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Seaside Chronicles

VIEWS: 200 PAGES: 40

									                                                                       Fall 2012 - Volume 1, Issue 2

                               T h e               S p art an

Seaside high was a struggling
school. In 2009 it ranked in                                         AFTER
the lowest 10 percent of      Now, it is one of the top
California schools.           turnaround schools in the
                              state. Kids are in class and
                              scores are going up. The
                              story of change inside.

  Also in this issue:
                                                       • One student's opinions on how teenagers
  • What's really in that food in the cafeteria.            have it all wrong.
  • Three ways teens can mangle their lives            • How to break from the mold and express
        before they graduate.                               your true self through clothing.
               t h e S p art an
      CHR NICLES Volume 1, Issue 2 - Fall 2012

2    A U-Turn for Seaside
     By Josh abeyta

6    **** Teenagers say
     By Jose padilla

8    The shs catwalk
     By Patricia Lopez

13   enough about the dress code!
     By Jaleny Reyes

                                     By oliver Mckowen

                                Kids raising kids 23
                                         By Cianna Smith

                                 Crimes and Lies 27
                                  By anthony truesdale

                                       P.e.d. poison 32
                                         By Tyller Byron
A U-Turn         '

For Seaside
By Josh Abeyta

(above) Mrs. Phillips working during her prep period.

        The bell rings, students stand                  she contemplated what can make any school
indifferently, not caring about getting to their        better. The answer was obvious as she observed
classes. In a classroom stands a slim, average          the attitudes towards academics of many students
height blond woman. Several minutes after the           at Seaside High School: “Students came late to
bell has rang, her class remains half-empty.            school, were late to class, and didn’t seem to care
Students slowly and unenthusiastically fill her         much about school.”
classroom. Rushed, she attempts to fit in an entire              Seaside was denied several government
math lesson in 45 minutes; ten of those minutes         funds because of the school’s under-performance
wasted by students slowly filling the classroom.        which was determined based on CST testing and
She sighs heavily.                                      nothing more. The government measures a
        The clacking of high-heel shoes echo as         school’s success by its annual standardized
they can almost be heard from miles away. Tall          testing, given to all students in California around
and blonde, short hair, Dr. Mary White steps onto       April/May to test how many students have
the campus of Seaside High School confidently on        mastered the state’s expectations for a student to
her first day of work during the school year on         learn throughout the entire school year. Seaside
August 11th, 2010. Smiling at her associates as she     was labeled under-performing based on
enters the school’s front office, she walks to her      standardized test scores several years prior and
office on the right side of the school’s                was consequentially cut government funding.
administration building.                                         After the 2009-2010 school year, the
        Dr. Mary White, a woman with an                 Monterey Peninsula Unified School District
expertise in schools after twenty-five years of         (MPUSD) decided to shuffle teachers among the
experience, applied to become principal at              district’s three high schools in order to help out
Seaside High School with a vision of the school         the underachieving Seaside High School. “The
becoming one of the best schools in California.         swapping of teachers was a painful time, but the
Determined to make the best out of what she had,        change has definitely benefited SHS. Morale is
she created a plan. Considering how she could           much higher. There is a much more positive
turn the school around from being considered the        attitude among the staff,” proclaimed Mrs.
worst in the area by the Central Coast community,       Phillips, director of the SHS math department.
         The whole decision sparked a                   changes that Dr. White was enforcing. She
controversy throughout the district as angered          insisted that students would be respectful, on
some parents, staff members, and students who           time, and to put their academics first. She
were hearing that their teachers that they had          published a list of her expectations. These were
grown so attached to may be moved to another            to be on time for school, to be actively engaged in
school.                                                 bell to be instruction, to be respectful of self and
         While several teachers, such as Mrs.           others, to be appropriately dressed for school, and
Phillips, feel as if the switch helped the situation    to be safe at all times
out a little bit, students of other schools such as     When students have not reached these
Marina High School were angered. “They moved            requirements, they are not allowed to take part in
the ‘bad’ teachers and ‘bad’ kids to Marina High,       rallies, sports, and other extracurricular activities
who had some of the best scores in the county           until the disciplinary requirements are met. The
before the shuffle,” commented an anonymous             consequence of not meeting these expectations is
contributor on an online article about the              after school minute recovery. After school on the
teacher swap. This kind of mindset was the view         day of their offense, a student must stay after
of some people from the other two high schools          school in After School Minute Recovery. The
in the MPUSD (Monterey and Marina High                  student goes to the library, checks in and is
Schools). “Some students from other schools             expected to study or work in some way to make up
called Seaside teachers ‘crappy’ and their              for the instructional time lost for an hour and a
teachers would be swapped out for the teachers          half. If a student has trouble or is having trouble
in Seaside,” stated a KSBW report on the                understanding something academically, PBIS
swapping of teachers in 2010. “That’s not the           after school seminar for success is assigned for
case at all, it hurts,” Mrs. Phillips said in reply.    them. A student can go to their teacher’s class and
         The 2010-2011 school year began and Dr.        do their work or ask questions to help them
White wasted no time enacting her plan for              understand concepts until they are no longer
Seaside High. Before she stepped into her office        failing.
for the first time, she imagined students rising to              After six months of adjusting to Dr.
the occasion, embracing challenges, and going           White’s new expectations, she stated that her job
beyond expectations. For the first six months,          became increasingly easier. A cafeteria full of
students somewhat resented the new rules and            students for detention shrunk to merely a quarter

(below) Dr. White returns back to her desk after walking around campus during 8th period.

of the number of students. While many students           would have gotten it there,” she continued.
show disdain for the strict rules and high               Although there are countless amounts of parents
expectations implemented by Dr. White, people            who think that the school is doing great, there are
realize that she has made the school better, just at     still some who are unaware of what’s going on in
the expense of some freedoms that students were          Seaside.“I usually invite them in and tell them to
used to. It seems to be a common opinion by              visit Seaside High School. I don’t tell you
those who work around and with her and by many           anything, come and see the kids. Come and walk
students that before Dr. White came, the school          in the classrooms and kind of experience the
had a very strong sense of pride and family, but its     magic of Seaside,” said Dr. White when asked how
academic morale fell somewhere short. She wasn’t         she would respond when she hears criticism about
afraid to tackle tough issues from her first day         Seaside High School. Compared to Seaside’s
here,” Mrs. Phillips said.                               neighboring high schools, Monterey High School
         While PBIS seems like it would without a        and Marina High School, Seaside is doing the best
doubt help students with their academic work,            in terms of improvement.
there is debate about how productive it really is.                Improvement of course is always
Some students say that PBIS has really helped            something to celebrate, but have the recent
them get their work up and it helps raise their          changes across the Seaside High School campus
grades from what they used to be, while some say         changed things negatively? “During my first two
that it is a waste of time and it doesn’t help at all.   years pride was pretty big, and it’s had its
“No, my teacher didn’t really help me. I didn’t          declines,” Tin Phan, a junior, said. He then later
really ever need it though. I just had a strong case     continued to say that “during my freshman and
of senioritis even though I’m a junior. I got lazy       sophomore year you would always hear about
last quarter and I didn’t want to do my work. I          fights, and now there’s like zero fighting, and
had to play catch up to get my grade back up.”           we’ve gotten a lot less ghetto.” Students in
said a junior who attended PBIS for her math             general, though, feel that the school has definitely
class to raise her grade. PBIS isn’t only a tutoring     gotten better besides having less freedom.
session but a way for students to make up their                   These improvements would not have been
work in a good working environment. “I did only          possible if it weren’t for the $24 Million grant that
because I had to make up work. I understood              the MPUSD received for implementing
what we were learning in class”.                         turnaround at the end of the 2009-2010 school
         In fact, even with PBIS, there still remains    year. While these funds helped the school
a minority group of students who fail. What more         improve, they are expected to run out in less than
can be done to eliminate this? Is it possible to         a few years. Some wonder if Seaside will be able to
eliminate all failure in a school? Dr. White admits,     continue in a similar manner after the grant
realistically, that it is impossible to eliminate all    money runs out.
failure from a school but that a school’s progress                Even so, the hard efforts made by Dr.
is determined by whether the school does its job         White to turn Seaside High School’s academic
to provide safe positive environment so that a           department apparently were successful because
student has the opportunity to succeed if they           after the 2010-2011 school year, Seaside High
really strive to do so. As to whether the school is      School was given an award for being the highest
succeeding at doing its best to provide a safe,          improving school in the district, the highest
positive environment, parents can provide some           improving school in Monterey County, and even
insight.                                                 close to being one of the top ten improving
         “It’s a nice school, but I think it could use   schools in California. SHS’s API growth target, its
some money! The staff seems to be at the top of          goal in increasing its standardized testing scores
their game on improving the education of                 from one year to the next, was to increase its score
students. They need to have more programs                by six points in 2010-2011. The result, however,
where parents can get involved” said Alicia de           was a massive fifty-four point increase, nine times
Silva Perez, the mother of a Seaside High junior,        greater than what was expected. Despite this
when asked what her opinion of the school was.           success, and the many other positive changes on
“If I had known about the school’s condition back        campus, Dr. White hasn’t slowed down her quest
then, absolutely not. I want the best quality            for success and still strives for “Every student,
education for my kids and I don’t think they             every day.”
          S * * t
           S a y
   By: Jose Padilla
         I’m not what you’d call a very lively         offer, but since those individuals want to be the
person. Those of you who know me know that I           center of attention they take their parents hard
don’t talk about myself a lot. I’m very quiet, and     work for granted.” I agree. Not only do many
the downside to this, is that I hear everything        teenagers take all the things they do have for
around me: people talking about what they did          granted, but we don’t even take the time to
the day before, how they feel, or just everyday        appreciate the things we have, the things that
nonsense. I stay out of peoples business because       most don’t have. We have food, a place to live,
it’s not my own, but that doesn’t mean I don’t         clothes to wear, and much more. If not for our
think about the conversations I overhear.              parents or guardians, many of us would not have
Relationships, material items, insecurities, I hear    any of those things. The least you can do is thank
it all. These are all things that are normal to talk   them for all they’ve done for you, rather than
about because we all need a way to vent, whether       speak rudely of them.
it’s to our friends or someone we can trust. I                  Parents not only provide us with security,
know, I’m a teenager too, and even for me; things      but most are actually a big influence in your life.
get overwhelming.                                      Whether it’s their opinions on things, the way
         Still, no matter how many conversations I     they act, or the things they say. During lunch one
listen in on, there’s constantly a sense of anger      day, I spoke to my friend Anthony about this
towards someone. Whether it’s that annoying            issue. I asked him what he thinks of role models:
someone on facebook or your parents for not            “People’s role models should be someone who
buying you that new iPhone you don’t really            helps them along the path. Someone you can look
deserve. We waste our time and energy on               up off of...a better person. Whether we
thoughts of anger that will reside in our heads for    know it or not, we have one of these, because
a day or so. What for? We let it take ourselves        everyone has a base. Nobody starts from nothing.”
over and make us say things we never mean to           Everyone grows up being influenced by
say. When I hear someone say “my b***h a**             everything and anything that’s around them. We
mom won’t buy me a new phone,” I don’t know            don’t just magically grow up with our own
what to even think of that person. If this is what     thoughts and ideas. We take them from other
we’re comfortable saying around our friends;           people and make them our own. That’s what
what’s next?                                           becoming your own person is all about, but most
The fact that we can say these things about our        tend to forget that.
parents without a second thought aggravates me.                 We become so self-absorbed in other
When I asked my friend Moises Guzmán, a junior         people’s lives. We shouldn’t worry so much about
here at Seaside High School, about his opinions        gossip and the problems of other people, because
on teenagers and their parents, he told me, “Their     it benefits you in no way. Really, why would it
parents give them only the best that they can          matter that some girl “called you a ho” behind

