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									                                                                                                                                                                            CONTRACTOR LOGO AND
                                  CLIENT LOGO AND NAME HERE
                                                                                            NOTIFICATION REQUEST FOR INSPECTION (or                                              NAME HERE
                                                                                                       Test or Survey) - NRI

                                                           PROJECT NAME                      Company                       Project                       Doc.                             Distribution
                                                                                                            XXXX                               XXXX                           X                               X
                                                                                            Project No.                     No.                          Class                            Code

      Client Doc.                                                                           Contractor                                                                                                    1 of 1
                                                                                                           Xxxxxxxxx                                     Rev.                 X              Page
      No                                                                                    Doc. No.

                                                                                                             By Responsible Dept.

                                   Date Raised                                                            ITP Ref. No.                                                  ITP Step No.
Part 1: Preparation of NRI

                                   WBS Activity Ref.                                                      Spec. Ref.                                                    Clause No.
                                                                                                          Verification Activity              Visual             Field             Lab.T          Surve
                                   Milestone Ref.
                                                                                                          Type                            Inspection            Test               est             y
                                   Description of
                                   Verification Activity


                                   Work / Area Ready                          Expected          Day              Date                  Time       Revised             Day            Date              Time
                                   Prepared by                                  Job Position                Name Surname                                Signature                             Date
                                                                      Part 2 (a) By Quality Dept.                                              Part 2 (b) By (Employer / Client ) if required
Part 2: Review of NRI

                                   Job Position                                                                           Job Position
                                   Name Surname                                                                           Name Surname
                                   Signature                                                                              Signature
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