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									                               Cloud Security Solutions for a Secure Ecosystem

Technological evolution has ushered in the era of cloud computing solutions allowing enterprises to communicate
and deliver software solutions cost-effectively. The origin of the term 'cloud' though seems obscure, is used as a
metaphor for the internet based computer and communication network systems. Based on the significant benefits
brought in through cloud computing most enterprises consider this as a top technology priority.

With new age handheld devices, Smartphones and tablets that facilitate ease of access to the widely
networked corporate data and remote accessibility to desktops and workstations, the end users face the brunt
of security issues. The security landscape in today’s technology enabled business environment changes with the
ability of the cyber criminals bypassing the network security controls beyond encryption. However, in the face
of such challenges from the cyber world, and with most of the applications for the new age devices being based
on the cloud, enterprises need to take adequate steps towards cloud security and data protection.

Wikipedia defines Cloud security as “an evolving sub-domain of computer security, network security, and more
broadly information security. It refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect
data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing.” Security issues related to cloud
computing are either associated to the cloud providers or faced by the customers. Irrespective of the situation,
the enterprises and service providers must ensure that the infrastructure is secure and client's data is protected
with effective data protection solutions.

For a cloud security architecture to be effective, requires the need for correct defensive implementations to be
in place. The use of risk management frameworks along with the cloud security architecture enables enterprises
to recognize the security issues. With the extensive virtualization of cloud computing environment, the on-
demand service works out as its weak link. Since security breaches results from data leaks and cyber attacks,
enterprises making use of cloud environment for its service delivery and communication channels must bring in
necessary changes in their data protection solutions. Further with data breaches leaving a great impact on the
business continuity and information cycle, the service providers should ensure secure cloud applications.

Cloud security is not a predefined process but an innovative one to overcome traditional security issues.
Nevertheless, enterprises can also ensure security standards by:

         Reinforcing security at the hardware level
         protect data with encryption
         Authentication and verification of identities and devices before sent to the cloud

However, techniques such as authentication, authorization and validation limit security and easy usage of cloud
solutions. Cloud security solutions from the leaders in the industry will help build an ecosystem around the core
platform and enable enterprises to concentrate on the core business ideas.

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