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									                ARCHAEOLOGICAL                                 Egypt – 15 Days

                                                               Tuesday September 14 - Tour Day 1
                                                               Depart on Singapore Airlines from Sydney for Cairo via Singapore.
                                                               Departure from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth at no
 Go with someone who knows the way!                            extra cost. International travelers can join us in Cairo for the land   Tuesday September 21 – Tour Day 8
                                                               price only. Price on application.                                       Day trip in our air-conditioned coach to the temple of Sethi I

   Egypt &
                                                               Wednesday September 15 - Tour Day 2                                     at Abydos with its historic “king list”, the underground temple
                                                                                                                                       known as the Osireion and the temple of Seti’s son, Ramesses
                                                               Depart from the airport and travel by our own air-conditioned           II. In the afternoon to the temple of Dendera to see the fantastic
                                                               coach to visit the pyramids of Pharaoh Seneferu at Dahshur.             original colours, zodiac ceiling and the relief of Cleopatra. Drive
                                                               Explore inside the Red pyramid and walk around the pyramid at           through picturesque villages, and see farmers and their animals

 Jordan 2010
                                                               your leisure. Walk around the Bent pyramid and see the queens           at work beside the Nile River. Overnight Luxor.
                                                               pyramid behind it. Transfer to the hotel and check in. Dinner at
                                                               the hotel. Overnight Cairo.                                             Wednesday September 22 – Tour Day 9

                                                               Thursday September 16 - Tour Day 3                                      By road from Luxor to Aswan. Visit the temple of Edfu with its
                                                                                                                                       huge statue of Horus. On to the crocodile temple at Kom Ombo
                                                               First to the Pharaonic Village where ancient Egypt comes to             with its deep cut hieroglyphic inscriptions and reliefs. At Aswan
 Spend 22 thrilling days visiting                              life. Visit the Pyramid museum and then the fantastic replica           visit the Temple of Philae, the granite quarries, and the unfinished
                                                               of Tutankhamun’s tomb. In the afternoon, visit the Egyptian             obelisk of Hatshepsut. Overnight Aswan.
 the pyramids, the sphinx and                                  Museum in Cairo with its fabulous collection of treasures from
                                                                                                                                       Thursday September 23 – Tour Day 10
 temples and tombs of Egypt,                                   tombs and temples, and see the mummies of the great Pharaohs
                                                               of Egypt in the Royal Mummy room. Overnight Cairo.                      In our own air-conditioned coach to the temples of Ramesses II
 the wonders of Petra, Jerash,                                                                                                         at Abu Simbel, cut out of the cliff face. Return to Aswan. Finish
                                                               Friday September 17 - Tour Day 4
 Wadi Rum and so much more!                                                                                                            the day with a Felucca ride on the Nile. Overnight Aswan.
                                                               Early flight with Egypt Air to Luxor to see the temple of Luxor
                                                               with its beautiful avenue of sphinxes and impressive columns.           Friday September 24 – Tour Day 11
                                                               See the reliefs depicting Alexander the Great. Next, on to the huge     Morning flight with Egypt Air from Aswan to Cairo. In the
                                                               temple of Karnak with its colossal statues. See the inscriptions        afternoon, tour the Citadel and Alabaster Mosque, then explore
                                                               and reliefs of Thutmosis III and Ramesses II, the obelisk of            the ancient synagogue and the picturesque Coptic church in “Old
                                                               Hatshepsut and the sacred pool. Overnight Luxor.                        Cairo”. Transfer to hotel and check in. Overnight Cairo.
                                                               Saturday September 18 - Tour Day 5                                      Saturday September 25 – Tour Day 12
                                                               FREE DAY IN LUXOR. Overnight Luxor.                                     FREE DAY IN CAIRO. Overnight Cairo.
                                                               Sunday September 19 – Tour Day 6                                        Sunday September 26 – Tour Day 13
                                                               Cross to the west bank of the Nile to visit the ancient monuments       Start the day exploring the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. See also
                                                               located there. First, explore the workmen’s village at Deir el          the mastaba of the vizier Mereruka. Next, see Memphis, the
                                                               Medina. Next to the Ramesseum, the funerary temple of Ramesses          capital of the Old Kingdom. In the afternoon, visit the three great
                                                               II. Visit an alabaster factory to see how things are made. Explore      pyramids at Giza and the ancient re-assembled funeral boat of
                                                               the tombs of the Nobles at Qurna. See the huge statues called the       Khufu. Explore inside at least one of the pyramids on the plateau.
                                                               Colossi of Memnon. Overnight Luxor.                                     Visit the sphinx and the valley temple. Overnight Cairo.
                                                               Monday September 20 – Tour Day 7                                        Monday September 27 – Tour Day 14
                                                               Explore the temple of Medinet Habu and the temple of                    Day trip in our air-conditioned coach to the Faiyyum Oasis. On
                                                               Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari. See the magnificent tomb paintings        the way, visit the pyramid at Meidum and explore inside it. Also,
                                                               in the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Go inside the tomb       explore a 4000 year old mastaba located close by. On to Egypt’s
                                                               of Tutankhamun and see the boy kings mummy on display.                  largest oasis and the 12th dynasty pyramid of Hawarra, built with
                                                               Overnight Luxor.                                                        mud bricks and straw. Next, visit the 12th dynasty pyramid at el
                                                                                                                                       Lahun and the nearby workers village of Kahun, a 3,500 year old
                                                                                                                                       city where Israelite slaves were employed. In the evening, see the
                                                                                                                                       Sound and Light show at the Giza pyramids. Overnight Cairo.
                                                                                                                                       Tuesday September 28 – Tour Day 15
                                                                                                                                       Depart Cairo and fly to Amman to start the optional tour of
      14 September – 5 October 2010                                                                                                    Jordan. Those group members not staying for Jordan will depart
Depart from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth                                                                             Cairo for the return journey to Australia or elsewhere.
Jordan Option – 7 Days                                                 Your Tour Does Include
                                                                       The tour price includes the land travel costs only as listed in the
                                                                                                                                             Prices from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth
                                                                                                                                             (all prices subject to modification before departure)

