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					Topic                                    WEB Address                            Utilized for:                                   Contributor
Interior Design                                                                 - I use this one in Interior Design for House
                                       Plans the students can copy for their final     Lyn Morris
Careers with Children           -                 My student’s found this one for resources for
                                                                                Lessons for Careers with Children               Lyn Morris
Family Health
                                             Good info for health                            Lyn Morris

Nutrition, Family Health, Food Science                                          Interactive dietary intake and analysis
                                             using Food Pyramid.                             Lyn Morris,
                                                                                                                                Vivian Baglien
Family Health                                                                   Good resource for health
                                                                                        Lyn Morris

FCS Lesson plans- All areas                                                     Good resource for FCS lesson plans through
                                                   Utah Education Network.                         Lyn Morris
                                                                                                                                Vivian Baglien
Independent Living                                                              great resource for career/job information
                                                                                              Lyn Morris

Interior Design                   Free download for floor plans, and
                                         oorplans.asp?id=11936                  other graphic design projects. Can be           Vivian Baglien
                                                                                used by students for projects that are
                                                                                completed in a given time frame
Interior Design                   Online Interior Design Tool. There is a
                                         DesignhomeChlgr.aspx?rd=1              small monthly fee. Use as a demonstrator        Vivian Baglien
                                                                                or allow students to use and purchase
Interior Design                    Print your own graph paper. Great way to
                                                                                provide graph paper to students                 Vivian Baglien
                                                                                inexpensively and on demand when at
Interior Design                          Interior Fashion Designs that might
                                           %5Ftype=gnav                              appeal to teens. Utilize for online          Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     teaching and planning, graphics, etc.

Interior Design                                                                      Lots of ideas for decorating and
                                        planning interiors, plus tips and tricks.    Vivian Baglien
                                           _gallery/index.cfm                        Full text articles

Interior Design                                                                      Online quizzes on elements and
                                     principles of design. Many visual            Vivian Baglien
                                           quizze1/a/tquizaaindex.htm                applications including video how to’s.

Nutrition & Wellness, Health                                                         Online tool for recording your exercise
                                         and charting results. Can be set up as a     Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     team effort.
Child Development, Careers with Children                                             Many topics available to support
                                             teaching child development. Click on         Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     articles and resources.

Foods                                                                                Great online recipe source. Has metric       Vivian Baglien
                                                      conversion tab. Use if teaching metrics
                                                                                     in Food Science, etc.
Foods, Nutrition/ Wellness, Food Science       Same as above except the metric
                                           Conversion-Basics/Detail.aspx             conversion is just a click away and          Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     very user friendly.
Foods, Nutrition, Wellness, Food Science   Supported by University of Illinois
                                           rition.html                               extension. Variety of links that support     Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     teaching foods and related topics.
Foods, Nutrition, Wellness, Food Science    Dietary guidelines for all ages. Dated
                                           s/dga2000/document/summary/default        because it used the old food pyramid,        Vivian Baglien
                                           .htm                                      but still a good resource.

Nutrition Wellness, Health             Film clips on eating disorders. Film clips
                                           ogram.html                                of eating disorder case studies- need        Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     media player to view.
Independent Living, Human Survival, Living                                           Great site for teaching about consumer
on Your Own                                  awareness, credit, buying a car,        Vivian Baglien
                                                                                     renting, insurance. Etc.
All subjects                          All around subject reference for Family
                                             schrockguide/vocation.html              and Consumer Sciences curriculum        Vivian Baglien

All subjects                                                                         American Association of Family and
                                      Consumer Sciences. Resource page

All subjects                                                                       Family and Consumer Sciences
                                    resources on line. Links to sites that      Vivian Baglien
                                             CS/contents.html                      deal with all disciplines. Very good site
                                                                                   for a grouped listing of supports to
                                                                                   teaching FACS curriculum.
All subjects                                                                       National Standards for Family and
                                       Consumer Sciences. Includes resources Vivian Baglien
                                                                                   as well.
All subjects                        Hosted by the department of education,
                                             struction/CTE/facs/RelatedLinks/relat Virginia. List of links that support all  Vivian Baglien
                                             ed_link_topics/other_sites.htm        curriculums. Nice list.

All subjects                                                                         WEB site list to support FACS
                                       curriculum. Very comprehensive.           Vivian Baglien
                                             t-fcs.htm                               Helping teachers use the internet
                                                                                     effectively. Each WEB site links to 16
                                                                                     National Standards.
All programs                                                                         This is the website for the power point
                                            viewer download. You will not be able     Vivian Baglien
                                             us/orkXP/HA011362871033.aspx            to make or edit a power point, but you
                                                                                     can view a power point if you don’t
                                                                                     have the program on your computer.

All Programs                                                                         This is a free service to educators. I
                                                         haven’t used it, but understand that      Vivian Baglien,
                                                                                     Edmonds School District has adopted it.   Molly Galbreath
                                                                                     A free, Open Source software package
                                                       designed using sound pedagogical
                                                       principles, to help educators create
                                                       effective online learning communities.
                                                       You can download and use it on any
                                                       computer you have handy (including web
                                                       hosts), yet it can scale from a single-
                                                       teacher site to a University with 200,000

All Programs      Edmonds School District WEB site for
               nology/techservices/levy_how_to/stud    SWIFT –Simplified WEB interface for
               enttechfiles/swift.htm                  teachers. Online teaching support
                                                       system. Available in many districts.
All Programs    SWIFT Link on the Puget Sound                Vivian Baglien
               n=com_content&task=view&id=78&I         Educational Service District WEB
               temid=233                               Page. States fees, lists example sites
                                                       and use. Service provides online
                                                       teaching support for individuals or
                                                       districts. Several area districts use this
                                                       service. It is the format that was shared
                                                       during this forum.
All Programs   Glencoe Publishing has a teacher
                                                       newsletter that is sent electronically       Vivian Baglien
                                                       offering teaching ideas, the latest
                                                       updates on their textbooks and
                                                       supplements, plus teacher testimonials
                                                       that discuss issues we are all concerned

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