How to do Intraday Trading in stock market

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					       How to do Intraday Trading in stock market

What is Intraday Trading????
Intraday trading is also known as Day Trading. In intraday trading you take the
stock and release the position before end of the day. Or in simply language we can
say that you buy and sell the stock in same day you can’t carry the position on the
next day. Trader who participates in day trading is also known as Day trader.
Intraday trading is the most popular now days for making money in a very short
time. If you know how to do intraday trading in stock market then you can make a
huge profit in a day but you doesn’t have any idea about intraday trading then you
may be loose a lot of money in this market. Intraday Trading if done correctly can
be a very good source of regular income. So if you are thinking about intraday
trading then there are some tips which may be helpful for you in intraday trading.

Invest what you can afford to lose. This is the very important and first tips for day
traders. Everyone knows that about stock market, some time it may give a huge
profit and some time may give a very big lose so it is very important that if you
getting lose then you can afford that lose.

Research and watch market thoroughly. For earning profit from stock market
research is very important. You choose the stock and know the resistance and
support level with the help of researcher or Intraday tips provider. And also keep
up with the latest news, as the general psychology of public is to buy when good
news is there.

Wait for the right price to enter in the trade. Do not make out decisions based on
speculations. Keep eying fundamentals along with technicals of the stocks and
enter only when it reaches the target buying/selling price. There are the factors that
determine whether it is the right time for you to enter the market or to stay away
for a while and just observe. The factors or feature you must consider for your
choice of products are liquidity, spread and volatility.

Liquidity is important because if the stock is not liquid then nobody will make the
stock move higher. Liquidity is important for it can dictate you to enter into your
intraday trading move and exit quickly as soon as you have successfully executed
the trade. It makes some pattern to be stronger.

Fix entry price and target levels. Before you buy stock firstly fix your entry price
and target level. If you are unable to fix target and stop loss then you may consult
the experience person or stock tips provider.

Wait watch and then decide what you should do. Patience is very important in this
market. In this market active person are more successful because there are very
less time to take the position and fix SL etc. So if you want to success then is

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