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How To Manipulate Pagerank a Blog

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									How To                                         December 18

Pagerank a
This method is fraud and I would not advise it to be used. I created this
document only as a mere learning.                                           Pagerank
1. Visit like the picture below

2. Enter the sites that have a high PageRank. For example, I wear a pagerank
and click "Check PR".
3. Enter Code veritifikasi and click "verity now" as shown below

4. Look at the picture below, that pagerank 9. Now click on "click here" as the arrow below:
5. Enter the verification code and click "Generate now" as shown below

6. Look at the picture below. The image below is the html script pagerank If you want to
manipulate your blog that had pagerank 0 to pagerank 9, pagerank script please enter on
your blog and see the results.

 Remember me This is not recommended for you. Because by using things that I
have said above is a scam. So it's better to be honest. Remember, this document
                            I create for learning only.

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