Freudian _Psychoanalytic_ Literary Criticism by fjzhangweiyun


									By: Vanessa, Brittany, and Sam
• Sexual Desire

• Psychic Apparatus id, ego, super-ego

• Viewed as a dream

• Analysis of symbols and imagery

• Subconscious
• Are the characters’ actions influenced by their motives ?

• Are the symbols representing the character’s sexual

• Do the characters exhibit the three parts of the psychic

• Is the characters’ subconscious mind controlling their
  everyday actions?
          Advantages                 Disadvantages
•   Repression of the           • Characters’ intentions
    characters’ sexual desire     exaggerate a sexual
•   Id, ego, and super-ego        message
    reveal character            • Characters’ actions conflict
•   Examine character action      with different ideas
•   Shows complexity of         • Reader digs too deeply into
    characters’ relationships     characters’ motives
• Catcher in the Rye

• Lord of the Flies

• Shakespeare

• Psychology

• Social Studies
 Literature Examples               Media Examples

• Sigmund Freud's Leonardo     • The 40 year old virgin
  da Vinci and a memory of       (2005)
  his childhood (1910)         • Inception (2010)
                               • The Wizard of Oz (1939)
• Edmund Wilson's The Turn     • Alice in Wonderland (1951)
  of the Screw (1948)          • Lollipop by Lil Wayne
• Marie Bonaparte's The Life   • Only Girl (In the World) by
  and Works of Edgar Allan       Rhianna
  Poe (1949)                   • Pour Some Sugar On Me by
                                 Def Leppard
• George Orwell’s Nineteen     • Anything by Lady Gaga
• Psychology Class

• English literature discussions

• Focus on desires

• Read about the author

• Other works of the author

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