your back, especially if it’s over a social            people we see on the street, or even our teachers.
networking website? Honestly, most of the time         We feel entitled to this respect, when most of the
it’s not true and the best thing to do is move on      time we don’t even deserve it. We’re rude, selfish,
with your life without causing any problems. To        and immature. We think that due to the fact that
retaliate by using the same vulgarity would just       we’re growing older, we’re on the same level of
belittle you as a person. Of course, people talk       adulthood as those around us. Well, this may
about you without you knowing; it happens to           come as a shock to most of you, but we’re not. The
everyone. Don’t think so highly of yourself when       truth of the matter is that we’re kids. We have a
most of the time you’ve stooped to the level of        lot left to learn and a lot more to be taught. No
your “enemies” as well.                                adult is better than any of us, but that also means
This goes for every large social networking site:      that we’re no better than any adult. We need to
twitter, facebook, and tumblr. Teenagers are           grow up sooner or later; sooner would be best.
constantly updating themselves on the posts and                  Lastly, most people my age tend to waste
statuses of the people they hate or adore. It’s a      their life a bit. They take every little thing and
new form of social interaction where you don’t         make it seem much worse than it really is. Saying
even have to talk to the people in order to “know”     things like “I want to kill myself” or “I hate my
that they’re speaking poorly of you. We hide           life” over something small isn’t okay. You have to
behind our screens and our computer monitors in        be happy with being alive, because personally,
order to cause “drama” over small things. In a         after having dealt with depression, I know you can
constantly changing                                                                 move on. Don’t waste
world, we find new           "...most people my age tend to                         your time and life saying
ways to reach even
newer levels of
                             waste their life a bit. They take                      things like that. Most
                                                                                    people around the world
stupidity. Even though     every little thing and make it seem                      would kill to have a life
we’re so intent on the
lives of others that we
                              much worse than it really is."                        as easy as yours. Most
                                                                                    teenagers have hard
forget ours; our own wants never falter.               lives as well, but don’t let that define you and get
         In terms of possessions, teenagers want to    in the way of anything. It should make you a
do and have everything. Our desire for material        smarter and stronger person. Work harder to
things is unprecedented. We need more. Why?            have the life you’ve always wanted if you’re not
Simply due to the fact that we can have it. Brian      happy with your own. That’s how the world
Contreras, a recent transfer, told me, “I think        works; always has.
teenagers nowadays are selfish with the things                   From the wants, the “needs,” the lack of
that they have. With new technology coming out;        appreciation, and the “drama,” we can see that
every single person wants it. Teenagers think it’s a   everyone has their own flaws. Most have all of
must to have the newest things.” Most teenagers        these problems or maybe even one, but nobody’s
want the latest phones, music players, clothes,        perfect. It’s become clear that I am not the only
and even gaming systems. There’s no limit to           one who thinks there are problems with the
what teens want. Has it ever occurred to most of       average teenager and many other people might
us to stop asking for things and work for them         have their own opinions on the matter. All I’m
instead? Perhaps go out and earn things yourself?      saying in the end is stop complaining about things
The feeling is much more satisfactory than just        that won’t matter minutes or days from then.
asking someone for all these items and whining         Work harder for what you want rather than
about it for days once you hear a “no.”                expecting it to fall into your hands. Don’t worry
         This leads me to another point: respect.      about the life of someone else when you still have
We all want respect in our lives. Whether it’s         years of yours to live. Learn to appreciate
respect from our parents, friends, classmates,         everything you have and to better yourself.

                B y :    Pat r i c i a      L o p e z

  F      **k conformity and fitting-in, we were
born to stand out!” are the words that came out of
sixteen year old Marissa, a student here at Seaside
High. Marissa is known by many of her peers as
having “a unique” or “different” style of dressing.
The fact that this particular student fearlessly has
fun with fashion, expresses herself through
clothing, and knows that nobody else on campus
will be wearing her over-sized vintage chunky
sweater demonstrates true personal style and


         Many feel uneasy about this particular
topic because they either assume its a female
dominated industry or an all high couture circus
with six foot tall girls strutting down runways.
However, fashion can mean different things to             (above) Alexandra Ramos expressing herself
different people. For many fashion is a work of           freely.
art, or for others it’s a religion, it’s a playfulness,
an escape from reality, a peek into a personality, a      really just about having your own outlook and
feast for the eyes, it’s having swag. But ultimately,     discovering yourself.
fashion is an individual statement of self                         When it comes to fashion and style here at
expression. Fashion is everywhere and it’s a part         SHS, many students like Katie Alvarez ’13 say,
of every single person’s life whether they                “it’s too confusing and mainstream.” She does
acknowledge it or not. The way we dress from              have a point. Fashion can sometimes be confusing
head to toe and the certain brands, colors, and           or seem mainstream, but that’s because people
patterns we prefer all define our personal style.         make it that way. They dress in clothes that they
You don’t have to be a major designer like Coco           hear are considered “in” or stick to the norm in
Chanel or stylist like Rachel Zoe in order to             America which are jeans and a T-shirt. As a result,
understand the concept of personal style; It’s            everyone looks the same! When asked about
individual style here on campus, Zyron ‘12             asked about her outlook on style here on campus
expressed, “people here in the 831 dress too much      she replied, “ I see the lack of individuality at this
like each other. The typical outfit for most girls     school as an opportunity for creative minds to
here is Uggs shoes, jeans, and a Hollister T-shirt,    flourish and kick ass. Since our school doesn’t
for guys is a snap back hat, saggy jeans, and shoes    require us to wear uniforms, I spend a lot of time
like Vans or Jordans,” adding, “it makes them          challenging myself to create different interesting
look like followers.” Another observant student,       looks.” Having self-knowledge, self-confidence,
Jhoana ‘13, shared, “If one person brings a cool       and an open mind are key ingredients to creating
new top or hat to school, the next week five other     your own style. Truth is, style doesn’t come to
people are wearing the exact same one.”                you unless you pay attention to it and take your
There seems to be an apparent lack of                  time to learn about it!
individuality here on campus and it’s time for
students to commence exploring their sense of          But what keeps students from being
style and dressing with thoughtful originality. It’s   unique in their fashion?
totally fine if you like to dress like your friends
because after all, they can be very influential. But            There are many reasons that can prevent
think about how awesome it would be to add your        students from achieving their own personal style.
own personal flare to your outfits and make them       It’s obvious we don’t live in a big city like LA or
unique...make them your creation.                      New York where celebrities like Lady Gaga and
         There are also those students here at         Kanye West can be seen swaggering down the
Seaside High who, through experimentation,             streets sporting flamboyant and over the top
already possess a sense of their own personal          ensembles. We live in small town, conservative
style. From her knee high socks to her fire red        Seaside where people can be pretty judgemental
hair, Inna ‘13 sure stands out in a crowd with her     and close minded when it comes to fashion,
unique personal touches to her outfits. When           causing many to feel afraid to express themselves
                                                       freely through clothing. Other social issues like
                                                       fitting in, feeling insecure about one’s self, and of
                                                       course the economic recession also contribute
                                                                Feeling insecure comes from looking too
                                                       much at others and not enough at yourself.
                                                       Students look at certain fashions and dress a
                                                       certain way in order to fit in with their peers.
                                                       Being surrounded by many distinct personalities
                                                       and styles it becomes almost inevitable to avoid
                                                       the classic case of fashion envy. Jealousy over
                                                       someone’s style is even more contagious on a high
                                                       school campus since trends tend to spread
                                                       rapidly as students look to each other for style
                                                       ideas. One person who flaunts an amazing outfit
                                                       with confidence can lead another to feel envious.
                                                       “I see other people wear hella nice clothes and I’m
                                                       like [darn] where do these [girls] get these
                                                       clothes” shared Soraya ‘13. “I can’t help it, I guess
                                                       it bothers me.” Another student, Anastasia,
(above) Brian's confidence shines through here         shared “I feel that if I do start dressing differently
because he feels good about the way he looks.          from everybody else people especially girls might

                                                                           patience and a bit of creative
                                                                           improvisation to accentuate the
                                                                           parts of your body that you do

