July 4th and
The Green Building Initiative will present a seminar for con-    Miners Day floats outshined the rest in enthusiasm.
tractors on “Houses that Work.” See info p. 12.

Free HazMat Collection Sept.22nd                                 County BYOB Campaign Launched
Free household hazardous materials collection for resi-          County employees are on task to reduce the number of
dents will be held Saturday, Sept. 22nd from 9 am to 12          plastic bags in the landfill and recycle throughout the
noon at The Canyons parking lot. Paints, automotive prod-        county. Read about their partnership with Recycle Utah,
ucts, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and cleaners will be   page 6.
accepted as well as expired prescription medications.
                                                                 Recycle Utah Lends Event Bins
Businesses aka “small quantity generators” must make an
appointment to drop off between 12 noon and 1 pm. A              Today’s trend toward green weddings and environmentally
charge of 50 cents per pound will apply.                         responsible community events has prompted Recycle Utah
                                                                 to establish a Lend-a-Bin Program.
FREE hazmat collection is made possible by the Snyder-
ville Basin Water Reclamation District and Summit County.        Park City’s community recycling       In This Issue         Pg
For more info on HazMat Collection, see page 9.                  center has an inventory of recy-      Thank You               2
                                                                 cling bins to lend to Summit          Dear Rusty              2
                                                Recycle          County businesses, nonprofits,        Letters to Editor       3
                                                                 and individuals for the collection    RU Awards Program 4 & 5
                                                Utah’s new
                                                                                                       Silver Star             5
                                                event bins       of recyclables at events.             Summit County Partners 6
                                                made their       The bins are made available for       New Products            6
                                                debut at the     a donation to the Center.             Mtn Express Partner     7
                                                Park City                                              Wind Power Sign Up      7
                                                Kimball Art      Recycle Utah’s Lend-a-Bin pro-        Education News          8
                                                Festival,        gram was made possible through        HazMat Collection       9
                                                                 a grant from Anheuser Busch           Jeff Louden Saga        9
                                                Summer-                                                Bin Sponsors           10
                                                Ween, and        Recycling Corporation. Big Four
                                                                                                       Car Donations          10
                                                The Shop.        Distributing, the local distributor   Members & Membership 11
                                                To reserve       of Anheuser Busch beverages,          What’s Happening       12
                                                bins, call       to whom we are also deeply
                                                649-9698.        grateful.

           Recycle Utah is a Membership Organization! See details page 10 & 11.
 Trash Talk                                               Page 2                                         Fall Issue 2007

Well-Deserved Thank Yous
Well-                                                            “Dear Rusty”
Thanks to Amber Nelson & Chris Hanson for their won-             Our mascot Rusty is a dear deer who was left here myste-
derful, useful accounting services. They can be reached at       riously one night. He has since become an expert at giving
649-7710.                                                        advice about anything green. E-mail all your recycle ques-
                                                                 tions to Rusty in care of director@recycleutah.com.
Kudos to Linda Perkins, Jane Riley and Charlene
Nestel for staffing the center once a week late afternoons.      Dear Rusty — I recently learned that most plastic is recy-
                                                                 cled by sending it to China for reuse. My concern is that
We are indebted to all the members of the Board of
                                                                 with the lack of environmental laws/concerns in China, am
Realtors Environmental Issues Committee for their in-
                                                                 I really doing anything good for the earth by recycling plas-
estimable assistance in promoting recycling for hotels,
condos, and other Summit County businesses.                      tics? Quick to Worry

Thank you Sean Matyja, REALTOR® Prudential Utah                                                 Dear Quick — When you
                                                                                                recycle at the Center, all
Real Estate,for furnishing us with high resolution logos.
                                                                                                your plastic stays in the
Thank you to all our volunteers for their help with the pa-                                     USA. Plastic #1 and #2
rades: Greta, Bella & Liv Andreini, Christie Babalis,                                           bales are trucked to Rocky
Lola Beatlebrox, Katie Christiansen, Diane and Hutch                                            Mountain Recycling in Salt
Foster, Jeramy and Zack Lund, Max Koeppel, Richie                                               Lake. There they are broken
Olivier, Lilly Rowan and Dad, Insa Riepen.                                                      down and remade into larger
A huge thank you to C & S Creative Services for the de-                                         bales for shipping to recy-
sign of our new Sustainability Sticker (see p. 5) Cathy                                         cling locations in the United
Slusher and her team worked hard to come up with a                                              States.
striking design.                                                                                Mixed plastic bales are
Thanks to 10-year-old Lily Rowan of Lily’s Lemonade                         Rusty
                                                                           Rusty                trucked to Ogden where
Stand who donated the proceeds of her thirst-quenching                                          they are chipped to be made
lemonade sold to the Garage Sale crowd. Liliama Woods                                           into products like Recycle
also staffed the lemonade stand—thanks to her for help-          Utah stepping stones.
ing during the hot summer months.                                Your plastic bags go to Rocky Mountain Recycling and are
Thank you to the students and staff of the Oakley School         sold to Boise Cascade to be made into composite lumber.
for their tireless sorting.                                      Dear Rusty: We have blue recycle bins in our office for
Many thanks to the Board Members of Recycle Utah,                white paper. My co-worker says we can’t put stapled pa-
whose wisdom, reliability and experience in various fields       per in the bin so she carefully removes the staples. This
are most appreciated.                                            takes up too much time, in my opinion. What should we
                                                                 do? — Stapling is Standard in this Office
Thanks to Max Koeppel & Liz, Kathy Meyer and kids for
making windmills on Miners’ Day.                                 Dear Stapling — You don’t have to worry about the sta-
                                                                 ples. Magnets remove staples from office paper during the
Thanks to all citizens for dropping off their recycling at the
                                                                 recycling process. Same with labels on cans and bottles --
                                                                 they are also removed by the recycling facilities. However,
                                                                 rinsing out food containers and removing tape from card-
               Recycle Utah Office Hours:                        board boxes IS very helpful to the recycling process, so
                                                                 tell your office mate to concentrate her good intentions on
                 Monday-Sunday: 10-4 pm                          that. I hope you do too.
                Recycle Bins open 24 / 7!

