Information about Huawei E392 unlock 4G LTE USB Modem Test

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					    Information about Huawei E392 unlock 4G LTE USB Modem Test

We know that Huawei E392 unlock 4G LTE USB Modem becomes more and more
popular now ,and last time we introduce Huawei E392 family , this time , we would
like to tell you some information about Huawei E392 LTE Modem Test, we hope that
can help you a lot.

Previously, LTE sticks always available with branding and software of the large mobile
operators Vodafone, O2 and Telekom. These sticks are printed externally with a logo
of the network operator and the preinstalled software can often allow only certain
SIM cards into the slot. Nowadays, Huawei E392 4G LTE Surf stick on the market can
easily be used with any carrier and not tailored to a particular provider.

The scope of delivery is only a small strap and some instructions. The wrist strap is
also attached to the stick and on the cover for the USB port, thus preventing that the
cover is lost. Overall looking, the Huawei E392 unlock 4G LTE Modem has quite large
and bulky for a surf stick, which is certainly the fact that the USB port is not

The Huawei E392 unlock can be run on both Windows and Mac OS X. After you have
inserted the SIM card and the flash drive connected to the computer, the connection
software to install. Installation takes usually only a few minutes, then the LTE stick
can be used immediately. If the PIN protection is enabled SIM card, you will be
prompted to enter the PIN. Other settings do not normally need to be made, the
connection software detects the inserted SIM card and automatically configures the
matching connection parameters. If there are two different APNs with a provider, you
can select them before joining in a dropdown menu. By clicking on the “Connect” the
Internet connection is established –the Huawei E392 LTE Modem will select the
fastest available network.

Under the LTE network, Huawei E392 unlock could reach speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s
download and the upload speed up to 50 MBit/s. Huawei E392 LTE Modem is not
only suitable for all German LTE networks, but also in other countries, such as in
Scandinavia and in Australia. When the stick is used in the UMTS network, based
DC-HSPA + the speed could reach up to 43.2 Mbit/s- provided at the current location,
this speed is also supported. In my test, I was able to achieve in the download about
52 Mbit/s in the Vodafone LTE network in the UMTS network of Telekom there were
at least another 30 Mbit/s The high data rates are not only marketing, but with
matching fare quite well in practice achievable.

The reception of the Huawei E392 unlock is not quite as good as that of the Vodafone
K5005 or by Telekom Speed Stick LTE Telekom. While the telecom Speed Stick LTE 4G
connection is possible, it shows the Huawei E392 3G networks only as available. In
my experience, this is also due to the Huawei E392 LTE Modem can’t be rotated into
a vertical position where the reception is usually a bit better. If you live in an
under-served area, it is advisable to use an external antenna. For it provides the LTE
stick two connections for two separate external antennas or MIMO antenna with two
antennas connectors–depending on use case.

Finally, we can see that the Huawei E392 definitely a good LTE stick. Especially for
global travelers, Huawei E392 LTE Modem could support all major bands and
frequencies; it’s a good companion to go all over the world. The preinstalled
software can convince with easy operation and quick setup. Unlocked Huawei E392
4G LTE modem is a good gadget a enjoy 4G network. Or alternatively, it can keep fast
connection under 3g network. Equipped with alternative connection software, it is
also possible to use the Vodafone K5005 with all network operators.

Now this Huawei E392 is promotion on, and welcome to buy it from
our website, and everyone buys it will get a free gift, do not hesitate to buy one if
you need, because it is high quality but at low price.

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