                                                                           Finding Inspiration

                                                                                  Look around, what do you
                                                                          see? Believe it or not, you can
                                                                          create an outfit and even a whole
                                                                          wardrobe out of an interpretation
                                                                          of anything that catches your eye.
                                                                          That process in which something
                                                                          visually appealing evokes feelings
                                                                          of creativity is called inspiration
                                                                          and it can be found almost
An outfit can be based on something as simple as an accessory, such as everywhere, whether it’s from an
the G-Shock pictured above.                                               era of time, a music video,
                                                                          celebrity, the buildings in your
                                                         neighborhood, or a flower during the spring. You
start talking about me or think I’m weird, I guess
                                                         take the most interesting element(s) from the
I’m just afraid of jealousy or being made fun of.”
                                                         source, visualize, and then put different pieces of
It’s natural to feel a bit envious at times but don’t
                                                         clothing together that resemble the particular
let it get the best of you, use it as inspiration and
                                                         object or era. Don’t feel intimidated about finding
never imitate. Jessica ‘12 advises students at SHS
                                                         inspiration, luckily ideas don’t have to be pulled
to “be themselves and not care what others think.”
                                                         out of thin air.
There are always going to be critiques, but also
                                                                 Sources of media like magazines,
compliments. Don’t be afraid to dress the way you
                                                         television, and internet websites offer tons of
want, because it will only hold you back from
                                                         inspiration for fashion ideas. Many students here
obtaining your own style.
                                                         at SHS like Jayden ‘13 say, “ I find most of my
         Insecurity due to body issues also plays a
                                                         inspiration on Tumbler and where
huge role in why students don’t feel comfortable
                                                         photos of various outfits are posted daily.”
wearing different styles of clothing . Here at
                                                         Another fun and super easy way to find
Seaside there is a wide range of diverse body-
                                                         inspiration is to flip through your favorite fashion
types: tall, short, skinny, thick. When asked,
                                                         magazine, scan the pages for an outfit that
almost every student had something they disliked
                                                         intrigues you, then head over to your local mall
about their body. “I don’t like my back and my
                                                         and find pieces to recreate it. A good idea is to
arms.” “I hate how my legs look.” “I wish I were
                                                         keep the photos from the magazine and place
taller.”“My shoulders are too wide.” “My hips are
                                                         them on a vision board for further motivation.
too wide.” “My stomach is just there.” “It makes
                                                         With an inquiring mind almost anything can
shopping for clothes difficult and stressful”! Body
                                                         trigger a creative spark. The possibilities of
issues can act as a challenge when getting dressed
                                                         inspiration are endless, just make sure that they
but don’t let your height or your weight
                                                         scream “you!”
discourage you from dressing stylish. As
teenagers our bodies are still developing, so get to
know your body type and what flatters it. There is
                                                         Make mistakes. It will be okay.
clothing for everyone out there, you just need
                                                                 As adolescents we can get away with many
things including fashion mishaps. I remember my        great style is that you need money. But the truth
freshman year I went through an Ed Hardy phase         is, you really don’t need to spend a whole lot to
(and yes, it was before Jersey Shore gave it bad       get fabulous clothes.
name!). I look back and laugh because I wore                   Before you go on your next shopping trip,
gaudy T-shirts with printed skulls on them only to     look into your closet and identify the things you
impress my boyfriend at that time. Now I look          like and wear the most. Then make a list of items
back embarrassed because it was not me. I              you need that way it will be easier to resist buying
realized that what I truly felt comfortable in was     unnecessary items; saving you tons of money.
pink, girly clothes!                                   Basics or staple pieces are essential to have in
        I have come to realize that I should not       your closet as they are the foundation around
dress a certain way to impress others, but myself.     which you build your wardrobe. The price of an
We can’t always just live off what others think is     item doesn’t always reflect its value. Think about
right for us, but what we think is. That is the only   how much you’re actually going to use an item
way we can make our own decisions and get to           before splurging on it. It’s a huge waste of money
know who we really are. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve       and beauty if you buy something expensive and
always loved edgy, grunge style but I finally          just leave it to collect dust in your closet. Style
learned how to achieve that look without having        isn’t about how much clothes you have in your
to wear loud, tacky clothes that make me feel          closet but about how you work with what you got.
uncomfortable. Don’t be ashamed of your style          Although it’s always exciting to shop for new
history because nobody is born a fashionista. It’s     clothes, mix and matching your existing items in
through studiously practicing trial and error that     fresh ways can be all you need to create new looks
we learn what our true style. Live up your             without spending the money.
youthful years and feel comfortable to play with
different patterns and colors until you find the
ones that suit you best! Take the time to              Shopping Vintage
experiment with new looks and disregard or
donate anything that makes you feel out of your                The best way to add originality to your
element. Trends can be a fun way to update your        wardrobe is to incorporate vintage pieces.
wardrobe , but only follow the ones you like and       Garments and other clothing articles classified as
add your own touches. They are constantly              vintage are from past eras dating back from the
changing so don’t rely on them . Trends will come      1920’s to 1980’s, but opinions about what is
and go but personal style will never change.           considered vintage vary. Vintage clothing can
                                                       mostly be found in local thrift shops like
Fashionista on a budget                                Reincarnation in Pacific Grove or even Goodwill.
                                                       Have you ever thought about checking out a thrift
         When the economy declined in 2008 the         store? A vintage shopper herself Ms. Limón
crisis affected everyone on a global scale not to      advises, “If you’re looking to dress uniquely the
mention many of us here at Seaside High. It’s          mall is the wrong place to go.”
undeniable that this economic recession has                    Many students seem to be skeptical when
touched us all, whether you’re already receiving a     told about thrift stores. One student said “eww, I
paycheck or still depend on your parents for cash.     would never go into thrift store!” Another said
These days money is tight, and when it comes to        “aren’t those places dirty??” No, thrift stores are
fashion and shopping, many students blame their        not dirty and if you are a frugal shopper on the
financial problems on not being able to dress          hunt for unique, original pieces they are the
fashionably. My advice is don’t let the economy        perfect place to go. Going into a thrift store is like
discourage you from obtaining your personal            going on a treasure hunt. You are sure to find
style! The biggest misconception about having          many amazing and interesting treasures that you

will not find anywhere else. You can find designer     not very classy and sexiness is better left off to the
labels like: Chanel, Dior, Prada, and many others.     imagination. There is a more tasteful manner to
Of course, they are second hand stores which           dress sexy without looking trashy! Think about
means most of their merchandise is moderately          balancing proportions, if you are going to be
used but if you are lucky you can find things with     showing some leg make sure to cover up on top
the prices still attached. One student, Arya,          and vise versa. Keep in mind that you are sending
shared “One time I went to goodwill and found a        out a message to the world about yourself.
beautiful Ann Taylor top that still had the price on   Remember to always be yourself gracefully but
it. It originally costs $90 but I got it for only $5   also respect the school’s dress code, once that last
bucks!” Give vintage shopping a try, If you are        bell of the day rings feel free to wear what you
hesitant because of sanitary reasons, that can         want in whatever way you want.
easily be fixed by taking your purchases to the                 The bottom line is that personal style is
cleaners. Give them a chance, you will be amazed       accepting who you are as a person. Figure out who
at what you can find.                                  you are and how you want to feel on any given
                                                       day. If you ever wake up and feel like wearing a
There is a time and a place for                        tutu to school don’t hesitate to wear it because if
everything                                             you can rock it and it makes you feel good then
                                                       nothing else should matter. Follow what you feel
        It’s important for students to take the        inside, follow your intuition. The most amazing
development of their own personal style into           thing about fashion is that it allows us to create
consideration during this period of time. Dr.          fantasies and express our individuality. The
White is always reminding us that we have to           pursuit of style is an ongoing process and will
“dress for success” because projection of style is     continue to evolve as we grow older. Take a stand
key for our individual success as well as the whole    now and make a statement. There is no else like
school. Not only can style be fun and playful, but     you, so when you walk down Burnett Hall or into
it can also boost our confidence and open up new       a classroom, own it.
doors of opportunity in the future. Knowing a bit
about fashion can definitely come in handy in
situations where certain attire is required like
going on our first job interview or attending
special events. It’s important to care about one's
appearance and give great first impressions when
times call for them because the manner in which
we present ourselves to others says a lot about
who we are. The biggest fashion mistake a person
can ever make is to show up at an important
meeting in something outrageous like sweats!
        Guys, as many already know our school
dress code prohibits sagging pants. If you are a
sagger yourself make an effort to wear a belt, it
will help you look presentable and keep your
pants up; it won’t hurt you I promise. Most girls
that I have asked agree that guys who dress well
are attractive besides boys and fashion are two of
a woman’s main passions.
        Girls, don’t think that looking “nice”         (above) Catalina Cruz demonstrates that true
means dressing too provocative and flashy. It is       style is wearing what you want.

                   ABOUT. By:Jaleny Reyes
                   Why the students

                   at Seaside High School
                   need to stop complaining.

         “Good morning students and staff,” she

         “This morning I want to inform you on a
 few changes we have made to make Seaside High        undergarments did not show. There were no hats
 School a safer and more academic place.”             on their heads, unless they were SHS spirit wear.
         “New changes, what do we need more           Girls did not reveal parts of their bodies, nor did
 changes for?” stated a student.                      they wear see through clothing. As campus
         “Hasn’t enough change been done to our       monitors and administrators walked by the
 school?“                                             students, boys pulled up their pants and girls
          “I know right! One of these days we’re      covered up. It was clear students understood the
 going to have all of our freedom taken away from     new rules.
 us, just watch!”
         “Everyone please quiet down and listen to    First Reactions
 what Dr.White has to say!” quickly stated
 Mr.Tarantino. The whole class promptly lowered               Like any situation, there were different
 their voices.                                        reactions toward the changes. Perhaps the rule
         It was the beginning of second period, and   that received the most attention was the hat rule.
 like usual two boys took turns prattling on the      For the first month it seemed to be as if it was the
 intercom, reading the announcements. After the       only thing anyone cared about. The new rule
 students were done with their part of the            banned all hats from school, unless they were
 announcements, Dr.White, like usual, spoke. This     “Spartan Spirit Wear” hats. Some felt as if it were
 morning though, it was different. She wanted to      unfair and unnecessary to take the rule into such
 inform us about the new dress code, and set clear    extremes: “I don’t like the hat rule. The hats they
 the consequences that would follow if the rules      make in school are ugly,” stated Tanya Ochoa ‘13.
 were not obeyed.                                     “Maybe if they tried making better designs the
         After a few months it was clear on what      students wouldn’t have such a negative reaction
 was and was not allowed on campus, as you            towards them.” Even so, she feels that students
 walked down the hallway. The boys had their          should be able to wear hats because they don’t
 pants pulled up to a level where their               cause much trouble.
        The main reason it was
decided to eliminate hats from our
school was because many of the staff
felt that the hats included some sort
of symbol that associated the
students with gangs. Dr.White
agreed: “colors and all those different
things [gang associated clothing] in a
school....become a distraction from
having to fight to kind of keep
everyone safe. A lot of it was to take
away anything that would distract
kids from what the real purpose of
school is.”
        It almost feels as if the whole
campus is against the hat rule, but
saying this would be wrong. Many
students agree with the hat rule and
they feel as if it has brought change
into the campus. Donna Moneda
transferred to SHS in Fall 2011 and
although she has not been part of the
Seaside High School community for
long, she believes the new rules are
helping: “I think the rules are good
and they should be kept. They are
helping improve our school’s
discipline and behavior problem and
have also helped gangs and gang
violence decrease.”
        There are also some students
who don’t really care much for the
rules. Moises Guzman shared that
although he does feel some rules
should be reconsidered, for the most
part he simply just doesn’t really care
because he doesn’t wear hats. “But I
must admit that I feel that they
should be more relaxed about the
rules because people express their
personalities with their clothes.”
Moises is not alone, there are other
students have the same opinion as
him. “The dress code is good, for me,
but many dislike it,” stated Adrian.
“One of the rules I don’t care much
about is the hat rule. I never really