                                                                            Recycle Utah Needs You!
                                                                 We need volunteers to help us stay clean, organized and
                                        needs to                 resource-efficient. Help your community recycle, reuse and
                                      give back.”                reduce waste, help educate, raise funds, and staff the of-

                                     - Ed Parigian               Spend an hour or two once a week, have fun with every-
                                                                 one you meet and walk away with a green halo. Call Paula
                                                                 McGee at 901-1636 or email at pmcwoods@earthlink.net
                                                                 to sign up NOW!

                        Recycling Programs for Businesses — Call 649-9698!
    Trash Talk                                                Page 3                                   Fall Issue 2007

Letter to the Editor                                                                  Send letters to director@recycleutah.org

Dear Recycle Utah —                                          result has some dramatic and unpleasant side effects; it
First, thank you for having such a great recycling center in takes more petroleum to produce than it saves (largely in
Park City. Thanks to that wonderful community resource it fertilizers, harvesting, and transport) and it pushes the
takes me a long time to fill my big, black trash can.        price of foodstocks up (as farmers switch to growing corn
                                                             for ethanol the planting of other crops goes down, driving
My congratulations to Jeff Louden for his efforts and a cou- the price up). Hopefully some day we will produce ethanol
ple answers to his questions from last month. What to do     from general biomass but that day is not near.
with leftover food that can't/shouldn't be composted? Feed
it to a dog! Most tables scraps are fine for dogs and cats.         Natalie Streeter aka "The Sh*t Lady, Midway Eques-
Cheese, eggs, meats, veggies, bread, and other grains can           trian Center (In case you're wondering about my nick-
all be fed safely to dogs. Just stay away from feeding on-        name I produce about 20 cubic yards of compost every
ions, garlic and spices which can make them sick.                       year that I give away and deliver to happy people).
What to do with noxious weeds? If properly composted the        Dear Recycle Utah:
seeds will be killed by the heat generated during decompo-      I own a condo in Park City, and I just wanted to applaud
sition. Often it's best to make sure they get well covered by   you for your recycling efforts. I expect to recycle wherever I
other compostable items so they don't sprout in your pile.      go. If recycling is not available I am disgusted! Thanks
Need extra material to keep the pile going? Midway Eques-       again for helping to keep our earth beautiful.
trian Center will gladly give you more.                                                    Belinda Bencomo, Park City
Lastly, I'm surprised that you promoted ethanol. While
                                                             Editor’s Note: HOA leaders should call Lola Beatlebrox at
other biofuels use a wide variety of organics (canola oil,
                                                             RU for free consultation in business recycling programs.
recycled oils, etc.) ethanol in the US only uses corn and as

          Editorial: Buy Wind Power and Join 1,398 of Your Smart Neighbors
In Park City 1,398 customers currently participate in the       That’s why it’s important to participate in Rocky Mountain
Blue Sky program -- 1,300 residents and 98 businesses.          Power’s Blue Sky program, so the company will buy more
Nearly 10 percent of the community participates in the Blue     wind power. Rocky Mountain Power buys electricity from
Sky program, which is a high number compared to most            the following wind farms:
other communities, according to Jeff Hymas, Rocky Moun-         Judith Gap Wind, Harlowton, Mont., 135 megawatts.
tain Power spokesperson.
                                                                Condon Wind Project, Gilliam County, Ore., 49.8 mgw.
Many prospective Blue Sky customers wonder why wind
power costs more when the source of energy to run a             Foote Creek IV Wind Project, Arlington, Wyo., 16.8 mgw.
windmill is free. Coal, they point out, costs a lot to mine     Klondike Wind Project, Sherman County, Ore., 24 mgw.
and transport to power plants.
Several challenges make wind power more expensive:                  1 block 100 kwh $1.95/mo 13% of household usage
Jeff Hymas says Rocky Mountain Power's current average             2 blocks 200 kwh $3.90/mo 25% of household usage
system generating cost (an average of all energy sources)
is about $34 per megawatt.                                          3 blocks 300 kwh $5.85/mo 38% of household usage

New coal or natural gas-fired generation costs about $60 to    8 blocks 800 kwh $15.60/mo 100% of household usage
$70 per megawatt. New wind energy, with the production
tax credit included, also costs about $70 per megawatt.     Nine Canyon Wind Project, Kennewick, Wash., 63.7 mgw.
Hymas says that because of the increase in steel prices,    Pleasant Valley Wind Project, Evanston, Wyo., 144 mgw.
the average cost for a single wind turbine has increased
from about $1 million in 2003 to $2 million today.          Stateline Energy Center, Umatilla County, Ore., and Walla
                                                            Walla County, Wash., 300 mgw.
Coal and natural gas plants are generally able to produce
energy about 85 percent of the time. Even in the best loca- To sign up for wind power, stop by Recycle Utah or go to
tions, wind turbines are generally able to produce energy   online at www.rockymountainpower.net/bluesky or call
only about 30 to 35 percent of the time.                    800-769-3717.
                                                                       Insa Riepen, Executive Director, Recycle Utah

        Support Recycle Utah with your membership dollars. See details page 11.
     Trash Talk                                                Page 4                                       Fall Issue 2007

         A Road Map for Change in the Summit County’s Business Environment
                   Level One                 Level Two               Level Three                        Level Four
Hotels/Condos      Recycling program for     Recycling at Level 1    Recycling at Level 2 plus:         Recycling at Level 3 plus:
                   categories 1-3            plus:                   Categories 7-8                     Reuse program for items
                   At least 1 collection     Categories 4-6          Staff involvement in sorting (if       from remodeling pro-
                        center (indoors or   In-room communica-           applicable)                       jects
                        outdoors)                 tion to guests     In room bins                       Lower contamination rate
                   Level 1 for Profes-                               Additional collection centers      Approach zero waste
                        sional Offices                                    in common areas such
                        category (see                                     as meeting rooms & hall-
                        below)                                            ways (indoors)
                   E-waste disposal                                  Low contamination rate
                   Hazmat disposal                                        based on hauler assess-
                                                                     Significantly reduced trash

