; 25th Anniversary Celebration Issue_ - CID Belmont
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25th Anniversary Celebration Issue_ - CID Belmont


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									                                      CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE OF THE DISABLED                                     APRIL 2004

   25th Anniversary Celebration Issue!
CID Garden Finally                                            From the Executive Director
Becomes a Reality!                                            by Kent Mickelson
                                                              CID is Celebrating
                                                              It’s 25th Anniversary!
                                                                The year 2004 marks the
                                                              25th anniversary of the Center
                                                              for Independence of the Dis-
                                                              abled. (CID) The agency was
                                                              started in 1979 in the old firehouse in Belmont by
                                                              people with disabilities who wanted help in achieving
                                                              their goals. Over the last 25 years, CID has helped
                                                              thousands of people with disabilities live more inde-
                                                              pendent and productive lives. The 25th anniversary
   At CID’s April staff meeting, Buff Coonan and Norrie
                                                              will be celebrated with several events throughout the
Cavallero from the Hillsborough Garden Club, pre-
                                                              balance of this year.
sented Kent Mickelson, Executive Director, with a Ten
Thousand Dollar check, for developing and creating an           The largest and most important event will be the
organic garden at CID.                                        gala anniversary dinner to be held on Saturday
   The purpose of the garden is to provide an opportu-        evening, October 16th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in
nity for CID consumers of all ages with a variety of          Burlingame. The cost of the dinner will be $80 and
disabling conditions, to learn about organic gardening.       will feature a silent auction and raffle with many fine
We also see this as an opportunity for recreation,            prizes being offered. A major guest speaker will
socializing with new friend outdoors, and garden              highlight the event. The dinner will also feature a
therapy. We plan to donate the fruits and vegetables          review of CID history with awards and recognition to
we harvest to needy people in the community.                  individuals and groups that have been important to the
   We will be working closely with a landscape archi-         success of CID over the
tect to develop our plans for the garden site. We             years.
expect to do ground breaking and construction of                A second event to
garden boxes soon.                                            celebrate the anniver-
   If you are interested in participating in this project,    sary will be an Open
please contact either Marta Flores in Intakes/Informa-        House, held on June 3rd from
tion and Referral at (650) 595-0783 Ext. 118 or David         4 p.m. to 7 p.m., in CID’S
Mon, Financial Benefits Counselor at Ext. 127.                center at 875 O’Neill Avenue
                                                              in Belmont. The open house
      Donations Needed!                                       will be free and will feature ex-
                                                              hibits and displays showing the
 CID is seeking donations to help with the costs
                                                              many services offered by CID. There will also be an
 of the celebration events. Donations of money
                                                              awards ceremony with light refreshments. Tours of
 and auction and raffle prizes are being requested.
                                                              the building and grounds will also be offered.
 Opportunities to sponsor tables at the gala din-
                                                                The third event of our celebration year will be a
 ner are also available. Help us make our 25th                Belmont Chamber of Commerce Mixer. The mixer will
 Anniversary an outstanding success!                          be held in November at the center on O’Neill Avenue.
                                                                CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE OF THE DISABLED / APRIL 2004 NEWSLETTER
 RAY’S CORNER                                                          NEED TO VENT?
 by Ray Pittsinger
  ProgramManager                                                       ...NEED SOMEONE
  Service animals are animals that
are individually trained to perform                                        TO LISTEN?
tasks for people with disabilities such                                  by Gayle Prytz
as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are                 Living with disabilities can be stressful and challeng-
deaf, pulling wheelchairs, alerting and protecting a person            ing. Please join us every Wednesday afternoon from
who is having a seizure, or performing other special tasks.            2:30 to 4:00 pm and share your feelings and experi-
Service animals are working animals, not pets.                         ences with people who understand.
           Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), busi-        For more information please call Gayle Prytz (Peer
                  nesses and organizations that serve the pub-         Counselor) at (650) 595-0783 Ext. 124.
                    lic must allow people with disabilities to bring
                        their service animals into all areas of the
                        facility where customers are normally al-
                                                                       National Volunteer Week
                    lowed to go. This federal law applies to all       By Sally Pierotti
                    businesses open to the public, including res-        During the week of April 18 - 24, 2004CID Celebrated
taurants, hotels, taxis and shuttles, grocery and department           National Volunteer Week. CID has 25 wonderful VIMM
stores, hospitals and medical offices, theaters, health clubs,         volunteers who assist consumers with basic money
parks, and zoos.                                                       management, sorting and paying bills and other related
It’s All in the Numbers                                                  Our 20 SASH volunteers help by grocery shopping
                                                                       for people who are unable to leave their homes or are
by Nicole Cortichiato                                                  unable to lift or carry groceries.
   Some enlightening statistics were learned in the                      CID recognized the term of our volunteer’s service
2000 Census. The number of seniors in America is                       with us, which spans from September 1990 - Herbert
predicted to increase dramatically. The “Baby Boom”                    Granger; October 1991 - Thomas Lewin; January 1993
showed the largest increase of any age group. The                      - Donald & Dorothy Rottinghaus (husband & wife
baby boom refers to people born in the post-World                      team) to January 2004 - David Galli, Amy Koslosky and
War II period from 1946 through 1964.                                  Rick Perez, and April 2004 - Leslie Peay Heckman.
   By 2050, people age 65 and older will be 21% of the                   If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please
population, (compared with only 12% now).                              contact Sally Pierotti, SASH & VIMM Coordinator at
   People 85 and older will be 5% of the Country                       (650) 595-0783 Ext. 117.