Tuesday September 28 – Tour Day 15
                                                                       itinerary, including airfares internal to the itinerary. The Egypt
                                                                       tour price includes the domestic flights with Egypt Air as per                 Egypt Itinerary
Early flight from Cairo to Amman. Take a tour of the city of
Amman and see the citadel Ummayed Palace, the Hercules
                                                                       the itinerary. The optional Jordan tour price includes your flight
                                                                       from Cairo to Amman and also your Emirates airlines flight from            $3,950* Single supplement $850
Temple and the archeological museum where the copper scrolls           Amman to Dubai at the conclusion of the tour.
are located. On to the Roman Theatre and then to the west part of
Amman for a look at the new city. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight
                                                                       Accommodation standard will be 4 star in Egypt and mostly 5 star in                   Jordan Itinerary
                                                                       Jordan. Your tour price includes twin-share hotel accommodation,
Amman.                                                                 with private bathroom. All breakfasts and dinners are included             $2,950* Single supplement $700
Wednesday September 29 – Tour Day 16                                   and will be provided at the hotel restaurant. All transportation
North in our air-conditioned coach to Jerash, one of the great
cities of the Decapolis. Walk through the forum and cardo, see
                                                                       will be provided while with the group in accordance with the
                                                                       itinerary. Individual transfers can be arranged at your own cost
                                                                                                                                                         International Airfare
Hadrian’s Arch and the Hippodrome, the North and South
theatre’s and the great temple of Artemis. Then continue to
                                                                       should this be required. All admission fees to sites visited as per
                                                                       the itinerary are included. Also included are hotel tips, portage,                         $2,050#
Ajlun and explore the castle there. Return to Amman. Overnight         visas and airport taxes while with the group.
                                                                                                                                             NOTE: The prices listed are in Australian dollars and correct as at
Amman.                                                                 The itinerary is subject to change as circumstances may make          01 January 2010. All prices subject to change.
Thursday September 30 – Tour Day 17                                    necessary, and extra costs for such changes are the passenger’s
                                                                       responsibility. Prices quoted are based on air fares, taxes and       *Land price only and does not include international flights. Price
Drive along the King’s Highway towards Petra. On the way, visit                                                                              is per person based on twin share. Flights internal to the itinerary
                                                                       foreign exchange as at 01 January 2010 and are subject to change.
Madaba and see the mosaics and the Madaba map, a mosaic map                                                                                  are included.
                                                                       No refund can be made for any services offered on the itinerary
of Palestine. On to Mount Nebo where Moses was shown the                                                                                     # Return economy fare flying Singapore Airlines.
                                                                       but not used.
Promised Land. Visit the Shobak crusader castle then continue
on to Petra. Overnight Petra.
                                                                       What is Not Included                                                       Although our tour departs from Australia we welcome
Friday October 01 – Tour Day 18                                                                                                              international travellers. Meet us in Cairo and join our tour for
                                                                       The price does not include return international air fares. We
Walk, or ride a horse to the Siq, through the clefts in the rock       have provided a group price for international flights, economy        the experience of a lifetime. Contact us for further information.