                                                        the beginning, but now she states, “I wouldn’t
                                                        change them, I kinda like them. Plus I think it’s
                                                        helping fix the discipline programs we had.” It
                                                        seems as if many SHS students have that same
                                                        opinion. Time has eventually helped them
                                                        understand that these changes were not in any
                                                        intention applied to cause negative opinions, but
                                                        to help better the school, even though many
                                                        students didn’t take it in that way. They thought
                                                        that the decision to make new dress code policies
                                                        was unnecessary. Jhoana Ortiz, at first, disagreed
                                                        with the rules, but now she admits that theses
                                                        rules “have brought some positive impact into the
                                                        school.” Still she does admits she feels that the hat
                                                        rule should be changed because “not everyone is
                                                        gang related and some people who wear hats have
                                                        really good grades, they shouldn’t have to pay the
                                                                 Jhoana does not stand alone with that
                                                        point of view. Many SHS students believe that if
                                                        they have good grades they should have some sort
                                                        of exception towards the dress code. “I think that
                                                        Dr.White needs to chill a little with the dress code
                                                        and take in consideration the idea of students
                                                        being allowed to wear hats if they have good
(above) An SHS student wearing a tank top and           GPA’s. Those students have earned their rights
ripped jeans.                                           well,” shared an SHS student. Another student
                                                        expressed that, “the only people that should be
liked wearing hats, so the new rules towards them
                                                        punished should be all those wanna be gang
don’t affect me.”
                                                        bangers not people with good grades.”
There were of course consequences that came
                                                                 It seems to be that all of the blame for hats
along with these rules. If a student disobeyed,
                                                        not being allowed falls on gangs because of the
such as by wearing a hat they would get it taken
                                                        fact that color was a major issue. “I think we really
away. “We really don’t have a huge problem,”
                                                        have had very, very almost no problems with any
shared Dr. White. “If a student repeatedly has a
                                                        form of violence this year. I do believe that the
hat, they just lose their hat, and then after they do
                                                        pressure of gangs has significantly decreased.
instructional minute recovery then they get their
                                                        There really isn’t a look or feel of gang pressure,
hat back. So most kids just don’t want to do that.”
                                                        that’s from my opinion.” Dr.White shared. She
It seems that students understand the
                                                        also said she has taken some pols from kids
consequences and have, for the most part, obeyed
                                                        around the school and asked “what do you think,
the new rules.
                                                        do you think there is an issue with gang violence?”
                                                        The students answered her that they too feel that
Students Changed Their Thoughts?
                                                        our campus’s gang violence has decreased and
                                                        become invisible.
       At the beginning of all these changes,
there were more students against the rules than
                                                        Changing the rules changed the campus?
for them. That has changed. Tanya Ochoa
expressed a negative opinion towards the rules at
         It can be somewhat safe to say that by        school. I think Dr.White and the administrators
making adjustments to the dress code, the              applied these rules because they truly did want
campus has an improved look. The way students          the students to take their education more
looked can’t compare to the way they look now.         seriously. At the same time, the dress code is just
Dr.White agrees that these rules have not only         a small part to what brought change to the
helped students look better, but they have also        Seaside High School campus. We’ve seen grades
helped them improve their grades. She shared           go from F’s and D’s to A’s and B’s, we’ve seen
that many students have changed the way they           attendance go up and violence go down. At the
dress because they don’t feel as if they belong in     end of the day, Seaside High is more than a dress
any sort of gang anymore. “If you have someone         code. We as students need to talk more about our
who dresses as if they identify themselves as gang     education instead about what we wear. Our
member and then they begin to not...dress that         clothes do not build our future, our grades do.
way, I think they begin to self identify themselves
as possibly different.” Students who previously        (below) Abel, a Senior, sagging his pants.
identified themselves as gang members by the
way they dressed may no longer do so because
they’re not allowed to wear certain colors or
outfits to school. Not being allowed to do so takes
away the gang affiliation appearance to the
students and the school.
         Since the new rules have been applied,
many students have improved their grades and
don’t waste time in class. Compared to before,
they seem to be on task more and have most of
their work turned in. The administrators seem to
be aware that students have learned to focus on
their school work and they themselves are
“focusing on what the student is doing...we’re no
longer talking about dress, we’re talking about
how you’re doing in school. ” Dr.White also
shared that since our school is doing better, and
the dress code is no longer one of the big issues,
the school has time to focus and talk more to
students about their personal goals. Much of the
change is seen by the way students apply a
positive attitude towards school, instead of trying
to wear clothing that fits into their gang.
         Even though many believe that the dress
code was one of the largest contributions to the
improved discipline on campus, Dr. White stated
that the dress code is “not the main focus...just a
small piece of the whole school.” But, she does
feel that the students feel more safe and at home
since the most part students understand what is
and isn’t allowed on campus.
         Personally, I feel that many of these rules
really have helped increase the safety of the

                      .e du   By:
                              Oliver McKowen

                o n
          t i

                                                         and that consequently kids were growing up
        It’s 2006. Students at an elementary
                                                         healthier. Mrs. Hruby, the band teacher at Seaside
school in the heart of Southern California are
                                                         High, described it, perhaps hyperbolically, as:
heading towards lunch. They skip into the lunch
                                                         “there were no fat people back then. Everyone was
hall, take one look at the lunch trays that sit
prepared on the counter, and stop. Pizza, dripping
                                                         What changed, though, and why? It is here that
a lake of grease, seems to be the main course
                                                         we come again to money, the indelible foe of good
today, and by it sits a humongous carton of Lays
                                                         health in school food. Simply said, over the past
potato chips for a side. The last piece of the meal
                                                         four decades, various improvements have been
is a small, soggy portion of massively over-cooked
                                                         made in machinery and mass production. These
vegetables, and it is easy to see that whatever
                                                         improvements have had a peculiar impact on
nutrition they once had bled out with most of the
                                                         school food. It is now more cost effective to feed
                                                         kids cheap, unhealthy food, rather than the more
        This may seem like a horror story that
                                                         expensive, healthier options. It seems, in fact, that
can’t be real, but for many children in many
                                                         the level of machine technology holds an inverse
schools across America, this is normal. But why
                                                         relationship with the quality of school food. Fast
would an institution like the school system, that
                                                         food is now the norm.
has been around for years, be feeding the kids
                                                                                          For example, take
such unhealthy glop?
                                                                                      the case of milk. In
The real answer is not
                                                                                      “The Destructive Dairy
what you would think.
                                                                                      Industry” on
        After some
extensive research and
                                                                                      there is a gruesome
investigation, the
                                                                                      description of the way
main problem has
                                                                                      dairy lots have
become clear. The
                                                                                      changed since the
school lunches are not
                                                                                      fifties and sixties. “The
disgusting because the
                                                                                      idyllic farm” from
school officials do not
                                                                                      which a farm worker
care, but for a
                                                                                      delivers milk, month
completely different
                                                                                      after month, year after
reason: Money. School
                                                                                      year to the people of a
food is generally bad
                                                                                      nearby town “no
because there is a lack      (above) A sadly typical American school lunch
                                                                                      longer exists.” He or
of funding, and
                                                         she has been replaced by a man driving a truck,
schools often cannot afford healthy food.
                                                         just as the farm was torn down for new buildings
        So now we know the main reason that
                                                         many years ago. Now the milk is delivered from a
school food is so terrible, but how did it come to
                                                         processing center in the nearest city, and the milk
be this way? The trail goes all the way back, long
                                                         starts coming from further away. It became more
before the kids stepped into the lunchroom in
                                                         sensible to have several large farms making milk
2006, and long before the problem that was to
                                                         than to have many small farms, with one to each
appear had even started to become an issue. It
                                                         town. The effects of this change can be seen by
goes back to the year 1963.
                                                         anyone who drives down Interstate 5. Moreover,
        In 1963, many of the items and services
                                                         the change can be smelled.
that we take for granted now did not exist. One of
                                                                  “Factory farming,” as the new system has
the most major differences was the food. In 1963,
                                                         come to be known, is not entirely bad. As farms
the school food system was very different than it
                                                         have collectivized and become larger, the price of
is today. It was before several major policy
                                                         farm-produced goods has gone down. However,
changes had occurred and before the standards
                                                         factory farming methods generally lead to poor
for federal reimbursement were changed. This
                                                         milk quality. Of the many antibiotic chemicals
meant that meals were generally more complete,
                                                         given to cows---over 17 million shots each year---
over 70% of them reach the milk that these cows
produce, and consequently, their customers. This
in turn can lead to debilitating stomach disorders
resulting from a loss of helpful bacteria in our
bodies. The final result of this system is a dubious
trade between health and cheaply priced milk.
This phenomenon is not confined to milk,
however. This same process has occurred with
many of the foods and beverages that we eat and
drink every day.
         There were also other changes, besides
those of technology and production. It seems
ironic, that as nutritional policies have changed
and become less stringent, the food has in turn
dropped in quality. This change is due to several       (above) Students' rating of food at SHS.
less than effective policy decisions.
         Perhaps the most massive shift in school
nutritional policy in recent years came in 1970,
with a change to the policy covering government
subsidised school food. The program was called
“Offer vs Serve,” and it was intended to reduce
wasted food by allowing a child’s lunch to be
federally subsidized if it merely contained 3 out of
5 of the federal government’s healthy food
requirements, as opposed to all of them, as it was
before the change. This is to say that it had to
include at least a “vegetable” (usually french
fries), an “entrée” (burgers or pizza for example),
and a “milk” (chocolate flavored, strawberry
flavored, or unflavored).
         Though this combination is legally able to
receive federal subsidization, it is truly a            (above) How often SHS students eat at school.
monochromatic meal. A “monochromatic meal” is
one that lacks color. Vegetables and other
balanced foods are usually brightly colored. Most
unhealthy foods such as french fries and chicken
nuggets, on the other hand, do not have much
color. According to Regina M. Benjamin, current
Surgeon General of the United States, a healthier
meal should, as she puts it, “be colorful.” Thus, a
meal made up of pizza, french fries and chocolate
flavored milk would seem to be an unhealthy meal
for anyone, let alone a growing child, and yet
children will go for it. More often than not, a kid
will leave the vegetable or salad by the wayside,
and will leave the lunch line carrying a tray full of
tan and brown.
         One of the reasons kids will choose
unhealthy foods is because of the “fast food
                                                        (above) Student suggestions for making school
epidemic” of recent years and how it has affected
                                                        food better at SHS.
children’s diets outside of school. Here again is
the issue of mass-production. With wages                 break even.” In this way, the school has prepared
decreasing and inflation raising the prices of even      itself for failure by setting up an informal
the most mundane items, a chicken sandwich for           comparison between the healthier, though
one dollar at McDonald’s can seem very                   certainly not healthy, foods of the meal plan, and
attractive. Therefore, no matter what the school         the colorful name brand merchandise of the a la
administration does for the kids’ diets in school,       carte line.
they cannot change the way that the children eat                  This leads me to the reason that a la carte
at home. If all a child eats at home is pizza,           is so harmful to the lunch program. Imagine, if
McDonald’s, and other unhealthy food choices,            you will, a child going through the lunch line. It’s
they will subconsciously gravitate towards those         crowded, noisy, and generally unpleasant. He
foods that they know and enjoy every day. This           tries to catch a glimpse of the options for today,
phenomenon unfortunately precludes the                   but there are too many people in the way.
possibility of a majority of kids simply choosing to     However, he is able to see clearly when he gets to
eat healthily.                                           the head of the line, and he surveys his options.
         Furthermore, recent studies have shown          On one table, there is a pile of boxed salads, and
that although the school administration can put          they are packaged in clear plastic. On the other
out healthy food, it is usually a useless gesture,       side, however, is a brightly colored, plastic
and so they often do not. This is in part a simple       wrapped meal tray, which contains a range of
matter of logistics, and also a matter of                different snack foods, all of them brands that he
competition. The school itself takes a certain           knows and enjoys eating, such as Pop Tarts and
amount of money to run, which pays for such              Doritos. He takes one last glance at the salad,
things as teachers wages, office supplies, and           before moving, just as the kid in front of him did,
lunches. The school then offsets this cost by            to the snack tray. Behind him, as he leaves, he
making the kids pay for their lunches out of             sees the next kid in line do the same. This fantasy
pocket, usually at a rate of about $2.00. For those      is all too often a reality, and it is taking place in
who cannot pay this fee, there are federally             schools across America.
subsidized free or reduced price school meals.           But a school cannot live on a la carte sales, as they
However, this subsidization by the federal               simply do not provide enough money.
government often does not cover all the costs to         So due to the comparison of federally funded
provide the lunches and operate the school. Thus         meals to a la carte snack foods, the school must
we come to the heart of the school food problem:         bring down the quality of their federal meals as
a la carte. To cover the part of the costs that is not   far as they can while still staying inside federal
supplied by the revenue from the lunches or by           standards, to meet that of the a la carte
the federal government, the school is forced to sell     merchandise. If they do not, the kids will not buy
cheap, mass produced, easy to manufacture snack          enough of the federally funded foods to support
food. These foods, which often include snacks like       the program. Thus, the quality of the federal
Pop Tarts, Corn Nuts, and Doritos, are often             meals are lowered, and the entire student body
cheaper than the federal meal program, as well as        suffers. This is the second main reason that school
being more tasty to teenage palates. This helps the      food in America is of such low quality.
school to break even by supplementing their                       The final reason comes in the form of
federal funding with money from the children.            psychology, via the stigma of “being poor.” The
         Unfortunately, the increase in good flavor      fact is that the school gets paid more by the
came at the cost of good health, and while some of       federal government for each free lunch they give
the snacks offered are as healthy as the federal         out, as opposed to each reduced price or full price
standard, they still have to compete with name           meal. However, kids will often not sign up for free
brand merchandise like Cheetos and Corn Nuts.            lunches, even if they qualify, because they don’t
Unfortunately, while many food directors would           want to be thought of as “poor” by their fellow
like to get rid of a la carte, they simply can’t. In     students. This causes families that really shouldn't
the book Free For All, Janet Poppendiek quotes a         be paying full price to pay that much, as students
school food director as saying, “Without snacks,         will lie to their parents about their eligibility so
the lunch program couldn’t survive; you couldn't         that they won't be ridiculed. In extreme cases, this
end up at the point where the child may not get          which should then go not only to the lunch
lunch at all, which can be detrimental to the            program, but to the arts as well.
learning environment. It is a sad thing that kids                Not every teacher likes the food here. Mrs.
feel insecure enough that they will sacrifice their      Hruby, the Band teacher at SHS has a much more
lunch, even though over 67% of all the student at        negative view of the food situation in our school.
Seaside are eligible for the lunches.                    In an interview, she summed up her viewpoint
                                                         nicely with the statement “Ohh, the food? I don’t
The Food at Seaside                                      eat the school food anymore, not for a long time.”
                                                                 But what of the consumers of the school
          In her bestselling book, Free for All, Janet   food - the students? In a recent survey conducted
Poppendiek states that the best way to get an            on the student body of Seaside High, it was found
insight into the inner workings of school food in        that on a scale of one to five, a majority of
America is to ask the staff of school kitchens.          students rated the food here a three, with most
Really, only the kitchen staff have the experience       others rating it a two. Tellingly, not one person
to tell if the food is truly good or bad, because        rated the food a five. Of these respondents, most
they deal with it every day. Furthermore, those          of them eat at school every day, and most of the
kitchen staff who are stationed on the lunch line        rest eat here four times a week. Students were
are exposed to all the comments and feelings of          also asked, “What is one thing that would make
both kids and teachers who come to the counter.          the food better?” A significant majority called for
This gives them a way to check if the food is good       fresher food, with more day-to-day variety, and
or bad, even if they do not already know. Thus the       more brand name foods. One student
best way to learn about the school food system in        commented, “I know the budget is bad, but you