      (compared with 1.5% now)
   With this huge increase of our seniors, we will need
significantly more services designed specifically for
                                                                                                    Safety & Emer-
seniors. Seniors themselves can better prepare for
healthy and safe long lives by:
                                                                                                    gency Services
   •Exercising your body and your mind - Read, play                                                 by Jim Stinehoff,
    cards, do crossword puzzles, or start a                                                         Building Safety &
     walking group                                                                                  Emergency Services
   •Remember to get your vaccines - After age 50 get
     a flu shot every year. Every 10 years, get a Teta                      On April 22nd, the San Mateo County Office of
     nus/Diphtheria. In addition, ask your doctor about                  Emergency Services has scheduled and coordi-
     Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B and Pneumonia                              nated with the municipal Emergency Operations
   •Avoid four major causes of falls                                     Centers a countywide response drill to a simulated
       • inactivity                                                      earthquake which has interrupted the flow of water.
       • medications                                                        April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. CID
       • vision defects
                                                                         offers a packet of self and home emergency pre-
       • environment hazards
                                                                         paredness information, questionnaires, and check-
   Above all, remember - a number is just a number -
it’s attitude that counts. Celebrate every age you are                   lists to help prepare people with disabilities for
for a happy, long life. For assistance in Advocacy                       natural disasters. Packets may be requested by
please call (650) 595-0783, ask for Nicole Cortichiato                   contacting Jim Stinehoff, Building Safety & Emer-
Advocacy Spec. Ext. 113.                                                 gency Services at (650) 595-0783 Ext. 126.
                                                                           CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE OF THE DISABLED / APRIL 2004 NEWSLETTER
INFORMATION AND                                               HOME ACCESSIBILITY
REFERRAL NEWS                                                 MODIFICATION (HAM)
by Marta Florez                                                 The Housing Modification Program, at the Center for
Intakes, Information & Referral Specialist                    Independence of the Disabled (CID), would like to
                                                              announce that all the programs have money to provide
  The International Institute in San Mateo County             service to low-income
expanded its Citizenship Program. Free classes were           households. Some-
offered Mondays and Fridays, 4pm-7pm, at the Fair             body in the family
Oaks Community Center (FOCC), 2600 Middlefield                must be disabled or
Road in Redwood City. The informational sessions              elderly.
about the naturalization process were held on March             Right now we are
3rd at 6pm and on April 5th at 4pm, at FOCC. Call             especially looking for
(650) 780-7530 for information on future classes.
                                                              residents of Redwood
  Multiple Services Available at the Humane Society.          City, San Carlos, and
The PHS/SPCA’s Safe Pet Program, for instance,                San Mateo County. It
works with Victims of Domestic Abuse. The shelter             doesn’t matter if you
temporarily takes care of their animals while they get        rent or own. A new
their lives together. PHS/SPCA also helps people              Tenant Accessibility Modification Program and Family
looking for rentals that allow animals through the Pet        Care Support Program have been added to provide
Friendly Rental Housing Program. For details you can          service to new consumers. Please call to inquire about
call Amy Differding at (650) 340-7022 Ext. 369.               eligibility for these programs.
                                                                The types of modifications we provide are: grab
                                                              bars, rails, ramps, toilet safety frames, and hand held
The California 250%                                           showers etc. All home modifications are evaluated by
Working Disabled                                              our Occupational Therapist and our Installers have
                                                              many years of experience. If you know of anybody in
Program for MediCal                                           need of these services, please have them call Marta at
                                                              (650) 595-0783 Ext. 118.
by Jay Swee
  MediCal has a California 250% Working Disabled
Program. This means that if you are disabled, work-
                                                                            The View of a Personal
ing, and have a “high share of cost” (SOC) for                                 Assistance Program
MediCal ... you may earn up to 250% of the federal                                 Coordinator
poverty level (guidelines) of $8980/yr. ... that is...
                                                                                                By Judith Duisenberg,
($8980.80 X 250% = $22,450/yr.) of “countable”
                                                                                                PAP Coordinator
income ($1,870.83/mo.) and qualify for a MediCal buy-
in that greatly reduces your share of cost. SSDI and
SSI are exempted and all you have to do is be working           In July of 1999 Donna Shalala, Director Health &
& earning more than $1. Come and get it!                      Human Services, Washington D.C. said, “No Ameri-
  People,... this means that if you, say, have a $500         can should have to live in a nursing home or state
SOC for MediCal because you receive $1100/mo.                 institution if that individual can live in a community with
SSDI, you can meet the above earnings limits or go to         the right mix of affordable supports.”
work earning, say $10/week or ($1 to $600/mo), and              One of the most important facets of the CID mission
qualify for a ...get this,... $20 premium payment per         is to make it possible for the elderly and disabled to
month!                                                        remain in an independent living situation for as long as
  This is serious money folks! Slightly higher pre-           possible.
mium rates apply for higher earnings but this is a              The Personal Assistance Program (PAP) provides in-
great deal to look into. Call Jay Swee, Social Security       home attendant care which enables seniors and disabled
Benefit Planning Assistance & Outreach at (650) 595-          persons to continue productive lives without disruption,
0783 Ext. 122 or call MediCal at (650) 802-5018.              avoiding the need to move and adjust to assisted living or
Don’t let yourself pay that high, out of pocket, share of     Level II nursing facilities. Call Judith at 650-595-0783 ext.
cost for your medications! GET MediCal!                       125 for assistance.
                                                                 CENTER FOR INDEPENDENCE OF THE DISABLED / APRIL 2004 NEWSLETTER
 CID NEWS & VIEWS                             race, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation. CID is fully accessible to programs and facility.
                                              The Center for Independence of the Disabled will serve qualified consumers without regard to ability,
  A n n i v e r s a r y !                             2 5 t h                 O u r              C e l e b r a t i n g

