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 What are floods?
Floods are caused by heavy rainfall.
There are three types.

①                 ②                  ③

reverine floods   estuarine floods       coastal floods
 How to prepare
• Predict what kind of floods will
  happen and think of measures.
• Reinforce embankments.
• Prepare emergency goods.
• Turn off the supply of gas.
• Learn where shelters are.
      During a flood
• Pay attention to what the people around
  you say.
• Take shelter.

①Give priority to old people, children and sick people
②Wear clothes which are easy to move in.
③Move around in groups of at least two people
④Don’t use cars
   After the flood
• Avoid moving water and stay out of any
  building if it is surrounded by flood
• Disinfect everything that got wet.
• Be very careful because there may be
  hidden damage.
• Be aware of areas where floodwaters
  have receded.
① In Japan
Heavy rain in Mie Prefecture
② In the USA
Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
①                       ②
        The Future
• Spread consciousness about protection
  against the bad effects of disasters
• Practice drills at a local level
• Establish systems for data communication in
• Preparing cities so they are less susceptible
  to flooding
• Basin control
• Create controls for the reduction of damage
• Reinforcement of system for flood control
• Disaster emergency control
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