Retail             Recycling program for     Recycling at Level 1    Recycling at Level 2 plus:         Recycling at Level 3 plus:
                   categories 1 & 2          plus:                   Categories 7-8                     Reuse program for items
                   E-waste disposal          Categories 3-6          Low contamination rate                 from remodeling pro-
                   Hazmat disposal                                       (based on hauler assess-           jects
                   Precycle strategy:                                    ment)                          Lower contamination rate
                       customer’s bags                                                                  Approach zero waste
                       & tissue paper,
                       etc. of recycled
                       content paper, no
                       plastic bags
Restaurants        Recycling program for     Recycling at Level 1    Recycling at Level 2 plus:         Recycling at Level 3 plus:
                   categories 1-4            plus:                   Categories 7-8                     Composting
                   E-waste disposal          Categories 5-6          Lower food contamination           Approach zero waste
                   Hazmat disposal           Low food contamina-     (based on hauler assess-
                   Precycle strategy:            tion                ment)
                        paper cups &
                        waxed paper-
                        board carryout
                        containers; NO
Professional       Recycling program for     Recycling at Level 1    Recycling at Level 2 plus:         Recycling at Level 3:
Offices            categories 1-2            plus:                   Categories 5-8                     Approach zero waste
                   E-waste disposal          Categories 3-4
                   Hazmat disposal           Recycled content
                   Printer cartridges            stationery, copy
                                                 paper & enve-

Recyclables Categories                       Additional Award Considerations
1. Paper                                     Sustained Programs
2. Cardboard & Paperboard                    Initial program must be in place for 6 months
                                             Ongoing programs
3. Plastics (Bags and/or Bottles)
                                             Continuous Improvement
4. Aluminum Cans
                                             Adds programs, improves recycling facilities, adopts new carbon offset strategies
5. Glass                                     annually
6. Mixed metals                              Community Cooperation / Pooling Resources
7. Blocks of EPS foam                        Examples: Business associations banding together to bale and haul cardboard
8. CDs, batteries, cell phones               Measured Performance –
                                             Actively measures & publishes performance

                               A rind is a terrible thing to waste: COMPOST!
Trash Talk                                        Page 5                                               Fall Issue 2007

                 Recycle Utah Launches Expanded Business Awards Program
                             Display a “Sustainability Sticker” at Your Business
Every December, Recycle Utah              Star, The Lodges at Deer Valley,          many buildings requiring too many re-
awards a Summit County business           Trail's End Lodge, The Washington         cycling centers, making hauling and
with the Recycler of the Year Award.      School Inn.                               bin purchase extremely expensive.
This award is given to the business       Recycle Utah would like to thank R &      Management buy-in: Managers are not
that has made the most progress in        R Property Management, Coalition          committed, too many other projects
adopting sustainable business prac-       Management, and Resorts West for          compete for their time.
tices.                                    their support of recycling.               Competing expenses: The HOA offi-
With our expanded business awards                                                   cers do not want to add another line
program, Recycle Utah now gives rec-                                                item to their budget.
ognition to businesses who have                                                     Over the next year the RU Board of
started the road to sustainability.                                                 Trustees hopes that the following prop-
The chart on the opposite page pro-                                                 erties will voluntarily establish recy-
vides a roadmap for hotels, condos,                                                 cling programs:
retail stores, restaurants and offices.                                             All Seasons Resort Management & the
Recycle Utah’s new Sustainability                                                   Silver King Hotel, Best Western Land-
Sticker is our Good Housekeeping                                                    mark Inn, Chateau Apres, Club
Seal of approval.                                                                   L’Esprit, Empire Pass, Hampton Inn,
Level 1 Award Winners                                                               Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Park City,
                                                                                    Park City Marriott, Pine Creek Condos,
These fine Park City hotels and con-                                                The Miner’s Club, New Claim, Shadow
dos have earned Level 1 and will be    Recycle Utah also acknowledges the
                                       work of the Grand Summit, Sundial,           Ridge, Three Kings Condos, David
receiving a Sustainability Sticker:                                                 Holland’s Properties, Identity Proper-
                                       Stag Lodge, and Stein Eriksen, who
Aspen Hollow, Black Diamond, The       are on the brink of installing their recy-   ties, The Park Regency, Poison Creek
Chateaux, Deer Valley Club, Goldener cling programs.                                Condos, Prospector Commercial Own-
Hirsch, Marriott’s MountainSide, Mar-                                               ers Association, Red Pine Condos,
riott’s Summit Watch, Park City Peaks Challenges                                    Silver Queen Boutique Hotel, Silver-
Hotel, Silver Star, Stein Eriksen Spa, Many Park City hotels and condos do          ado, Stag Lodge, and the Yarrow Ho-
The Lodges at Deer Valley, Trail's End not offer guest and/or owner recycling       tel.
Lodge, The Washington School Inn.      yet. There are many reasons:                 Recycle Utah endeavors to stay up-to-
Level 2 Award Winners                     Lack of space: No place to put a four     date with the recycling programs of all
Deer Valley Club, Marriott’s Mountain-    bin sorted recycling center.              businesses. If we have out left your
Side, Park City Peaks Hotel, Silver       Condo configuration: There are too        program in error, please contact us.

                                                                       Silver Star Collects Guest
                                                                and Construction Workers’ Recycling
                                                           Chad Asay, Director of Operations at Silver Star, says the new
                                                           condominium complex below the foot of the Spiro Tunnel on
                                                           Three Kings Drive collects a “great amount” of recycling.
                                                           Guests use in-room blue bins to transport their recycling to the
                                                           Recycling Center inside the condominium garage.
                                                           Construction workers who are finishing units also take their
                                                           soda cans and plastic bottles there. Curbit! Recycling hauls the
                                                           the recycling away. Curbit! also constructed a special cardboard
                                                           bin for the voluminous amounts of cardboard.
                                                           Silver Star’s operations department also collects EPS foam (left
                                                           corner of the picture) and self-transports that to Recycle Utah.

