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					                                  St. Joan of Arc Church
                                  2601 San Ramon Valley Blvd. • San Ramon, CA 94583-1630
                                    Phone: (925)830-0600            Fax: 925-830-5059
                                      www.sjasr.org               parish office@sjasr.org

                                                  July 21/22, 2012
Rev. Raymond Zielezienski

Rev. Ian Mendoza
      Parochial Vicar

Deacon Hock Chuan Oey
Deacon Ruben Gomez
    Permanent Deacons

       Vigil Liturgy
      Saturday, 5:30 p.m.

     Weekend Masses
 Sunday, 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 a.m.
          12:00 p.m.

      Weekday Mass
           9:00 a.m.

       Healing Mass
  First Saturday of the month
            9:00 a.m.

     Holy Day Masses
        6:00, 9:00 a.m.
      12:10 and 7:00 p.m.

      Saturday, 4:30 p.m.

    Communion Service
 Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m.
                                        Our Mission…
    Exposition of the
    Blessed Sacrament                         To Be Christ for Others
   First Friday of the month
            7:00 p.m.                           As Christ is for Us
    (unless otherwise noted)
                                                                 “Learn it, Live it”
Page Two                                                                                      ST. JOAN OF ARC CHURCH

              Dear Sisters and Brothers,
                      Putting ourselves in another person’s shoes is at the heart of morality. Compassion toward others
              is impossible as long as we keep ourselves at the center of everything. Everything looks different when we
              see the world through the eyes of others – especially when we look through the eyes of Christ.
                    Jesus saw the world with the eyes of a shepherd. Jeremiah 23:1-6 describes that shepherd as one
who risks and gives his own life to save the sheep. Our responsibility as Christians is to care for those around us who
are in need whatever it costs us.
         We hear in our Gospel from Mark 6:30-34, that even when Jesus was tired, he could not turn his back on the
crowds of people that followed him wherever he went. His own physical and spiritual needs always took second place
to the needs of others. He met every demand that was made on his love and help.
       There are basically two ways of looking at the people around us. We can either see them as companions or as
competitors. If we see them as competitors, they stand in the way of our own happiness. If we see them as
companions, our happiness is always wrapped up in their happiness.
Fr. Ray

                   PARISH OFFICE
    Phone:       925-830-0600                                                  Sacraments
    Fax:         925-830-5059
    Email:       ParishOffice@sjasr.org
    Hours:       Monday thru Thursday                        SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Held Sundays—Please allow
                 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.                         8 weeks for preparation. Contact the parish office for more
                 Friday Closed
              Rev. Ray Zielezienski—Pastor x223              SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION: Preparation for teens
                       frray@sjasr.org                          begins in Grade nine; please contact the Youth Ministry
           Rev. Ian Mendoza—Parochial Vicar—x226                Office. Adults (over 18) please contact the Parish Office.
                                                             SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: The bride, the groom or
             YOUTH MINISTRY OFFICE                              their parents must be registered parishioners of St. Joan.
                      Grades 7-12                               The couple must also meet with a priest or deacon at least
                                                                six months prior to the proposed wedding date.
    Phone:       925-830-4720
    Fax:         925-830-5059                                SACRAMENT OF THE ANOINTING OF THE SICK:
    Email:       YouthOffice@sjasr.org                            For anyone experiencing chronic illness or preparing for
                                                                medical treatment, surgery, long-term care, etc., please
           Bob Cummings—Youth Ministry Director x234
                    bcummings@sjasr.org                         call the Parish Office to arrange an appointment with a
                                                                priest. Also celebrated in the communal form on the 1st
        RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE                              Saturday of each month at the 9am Mass.
                      Pre-School-Gr. 6
                                                             CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (R.C.I.A.):
    Phone:   925-830-4710
                                                                For individuals interested in becoming Catholic, and for
    Fax:     925-830-5059                                       adult Catholics who have not received Eucharist or
    Email:   REOffice@sjasr.org                                   Confirmation please contact the Parish Office.
    Hours: Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.
                Maureen Tiffany—Director x229
                      mtiffany@sjasr.org                               EUCHARIST TO THE SICK OR HOMEBOUND

