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									How to copy iPhone to iTunes
“I had cleaned out my whole computer, and forgot to copy music from iTunes to a USB plug-in or a flash drive. All my music is on my iPhone 3g, and I need to backup iPhone to iTunes. I really need a pretty good program that can copy iPhone music to iTunes easily and quickly. Can you please lead me through a step by step direction on how to copy from iPhone to iTunes?” Everyone who has an iPhone would come across the same problem which has been mentioned, for kinds of reasons they need to copy iPhone music to iTunes. But copying iPhone music to iTunes is a difficult thing. It needs a more complicated process because Apple keeps us from copying from iPhone to iTunes directly. As we all known, Apple wants to prevent piracy and protect music companies selling their songs to Apple’s iTunes. It sounds very reasonable, but it is quite unfair to those honest consumers. In fact, there are many legit reasons why a user may need to copy iPhone to iTunes. So, you want to copy iPhone songs to iTunes but you don’t know where to start to? Don’t worry, this article will tell you the Detailed steps about how to copy from iPhone to iTunes. If you really need to know, please follow the steps below: Tool: IPhone to iTunes Transfer – Copy iPhone to iTunes Step1:Download iPhone to iTunes transfer. Step2:Change your sync mode to Manually-Sync before connect to your iTunes. Step3:Run iPhone to iTunes transfer and transfer all your files that includes your music and other files you want to add to iTunes to your computer at first. This tool will not erase any files on your iPhone or iTunes. Step4: Add files from your computer to iTunes. For Windows OS user: Download iPhone to iTunes Transfer for Windows For Mac OS user: Download iPhone to iTunes Transfer for Mac Related articles: Copy music from iPhone How to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

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