     Belmont, CA                                                                                                               FAX: 650-595-0261
                                                                                                                               TDD: 650-595-0743
    Permit No. 107                                                                                                             TEL: 650-595-0783
   U .S ... POSTA GE
   U .S . POSTA GE                                                                                                             Belmont, CA 94002
  NON-PROFIT ORG.                                                                                                              875 O’Neill Avenue
                                                                                                 Center for Independence of the Disabled

FOR CONSUMERS - June 10th Do you have an old “junker” car sitting in your drive-
                         On Thursday June 10th from 1:30PM to              way? Donate Your Old Car to CID and receive a
                         3:30PM, there will be a computer train-           tax write-off. CID is now accepting donations.
                         ing class held at CID. This is the second         You will receive a tax donation receipt
                         informal computer training class held in          that you can use to reduce your
                         response to the needs of consumers who            personal income tax.
                         have requested such a class. Computer               You will also gain from the
                         Basics will be covered followed by a Q &          satisfaction of knowing that your
                         A session. The class will be conducted
                                                                           donation will help CID. For more
by CID’s Assistive Technology Department. The class is offered
                                                                           information, call Steve Freier at
once each quarter. Call ext. 115 to register.
                                                                           (650) 595-0783 ext. 115 or Brent Duisenberg at ext. 116.
  QUE ES CAP?                                                          FREE TELEPHONES & LOW-
    CAP (Programa de Asistencia al Cliente) es un
 programa del Centro de Independencia para los
                                                                       COST BASIC PHONE SERVICE!
 Discapacidades, CID. Es patrocinado por el Acto                         If you have a temporary or permanent disability you
 Rehabilitacion Federal (el Acto) para:                                may be eligible for a free telephone. CTAP has tele-
    • Asesorar e informar a las personas acerca de todas               phone products available to make your life easier
 los servicios y beneficios que estan a su disposicion a               when using your phone.
 traves de los programas del Acto.
                                                                         If you’re on a limited or fixed income, you may be
    • Ayudar, defender y representar a las personas en sus
 relaciones con los programas brindados bajo el Acto.                  eligible for basic telephone service for about half the
    • Informar a las personas con discapacidades acerca                regular cost. The Assistive Technology Department
 de los servicios y beneficios disponibles para ellos bajo             can help you obtain either of these services.
 el Acto y bajo el Titulo 1 de Acto sobre los Americanos                 Call Brent Duisenberg at (650) 595-0783 ext. 116 or
 con Discapacidades (ADA).                                             Steve Freier ext. 115.

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