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Australian Embassy in Tokyo by KaliCyanua


									Australian Embassy in Tokyo: Getting an
Australian visa soon to visit the beautiful
 Many people from all areas of the
  world want to visit Australia for at
  least once. Maybe they are students
  that wish to attend the top rated
  Australian universities or colleges.
  Maybe they want to be there for a
  chance of working, certainly Australia
  is a developed country so the salary
  for people is rather high.
 The living environment is really great
  with a lot of natural landscapes and
  pure atmosphere. Remember that to
  enter the country is not easy. Visit the
  Australian embassy in your country for
  more info. There Australian embassies
  and consulates in most of countries in
  the world, for example, Australian
  Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.
 Maybe they want enter the
  country for traveling. This
  country is one of the
  hottest destinations of
  tourists. There are
  countless travels sites that
  can be listed in your plan.
 The top 10 travel sites in
  Australia can be listed:
  Great Barrier Reef, Sydney
  Harbour, Tasmania,
  Melbourne, Barossa, Uluru,
  The Great Ocean Road,
  Fraser Island, Daintree Rain
  Forest and Cape Tribulation
  and Kakadu National Park.
 The Great Barrier Reef is
  located in the Coral Sea off
  the coast of Queensland.
  This is the largest coral reef
  of the world that can be
  seen from the outer space.
  The reef contains 900
  islands and stretch more
  than 1,600 km.
 Here there’s a diverse
  range of life for sea snake,
  sharks, dolphins, porpoises,
  stingray, whale and
  saltwater crocodiles, and
  certainly countless kind of
  fish. This site was
  considered as a World
  Heritage Site by UNESCO.
 Sydney Harbour is a nutural
  habour located at the place
  that you can see Sydney
  Harbour Bridge and Sydney
  Opera House. The best time
  and also the time that there
  are most people visit here is
  New year Eve. There are
  New Years Eve fireworks
  across Sydney Harbour.
 One of the famous places of
  New Year firework that
  include the Time Square (
  New York), London, Las
  Vegas, Hong Kong… The
  visitor will enjoy the
  spectacular , breathtaking
  sight on the New year Eve.
  That can be a unforgettable
 That is just two of countless
  sites for you to visit once
  you come to the country.
  But it is not easy to enter
  this beautiful country. The
  first difficulty is getting a
  proper visa. There are
  many types of Australian
  visas, related to purpose of
 The process contains many
  steps and procedures, so
  don’t miss the support of
  Australian embassy in your
  country. If you are in
  Canada, visit Australian
  Embassy in Ottawa, if you
  are in Japan, visit
  Australian Embassy in

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