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					MSN Chief Director talk about Malaysia Soccer

How you wonder when many people gives negative responses more than positive feedback?
To whom may responses in any word but will not be heard because we have no power to
decide anything. How about the situation when one of the VIP person at MSN give his
opinion toward Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya situations? Should be heard right?

Datuk Seri Zolkples Embong, Chief Director of MSN (National Sports Syndicate) shared his
opinion about Harimau Malaya. He agreed with most Malaysia Fans to let FAM Committee
to think twice about their decision to retain Dato K Rajagobal position as football national

Majority national players represented by former players of SEA Sports 2009 (Gold Medal)
and AFF Suzuki Cup Championship 2010 (champion) should be able to show best
performance and matured game while at AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 when defeated by Thailand 3-

They played with no congeniality should not be happened while most of them already in the
team since 2009. They are provided with good sports facilities and preparation by preparation
with many friendly matches (local and international). Why we still cannot show good
performance at the biggest championship for ASEAN like AFF Suzuki Cup 2012?

We expected what will happen next if they still cannot played at the good level standard of
the game. If they are not prepare yet, should they be given second chances for Asia Cup 2015

Ong Kim Swee as Harimau Muda coach is called by Malaysia Fans to replace Dato K
Rajagobal position but he looks more comfortable with Harimau Muda rather than to be
Harimau Malaya's Coach. With no react, he will obey with any decision made by FAM

Today the matters of Dato K Rajagobal and Harimau Malaya will be details discussed by
Young Technical Commitee chaired by Tengku Mahkota Pahang Tengku Abdullah Sultan
Ahmad Shah.
We hope to hear good news again from the committee because the future of Malaysia's
Soccer will be benefit to Harimau Malaya and Malaysia Fans.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

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