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									Grad Co-op NewsFlash
December 15, 2010

The Graduate Cooperative Education Program at Georgia Tech is the largest graduate co-op
program in the United States. It allows both masters and doctoral students the opportunity to
include specialized work experiences in their graduate studies. Internships approved by the
academic department will be administered as Graduate Co-op Assignments through the Division
of Professional Practice.

In This Issue:
    1) End of Semester Steps for Fall Grad Co-ops at Work
    2) DOPP Closed During Holidays
    3) Grad Co-op: Open Office Hours in Early January
    4) Graduating Grad Co-ops: Exit Interviews
    5) Application Process for Spring 2011 Grad Co-op/Internships
    6) PwC Atlanta among Firms Seeking Grad Co-ops for Spring 2011
    7) Post-Graduate Peace & Security Fellowship in Washington D.C.
    8) Positive Employment Messages for Programmers and Engineers
    9) Leaner Times For Energy R&D Funding Likely Regardless Of Spending Bill
    10) Grad Co-op and Internships on P2D2
    11) Spring Career Fairs
    12) US Research Doctorate Degrees Up On Women In Science, Engineering
    13) Final OIE OPT Workshop This Week

1) End of Semester Steps for Fall Grad Co-ops at Work

Are you finishing a fall work assignment? Are you continuing a work assignment through
the spring but you are enrolled in the fall Grad Co-op course? It is time to provide
feedback about your fall work assignment.

A. Complete a Work Report by logging into P2D2. Under your profile, scroll down to
   the link “Create WR (Work Report)”
B. If you are ending your internship after your fall work assignment, download a blank
   Student Performance Evaluation from the Grad Co-op website. Have your work
   supervisor complete the form and discuss it with you. Provide a co-op to the Grad
   Co-op Office: either fax it to 404-385-4147 or deliver a copy to our office.
C. Deadline: Although it is best to complete both feedback forms prior to leaving your
   job, the Grad Co-op Office deadline for completion is January 7, 2011.

2)   DOPP Closed During Holidays

The Division of Professional Practice, including the Grad Co-op Office, will close for
winter break at 4:30pm on Thursday, December 23, 2010 and will reopen Monday,
January 3, 2010. No advisors will be available during this time.
Also, as a reminder, if you have a question for an advisor, you can always contact Grad
Co-op by email gradcoop@dopp.gatech.edu or by calling 404-894-3320 to ask your
question or make an appointment to see an advisor.

3)   Grad Co-op: Open Office Hours in Early January

The Grad Co-op Office will have OPEN OFFICE HOURS January 4 – 14, 2011. An
adviser will be available between 10 AM – Noon and 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM.

At the close of Phase II Registration January 14, we will resume afternoon
appointments. Appointments are scheduled via the Division of Professional Practice
software, P2D2.

4) Graduating Grad Co-ops – Exit Interviews

If you will graduate this December and you are currently working or have completed
previous terms as a Grad Co-op, we would like feedback about the role Grad Co-op
played in your career development. Please schedule an appointment with a grad co-op
adviser to answer some questions.

       Have you completed work reports for those terms you worked?
       Have you accepted full-time employment with your Grad Co-op employer?
       Would you recommend your employer for Grad Co-op Employer of the Year?
       Would you provide a testimonial: What did Grad Co-op mean to you?
       Can you supply a photograph of you on-the-job at your Grad Co-op location?

5) Application Process for Spring 2011 Grad Co-op/Internships

Graduate internships can be approved for full-time or part-time positions related to your
major. Once approved, students will receive a permit to enroll in a no-fee/no-tuition
based audit course. COOP 6012 is assigned to all grad co-ops working full-time. Part-
time graduate co-op courses are available for three, six, or nine audit hours and relate to
the number of hours you work each week.

To register your spring graduate internship, students must provide a written offer letter
and a signed approval from their academic adviser to the Graduate Co-op Office prior to
January 7, 2011. The course requires students to work a minimum of 16 weeks for the
spring semester. Recommended work dates are January 10 – May 13, 2011.