            " TELLINGLY ,                             NOT ONE PERSON
high schools across the nation is to simply ask a        just need to listen to the students!”
professional.                                                    Clearly, the opinion of the school food at
This holds true at Seaside High, and much of the         Seaside is not a good one. This is not the final
information in this article came from the lunch          mark for the lunch at school, though, as various
ladies at this school. For example, Mary, the head       plans are being set in motion to try and raise the
of the kitchen staff, stated in an interview that        score. One of these, instituted by Mary, the head
although she wouldn’t eat the food here, it is still     lunch lady, is to provide the students with food of
better than any other school lunch program she           a “homemade” quality. The greatest result of this
has tried. This response came as somewhat of a           is a once-per-week special entree of ham and
shock to me. After all, if the head of the kitchen       cheese sandwiches. This has been an astounding
staff does not like the food, what does that say         success. Senior Anthony Truesdale summed up
about the food itself? In my eyes, Mary’s is the         the general feelings on the sandwiches when he
ultimate testament of the true quality of the food.      stated “The cheese sandwiches? I love those!”
         Teachers have opinions as well on the
subject of school food, and their thoughts can be           Why This All Matters
just as insightful as those of the kitchen staff. Mr.
Steven Russell, the art teacher at Seaside High,                 In a paper published recently, The
takes an neutral view of the food here at Seaside.       Surgeon General stated that the better a child
In an interview, he told me “The food is pretty          eats, the better they will do in school. This has
good, but it could still be lots better.” He went on     been corroborated by hundreds of studies and
to say that he believed that a greater part of the       reams of electronic data, such as a study
federal budget should be allocated to schools, and       performed by the Centre for Research on the
                                                      the plan worked perfectly, and the grades of the
                                                      children in those classrooms that participated
                                                      rose steadily. But soon a problem arose; the
                                                      grades rose a small amount, then plateaued.
                                                      Troubled by the fact that their plan was not
                                                      working, the school sent some people around to
                                                      ask and investigate. They were shocked and
                                                      embarrassed by what they discovered.
                                                      From students and teachers, they learned that the
                                                      food, though it was prepared and stored hot, was
                                                      becoming cold by the time it reached the
                                                      classroom. As soon as they learned about this,
                                                      they invested in thermal pans to store and
                                                      transport the food in. Once the problem was
                                                      overcome, they received several comments which
                                                      showed that general attitude of both the students
                                                      and the teachers had become one of general
                                                      enjoyment. This innovative district found one way
                                                      of solving the problem that arises from kids not
                                                      eating breakfast, however it arises.
                                                               Though these issues are monumental and
                                                      generally irremediable, there are some who do
                                                      their best to ease the burden. CAFF, or the
                                                      Community Alliance with Family Farmers,
                                                      supports farmers in communities across America,
                                                      trying to combat the collectivization of farms and
                                                      the factory farming method. Though they are just
(above) The cover of Janet Poppendiek's               one group, they do their best, and help out where
bestselling book.
                                                      they can.
                                                               While there are many issues that exist
Wider Benefits of Learning, which states, “the diet   within the confines of the school food system,
of children has risen to the top of the political     there are several that stand out, and they receive
agenda, not only for the potential health             the most public attention. Some, like myself,
repercussions later in life, but also for its         cannot presume that our ideas are any more
immediate effects on the physical and mental          correct than those of someone else, we can at least
health of children and their consequent school        make a suggestion or two. However, we, as a
experience and attainment.” This study, along         nation, should not simply say “Get rid of a la
with those conducted by the Food and Drug             carte, feed the kids better, and improve the lunch
Administration, concludes a very simple thing: If     experience,” as most of us do not have any idea
you do not eat well, it is much more difficult to     how this task would be accomplished, nor do we
learn well. However, the school administration        have to deal with the pressures and troubles of
knows this, and various districts have taken          organizing an event like lunch at any major high
various measures to solve this crisis.                school. While the issue of school food is very
        Poppendiek studied a school, which she        complex and full of many pitfalls and obstacles,
called Anytown HS, that had come up with what         the school institution cannot afford to falter; the
would seem to be an economical and creative           life of every student depends on their effort.
solution. In the mornings after the bell had rung,    Theirs is a difficult job, and my hat is off to them.
during first period, the lunch room would send a
box full of breakfast food to each classroom, and
allow the kids to eat while they learned. At first,
     Kids Raising Kids