                      CYO OFFICE                                            If you or someone you know
    Basketball: stjoancyo@aol.com                                    would like to receive the Eucharist at home,
                                                                      please call our Parish Office at 830-0600
    Track:      www.stistjcyotrackclubspaces.com
                                                                         or Deacon Hock Oey at 804-6790
    Website:    www.stjoancyo.com
San Ramon, CA                                                                                                   Page Three

                   16th Sunday in Ordinary Time                SACRIFICIAL GIVING
                     July 22nd Mass Intentions
                                                               Weekly goal: $26,000
   Saturday, July 21                                           July 15th Collection:
   9:00 AM          Communion Service                          Envelope Users                $ 10,439.00
   5:30 PM         Fraxides Veloria +                          Loose Checks                  $ 2,879.00
   Sunday, July 22
                                                               Loose Cash                    $ 2,198.00
   7:30 AM          Arturo Mercado +
   9:00 AM          Lucy Mary Ashing +                         OTHER*                        $ 5,430.00
   10:30 AM        Brandon August                              Total Sunday Collection       $ 20,946.00
   12:00 PM        Members of our Parish                       Excess (Shortfall)            $ (5,054.00)
   Monday, July 23                                             Other includes EFT, Employee Giving Campaign,
   9:00 AM          Joe Maddox +                               On-Line Banking
   Tuesday, July 24
   9:00 AM          Mr. Wheeler +                              Next weekend’s 2nd collection will be for the support of
   Wednesday, July 25                                          our parish St. Vincent de Paul conference. There will
   9:00 AM         Araceli Felicidario +                       be envelopes in the pews. We are very grateful for your
   Thursday, July 26                                           contributions to the 2nd collection on the fifth Sunday of
   9:00 AM         Sheila Coleman +                            past months. In this difficult economy there have been
   Friday, July 27
   9:00 AM          Bob Mengebier +                            many requests for help by families and individuals. Your
   Saturday, July 28                                           donations make it possible for us to assist them. We thank
   9:00 AM          Communion Service                          you in advance for your continuing generosity on the fifth
   5:30 PM           Carol Butitta +                           weekend in July.
   Sunday, July 29
   7:30 AM         Gloria Badalewski +
   9:00 AM          Tom Grimm +                                      St. Joan of Arc Will sponsor the
   10:30 AM        William Boteju +
   12:00 PM        Roque Umali +                                      St. Mary’s Dinner for Seniors
                                                                             Sunday, July 29
   Prayers for those who are sick or suffering:               The dinner menu and sign ups for volunteers are posted
   Elfi Ashouri, Stanley Zielezienski, Clare Dowling,         in the vestibules of the church. St. Mary’s Shelter is in
   Roberta Ambrose Sotelo, Janet Bertolero, Ann Otis,         need of toiletry items such as shampoo, soap, shaving
   Mary Roberts, Pavlic Khoudian, Nicholas Policar,           cream etc. Donations may be dropped off in the parish
   Melanie Macleod, Verla Pelley, Christine Covington,        office or the parish kitchen by July 29.
   Patrick and Mary Ann Martin, Mary Beth Kramer, Jack
   DiLiegro, Mylene Ayuste Garcia, Elfi Ashouri, Patricia
   Frick, Conrado Villon, Remedios Geraldo, Catherine Hall,
   Kara Hofmann, Elsie Nunag, Julie Realiza, Carolyn

   Pray for our deceased: Margaret Mahoney,                             Sunday, September 30
   Rose Chael                                                              1:00 to 5:00 pm

                                                                                       Sixteenth Sunday
                                                                                       in Ordinary Time
 Monday:         Mi 6:1-4, 6-8; Mt 12:38-42                                                 July 22, 2012
 Tuesday:        Mi 7:14-15, 18-20; Mt 12:46-50
 Wednesday:      2 Cor 4:7-15; Mt 20:20-28                    Question for Adults: “ What do you do to rest so
 Thursday:       Jer 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13; Mt 13:10-17           that you can return to work refreshed?”
 Friday:         Jer 3:14-17; Mt 13:18-23
 Saturday:       Jer 7:1-11; Mt 13:24-30                      Question for Child: “ When will you take time to stop
 Sunday:         2 Kgs 4:42-44; Ps 145; Eph 4:1-6;
                                                              and pray this week ?”
                 Jn 6:1-15
Page Four                                        ST. JOAN OF ARC PARISH


       Office Hours                    Help Needed
      Religious Ed Summer
                                    Catechists are needed for
    Office Hours 9AM—3PM
                                      Kindergarten through
 Please call the office before
                                             Grade 6.
 you come in. With vacations
                                   If you love children and can
 there maybe be sometime
 when there is no one in the       give one hour of your time,
 RE Office. Thank you for         please contact the RE Office.
 understanding. Phone             We need help at every grade
 messages will be checked.        level. You do not have to be a
                                  professional teacher. You can
                                   make a difference in the life
      REGISTRATION                 of the children in the parish
        2012-2013                  just by sharing your love of
      Forms are due                   God and your neighbor.

