Office Culture by toossyynn


									Office Culture
Office culture is a tradition of attitude which is the usual way things are done in an organization.
There are areas like politics, human relationship, sensitivity to work and other factors that get
works running in the company which you must take very serious as an employee. In every
organization, there is always intimidation between the employees and sometimes from the ups to
the downs but is always advisable to stay with your heart and self esteem anytime you are going
through some of these challenges. Many employees tend to drop their confidence, self belief,
consciousness and values whenever things are not going well with them in their work place. This
stress always comes so as to make you strong and calculative in taking good decision, if you take
them too serious it will mar your progress in attaining the best height on that career of yours.
           It is no big deal studying your bosses and colleagues at work before fully relating with
them as regards to work and human relationship matters. It will actually help you find the best way
of dealing with them taking notes of their behaviors more and opening several ways of carrying
out more jobs together in matured and convenient ways. You have gone through a lot in school and
society; it is not always good to feel inferior to circumstances that comes around to test your ability
in handling crucial situations that will later give you the strength to paddle-on on your career. Get
it right, no matter what happen to you in your office you wouldn’t initially think of losing your job
to anything because it will always be a mean of survival, ‘why not face the challenge and get
something better out of it?’ I know many employees says facing very ugly situation and
intimidations at work is a very normal thing, you could actually change that in your own
perception, you are good, you can do better than your current performance at work, you are
special, you could make away from the belief that you have to go tough to get things done in times
of pressure. Happiness at work is an indication that motivation would always get a room with you
any time it appears. Must you look so stressed out all time everyday because your organizations
tradition is synonymous to stress and pressure? No, you must not neglect your job when you are
suppose to be on the move doing them so as to move distant away from breaking downs or being
queried in order to close door on unnecessary worries at work. You need not suit anyone
unnecessary in playing your role, in that organization. It looks so awful right because you think
you must always impress your boss? Don’t get it wrong, all you need is work well on your
responsibility and your boss will be moved at your achievement. When you start thinking of your
boss all the time because of promotion or commission all you will be doing will amount to eye
service and this will damage your reputation gradually. Learn how to manage stress so as to buy
yourself huge self reliance, confidence and commitment on your job. Who says you are not a
strong pillar to your company, why do you think you are just a junior employee and nothing you
do will ever make effect on the business? You are an integral part of your company, when you are
not working even your boss feels it. Wake up and believe in yourself, it is not until you forcefully
parade yourself as a workaholic, your office tradition might not be the best for your response and
approach to work, don’t let anything shake you, pave way for your own style in the stressful
environment and work things for your favor and company’s benefits. You can only perform in an
environment where you are comfortable and believing. Think of the best way to relate, work and
joke with your boss and colleague. We must stand.

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