      KIDS           By: Cianna Smith

       Imagine you sitting in the doctor's office,                   Along with hormones, influence from the
anxiously waiting, scared. Your heart racing                media is also a major factor in sexual activity and
through your chest for the doctor to come back              pregnancy. For example, rappers write songs and
with your results. It’s positive.                           make videos showing their riches and the new
                                                            hottest fashion that everybody tries to follow.
        Are you ready to be a mother?                       They hypnotize viewers into wanting to be similar
                                                            to that image. Rappers such as Drake, Big Sean,
        750,000 teenage girls end up in this                Nikki Minaj and Lil Wayne are some of the artists
situation each year. In the year 1957, 9.63% of             that use an array of sexual content in their music.
teens from the ages of 15 to 19 gave birth to a             Teenagers, the main listeners of hip hop, take in
child. Since that year, birth rates have been on the        what they hear and turn what they have heard
decline - down to 7.5% in 2009. That means that             into actions.
at a school like Seaside, 40 female students will be                 For example, a lyric from the Ying Yang
pregnant on average. What causes this? Internal             Twins “Wait (The Whisper Song)” says “Ya heard
and external conflicts with hormones, media,                what I said, we need to make our way to the bed.”
improper                                                                                          In this song,
guidance, and                                                                                     the singer is
peer pressure                                                                                     not inviting her
can all result in                                                                                 over for a
teen                                                                                              sleepover.
pregnancies.                                                                                      Clearly, he is
The first, and                                                                                    talking to her,
most often                                                                                        trying to seduce
talked about                                                                                      her. Teenage
cause, is                                                                                         boys who hear
hormones.                                                                                         these lyrics
These are                                                                                         might think
chemicals that                                                                                    that is the way
carry messages                                                                                    you are
from organs of                                                                                    supposed to
your body to your                                                                                talk to a girl or
                                (above) Ying Yang Twins performing "Whisper Song."
cells. Females                                                                                   how you are
have a particular hormone called progesterone               supposed to treat her, as if she is a sex object.
that controls the menstrual cycle and supports                       A Kaiser Family Foundation (KKF) did a
pregnancy. Progesterone plays a central role in             survey on how the media influences children and
young women being sexually active. A female may             what type of way the media influences them. 55%
have different levels of Progesterone depending             of parents think sex in the media affects children’s
on her sexual activity. The more active she is, the         behavior “a lot.” 43% think the same regarding
more likely she will become pregnant.                       violence in the media. A parent of teenage girl
        Testosterone, on the other hand, is a               responded to this survey by saying, “I think my
primarily male hormone. It regulates sexual                 daughter is selective. She knows what she wants. I
activity. Essentially, testosterone is the male             don’t think it really affects her in a negative way.”
version of progesterone; Excessive testosterone             Other parents had less confidence in their
may heighten sexual interest in both sexes.                 children’s ability to be selective; “It is almost like
Stimuli, such as being touched by another person,           they will start off kind of mild and they must not
smelling someone’s perfume or cologne, or                   get high enough ratings or something and they
hearing a seductive comment, raise the level of             will start getting dirtier and nastier.” “This whole
testosterone depending on the person. As a result,          idea of the pimp as the cool guy—how did that get
males with high levels of testosterone have higher          started?”
sexual desires and show more aggressive                              Improper guidance can have the same
behavior.                                                   effect. Parents who are too strict with their
children can push their child to rebel simply          Everybody at this party is either drinking or
because they want to test the waters and explore.      smoking, perhaps both. You are not a smoker and
For example, a child who is not allowed to go out      you don't like to drink but your friends are
with friends will be more likely to sneak around       pressing you to do it. You drink/smoke just to get
and engage in activities that later on might result    them off your back or to fit in with the crowd. You
in sex. Parents who let their child do everything      end up getting wasted and high. At that point,
they want to do can have the opposite effect,          you're not in the right state of mind, so you’re
giving the child opportunities to engage in sexual     easily taken advantage of. Nine months later, you
activities and become pregnant when they are not       are facing one the most massive consequences
ready. Either way, both children in a situation like   you have ever faced.
this can end up pregnant due to improper                        Unplanned pregnancy can have
guidance. There must be a balance of both,             consequences and can change your life. It can lead
because then the child will know their limits and      to three things: keeping the baby, abortion, or
not to overstep their boundaries. I interviewed my     adoption. Giving birth to an infant can be very
aunt, who became pregnant during her senior            pricey if you don’t have insurance. It can range
year. She did                                                                                anywhere
not have strict                                                                              between
parents, in fact                                                                             $9,000–
she wasn’t                                                                                   $17,000 for a
restricted from                                                                              natural birth
doing                                                                                        and $14,000-
anything. I                                                                                  $25,000 for C-
asked her if                                                                                 section births
she regretted                                                                                without
the                                                                                          complications.
experience.                                                                                  In the U.S., 7%
She                                                                                          of white teens
responded, “I                                                                                are uninsured,
feel as if things                                                                            as are 11% of
happen for a                                                                                 black teens,
reason. My life                                                                              and 20% of
before I had                                                                                 Latino teens.
my child was                                                                                 Even for
wild. Parties                                                                                patients with
almost every                                                                                 insurance,
weekend, not coming home, drinking and                 they say to expect a bill for around $500– $3,000.
smoking at a young age... I felt as if it was a wake   In addition, the baby usually receives a separate
up call that changed my life positively.”              bill for between $1,500– $4,000. This is money
          I then asked my grandmother if she           that comes out of your pocket, and is not covered
thought my aunt was ready to be a mom, “I didn’t       by the insurance company.
doubt her because she always babysat her nieces                 Abortion and adoption are the other
and knew how to take care of them. All of my kids      options for pregnant teens. Abortion isn’t always
still lived here with me even when they were in        the best option for a mother. With abortion comes
their twenties. Even then they had kids, so it         emotional, physical and psychological problems
wasn’t really hard supporting the baby. There          because of the guilt of killing the “mistake.”
were enough diapers and bottles to go around.”         Abortion also costs extra money. It can range
          Lastly, peer pressure can result in teen     anywhere between $350 and $550. Other women
pregnancies as well. Peer pressure happens to          choose to put their children up for adoption.
everyone. It can’t be prevented, but it can be         Those who do put their child up for adoption
ignored or opposed. Picture this: you are at a         usually can’t provide for them but still want them
house party with a bunch of your close friends.        to be loved by a family or have them in a safe
place. On the other hand, mothers who do this             wanting to start a family of their own. Being a
risk losing their child forever.                          teen parent comes with heavy responsibilities,
        In the end, if you decide to keep the baby,       sometimes responsibilities that teens are not
there’s more than just the hospital expenses.             aware of. Are you ready to be a mother?
Depending on household income, raising a child
until he/she is seventeen can cost anywhere from
$205,960 to $475,680 for a child born in 2009.
Although this may seem like an unaffordable
amount of money, keep in mind that the cost of
raising children is spread out over almost two
decades. Divided equally by 18 years, raising a
child will cost you roughly $11,000 per year. If
you have two children, it will theoretically cost
you about $22,000 per year to raise them, and so
on. However, keep in mind that the first 11 or 12
years of each child’s life will most likely be more
expensive than the teen years, because daycare
expenses usually go away at age 12. Still in shock
from those big expenses? Making adult decisions
as a kid can lead to this.
        A baby can also change your life by simply
changing your daily routine, such as, the time you
dedicated to your friends, education, sports, and
jobs or just the time you will spend on yourself.
Children are difficult to raise, especially for a first
time parent. “It takes a village to raise a child”
means that sometimes it takes more than just the
parents to raise the child.
        Many pregnant teens fail to realize the
struggles their parents have faced raising them.
Teens truthfully do not know what it is like to be a
parent unless they are one. Take the case of
Jhoana Ortiz ‘13 (pictured right), a student here at
Seaside. Julian, her son, changed her life, making
her think twice about going out places. She
spends more time on him than she does herself.
Every day, her whole morning consists of getting
Julian ready for school. When she goes shopping,
Jhoana goes into stores with the mindset of what
her baby needs. Every day after school, she has to
pick Julian up. Every night, she has to make sure
he is fed and in bed by a certain time to get ready
for school in the morning, all the while getting
herself ready and balancing her school work.
Jhoana loves her son and never regrets having
him. Still, she cannot live the life of a normal
        It doesn’t always take an adult to make
decisions. But some decisions are not made for
teens or kids, like having a baby. A teen does not
plan to have a baby like a husband and a wife do,
         CRI M
          AND   ES
           LI E S
     Tr : Ant
          s d hony

         Drunk people never tell a lie, that explains             The chill of the night lingers in the few
why I’m so honest. I carry a water bottle full of         hours before daylight, silence cradles the college
Vodka with me to school every day, and no one             campus. The echo of young men cuts the silence
thinks any different. I drink all day long. There is      away, their jovial cheers undaunted in the
never a time when I don’t have alcohol in my              predawn. Phantoms in dark with their heads
system, every day I have at least one bottle of           swimming in the clouds; the young men were
Bud and at least one shot of whisky. I have a             untouchable, until a head throbbing whining
bourbon coffee in the morning. how do I pull all          shattered their false sense of security. Snapping
of this off? Easy. I’m an accomplished liar; and of       back to reality the eyes of the young men become
all my fabrications, this paragraph is one of my          fixed on the flashing lights.
biggest.                                                  One by one the members of the group solemnly
                                                          march to the Officers, names filed into a system
The Bad Lies                                              where they become a name and number. Frank
                                                          stands and the back of the line, battling panic,
         A High School is home to one of the              when he comes face to face with the officer, the
largest groups of liars ever known, teenagers.            panic takes over. A name that is not his own
Being a teenager I lump myself in with the rest of        escapes Frank’s lips. When the officer nods then
the masses, sure I find myself to be more honest          sends him on his way; relief washes over Frank,
than some, the occasional lie will leave my lips.         and Frank is home clear. “Hold on,” the words
Lying is easy, and when there are so many things          halt Frank in is tracks, “you’re six foot and
to lie about, it become clear why we would choose         brown.” Turning, Frank returns to the cop, and
to lie. When we neglected to do our homework,             begins to untangle himself from his lie.
when we have phones in class, when we talk                        Frank Castle was given to a court date and
during class, when our parents ask us where we            a meeting with a parole officer, and because he
were and who we were with, we lie, and a lot of           was a first time offender, the parole officer let him
the times it’s to protect ourselves from getting in       off without having to go to court. If convicted,
trouble.                                                  Frank’s crime would fall under Obstruction of
         Staying out of trouble is a constant for         Justice, and could have faced a fine and
teens, and when our backs are against the wall, we        imprisonment for up to five years - all for just
do our best to get away. That’s when the lies start.      lying about his own name. Young Frank was
One student here a Seaside, Frank Castle, found           caught in the middle of his lie, but take a second
himself in this very situation.                           to think of what would happen if the lie were
                                                          something else, what if it were a more serious
(below) Cheating like in the picture below can result
in failing a high school exam, in college it can result   (below) Rumors hurt those they are about and destroy
in expulsion.                                             other's reputations.

matter? The punishment for his lie could have          multitude of ways, and depending on the lie, the
been more severe.                                      punishment will follow suit. The classroom is
         Lying, in itself is not a direct crime; but   filled with the low hum of students whispers and
depending on when you lie can make it can easily       the scratching of graphite against paper. Heads
become a felony. Perjury is a crime that involves      are either facing towards paper or turned toward
lying under oath, and if ever convicted, you could     their partner, all faces are seen except for one. A
face up to four years in prison and high priced        girl, jet hair flowing over her face, eyes glued to
fines. Another crime that revolves around lying is,    the purse in her lap. The teacher’s patrols lead
Obstruction of Justice. A way to be charged with       him over to the girl, he extends his hand and
Obstruction of Justice is to lie to an officer about   simply says, “Give it to me.” He stands
your knowledge or participation in a crime, and is     impatiently and waits for the girl to look up. As
punishable by five to eight years in prison and/or     sincerely as possible the girls replies, “I don’t
a large fine, depending on the state.                  have anything,” her arms moving as she pushes
         In High School, depending on what you lie     something into the bowels of the hand bag resting
about, it may invoke strict disciplinary action.       on her legs. “Give me your phone. You know
Homework is the subject of many lies in school,        you’re not supposed to have it out in class.” His
primarily whether we had completed it or not,                                                    hand
sometimes we lie about why we don’t have it, and                                                 remains
other times we lie about if it is truly our own                                                  outstretched
work. Cheating and Plagiarism go hand-in-hand                                                    as he speaks.
with lying, both cheating and plagiarism involve                                                 The girl
using someone else's work and using it as if you                                                 kisses her
were the original author.                                                                        teeth and
         Committing plagiarism carries severe                                                    rolls her
penalties in high school, and even more so in                                                    eyes as she
college. A multi-page paper, the standard for any                                                shoves her
college student, is a simple task after the third                                                hand into
year of college. Samuel had an easy solution for                                                 the bottom
these papers, he would go on to the Internet, find                                               of the purse
         a web site with information that pertains                                               and fishes
to his paper, drag his mouse over a few cluster of                                               out the
words, right click, copy, and paste. In no time his                                              phone, “I
                                                       (above) Telling a child a stuffed toy
paper would expand to its necessary length.                                                    was only
                                                       will protect them is a perfect example
         His system was working for him, until the     of a good lie.                          checking the
professor decided to review his past works. The                                                time.” The
professor found that Samuel had plagiarized            teacher takes the phone and begins to walk away,
portions of his papers, and moved to enact             as he does he tell the girl, “ If you just handed it
disciplinary action. Samuel confessed to               over when I asked, I would have given it back
plagiarising portions of his papers, and accepted      once class was over, but since you lied to me I’m
his punishment, expulsion. Samuel was in his           going to hand it over over to Colvin.” The girl rolls
third year of college, and after being expelled, he    her eyes again, speaks the the girl next her, as the
did not receive a refund of the money he had paid      teacher slides the phone into his desk.
to enroll in the school. In High School, plagiarism    No one likes being lied to, the same is true of
will get you a zero on the assignment, essentially     teachers. Teachers have hundreds of students,
just a slap on the wrist, compared with the no         and hear hundreds of lies, and while issuing
tolerance policies in colleges.                        discipline some will decide on a punishment
         A lie in high school can be punished in a     depending on whether you are honest or not. Like