         August 1.
 If you have not returned
  your forms please do so
   as soon as possible. If
  you need forms, please
 contact or come into the
      RE Office during            Christ Has No Hands and Feet
       business hours.                     but Yours….
SAN RAMON, CA                                                                           Page Five

                         YOUTH MINISTRY OFFICE                  Next Youth Mass
                              925-830-4720                          Sunday, Sept. 9th
                           YouthOffice@sjasr.org                        5:30 pm

                         2012/2013 Registration
                    Registration and Medical Release Forms
                can be found on website under Youth Ministry or
                      call our office for more information.

                          EDGE Service Project
            Come make tie blankets for our Prayer Shawl Ministry
     We make tie blankets to give to members of our community who need
               to be wrapped in our love, support and prayers.
                       Every Monday morning in July
                              9:30 - 11:30 in MPR
                    Incoming 7 & 8th graders and friends

                  Upcoming Service Opportunities
                         Signup at www.signupgenius.com/go/faith5

       Saturday, August 4th - 8:00 - 11:00 Trip to Contra County Food Bank.
                        Help sort food at the food bank.

      Saturday, August 11th - 8:00 - 1:30 Provide Bags of Love (bag lunches)
     to the poorest of the poor in San Francisco with Cityteam International.

                               Last LIGHT Movie Night
                 Monday, July 23 - Come join us for our last movie night
                 of the summer in the MPR.
Page Six                                                                            ST. JOAN OF ARC CHURCH

                                                       Living Stewardship Now
                              Look at your life and try to add up how you spend your week. How much time is
                              devoted to God, family, work, and service? Do you rest and relax or just change
                              activities? What are your time-wasters?

We hear stories all the time about people in a parish saying, “let others do the work of the
Church (parish). I’ve been giving for so long. Now, it is time for others to step up.”
In today’s Gospel, Jesus had planned to slip away from the crowds for a few moments of peace and a
little rest. When He saw the people gathered, however, He put His needs aside to meet the needs of
others. Sometimes, as good stewards, we are called to do the same, no matter how long we’ve been
involved and how much of our treasure we have given.

     “Returns with Increase…” VBS
                                                               The children in VBS earned
                                                               enough money to contribute to
                                                               the purchase of over 700, mosquito
                                                               nets for the people of Mali.
                                                        Thank you to the 200+ teen volunteers and
                                                        50+ adult volunteers who made VBS a
                                                        great experience for 450 children!

              ~Prayer ~Formation ~Outreach ~Returns with Increase

                                ALTAR SERVER OF THE MONTH
                                            AUSTIN BLOCK
                  1. What do you like best about being an altar server? - I like helping to serve the church
                  and being a part of mass. I feel that it helps bring me spiritually closer to God.
                   2. What other activities have you done at St. Joan of Arc.? - I have been a V.B.S.
   counselor for four years now. I was part of the LIGHT youth ministry group last year and will be again
   this year.
    3. How has serving at liturgies changed the way you view the Mass, the sacraments, etc.? - Serving
   has taught me new things about mass. I have learned that to consecrate the bread and wine to make them
   the body and blood of Jesus Christ that it is not just the blessing that consecrates it. It is the story the
   priest tells along with it about the last supper. Without the story it can not be transformed into the body
   and blood of Jesus Christ.
    4. What are your outside interests, (i.e. favorite class, sports, musical instrument, etc.)? - Outside of
   altar serving I am a Boy Scout. I've been a Boy Scout for five years. I also run cross country and track for
   Cal High. Practice has already started for Cross Country in the fall of this year.
    5. What is your favorite memory as an altar server? - My favorite memory of being an altar server
   was serving at the Easter Vigil for the first time. It was a great experience and that is why I try to do it
   every year.
    6. How long have you been an altar server? - I have been an altar server since third grade and I'm
   going to be a Sophomore so that's... 7 years.
SAN RAMON, CA                                                                                                             Page Seven