                        Recycling Programs for Businesses — Call 649-9698!
     Trash Talk                                                     Page 6                            Fall Issue 2007

                                                                                   Biodegradable Take Out Containers
                                                                                   mean NO MORE STYROFOAM-type
New Products,                                                                      containers. Made of sugarcane, corn or
Useful                                                                             potato starches, “bagasse” biodegrade in
                                                                                   years, compared to 1000 years for oil-
Products,                                                                          based plastics.
RU Products                                                                        Pricing sugar cane fiber 9” biodegradable
                                                                                   75 for $19.500
                                                                                   300 for $67.00
Get CFLs at topbulb.com                                                            Wholesale discounts for bulk orders

Compact fluorescent lights are sold online at                                      For information: www.worldcentric.org
www.topbulb.com.                                                                   For styles and pricing go to
You’ll find spotlights, bulb lights, spirals, and tubulars all at                  http://www.worldcentric.org/store/
the touch of a button,.                                                            fiberboxes.htm
Plus the hard-to-find dimmable CFLs for your spotlights.
To match wattage go to:                                                            Or call your local SYSCO rep.

                                                      Stop! No More Plastic — Bring Your Own Bag
                                                      Join far-sighted Summit County residents and bring your own bag to the
                                                      grocery store. Our bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
                                                      Two large bags handle the shopping for a family of four. Large $10;
                                                      Medium $7.50

             Summit County Employees Work to Reduce Needless Plastic Bags
                                               By Lisa Fitzgerald, Planner I, Summit County Community Development

Last February a group of Summit              Now that the employees have made venience stores throughout the entire
County employees realized they were                                           County. Not only will the bags – made
                                             strides to improve their own office hab-
not doing all that could be done within                                       from recycled plastic – prevent the
                                             its, the Task Force has joined with the
their own offices to recycle the basics                                       needless use of plastic grocery sacks,
                                             experience of Recycle Utah in a part-
– paper, plastic, and aluminum.                                               but they will also help spread the mes-
                                             nership to further the efforts of both
The Summit County Recycling Task             groups.                          sage that the whole of Summit County
Force have worked diligently over the The sturdy and sustainable Recycle      is working together to reduce our
past few months to significantly in-    Utah reusable bag, a community staple waste stream.
crease the amount of materials recy-    for a number of years, will soon be
cled or reused within County buildings. available at various grocery and con-

                                A rind is a terrible thing to waste: COMPOST!
      Trash Talk                                                     Page 7                                       Fall Issue 2007

                 Local Restaurants Say “No” to Styrofoam Takeout Containers
           Recycle Utah Partners with Mountain Express to Showcase Green Restaurants

 When is a clamshell bad for the environment? When it’s a               Plastic containers are third best. If plastic containers are
 Styrofoam ® takeout container. Styrofoam is a type of plas-            recycled they are a good choice, but the reality is tourists
 tic that last 1000 years. It breaks apart into little beads that       often don’t or can’t recycle. Since most takeout containers
 find their way into water sources and harm fish and wildlife.          are food-encrusted they usually end up in the landfill. So
 That’s why Recycle Utah is partnering with Mountain Ex-                use plastic sparingly.
 press Magazine to showcase the Park City and Summit                    Park City restaurants that have chosen the best sustain-
 County restaurants that do not use Styrofoam containers.               able material for takeout containers will have Recycle
 “There are many other choices — good, better and best,”                Utah’s sustainability sticker (p. 4) on their menus in Moun-
 said Lola Beatlebrox, Outreach Director.                               tain Express Magazine.
                                                                        “Its cool to be sustainable,” said Liz Desimone of Mountain Ex-
 Biocompostable clamshells are best because they de-
 grade in the landfill.                                                 press Magazine, which serves Park City’s tourism guests by
                                                                        publishing menus and delivering takeout orders. “We’re happy to
 Cardboard and paper are second best because they
                                                                        do our part.”
 eventually degrade in the landfill.

                                   Takeout Choices — Bad, Good, Better, Best
BAD                                                                                                                                  BEST

        All Styrofoam cups    Plasticware &              Recycled plastic                    PAPER & WAXED      Compostable Bagasse
        & containers          plastic bags in                                                CARDBOARD          in a city composting
                                                         It only takes 30-90 days
                              the landfill               to make a new product,                                 facility: 30-90 days;
        1000 years                                                                           Years to degrade
                              1000 years                 BUT PEOPLE DON’T                                       corn starch plastic 90-
        Particles harm fish
                                                         RECYCLE!                                               365 days; longer in a
        and wildlife

                                                Patrons often don’t recycle their plastic,
                                                making compostable bagasse, paper and
                                                cardboard a safer choice

           No Sitting on the Fence: Compost Now for Wonderful Spring Planting

 The San Diego Zoo doesn’t sit on the fence when it comes
 to composting. Their fun display on fences and windows
 explains composting quite graphically.
 What’s in Our Garbage
 17.4% Yard Waste, 15.3% Other Waste, 12.4% Food
 Waste, 11.7% Construction and demolition waste, 6.%%
 plastic, 3.8% metal, 3.4% glass.
 Compost Recipe
 2 parts Browns including twigs, dried leaves, wood chips,
 straw, or shredded newspaper.
 1 part Greens (provides nitrogen) including landscape trim-
 mings, fruit and vegetable scraps. Layer browns and
 greens as you add them to the pile. Add water, keeping the
 pile as moist as a wrung out sponge. Add air by mixing the
 pile, and let your compost “cook” well. Mix once a week ‘til
 your compost is black and crumbly.