What if I am on an F-1 visa?
Graduate Co-op/internships in the U.S. count as Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and
must be processed through the Office of International Education (OIE). Offer letters must
include specific work locations and dates that will be recorded on an updated I-20. After
students receive approval from their academic adviser and complete paperwork with the
Grad Co-op Office, it takes an additional five (5) business days for students to receive
updated I-20 forms from OIE. F-1 students may not start their work assignments prior to
receiving the updated I-20 form.

Application Deadline for Spring 2011 Grad Co-op: January 7, 2011

Phase II Registration for Spring 2011: January 4 – 14, 2011

6)     PwC Atlanta among Firms Seeking Grad Co-ops for Spring 2011

The valuation services practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) seeks a full-time graduate
student co-op for the spring 2011 semester. Are you interested in the opportunity to work for
an industry-leading company that serves Fortune 500 companies, and will give you the
experience and exposure you need to build your career? If you are, PwC (www.pwc.com/us)
network of firms is the firm for you. We offer the perspective of a global network of firms
combined with detailed knowledge of local, state and US national issues. More than 163,000
people in 151 countries across our network share knowledge, experience and solutions to
develop fresh perspectives and deliver practical advice.

The Transaction Services Valuation practice specializes in advising corporate clients and
private equity firms on complex business and intangible asset valuation matters arising from
mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, carve-out and spin-off transactions, SEC filings,
and fair value assessments.
Position Description:
The primary role of the TS Valuation co-op will be to assist practice leadership with the
development of macrodriven valuation models and report templates based in Microsoft
Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. In addition, the co-op will gain experience in professional
valuation analysis of businesses and assets by assisting the practice in various roles on
client valuation engagements. Depending on PwC's needs, the co-op position could be
extended on a full-time or part-time basis beyond the spring 2011 semester.
Skills Required:
Candidates must have strong proficiency and experience in developing Microsoft application
programs (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) using macro programming languages. Candidates
must also have a working knowledge of financial, valuation, and accounting concepts.
Candidates must have excellent oral and written communication skills, and complete fluency
in English.
Apply in P2D2 to Job # 7659 or visit the PwC web site at

7)     Post-Graduate Peace & Security Fellowship in Washington D.C.

     The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship is a program established to
      provide college graduates with the opportunity to gain a Washington
               perspective on issues related to peace and security.

Spend six to nine months working full-time on research and/or advocacy on a range of
issues concerning security, including disarmament, nuclear and conventional arms
control, environmental security, peacekeeping, and the military budget. Scoville Fellows
have written fact sheets, letters to the editor, articles and reports, and been quoted in the
media. They may attend policy briefings, and Congressional hearings, and have meetings
with experts in the field. Many Scoville Fellows have taken jobs following their
fellowship with one of the participating organizations or with the Federal Government.

The fellowship is named for the late Dr. Herbert Scoville, Jr., a long-time public servant
and advocate of international peace and nuclear arms control.

Choose to work with one of the following organizations in Washington, DC:

•Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
•American Association for the
Advancement of Science                         •Institute for Science and International
•Arms Control Association                      Security
•British American Security Information         •National Security Archive
Council                                        •National Security News Service
•Center for Arms Control and Non-              •Natural Resources Defense Council
Proliferation                                  •Nuclear Threat Initiative
•Center for Defense Information                •Partnership for Global Security
•Center for Nonproliferation Studies           •Partnership for a Secure America
•Center for Strategic and Budgetary            •Peace Action
Assessments                                    •Physicians for Social Responsibility
•Citizens for Global Solutions                 •Henry L. Stimson Center
•Federation of American Scientists             •Truman National Security Project
•Friends Committee on National Legislation     Educational Institute
Education Fund                                 •Union of Concerned Scientists
•Global Green USA                              •Women's Action for New Directions
•Institute for Energy and Environmental

Benefits include a $2,400 monthly stipend, travel expenses to Washington, DC, and
health insurance.