the girl with the black hair, a teacher will give you          One of the other teens asked, “Was that
a more severe punishment if they catch you lying        Chad?”
to them.                                                “Yeah, someone call Pete and see when he will be
         A verbal lie in school can elicit great        on his way.” A few minutes later a third teen
punishment, especially if the lie stops an              responds, “Pete is on his way, he’ll be here in ten
administrator from doing their duties. For              minutes, so we have to hide now.” The teenagers
example: a male sophomore student is sitting in         scramble to the shadows of the garage.
the principal’s office, he is staring at the ceiling    As the teens waited patiently in the darkness, they
with a nonchalant look, she is reading a                eventually heard the voices of Pete and Chad, the
Discipline Referral Form. “Bruce,” she begins, “it      person closest to the door waited a few seconds
says here, that you have repeatedly lied to your        after hearing the voices, then they opened the
teacher about your class work, behavior,                door screaming “Surprise!”
homework, and even yourself. What do you have                    “Wow,” Chad laughed as he greeted all of
to say about all of this?”                              his friends, “I thought you all forgot about my
         Bruce slowly brings to meet the                birthday or were too busy to come.” One of the
principal’s, “I didn’t lie to no teacher, they just     last people he greeted replied, “Sorry we all had to
tryin’ to get me in trouble.” he stayed calm as he      lie, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew.”
spoke, but the principal noticed his eyes drift off              Why is it ok to lie when a surprise is
to the left corner of the room. “Well then Bruce,       involved? It’s because when we lie to keep a
we will see if you can remember some of the             surprise secret, the person receiving it feels the
things you have said in PBIS.” As she began her         joy of the surprise. Other times it may be ok to tell
paperwork she waved the boy off, “You may go            a lie is when a child is afraid of the dark and they
now.” with a kiss of his teeth Bruce stood and left     can’t sleep, so you give the child a toy and tell
the office in a huff.                                   them that it will protect them from the bad things.
Lying to a teacher can get you into some trouble.       It is also fine to lie when your friend or family
At Seaside High School there is a specific section      member makes you try something they cooked
to mark why the student is getting a referral, one      and you don’t like it. You don’t tell them that it is
of the choices for this section is                      terrible, but you tell them what you liked about it
Cheating/Forgery/Lying, depending on when,              and that “it’s great” so that you don’t hurt their
where, and what you are lying then the                  feelings.
consequences will follow.                                        What a makes a lie good or bad? It’s the
                                                        context in which it’s used. A good lie becomes a
The Good Lie                                            good lie because it’s used to assist in some way,
                                                        shape, or form, like when we give children toys,
        Not all lies will elicit punishment, there      flashlights, or leave closet or hall lights on to keep
are some lies that can be used for good. Under the      the monsters away. Telling a child that the toy will
warmth of the sun, a group of teenagers gather in       protect them makes the child feel safe, and that is
a mutual friend’s back yard. They laugh and relax       what good lies are for. The good lies are the ones
as the bass of music thumps in the background,          that make us feel all warm and toasty inside. Sure,
one of the teenagers checks their phone, the            in the case of a surprise it may make us feel
beckons people to turn down the music and for           abandoned or left out, but in the end they make
every one to fall silent. “Hello,” a short pause        us feel awesome!
follows, “oh hey man. No I’m sorry I can’t hang                  A good lie can boost someone’s self
out today my family has me running errands for          confidence and that is vastly important for
them. I’ll see you some other time. Later man.”         students and adults alike. Without the occasional
He slid his finger across the screen of his phone       white lie of someone telling you that you look
ending the call.                                        good in an outfit that isn’t entirely flattering,
some people wouldn’t have the courage or will            relationship. Rumors the lies that destroy people
power to go on with their day-to-day lives. We all       and trust. “Natasha is such a total slut.” “I heard
know Bekki, the girl who tries her best to look          she slept with the entire football team.” “I heard
nice but doesn’t always pull it off. Bekki isn’t the     she does crack, that’s why she’s so skinny” Do you
prettiest girl at school and she is quite aware of it,   know Natasha, because I do, she is a very sweet
she looks at all the other girls and silently wishes     girl, wouldn’t harm a fly, she is a big fan of jesus
she could be like them.                                                         and lives by the good book.

                                 " Lies are fear
There are days when Bekki                                                       She is a virgin, and has never
goes out of her way to look                                                     seen a man naked, the slight
nice, she does her hair and
puts on make, she goes to
                                and cowardice. "                                mention of premarital sex
                                                                                sends her on a rant that
school finally feeling pretty.                                                  would make a nun proud.
People tell her that she looks different, but                    Unfortunately, Natasha has lies spreading
nothing else.                                            behind her back. Some girls from school decided
        As Bekki sits in sorrow, a student               to spread a few rumors about Natasha, their goal
approaches. He knows how Bekki feels about               was simple. Ruin her innocent reputation. These
herself, so he pays her a compliment that he             lies spread like wildfire, and just like a patch of
doesn’t really mean. A smile spreads on Bekki’s          dried grass, Natasha’s reputation goes up in
face, and the boy smiles back. A little lie to make      flames. In a few days, people are looking and
someone feel better about themselves, and there’s        treating Natasha a lot differently, they say things
nothing wrong with brightening someone’s day.            behind her back, girls look at her in disgust and
Sadly, not all lies are sunshine and daisies, there      boys look at her like a piece of meat. All of this
are those on the opposite side of the spectrum. A        just from some lies a few spiteful girls said.
bad lie is used for more selfish reasons, like
escaping trouble, getting something you want, or         Why Lie?
to hurt someone. When comes to keeping out of
trouble, the lie is usually used to hide the fact that            So why lie, what drives us to take the truth
we were doing something we weren’t supposed to           and throw it away? Is it because we are all liars?
do, so we lie to cover up our tracks and keep us         All of us have things that we wish to hide from
out imminent punishment. We will also use our            others, and in order to hide these things we lie.
bad lies when we want something or even                  Kids lie to their parents because they fear what
someone. When we lie to impress someone, we              their punishment may be, teens lie to their
build ourselves up to look more important or             teachers because they want to get out of their
attractive to others, in doing this we appeal the        homework, adults lie to their bosses because they
other person's interest. As we use these lies we         don’t want to get fired for slacking off. When our
run the risk of losing who we really are, and it         lies pull through, we turn around and keep lying
creates a relationship with no true foundations.         because we know our others will believe them.
                                                                  Lies are fear and cowardice. We fear what
The Ugly Lies                                            the truth will bring and we all are too cowardly to
                                                         tell the truth. It is a very difficult thing to handle,
        The worst time to use a bad lie is when          and not everyone can sit well with it. The lies
we want to hurt others and that’s what rumors            comfort us enough to relax. If we were to always
are. Rumors destroy people’s reputations and can         speak the truth then everyone would be less
even tear apart people’s relationships, they are         comfortable, but maybe that’s what we need.
hurtful and should never be used. When we use            Maybe we need to remove ourselves from our
these “bad” lies we hurt those around us and lose        warm cover lies and expose ourselves to the slight
the trust that makes up the foundations of any           chill of the truth.


                                         By: Tyller Byrom

        The world of sports has evolved                       Referring specifically to athletes, the use of
tremendously from decades past. However, there        performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) has risen
are some aspects that are not always in people’s      to become a negative aspect of sports in the
best interest. Ben Johnson was a champion, a          twenty-first century. People often fail to recognize
gold medalist in the 100 meter dash at the 1988       the potential dangers that steroids possess to your
Seoul Olympic Games. Though he could outrun           body as well as to your reputation. For example,
anyone on the track, there was one thing he           Barry Bonds is a baseball icon. The great slugger
couldn't: steroids.                                   is Major League Baseball’s all time home run
        Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold          hitter with a jaw dropping 762. There is only one
medal after testing positive for anabolic steroids.   problem: Bonds achieved baseball’s highest honor
Amid speculation that Johnson drank a spiked          by cheating. Since 1998, Bonds has been taking a
beverage which cause his urine sample to result in    wide variety of performance enhancing drugs over
a positive test, the Canadian sprinter was banned     a period of at least five seasons. It was reported
from competition for two years. In 1993, Johnson      that in 2001, when Bonds broke Mark McGwire’s
yet again failed another drug test and was then       single season homerun record of 70 by producing
banned from the sport for life.                       an impressive 73, he had been taking two designer
        Drugs have surged to become a worldwide       steroids known as Cream and the Clear, along
phenomena. The way we view them has changed           with insulin and human growth hormones. Every
over the years. Going from a medically prescribed     conceivable form of taking drugs Bonds
cure for the body, to a carelessly used toy with no   attempted, ranging from popping pills to applying
real medical purpose. There have been countless       a special testosterone based cream to his skin.
people who have abused them with absolutely no        According to witnesses, the drugs caused Mr.
intentions of needing any of the medical cures        Bonds to often lose his temper, lashing out when
they provide. Prescription drugs have even been       things didn’t always turn out in his favor.
used against the doctor’s wishes and often the                The question we need to ask ourselves is
user overdoses. Drugs should only be used for         why would someone jeopardize their life long
medical purposes; any other use is not necessary.     term in order to gain a short term effect? For
Barry Bonds, he had to live with the                  bone growth, and permanently short stature.
consequences: letting down millions of devoted                Former Major League baseball slugger
fans who looked up to the man as a hero, creating     Jose Canseco was put under heavy duress from
an everlasting image of a man who had to cheat in     the sports world and the media for his use of
order to gain success, and severely jeopardizing      anabolic steroids from his rookie season of 1985,
his chances of entering the Major League Baseball     when he was a young hot shot playing for the
Hall of Fame.                                         Oakland Athletics, to his farewell year in the
        To begin, it helps to have an idea of what    league for the White Sox in 2001. Canseco was an
these drugs are. The most common types of PED’s       avid steroid user who claims to have taken along
are creatine, anabolic steroids, and steroid          with about five other players, most notably Jason
precursors. The first, creatine, is a naturally       Giambi and Mark McGuire. Jose Canseco was
occurring compound in the body that can be            never caught for using performance enhancing
acquired without a doctor’s prescription. Its main                                          drugs, but his
use is to enhance the recovery process after a                                              career mark of
workout and to increase strength as well as                                                 462 home runs
muscle mass. However, the side effects are not                                              (32nd on the
quite as enjoyable; weight gain, nausea, muscle                                             all time list) is
cramps, and kidney damage can occur as a result                                             overshadowed
of consuming creatine.                                                                      by his drug
Creatine is used by many athletes, however, it is                                           use. Because of
most common among baseball players. Athletes                                                his
such as former Astros outfielder Derek Bell and                                             involvement
former Dodger Brett Butler can be counted as the                                            with
individuals who have had encounters with the                                                performance
substance. The primary reason for the                                                       enhancing
consumption of creatine among athletes is to                                                drugs,
generate explosive energy and long term                                                     Canseco’s
endurance to survive the brutal 162 game baseball                                           chances at the
season. However, trips to the hospital for kidney                                           Hall of Fame
ailments ensued after Butler and Bell had begun                                             are
weaving the drug into their daily routine.                                                  significantly
                                                      (above) Controversial baseball
Additionally, between 1997 and 1998, three                                                  reduced.
                                                      star Barry Bonds at a special
collegiate wrestlers died in a span of merely 33                                               Lastly,
days. In an attempt to rapidly lose weight for a                                            steroid
specific weight class competition, the young men      precursors are substances in which the body
ultimately lost their lives in a last minute spurge   converts into anabolic steroids. Examples include
to compete in a sport that demands a strong,          androstendione (“andro”) and
healthy, and legal body.                              dehydroepiandrostene (DHEA). It is illegal to use
        Another PED, anabolic steroids, are a         these drugs without a doctor’s prescription even
synthetic version of hormones such as                 though there are many people who bend the rules.
testosterone, estrogen, and cortisone. Primary        Side effects will be extremely similar to that of
uses includes building muscle and increasing          other steroids such as rapid weight gain, bloating
strength (similar to the effects of creatine).        of the face, and increased acne.
Football players, weight lifters, along with many     The story of one user of these drugs, American
other types of athletes commonly use this drug.       cyclist Floyd Landis, is often regarded as a
As a result, many unassuming individuals may          tragedy. As his career as a cyclist progressed, the
experience heart and liver damage, halting of         fans as well as the media were considering Landis
as one of the sport’s top athletes who could
possibly win the most prestigious bike race of all
time, the Tour de France. Well, it turns out that
that was exactly the case. In 2006, Floyd Landis
won the Tour de France, however, a cloud of
uncertainty and a heavy suspicion of cheating
would follow Landis from that moment on.
Shortly after his prestigious win, Landis tested
positive for performance enhancing drugs which
led to him being stripped of his title and banned
from the sport for two years. In 2009, Landis
returned to competition, but his performance and
his reputation would never be restored to what it
once was. Landis has taken full responsibility for
all of his doping and says he was never forced or
threatened to take PED’s. Floyd Landis surely
seemed to be the next great American cyclist
taking the place of Lance Armstrong, however
steroids got the best of him, quickly dissolving
any thoughts of him having a lasting impact on
the sport.
         In addition to Performance Enhancing         (above) Former Major League Baseball player
Drugs, there are also other drugs that athletes       Jose Canseco consistently used PED's during his
take to augment their athletic abilities. These       career.
types of drugs include stimulants, depressants,
and hallucinogens. The purpose of stimulants are      shock(the most dangerous allergic reaction that
to jump start the brain and the central nervous       usually results in inflammation of the lungs which
system. This also increases alertness and physical    causes shortness of breath. The result can
activity. Depressants aim to slow down the            sometimes be deadly.), blood clotting, hair loss,
activity of the brain and the nervous system. It      depression, and prostate enlargement. Knowing
medically calms and relaxes the nerves and            all of these side effects and potential risks, one
muscles. Depressants are often used as a              must ask themselves, is it really worth it?
treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia.                If you asked the same question to former
Hallucinogens disrupt the brain and the central       NBA player Chris Herren, the answer should be
nervous system. Often these types of drugs create     obvious. As a teenager, Herren was regarded as a
radical distortions, profound images, and unusual     prodigy when he was playing basketball for
sounds will be heard even though more often than      Durfee High School, putting up mind blowing
not they probably don’t even exist.                   stats such as 2,073 total points over a period of
         Some examples of stimulants are ecstasy,     four years. Following his magical seasons at
ice, cocaine, and speed. Depressants can range        Durfee, Herren would take his talents to Boston
from cannabis to heroin. Hallucinogens can be         College, Fresno State, and eventually the NBA.
represented as LSD, Magic Mushrooms, and              His professional career was not illustrious like
Ketamine.The potential effects and symptoms of        some of the other players he had played with on
these drugs vary depending on your genetic make       the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics. However,
up. The quantity consumed as well as the method       this was not on Chris Herron’s mind. Up until this
of use determine the outcome of the effect. Effects   point, basketball was not the main thing driving
can include acne, aggression, anaphylactic            his life, heroin was. For years, the talented