                                 Recycling Programs for Businesses — Call 649-9698!
    Trash Talk                                             Page 8                                   Fall Issue 2007
                                                              The cost is $15 per person and includes the use of a cus-
      Energy Workshop October 23rd                            tom-developed business energy tracker spreadsheet.
The Board of Realtors & Recycle Utah will present the third Registration is mandatory because preparation is required
in a series of “carbon footprint” workshops on Tuesday,     to get the most out of the session.
October 23rd. The workshop will be held at The Lodges at
Deer Valley from 2-5 p.m.                                    Service Staff Workshop October 30th
The workshop will teach business owners, managers, and        Recycle Utah and the Park City Lodging Association will
maintenance personnel how to cut their energy expenses        present a training program for hotel and condominium ser-
and improve the environment at the same time.                 vice staff on Tuesday, Oct. 30th at the Park City Peaks
Workshop topics include:                                      Hotel.
    Measuring and tracking energy usage
                                                              The training covers hazardous waste and recyclables dis-
    Conducting an energy audit
                                                              posal, and is designed for the housekeeping, maintenance
    Cutting your energy bill                                  and customer service staff of hotels, property management
    Lighting with new technologies                            companies, restaurants, resorts, and other businesses.
    Establishing a recycling program                          Session I will be held in English at 9 am; Session II will be
    Cutting fuel usage                                        held in Spanish at 1:30 pm. Each session is only 90 min-
                                                              utes long. The cost is $10 per employee.
    Publicizing your success
The workshop is open to Summit County businesses on a         To register, please call Recycle Utah at 649-9698 or email
first come, first served basis.                               director@recycleutah.org.

         Recycle Utah’s New Website Has Education Fun for the Whole Family
Recycle Utah’s website offers fun edu- his knowledge!
cational activities for the whole family. Recycle Utah also has links to web-
                                                                                  N           Newspaper
Click on Education to find fun lesson     sites around the country. The EPAs
plans and games. Our custom devel-        website has animated games and
oped ABCs and Sorting Game for pre- test-your-knowledge quizzes that will
school children provides hours of fun. keep the children busy for hours.
Parents can print out the pdf file and    The website “environmental portal” is
teach the alphabet with recycling         located at:
cards.                                 www.recycleutah.org/education/
Older elementary school aged children lessonplans/
can play Go Fish! and Concentration    Just click on the grade level of your
with their deck of cards.              child and new activities will open up.
Instead of hearts and spades, the
“suits” are recyclables, compostables,
hazardous materials, and thrift store                                               Game Illustration by Alex Woodcock
items. Kids can play with Dad and test                                                      PCHS Class of 2009

                                                          Seniors Reach Out to Recycling
                                                          The Park City Senior Center asked Recycle Utah to make a
                                                          luncheon presentation in August. Outreach Director Lola Beat-
                                                          lebrox fielded many questions about recycling .
                                                          Soon the bridge group will be playing cards with Recycle
                                                          Utah’s new deck in which the suits are Recyclables, thrift store
                                                          items, compostables, and hazardous materials.
                                                          If your group would like an educational presentation, contact
                                                          Recycle Utah at 649-9698.

                   It’s never too late to become a member! See details page 11.
     Trash Talk                                               Page 9                                        Fall Issue 2007

       On HazMat Collection Day, Saturday, Sept. 22, What Should You Bring?

Summit County’s free Household Haz-       Paints, Solvents & Woodworking                Mercury containing items:
ardous Waste Collection Day is Satur-     Supplies                                      Switches
day, Sept. 22 at The Canyons Parking      Paint thinners and strippers                  Thermostats
Lot from 9 am – 12 noon for residents.    Stains and finishes                           Thermometers
Household hazardous waste must be         Household Cleaners                            Film developing chemicals
disposed of properly or it can harm       Polishes and cleaners                         Insect repellents
Public Work employees, create prob-       Drain openers                                 Nail polish and removers
lems in wastewater treatment plants       Oven cleaners                                 Smoke detectors
and landfills.                            Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbi-            Refrigerators, Tires & Car Batteries
Automotive Products                       cides                                         Thanks to volunteers from SBWRD,
Antifreeze                                Rechargeable batteries                        Triumph Gear Systems, the Park City
Used oil, brake and transmission fluid    Fluorescent light bulbs                       Fire Dept., Summit County Health
Gasoline, diesel, and fuel additives      Pool and spa chemicals                        Dept. & Recycle Utah.
Solvents and degreasers                   Prescription Medicines

Dispose of Meds                                            HazMat Safety & Disposal Tips
                                          1. Look for the least toxic product that will get the job done.
                                          2. Don’t stock up on products; purchase only what you need.
Never flush prescription medica-
tions down the toilet or sink be-         3. Read the Label! Follow the Directions!
cause they greatly affect water           4. Keep products in their original containers.
quality. Bring your out-of-date pre-      5. Do not put hazardous waste in the trash, down the drain, or on the ground. Store
scription drugs on HazMat collec-            in original containers for disposal on HazMat Collection Day.
tion day.
                                          6. Do not mix products or pour other chemicals into used motor oil! This can be dan-
Another option is to wrap them               gerous and can make the product more difficult to recycle or dispose of.
tightly in aluminum foil, in their
original containers, then throw           7. Empty or dried-out cans of latex paint can be discarded in the regular trash if the
them into your trash.                        lids are removed. Mixing the paint with kitty litter, concrete-mix, or soil will help
                                             speed the drying process.