Application Deadline:
Fall 2011 Fellowship--January 14, 2011 (begin between July 15 and October 1, 2011)
Spring 2012 Fellowship--October 1, 2011 (begin between January 15 and April 1, 2012)

For further information, program description and application requirements,
Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship (202) 446-1565 (202) 446-1565
info@scoville.org www.scoville.org

8) Positive Employment Messages for Programmers and Engineers

New York City Sees "Fierce" Competition For Programmers, Engineers
The Wired (12/13, Gustin) "Epicenter" blog reports, "Although the unemployment rate in
the Big Apple remains over 9 percent - roughly double what's considered healthy - the
demand for programmers and engineers to work in the city's burgeoning internet startup
scene is stronger than it's been in a decade." Native startup companies "are all fighting
for the best talent" at the same time "old media titans" based in the city are also looking
to hire. "Meanwhile, West Coast tech giants like Google are increasing their footprint in
the city." As a result of the "fierce" competition, "some of the top New York startups, like
Foursquare, are actually opening Silicon Valley offices to gain access to the wealth of
talent there." According to employment expert Dave Carvajal, venture capital has been
increasing since last year, funding "more startups, and thus more competition for talent."
Source: ASEE First Bell December 13, 2010.

Electric Vehicle Suppliers Face Growing Engineer Shortage.
Crain's Detroit Business (12/14, Guilford) reports, "As suppliers and automakers gear up
to build more hybrids and electric vehicles" they face a growing engineering shortage.
"The key problem: Traditional mechanical engineering skills generally don't apply to
electric-drive powertrains. Specific experience is needed - and it's hard to find." And the
shortage is expected "to become more acute when the US Department of Energy
releases an additional $17 billion in loans for fuel-efficient vehicles," some experts say.
One expert noted "Delphi and other automotive companies look to poach talent from
related industries, such as aerospace," but "persuading engineers to switch to the auto
industry can be tough, given the heavy layoffs of recent years."
     Competition For Engineers Grows As Automakers Bounce Back. Bloomberg News
(12/14, Clothier) reports, "Competition for skilled employees is heating up even in
Michigan, where the unemployment rate was 12.8 percent in October," the second-
highest in the US. Yet both GM and Chrysler have begun hiring thousands of engineers
as they ramp up production again and other companies, particularly automotive
suppliers like Continental AG and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., are following suit. As
a result of the suddenly rising demand, "competition for the engineers has intensified,"
TRW spokesman John Wilkerson said. Bloomberg notes that automotive service
provider Ricardo Plc "is turning to billboards to find engineers," and has also "started
running radio ads touting the engineering-services company as an employment
destination as fuel-economy standards drive demand for efficient powertrains." Source:
ASEE First Bell December 13, 2010.

Engineering And Construction Companies Expected To Rebound
The AP (12/9) reports, "Goldman Sachs said Wednesday engineering and construction
companies will see increased business during the next year, especially companies
involved in oil drilling and mining." A Goldman analyst "singled out companies that work
with the oil industry such as Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., Foster Wheeler AG, and KBR
Inc." However, he predicted that "the entire group would likely see robust business,
and...share values would rise over the next 12 months." Chicago Bridge was given the
most praise, the AP notes. "CBI has been the most consistent engineering and
construction company in our coverage universe, meeting or beating expectations in each
of the last nine quarters," analyst Joe Ritchie wrote. Source: ASEE First Bell December
9, 2010

9) Leaner Times for Energy R&D Funding Likely Regardless of Spending Bill
According to Technology Review (12/10, Bullis), Congress "is likely to pass one of two
spending bills to keep the government running in 2011," and "either way, funding for
energy R&D is expected to be stagnant next year and decrease in 2012." The first
option, passed by the House, "is to adopt a continuing resolution that will keep overall
funding levels equal to 2010's (about $50 billion less than the president's budget), while
rearranging where some of that funding goes." However, it "is by no means certain" it will
pass the Senate. "The other option is a more comprehensive 'omnibus' bill that lumps
together a dozen appropriations bills that committees have crafted based on President
Obama's budget request but modified in ways meant to make them more likely to pass
or to reflect the preferences of the committee members." While "better for energy R&D
funding," it is still less than "the president requested." Source: ASEE First Bell November
8, 2010.