        Hike and Mass with Fr. Ian and Fr. Ray
            Saturday July 28, 2012 9AM Juniper Campground Mt. Diablo

 To those who wish to carpool, meet at St Joan of Arc lower parking lot by the
 MPR and be ready to leave at 8:15 AM sharp. We will car pool to Mt Diablo
 south entrance and up to the Juniper campgrounds, which is just below the
 summit. Non-carpool can go straight to the picnic area at Juniper Trail. We will
 begin with a mass at 9AM at the Juniper Campground picnic area.

 After mass, Fr. Ian and Fr. Ray will lead a hike from the Juniper campground to
 the summit via the Juniper trail. This is an easy two-mile round trip hike to the
 summit. We will have shuttles available to people up the summit to do the
 around the top hike/walk which has great views and informational plaques
 along the way.

 Those that do not wish to participate in the hike can remain at the site and enjoy
 the views until the hiking party returns. Upon returning to the campground, there
 will be a no host picnic.

 Those attending should bring their own lunch, water and a light folding chair.
 Mt Diablo charges a day use fee of $10 per vehicle. Maps with driving directions will be handed out at the entrance.

 Questions? Email sjayachtclub@gmail.com or call Ely Torres 925.353.8249

                                                                      Companions in Ignatian Service and Spirituality is
                                                                      a unique program, affiliated with Santa Clara University
                                                                      and the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley. We
                                                                      respond to the thirst of many Catholics to deepen their
                                                                      spiritual life while giving of their time and talent in
                                                                      service to those in need. Our mission is to enrich the
                                                                      experience of people over 50, committed to community
                                                                      service, through a 10-month program of prayer and
                                                                      Ignatian spiritual reflection.

                                                                      We are currently recruiting for new participants in the
                                                                      2012-2013 Program which begins in September.

                                                                                       For more information contact:
                                                                            Joe or Angela Rivello, St Joan of Arc Parishioners
                                                                                              925 828 2025
                                                                              or Jenny Girard Malley, Program Director


                                                                                           Please visit our web
                                                                                    site: www.ignatiancompanions.org
Page Eight                                                                                   ST. JOAN OF ARC CHURCH

                 Welcome! To all the children Baptized at St. Joan of Arc Parish the 2nd Quarter
                                               April, May, June
    Alcantara, Logan Lamburt, son of Lamburt and Joy            Jazmin, Khaleo Rey, daughter of Jerrod and Erykah
    Antiniw, Alexis Nicole Outlaw, daughter of Michael and      Kelly, Logan James, son of Jason and Caroline
    Althea Marie                                                Kerry, Quinlan Gus, son of Gus and Kimberly
    Antonio, Madison Faith, daughter of Jason and Fides         Loisel, Taylor Grace Marion, daughter of Michael and
    Bjork, Derek Alan, son of Ryan and Kari                     Jennifer
    Cabral, Jethro Figuroa, son of Jose Roy and Roda            Lucas, Azireyah Jaylene, daughter of Ferdinand and Erykah
    Cassara, Reese Marie, daughter Daniel and Rebecca           Maldonado, Daniel Jorge, son of Jorge and Therese
    Castillo, Chayce Kayden Cruz, son of Harold John            McCollum, Brianna May, daughter of Brandon and Melissa
    and Marie Faye                                              Medel, Zoey Claire, daughter of Justin and Angelena
    Childress, Jackson Alexander, son of William and Laura      Nash, Kyle Joseph, son of Patrick and Michelle
    De Leon, Christiana Noelle, daughter of Carlos and Grace    Pelayo, Isabella Katherine, daughter of John and Lisa
    Mary                                                        Puth, Dominick Kaden, son of Kenneth and Edith
    Estrellado, Reese Isabella, daughter of Maynard and         Rosa, Nolan Joseph, son of Michael and Maria
    Stephanie                                                   Sastry, Lianna Isabelle, daughter of Manos and Alejandra
    Fanelli, Nathan Michael, son of Michael and Jacqueline      Sequin, Anthea Rombano, daughter of Allan and Rowena
    Gilroy, Emily Catherine, daughter of Matthew and Jennifer   Aileen
    Gonzales-Castro, Chloe, daughter of Ritchie and Ethelle     Stewart, Benjamin William, son of Mark and Rocio
    Jaquias, Kaden Rhyz, son of Kelvin and Roela                Varela, Joel Ernesto, son of John and Lana