                                                                 Eighteen people, 110 miles, 28 days, 15,000 vertical feet
Jeff Louden’s Zero Waste Saga, cont’d.                           gained. For a month I was the course leader on a Wind
Three hundred people and only one small grocery bag of           River Wilderness expedition with the National Outdoor
“trash” per day. That’s normal for Holden Village , a Lu-        Leadership School out of Lander, WY. Some of our goals
theran retreat center in the wilderness of the East Cas-         were to lighten our load (45 lbs total pack weight per per-
cades. They don’t have the luxury of “throwing away” any-        son or less) and to live lightly with no trace on the land. We
thing easily. Garbage has to be shipped out by barge and         did that well. NOLS excels with Leave No Trace in the
its expensive.                                                                         backcountry.
So…every staff person and every vol-                                                    But its more of a struggle in the front
unteer, and guests too, help out with                                                   country to maintain that commitment to
Garbology. Two hours per week at the                                                    live simply and lightly.
garbology station helps the center live                                                The goal is still one can of trash for a
lightly on the land.                                                                   full year. I’m on task. But as with my
How much could we reduce our trash                                                     NOLS pack, every little bit adds up. I
footprint if our homes and businesses                                                  think I’ll put up a Garbology Station
committed to recycling and reducing as                                                 sign in my garage as way to remind
much as we could? What if our                                                          me of my commitment to lighten the
neighborhoods had “community garbol-                                                   load, to leave no trace and to live sim-
ogy stations”? Would you put your                                                      pler. It takes work, but not that much.
gloves on and participate?            Garbology Station          The world is worth it. Will you join me and RU in reducing,
                                                                 recycling, reusing and rethinking how we live?

                               A rind is a terrible thing to waste: COMPOST!
      Trash Talk                                            Page 10                                    Fall Issue 2007

    We Appreciate Our Bin Sponsors                                   We Appreciate Our Grantors
                     Allied Waste*                                Kevin and Donna Gruneich Foundation
                      Cole Sport Ltd.                                     Hemingway Foundation
                        Coverall                                            Elizabeth S. Hoopes
              Dancing Hands Gallery*
                    Deer Valley Lodging
                                                                             JEPS Foundation
                     Deer Valley Resort                                      Lund Foundation
                    East West Partners                               Park City Municipal Corporation
               Eye Care For Animals*                                   Raymond Family Foundation
                 Frontier Community Bank                        Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District
               Geary Construction, Coalville                       Soaring Wings Education Foundation
               Good Earth Recycling*
                       Park City Signs
                                                                     The Summit County Commission
             Park City Board of Realtors*
                 Park City Mountain Resort                   Recycle Utah Members Are Very Aware
                Park City Sunrise Rotary
              Prudential Utah Real Estate                    As active recyclers, Recycle Utah members are very aware
                                                             of the link between recycling and greenhouse gas reduction.
               Raymond Family Foundation                     You know that products made from recycled materials use
                   Skis on the Run*                          30% less energy in their manufacture, emitting less green-
                  Smith’s, Heber City                        house gas.
              Starbucks Coffee Company                       Recycle Utah collects over 200 tons of recyclables every
                    Stein Eriksen Lodge                      month. Recycling 100 tons of material is equivalent to plant-
                 Talisker Mountain*                          ing 34 acres of trees that absorb 89 tons of CO2 emissions.
                    The Canyons Resort                       As dues-paying members, you want your dollars to make an
             Utah Brewers Cooperative*                       impact on CO2 emissions because you want to “Save Our
                        Wal-Mart                             Snow!” — reduce the impact of global warming on Park
    Renewing Bin Sponsors                       * New        City’s snow pack and our tourist economy. Your member-
                                                             ship dollars also prevent trash from going to Summit
                                                             County’s landfills.
                                                             Your donations support the daily operations of your recy-
                                                             cling center, including the easy exchange of moving boxes,
                                                             packing material, building materials, and major appliances.
                                                             And your money helps educate hundreds of school children
                                                             in the 4 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RETHINK!

                     Donate Your Car to RU and Be Sure of a Green Grave
When it comes time to getting rid of    Tear-A-Part is an auto disposal com-       salvaged windshield cleaner, brake
your old clunker, there are plenty of   pany with an environmental con-            fluids, antifreeze, oil and gasoline.
charities that would love your car.     science.
                                                                                          How to Donate Your Car
They “sell” it to a junk yard and you   Tear-A-Part will “de-manufacture”
feel good because you’ve solved your    your family chariot on its clean, state     1. Fill out a form at RU or on our
car problem, supported your favorite    of the art premises.                           website
charity, and received a tax deduction   They extract all the environmentally        2. Provide the car title (Call RU if
all in one swell foop.                  hazardous fluids from the vehicle and          you don’t have one.)
But what happens to your car after      other toxic parts such as switches with     3. Tear-A-Part Auto Recycling will
you give it up? When Recycle Utah       mercury.
                                                                                       schedule a pickup.
looked into this question, we discov-   Following the principle that re-use is
ered Tear-A-Part Auto Recycling in                                                  4. In most cases, you will be eligible
                                        better than hazmat disposal, Tear-A-
Salt Lake .                                                                            for an RU tax deduction letter.
                                        Part offers discount retail purchases of

                  Donate to Recycle Utah’s “Yes! We Take Packing Foam” Fund!
         Trash Talk                                                                         Page 11                                                       Fall Issue 2007
                                what?                                                            why?                                                     wow!
  RU works with and educates the community to conserve natural                   Mission: Recycle Utah’s Mission is to pro-         RU provides educational services, free compost-
  resources, especially water, energy & landfill space.                          vide leadership and education to promote           ing workshops, drop-off centers in Park City,
      RU collects tons of glass every month, when others don’t col-              waste reduction, reuse, recycling, backyard        Kimball Junction, Coalville, Kamas and Heber
  lect it. RU has collected hazardous materials biannually for years.            composting and water conservation in Sum-          City, and Hazardous Waste Drop-off Events.
                                                                                 mit and Wasatch Counties, UT.
    RU accepts any kind of paper, cardboard, paperboard, alumi-                                                                     Our “Good Wood” Project (at the Park City
  num, tin/steel cans, mixed metals, and all plastics. We also take in           Vision: Recycle Utah’s Vision is the crea-         center) was the first program of its kind in Utah!
  batteries, moving boxes, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, cellular                   tion of a Zero Waste Plan in order to elimi-
                                                                                                                                    Our packaging reuse program is amazing!
  phones, CD and acrylic cases, toner & ink cartridges, mercury-                 nate waste and pollution in the manufacture,
  containing thermometers, and any plastic bags.                                 use, storage and recycling of materials.           Our main source of revenue is the generosity of
                                                                                                                                    our members. We appreciate you!