that lead into the rose red city of Petra. See El Gazneh, the temple   class with Singapore Airlines from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
cut out of the cliff face and the Roman theatre. If you are feeling
energetic climb to the High Place. See the mosaic floor of the
                                                                       Adelaide or Perth to Cairo and return from Cairo or Dubai. All
                                                                       lunches, the cost of drinks with meals (including bottled water),
                                                                                                                                             Reserve Your Place Now!
newly discovered Byzantine church. Overnight Petra.                    passports, all photographic expenses, (including camera tickets       Our tour groups are small and friendly. This tour is escorted by
Saturday October 02 – Tour Day 19                                      where applicable) and personal items are not included. Travel         Archaeological Diggings Managing Editor Michael Browning.
                                                                       insurance is not included but is compulsory. A travel insurance       Since places on the tour are limited you are advised to make your
FREE DAY IN PETRA – Optional second visit to Petra site.
                                                                       policy should be taken out once a deposit has been paid.              plans early and contact us as soon as possible. A non-transferable
Overnight Petra.
                                                                                                                                             deposit of $150* is required with your application, along with
Sunday October 03 – Tour Day 20                                        Extra Travel                                                          a photocopy of the front page of your passport. Full payment is
Depart from Petra in our air-conditioned coach and drive to            Should you wish to extend your journey into Africa, Europe or         required ten weeks before departure. Please phone/write/email for
Wadi Rum. Once there, take a 2 hour jeep ride and explore the          Round the World, or add a stopover in Dubai or Singapore, please      more information or to book your place. Our brochure containing
desert where Lawrence of Arabia made his headquarters. Try             contact Harvey World Travel Toronto who will be able to assist        tips about money, what to pack and travelling in the Middle East is
some traditional Bedouin tea and have a picnic lunch in the            with any flights, tours, cruises, accommodation or car hire. You      available for anyone and is sent to all applicants.
desert. Continue on down to Aqaba on the shore of the Red Sea          also have the option to upgrade your airfare from Economy Class       *Until 30/06/2010 the deposit is refundable less a $50 admin fee.
for a panoramic tour, then drive to the Dead Sea, the lowest point     to Business or First class. For full details and conditions on the    After this date the deposit is non-refundable. Your deposit can not
on earth. Overnight Dead Sea.                                          airfare, please contact Harvey World Travel Toronto on 02 4032        be transferred.
Monday October 04 – Tour Day 21                                        7828 or groups.toronto@harveyworld.com.au. All additional
                                                                       travel is at your expense and not included in the tour price.             Please make cheques payable to DIGGINGS MAGAZINE
Take a short drive to the Jordanian baptismal site where Jesus                                                                                           All prices quoted in Australian dollars.
was thought to be baptised by John the Baptist then drive back
to our hotel. Spend the afternoon at our hotels private beach,         Our Travel Agent
floating at your leisure in the Dead Sea where you cannot sink.
Overnight Dead Sea.
                                                                       Our travel agent in Australia is:
                                                                       Harvey World Travel (Toronto)
Tuesday October 05 - Tour Day 22                                       64 The Boulevarde, Toronto NSW 2283                                           PO Box 196, Morisset NSW 2264
Depart for Australia via Dubai and Singapore.
                                                                       Phone: 02 4032 7828, Fax: 02 4950 5869                                   Free-call: 1800 240 543 | Fax: 02 9012 0882
                                                                       Lic No. 2TA 4798                                                               Email: editor@diggings.com.au
Our group tickets have a flexible return date. Instead of
returning direct to Australia, our travel agent can arrange
trips through Israel, Turkey or Europe. Itineraries and flights
on application.
                                                                        22 days touring Egypt & Jordan                                              www.diggings.com.au

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