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									                                               CHAPTER 11 – THE FIRST WORLD WAR
                                       Is it right for America to intervene in foreign conflicts?
                            When American lives are threatened, how should the government respond?
                                Should America go to war to make the world “safe for democracy”?
11.3 The War at Home {11.4.5; 11.10.5; 11.10.7}
OBJ 1: Explain how business and government cooperated during the war.
OBJ 2: Show how the government promoted the war.
OBJ 3: Describe the attacks on civil liberties that occurred during the war.
OBJ 4: Summarize the social changes that affected African Americans and women.

                            What were some things accomplished by the following wartime agencies and laws?
War Industries Board                              Railroad Administration                  Fuel Administration

National War Labor Board                          Food Administration                      Committee on Public Information

Espionage and Sedition Acts

                               What changes did the war bring about for the following groups of Americans?
Immigrants                                        African Americans                        Women

On the back –
         I) Answer A, B, C, D, & E
         II) Do the Analyzing Political Cartoons on pg. 391
         III) QW: # 5 on pg. 395

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