   Individual                    Sarah Wood                        John & Karen Culberson       John Montgomery                 Dan & Kathleen Lockwood          Corporate
   Jennifer Aldous               Gaye Worthen                      Susan Curbow                 The Moore Family                Scott & Carol Loomis             Jo & Dave Bateman
   Laura Alleman                 Ann Zimmerman                     A. Flint & Gail M. Decker    Christine & Duncan Orr          Jim McCleary                     Maura & John Hanrahan
   Rita Baden                    Tina Blake                        Michelle & Herwig Demschar   Virginia & Gary Otteson         Kathy Musson                     Alexander Lofft
   Vincent Beerman               Joe Kernan                        Betsey Devaney               Russell Paskoski                Bonnie Peretti                   Julie Melgaard Guiney
   Sandra Beherrel               John Kernan                       Sally & Torch Elliott        Dean & Jamie Peters             Steve & Linda Perkins            Marlin "Lige" Sandlin Jr.
   Tom Berneike                  Toby Tolpinrud                    Heather & Gary Ellis         Leland H. & Lisa F. Peters      Christina Riepe                  Margie & Peter Schloesser
   Liz Blackner                                                    Craig Eroh, Sancy Leachman   Celeste & Ralph Raffin          Robert Roemer & Irene Terry      Booster Juice
   Patrick Brennan               Individual Plus                   Jim & Hildreth Farris        Patrick & Gwen Reddish          Joanne Staral / Bennett Leeper   Brennan & Shultz Painting
   James J. Brooks               Laura Bonham                      The Fey Family               Jeanne & Harry Reems            Maureen Traeger                  BTM Welding
   Alyson Burleigh               Patrick Farrell                   Scott & Jill Ford            Insa Riepen                     Tevy Vetter                      Design Pacific
   Joan Cameron                  Jeff & Joann Graham               Bruce Foster                 Carolyn & Phillip Rose          Bob & Patti Wells                Grub Steak Restaurant
   Cynthia Chittenden            Pamela Hilbert                    Frank & Lani Furr            Brent Sanford                   Anita & Scott Wolfe              Images of Nature
   Jim Cowley                    Barbara Jenson                    Gerard & Linda M. Gebel      Ian & Alisa Schofield           The Keil Family                  Karin Tritt Ross, Inc.
   Rosemary Craighill            Evelyn Richards                   Jean Glaser & Craig Payne    Kathy Stanger                   Joy Barrett                      Medical Acupuncture of N.Y.
   Jay Dunlap                    Patti Sanborn                     Trace & Patricia Gordon      Ellie & Doug Stephens           Steve & Lori McDonald            Park City Architecture
   Susan Feulner                 Neil Scanlon                      Christa & Steve Graff        Bruce King & Duna Strachan      Frank & Linda Thomas             Park City Fire Service District
   Billie Firpo                  Images of Nature                  Carole & Mark Hancey         Alexis Taylor                   Greg & Toni Adams                Paulus Hair Restoration Group
   The Holmen Family             Dana Kent                         Dave & Mary Hanscom          Morag Totten                    Helene Liebman & John Klisch     R & R Properties
   David Johnson                 Jennie Franklin                   Gail Hecox                   Robin & Francine Valline        350 Main & The Spur              Right Angle Framing
   Jan Jones-Schenk              Michelle Sweet                    The Hendrickson Family       Nancy Scott & Dale Whitton      Richard & Anne Hamlin            Timbercrafts of Utah
   John Kernan                                                     Barbara & Bill Hughes        Bob & Sharon Winders            Michael Barnes                   Western Container Roll Offs
   Ilsa Leonhart                 Family                            Marj & Jeff Kaiser           Kent Winterholler               Peter & Pam Behn                 Wintzer-Wolfe Properties
   Marion Lintner                Greta Andreini                    Tom Kelly & Carole Duh       Barry & Jody Woods              Tina Blake
   Elizabeth Luebbers            The Antinori Family               The Kinsman Family           Paul Woods & Family             Wiggy & Tom Brennan              Corporate Plus
   Stephen & Denise Markovich    Herb & Shellie Armstrong          Katherine Kwic               Steve & Lori McDonald           Marc Estabrook                   Cynthia Guenther
   Nancy McLaughlin              Ted, Heide, Brianna & Brady       Heather & Eric LaPerle       Jay & Andrea Shotwell           Kurt & Carolyn Frankenburg       Diane Murphy & Hutch Foster
   Pamela Nides                  Baumann                           Rob Lea                      The Holley Family               Kathryn Lenton                   Sean & Alix Railton
   Christian Oliver              Lola & Zafod Beatlebrox           Jim & Cindy Lea                                              Jeramy Lund                      The Tesch Family
   Richard Olivier               Thom & Allison Benedict           Paul Loberg                  Family Plus                     Dee & Kevin McCarthy             Tesch Law Offices
   Christopher Peterson          David Bennett                     Julia & Bill Loughlin        Brett & Lori Mickelson          Ted Russell                      Tom & Livier McGee
   Jonelle Reid                  Marcel & Rachael Bibeault         Dan Lowell                   Brian & Peg Anderson            David & Candace Sabey            Richard Lee
   Jane Riley                    Nancy Bond & David Serena         Gregg & Karen Lund           Read & Jean Carlan              Debbi & Jim Seaver               Old Pike Associates
   Carol Sletta                  Kent & Rebecca Bowen              Tami & David MacFarlane      Peter Dunmire & Debbie Hogs-    Michael Semrau                   Super
   Jane Stone                    Dawn & Steven Bowling             Carl Magnus                  head                            Laural Spenser                   Eye Care For Animals
   Myra & Edmund Strauchen       Wiggy & Tom Brennan               Jean Martin                  Barbara Gaddis                  Sparky Van Valkenburgh           Thomas & Dorothy Borders
   Leigh Terry                   Peggy Cain                        Paul & Jessica Mathewson     Grant & Kathleen Hedges         Cynthia Vitko & Maurice Hickey   Earth Guardians
   Glen Traylor                  Joni Campbell & Paul Askins       Tom S. McKay                 Tim & Katherine Henney          Ivory Homes                      Elizabeth S. Hoopes
   Bob Turner                    Lesley Christoph & Ed Pouquette   Judy McNeil                  Robert & Linda Karz                                              Raymond Family Foundation
   Betsy Wallace                 James & Julie Crittenden          Art & Normandie Mindheim     Tania Knauer

