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									                   Assess and Secure Mobile Applications with Mobile Security Services

In today’s business environment where, as a result of consumerization of IT, the concept of Bring Your Own Device
(BYOD) is tremendously popular, mobile security is becoming increasingly important. Unlike previously where new
technologies first emerged in the corporate sector before spreading into the consumer market, today, consumers
have more options and choices. Today people own tablets, Smartphones, iPads and other powerful mobile devices.
While in offices, it is the same old story resulting in a widening gap between the technology tools used in personal
or social life and those used in professional life. With the popularity of BYOD, people get to work with the same
devices that they use at home. Moreover, BYOD has been responsible for increased employee satisfaction and
reduced IT equipment acquisition costs.

According to Juniper research, the number of mobile devices used in the enterprises worldwide will increase and
may be it will be more than double at the end of the year 2014. Even Gartner predicts that by 2014 approximately
90% of organizations will support corporate applications on personal devices.

Irrespective of all this, the question of security is something that bothers enterprises worldwide. As mobile devices
have an increasing amount of sensitive information; these are the most preferred targets of attacks. Hence taking
a holistic view of mobile security and its components is critical.

Enterprises, therefore must partner with experts in Information Risk Management services as they have the
experience and expertise in deploying secure mobile applications on different platforms and environments. The
mobile security services that they offer include:

Mobile Application Security
Test for vulnerabilities in your mobile application by mobile application penetration testing (black/gray box),
secure code review, reverse engineering and API’s security testing. They also help to remediate the vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application Store Security
Security assessment for Internal Apps, External Apps, Open API’s (used to interface external and internal apps in
App Store), secure code review, malicious patterns verifications, device OS and dependent Telco’s components
security assessment.

Mobile Payment & Banking Security
Security assessment of Mobile Payment & Banking applications, secure code review, reverse engineering, payment
gateways and application API/interfaces’ security assessment.

USSD/DSTK Application Security
Security assessment for USSD/DSTK Applications, USSD Gateways, USSD Application Server Frameworks, secure
code review, USSD log analysis, USSD based payment application’s PCI-DSS and payment forum’s compliance pre-

Enterprise Mobile Data Management Services
Help clients for enterprise data fragmentation; Access Control for critical business data; access control for business
applications usage; Mobile Content Management; Data storage encryption and authentication for fragmentized

Mobile Device Security
In this service, they perform Mobile Device’s security configuration review (Secure access control, anti-virus,
browser and Applications security and security manager’s customized security settings); prepare customized
device security policies and user awareness programs; security assessment of Mobile Platform and OS (Android,
iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME and BADA).
Thus, with mobile security, enterprises can easily access and secure their mobile applications, App Stores, payment
services products, USSD apps and Mobile devices.

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