10) Grad Co-op and Internships on P2D2
If you are looking for a spring or summer internship, be sure to check both P2D2 and
Career Buzz regularly. This is a list of internships currently posted on P2D2:

           •   General Motors (7611) – Detroit, MI – ME, ECE
           •   FivexFive Technology (7491, 7492) – Atlanta, GA – CS, IE, Math
           •   Coca Cola (7550) – Atlanta, GA – ECON, MGT, MBA-Global Business
           •   Clinigence (7630) – Atlanta, GA – CS, ECE, Math, Discrete Math
           •   DBS Manufacturing (7632) – Atlanta, GA – ME
           •   Yahasoft IT (7640, 7660) – Norcross, GA – CS, ECE
           •   Concurrent Computer (7621) – Duluth, GA – CS, ECE, ISyE, ME
           •   PriceWaterhouseCoopers (7669) – Atlanta, - CS, MIS
           •   Emory Univ. Center for Comprehensive Infomatics (7451) – Atlanta - CS
           •   Genzyme Corp (7479) – Framingham, MA – BIO, BIOE, CHBE, CHEM

11) Spring Career Fairs
           •   Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers (GTSBE) Career Fair -
               Wed, Jan 12 and Thur, Jan 13

           •   Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Fair - Tue Jan 18 and
               Wed, Jan 19 in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building Atrium,

           •   2011 Internship Fair - Tue Jan 18 in the Student Center Ballroom
               10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

           •   Georgia Tech Virtual Career Fair - Tue Feb 1 and Wed, Feb 2
               For info and registration, visit: www.gatech.careereco.net

           •   Industrial and Systems Engineering Career Fair - Mon Feb 14 in the
               Student Center Ballroom
               Noon - 4:00 PM

           •   Civil & Environmental Engineering Career Fair - Tue Feb 15 in the
               Student Center Ballroom
               9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
               For registration and additional info, contact Roger Mock at
               gtasce@gmail.com or 904-608-3703

12) US Research Doctorate Degrees Up for Women in Science, Engineering
The International Herald Tribune (12/5) reported, "Research doctorate degrees were
awarded to 49,562 students by American academic institutions in the 2008-9 academic
year, the highest number ever reported, according to the National Science Foundation's
Survey of Earned Doctorates." The growth, a roughly 1.6 percent increase over the
previous year, "was due largely to increases in the number of degrees awarded in the
fields of science and engineering." And the increases in these degrees, "in turn, resulted
from an upswing in the number of women earning science and engineering degrees. Of
the total science and engineering doctoral recipients, 622 were women - representing a
4.8 percent increase over 2008 levels - while the number of men earning science and
engineering doctorates declined very slightly." During the same time period, "however, a
decline was observed in the number of doctorates earned by foreign students." Source:
ASEE First Bell December 6, 2010.

13) Final OIE OPT Workshop This Week
 If you are an F-1 visa holder and you plan to work in the U.S. after graduation, you must
attend an OPT session provided by the Office of International Education prior to applying
for Optional Practical Training. These sessions are different from the Graduate Co-op
Orientations offered by DoPP.
All sessions are in Savant room 308 unless otherwise noted by an (*). (*) = Savant
Room 203. Additional dates and times can be found at www.oie.gatech.edu .

December 16th - 11am

**As a friendly reminder, one must attend an OPT session before making an
appointment for OPT.**

Division of Professional Practice

Graduate Co-op Program
Savant Building, 631 Cherry Street
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 404-894-3320
Email: gradco-op@dopp.gatech.edu

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