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									Change Management Solutions for Dynamic Global Enterprises

Technological innovations and changing customer demands are so interrelated that one leads to another.
Change is quite imperative in a growing business world, with enterprises facing the need to change their
structures, IT infrastructure and process to withstand the aggressive competition. Changes in IT
infrastructure results in server and application updates implementing new software which may result in
interruptions in the existing systems.

Change management is thus an IT service management discipline used ensure that standardized
procedures and methods are used to efficiently handle the changes brought in to the IT infrastructure of an
enterprise. As changes in IT infrastructure such as implementation of new technology or upgrading the
existing systems are reactive response to problems, customer requirements or organizational
improvements, resistance to change either from internal process or external factors will result in failure of
the system. Under such circumstances, change management will help to minimize the impact of any service
outages. Further by ensuring use of standardized methods, processes and procedures for all changes, the
process facilitates to maintain a proper balance between the need for change and any potential
detrimental impact.

In a technologically enabled enterprise depends on the IT infrastructure and software applications to
automate the large portion of the business procedures. Any small to large change made on to the software
whether voluntarily or accidental, imperatively affects the entire related systems. It therefore becomes
vital to ensure that software changes are closely monitored. A software change management process will
help these enterprises with an in-depth understanding of the way software operation can automate the
business processes.

Further, since the software needs across the application life cycle can be predicted, it becomes easier to
understand the software development life cycle. Any unidentified alteration will lead to application
releases witnessing complications and unfavorable circumstances. The leading service providers with
expertise in agile methodology have designed and developed innovative change management solutions
that will help the global enterprises manage and track the changes efficiently. Changes can also be
managed through a reactive impact analysis across the software development life cycle. Moreover
implementing automated change management programs facilitates reduction of dangerous consequences.

The new age change management solutions offered by the leaders in the industry sector not only caters to
the contemporary requirements of the global business environment but are also user friendly and
functions as a repository for application life cycle modifications. By efficiently linking change items and
change packages on the basis of similar functionality, features and groups and this aids in the effective
implementation of change item resulting in a two-way requirements traceability matrix functioning in a
process driven manner.

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