                                                                       responses sparked some personal
                                                                       interest of mine. He does not condone
                                                                       it: “ I wouldn’t do it. But if that’s what
                                                                       they want to do that is their business.”
                                                                       When asked if he felt that drug testing
                                                                       should be more enforced his response
                                                                       was, “Yes, however there will always be
                                                                       people who find a way to cheat. The sad
                                                                       part is that they are only cheating
                                                                       themselves from living a healthy
                                                                       With respect to athletes at Seaside, it
                                                                       does not seem as though performance
                                                                       enhancing drugs are as prevalent as
                                                                       they may be in college. Coach Smith,
                                                                       head coach of the Seaside High School
                                                                       Cross Country team, stated that
(above) Floyd Landis was a very distinguished cyclist whose            distance runners generally use growth
prolific career was severely damaged by steroids.                   hormones when taking steroids but that
                                                                    none of his student athletes fall into this
basketball player had been injecting himself with
                                                         category. Mr. Aguiniga, who coaches football, has
syringes, keeping the dark secrets from his family
                                                         never suspected any athlete at Seaside using
and friends. Chris had also had run ins with
                                                         PED’s specifically. Even if they were, Mr. Smith
cocaine, which he had been introduced to by
                                                         noted that it’s hard to determine if high schoolers
fellow college students. From the age of 18, drug
                                                         are taking PED’s or just naturally growing.
abuse would follow Herren for fifteen years. The
                                                         Coach Smith observed that professional athletes
drugs had such a profound effect on Herron’s life
                                                         essentially write the rule book. They set the
that he had once considered abandoning his wife
                                                         example and they have a moral obligation to
and his three children.
                                                         young kids everywhere.When it is all said and
         It was safe to say that drugs had
                                                         done, though, you and only you will determine
completely taken over Chris Herrens life. At the
                                                         your fate. Whether or not you resist the
age of 32, he possessed three children which he
                                                         temptation to follow the dark road of drugs is
was incapable of taking care of. A majority of his
                                                         your decision. Seeing professional athletes taking
life was spent living at the rehab facility. Herren
                                                         substances illegally does not give someone a
eventually made the most important decision of
                                                         reasonable excuse to follow in their footsteps. In
his life, the choice to refuse the temptation to do
                                                         the end, if your actions are harmful to sports then
drugs and become sober. Thanks to his incredible
                                                         it is best if those actions are not taken. Even
family, particularly his wife, whom in his own
                                                         though many people are tempted or influenced by
words, regards as a saint, Chris conquered his
                                                         outside sources or even family members, people
demons and has made peace with his past,
                                                         should stop and think about what they are doing
Herron has remained drug free since the summer
                                                         in order to prevent them from doing something
of 2008.
                                                         that they will regret for the rest of their life. Floyd
                                                         Landis ruined his career. Barry Bonds tarnished
Closer to Home
                                                         his reputation. Three wrestlers sadly lost their
                                                         lives. What will happen to you?
When asking my brother, a former high school
and junior college football player, questions about
athletes taking performance enhancing drugs, his
                                                     Diana Avina Torres, Jennifer Baltazar Martinez,
              HONOR ROLL                             Kelsey Barr, Ethan Bledsoe, Victoria Bledsoe,
                                                     Phillip Brelland, Raven Browne, Kyle Butler Fish,
              S P R I N G S E M E S TE R             Tyller Byrom, Sarah Camacho, Gyasi Cambridge,
              2011-2012                              Melissa Carrasco Romero, Kellen Concentine,
                                                     Teresa Contreras Chavez, Maritza Contreras Cruz,
                                                     Adriana Cortez, Taliyah Crawford, Kayla Crews,
                                                     Nathaniel Daniel, Janel Davenport, Breanna
Highest Honors (4.0 and Above)
                                                     Deleon, Abelardo Diaz Velasco, Mylene Domenech,
                                                     Sean Dremel, Gerardo Espinoza, Jerard Evans,
Kathya Alvarenga, Madiha Amarkhil, Jason Andoy,
                                                     Priscilla Fernandez, Angela Flores Gonzalez, Adam
Jonathan Argueta, Betsaida Arreola, Christine
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Campbell, Marisela Castro, Yoseph Cho, Natalie
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Constable, Martin Contreras Chavez, Iridian
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Cortez, Andrew Craig, Maher Dabbagh, Naomi
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Dimas Bolanos, Randy Do, Tuyet Nhi Do, Micko
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Angelo Ebora, Jamal Kishaun Ferguson, Kisha
                                                     Brittany Hancock, Christine Haskin, Trey
Ferguson, Lillian Fernandez, Marie Gabriella
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Gonzalez, Danielle Goodin, Alexis Han, Kaitlin
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Harvey, Nigina Hayat, Cindy Huynh, Daniela
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Lopez, Raylien Lucatero, Itzel Maldonado, Joseph
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Martineau, Deja Mathews, Mariah Melicia, Diana
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                                                     Rojas, Marlena Rose, Ivan Ruiz, Maria Xera
                                                     Angelica Sabillo, Iradzeni Salazar, Victor Sanchez,
                                                     Samantha Sanchez Becerra, Kassandra Santiago
High Honors (3.5-3.99)
                                                     Rodriguez, Taylor Scott, Mark Anthony Sebarrotin,
                                                     Avneel Singh, Ashleen Singh, Archana Singh,
Yashneel Achari, Sol Aguilar, Rachel Ahrenstorff,
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Nicole Alcantar Colin, Edison Altre, Stephanie
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Crystal Amancio, Zachary Andoy, Deodanica
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Honors (3.0-3.49)                                      Macias, Pablo Marin Morales, Kelly Marquez,
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Joshua Abeyta, Zack Agtarap, Dionel Alconaba,          Tracy Mendez, Ilse Mendoza Delgado, Gustavo
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Casas Hernandez, Jessica Cervantes,                        Michael Osis, Carl Mhelvin Osorio, Tania Paez,
Kathy Chung, Jenna Clifton, Brian                               Brian Adrial Palaubsanon, Kenneth
Contreras Miranda, Brandon Cruz,                                 Parker, Katya Peralta, Deysi Perez, Laura
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Cruz Miranda, Aaliyah Daniel, Lizbeth                             Quinonez, Juana Quinonez Nava, Edgar
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Joselyngarcia Ortiz, Erin Gardner, Stormi Garlow,      Zuleima Sierra Cortez, Tracy Siu, Jacqueline
Jelahny Garnett, Tomas Gatica, Nicolas Gatica,         Smith, Ronnie Smith, Jonathan Strong, Kaylin
Gloren Glory, Matthew Gonzales, Emily Gonzalez,        Suarez, Michael Sydmark, Karina Terrazas Flores,
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Tiara Gray, Rachael Grewell, Jose Manuel               Thornton, Jimmy Tran, Jimmy Tran, Daria
Gutierrez, Hayley Haedrich, Andre Heath, Kirsten       Tsyvinskaia, Joseph Tuiolosega, Denecia Valdez
Hensley, Aulelei Hernandez, Jessie Hernandez,          Jones, Everardo Valle, Rodolfo Vasquez, Elizabeth
Lucy Hernandez, Maximiliano Hernandez Diaz,            Vasquez Diaz, Stacey Vasquez Lopez, Luis Vazquez,
Anthony Hernandez Marino, Emmanuel                     Jessica Velasquez, Reynaldo Venancio, Nerly
Hernandez Medina, Adriana Hernandez Sanchez,           Ventura, Jonathan Verduzco Rodriguez,
Daisy Herrera, Kyle Hieb, Coleman Holley, Deja         Alex Vocelka, Brandon Warner, Hannah
Howard, De Shawn Irving, Andrew Jakubowsky,            Wilkinson, Jeffrey Williams, Rosa Zambrano.

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