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									                                 CHAPTER 10 – AMERICA CLAIMS AN EMPIRE
                              Does the US have a duty to fight for freedom in neighboring countries?
                                 When should the US intervene in the affairs of another country?
                                In what ways do dramatic headlines influence American opinion?

10.3 – Acquiring New Lands
OBJ 1: Describe US involvement in Puerto Rico and Cuba.
OBJ 2: Identify causes and effects of the Philippine-American War
OBJ 3: Explain the purpose of the Open Door Policy in China.
OBJ 4: Summarize the views regarding US imperialism.

                          Puerto Rico                       Cuba                      The Philippines    China
                           1898-1916                      1898-1903                     1898-1945        1900
                   very similar to that of a
                   colony or protectorate
What was its
relationship to
the US?

                                                                                to provide the US with
Why did the                                                                     raw materials and new
US try to                                                                       markets
control its

What laws and
affected its
with the US?
                   Spanish-American War
What violent
events affected
its relationship
with the US?

                    John Hay’s “Open Door notes” paved the way for greater U.S. influence in Asia.
                    Note three beliefs held by Americans that were reflected by the Open Door policy.



On separate paper –

         I) Answer A, B, and C
         II) Do the “Analyzing Political Cartoons” on pg. 354
         III) T-chart # 3 on pg. 358 and respond to analysis part of question also.
         IV) QW: #4 on pg. 358

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