                          Recycle Utah is a Membership Organization – Join Today!
                                                                                                Please circle your membership & donation support:
                                                                                                  Individual         $20+                               Corporate             $150+
Address:                                                                                          Family             $40+                               Super                 $500+

City & State:                                                Zip.                                 Full Bin Sponsorship             $1200.00             Earth Guardian              $5,000+
                                                                                                  Additional Contribution $ _______                     Education $ ___________
Email:                                                       Ph:

                                                                                                ___ Yes, please contact me about Recycle Utah’s Educational Services.
Method of Payment:
                                                                                                ___ Yes, please contact me about volunteering.
Check, or New! Credit card for donations over $59.00 or a
$5 service charge for donations under $59.00                                                    ___ Please do not publish my name in the newsletter.

Name on card:                                                                                    Please update your address, telephone, & email on the reverse side.
CC Number:                                                                                                       Recycle Utah is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization,
Exp date:                                          Tel. #                                                                   making your donations tax deductible.
                                                                                                            Recycle Utah, P.O. Box 682998, Park City, UT. 84068
Billing zip code:                                  Amount:                                            Questions? Call (435) 649-9698 or visit www.recycleutah.org

   www.recycleutah.org                 recycleutah.org                www.recycleutah.org                 www.recycleutah.org                    www.recycleutah.org
   Trash Talk                                                                           Page 12                                             Fall Issue 2007

                                                                                               Look What’s Happening
              Birthday in a Box                                                               September 2007
                     A Brand New Recycling Bin!!                                              9/22 Green Home Tour, showcasing environmentally wise
                                                                                              building and materials for homes. 10am- 4pm Tickets available
                                                                                              at RU, $15 before tour; $20 day of tour.
                 For your child’s next birthday,                                              www.greenbuildingcenter.net
                                                                                              9/22 HazMat Collection, Canyons Parking Lot, 9 – 12 pm
                        let Recycle Utah deliver
                                                                                              9/27 Green Building Consultation for Home Owners. 4-7 pm
                the party favors, the music, and                                              9/28 Framing & Roofing, Green Building Initiative seminar for
                                                                                              contractors. www.utahgbi.org
      the fun activity— you just supply the cake!
      In an 18 gallon recycling bin you get . . .                                             October 2007
            2 “karma” stones for each child to paint                                          10/6 Solar Building Tour. 10-4. www.utsolar.org for details.
                                                                                              10/23 Energy Workshop for Businesses, The Lodges at Deer
            Water-based permanent paints and brushes
                                                                                              Valley, 2– 5 pm. See p. 8 for details.
            A painting tarp to protect your floors                                            10/30 Service Staff Workshop for Maintenance, Housekeeping
            A Recycle Utah water bottle for each child                                        staffs & customer service staffs. See p. 8 for details.

                                                                                              November 2007
      The Birthday Child receives . . .
                                                                                              Happy Thanksgiving. We’re closed today.
      The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, The Curious George/                                             December 2007
      Jack Johnson CD with the Recycling Song
                                                                                              12/8 Houses that Work, Green Building Initiative Seminar for
                     Priced at $180 for ten children                                          contractors. Full day of building science education.
                     Call Recycle Utah at 649-9698                                            Happy Holidays — We’re closed Christmas & New Year’s Day
                                                                                                             All dates are firm until they’re not.

                                                                                           consultation is available by appointment only on from 4 – 7
Green Building Consultation                                                                pm. Call RU at 649-9698 to schedule your appointment.
If you re thinking about a green remodel, Recycle Utah is
offering free consultation about on Thurs. Sept. 27. Volun-                                          “We are only guests upon this planet, so let’s make
teer consultants will be available to answer your questions                                          our renewable resource beds and not leave a mess in
about green building and focus on your project. This free                                            the ozone kitchen.” – P. J. O’Rourke

 Recycle Utah’s Board of Trustees
            Diane Murphy, President                                                                                                 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
         Brett Mickelson, Vice President
      Marc Estabrook, Treasurer/ Secretary                                                                                             US POSTAGE PAID
Past Presidents: Michael O’Hara, A. Flint Decker                                                                                         PARK CITY, UT.
                                                                                                                                          PERMIT No. 2
                Board Members:
  Christie Babalis, Dana Kent, Alexander Lofft,
                                                    Recycle Utah
Jeramy Lund, Karin Tritt Ross, Ted Russell, Craig   1951 Woodbine Way
           “Sparky” Van Valkenburgh                 P.O. Box 682998
            County & City Liaisons:                 Park City, Utah 84068
        Kevin Callahan, Candy Erickson              Phone: 435-649-9698
          Recycle Utah’s Staff                      Fax: 435-658-1530
                                                    e-mail: director@recycleutah.org
        Executive Director: Insa Riepen
      Operations Manager: Shannon Beglin
       Outreach Director: Lola Beatlebrox
 Operations: Greta Andreini, Ben Carlson, Billie
             Firpo, Kent Sweeney                    RECYCLE UTAH IS
      Paula McGee, Volunteer Coordinator            A MEMBERSHIP ORGANIZATION.
 Please contact us at 649-9698 to find out more
 about our services, publications, and resources.   SEE PAGES 10 & 11
            Office Hours: 10-4 daily
           Recycling Drop Off: 24/7

                                                                 20% Post-Consumer Materials –Printed on Recycled Paper

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