                   Tiny Treasures                                           NAME THAT PROGRAM!
        Parents and Grandparents can enjoy
                                                                     “January Adult Education Workshops”
      talking to one another while interacting
      with their child or grandchild. Thursdays
                                                                    The winner of the $25 Starbucks Gift
              10:00 a.m. in Classroom 3
    July                                                            Card will be announced after August
    26 Water Craft                                                  1st.If you have not had the chance to
                                                                    submit your ideas there is still time!
                                                                    Email: mmachi@sjasr.org
             Questions: Call Sabrina at 456-0569                                  Good Luck!

                                               SAVE THE DATE...OCTOBER 6TH
                                                           St. Joan of Arc
                                                     ART AUCTION
             The auction event of the year is coming to San Ramon! What do Salvador Dali, Buster Posey
             and Marilyn Monroe have in common? All will be up for auction at the St. Joan of Arc Food
             & Wine Fest on October 6. The auction at the event will be unlike any other auctions you may
             have experienced. Featured items will include exquisite, limited edition artwork (think Dali,
             Picasso, Chagall and many lesser known, but equally original artists), signed sports and
             entertainment collectibles (Montana, Posey, Ruth...need we say more!), fabulous designer
             jewelry and ladies accessories, unique home décor, exotic getaways and much more. Come join
             us for a great evening of auctions, libations, food and fun!
SAN RAMON, CA                                                                                                  Page Nine

                              St. Joan of Arc
                      SVdP “Friends of the Poor Walk”
    The Contra Costa County Friends of the Poor® Walk will be held on Saturday,
      September 29, 2012 at the St. Isidore, Danville grass field/track, 8-11 am.
What’s Involved in the FOP Walk/Run?

The Friends of the Poor Walk/Run works the same way as other charitable walks/runs. You sign up, receive
a pledge form, invite your friends/family/associates to sponsor you, and then participate on the day of the
How to Register: You can register for the 5K, (3.1 miles), Contra Costa Walk by going to
www.svdpfriendsofthepoorwalk.org and identifying your beneficiary walk as #645, (St. Joan of Arc)
or ID #222, (District Council of Contra Costa County). If you cannot walk yourself, please go on-line and
support a walker, (under “Find a Walker” type in Carondelet Students Kerianne Hunt or Morgan Castelein)
participating in the Contra Costa Walk, #222. The WALK EVENT is: CA Danville: St. Isidore Church Grass
Field/Track. This identifies WHERE you are walking, it does not impact your donation.

                    AUTISM SUPPORT GROUP                                                PEOPLE OF LIFE
             4 MONDAY EVENING OF THE MONTH                                           “A baby is God’s opinion
            Please join us for our monthly gathering of parents,              that life should go on.”
  grandparents, family and friends of those with autism spectrum disorders.
                                                                                                      -Carl Sandburg
                     MONDAY, July 23rd – 7 – 9 PM                             Consider making a donation of your
                  Parish Office Conference Room                               time, talent or treasure to the Gabriel
             Sue Walsh – sbwjobs1@mac.com - 820-2140                          Project, the Bay Area Crisis Nursery,
                                                                              or to a family in need in.

                     Summer Drop-In Grief Sessions
                The St. Joan of Arc Grief Ministry is offering 2 “drop-in” sessions this summer.
                                 July 24 and August 14
 Location: St. Joan of Arc Church Conference Room
           2601 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon 94583
 When:     Tuesday Evenings - Sign in Starts at 6:45pm
           Sessions are from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
 Topics: July 24th Baby Steps on Your Healing Journey
           August 14th Hope for Tomorrow

        A er the sessions there will be me for refreshment and socializing.

             The death of a loved one is unlike any other loss, whether it comes sudden and tragic
                                       or with warning and preparation.
           This is me and a place where you can honor your grief.
                                        For information you can call:
                               Susan @ (925)830-1737 or Kathy @ (805)338-5320

                       These sessions are open to all, regardless of religious affiliation.

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