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					                                  CITY OF BOISE

TO:           Mayor and Council

FROM:         Finance and Administration and Aviation Departments


DATE:         May 20, 2010

SUBJECT:    Approval of Contract, RFP 10-035(B); Boise Airport Five (5) Year
            Engineering Services, to WH Pacific, Inc. This contract is on a task order

ACTION REQUIRED: Contract approval by resolution.

RECOMMENDATION: Finance and Administration and Aviation Departments
recommend that RFP 10-035(B) is awarded to the best qualified/highest ranked proposer
with significant local preference, WH Pacific, Inc. Award of contract is subject to
compliance with bonding and insurance requirements.

FISCAL IMPACT/BUDGET IMPLICATIONS: Financial Services has confirmed
sufficient funding is available for this obligation.

BACKGROUND: The Aviation Department solicited proposals seeking Engineering
Services. These professional services are primarily for Airport capital improvement
projects, both federal and non-federally funded. Anticipated projects include: runway
and taxiway extensions, runway, taxiway and apron pavement (concrete and asphalt)
rehabilitation, construction of cargo aprons, airfield lighting upgrades, general aviation
apron pavement (concrete and asphalt) rehabilitation, storm water improvements,
roadway construction, utility projects, parking lot improvements, planning studies,
environmental studies, security fence and gate projects, design reviews, pavement
condition surveys, geotechnical studies, construction inspection, bid analysis, cost
estimating, auto-cad and GIS services, and other services as needed.

ATTACHMENTS: Resolution, Contract, Proposal and Proposal Specifications.
                                                         RESOLUTION NO. _______________

BY THE COUNCIL:                                          BISTERFELDT, CLEGG, EBERLE,
                                                         JORDAN, SHEALY AND THOMSON


       WHEREAS, Finance and Administration and Aviation Departments staff recommend
award of RFP 10-035(B), Boise Airport 5 Year Engineering Services, Aviation Department, to
the best qualified proposer, WH Pacific, Inc.; and,
       WHEREAS, during their meeting of                           , the City Council followed staff
recommendation and awarded Resolution No.                  , RFP 10-035(B), Boise Airport 5 Year
Engineering Services, Aviation Department, to WH Pacific, Inc.


       Section 1.     That the contract by and between the City of Boise City and WH Pacific,
Inc., for RFP 10-035(B), Boise Airport 5 Year Engineering Services, Aviation Department,
which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, be, and the same is hereby,
approved as to both form and content.
       Section 2.    That the Mayor and City Clerk be, and they hereby are, authorized to
respectively execute and attest said contract for and on behalf of the City of Boise City.
       Section 3. That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect immediately upon its
adoption and approval.
       ADOPTED by the Council of the City of Boise, Idaho, this              day of June, 2010.
       APPROVED by the Mayor of the City of Boise, Idaho this                day of June, 2010.
APPROVED:                                             ATTEST:

David H. Bieter                                       CITY CLERK

     WHPacific, Inc.

    3501 W. Elder St, Suite 200
     Idaho                        83705
    (208) 342-5400
    (208) 342-5353

    Rainse Anderson, PE
    Director of Aviation
    January 20, 2010

1       12/16/2009
2       12/23/2009
3       01/06/2010
4        01/14/2010
                              Coos County Airport District
                              Gary Letellier
                              former Airport Director
                              (706) 798-3236

                             City of McCall
                             John Anderson
                              Airport Manager
                             (208) 634-1488

                              City of Bend
                              Gary Judd
                               Airport Manager

Note: we have listed several other references in our submittal. We encourage
you to contact our additional references for more information in regards to
our firm’s work ethic and performance on similar projects
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
I. Cover Letter
January 20, 2010

City of Boise, Purchasing Office
150 North Capitol Blvd
Boise, ID 83702

RE: RFP 10-035 – Boise Airport Five Year Engineering Services

Dear Selection Committee:

WHPacific’s relationship with the Boise Airport began in 1991 when we were retained to prepare an Environmental
Assessment for the Runway 28R – Taxiway A Extension project, and since that time, we have completed 46 projects
at the airport.

WHPacific is proud of our history with the City motivated to meet all your expectations on the capital improvement
projects to be completed at the airport through FY2015. By selecting the WHPacific team, you will get an excellent project
manager, a team of highly respected industry leaders with proven talent to deliver results and a corporate commitment to
help the City of Boise implement these important projects. We have assembled a team that has the capacity to perform all the
services included in your capital improvement program.

Experienced project Team. Your projects will be managed out of our Boise office, located literally across I-84 from the
airport at 3501 W. Elder Street. The 26 local professionals will be supported by our Aviation Team in our Portland office and
our local subconsultants as needed. Your project manager will be Tony Feilzer, PE a strong aviation project manager/
engineer who, for the past 17 years, has managed numerous improvement projects for airports across the US. Tony is located
in the Boise office and will be assisted by Rainse Anderson, PE as Principal in Charge. As Director of Aviation for our
firm, Rainse has over 32 years’ experience in the aviation industry. His knowledge of the Boise Airport and your program
needs, his reputation for client service, and his dedication to solid project management will greatly benefit the City and the
success of your CIP program.

Lisa Vernon, PE, our Boise Operations Manager, will also be available to ensure that our company resources are available
to the City of Boise throughout the duration of this contract. Tony, Rainse and Lisa will be supported by several local
project professionals responsible to conduct day-to-day project oversight: Paul Ashton, PE, James Kirby, PE and Pete
Murphy, PE – Aviation Engineering; Sara Funk, AICP and Sarah Lucas – Aviation Planning; and Gordon Smith,
PE, Laila Maqbool, PE – Roadway and General Civil. In addition, Travis Foster, PLS will be responsible for all survey
assignments. All of these key personnel are familiar with the Boise Airport, and will be supported by a staff of over 515
individuals company-wide.

This is virtually the same team that has served you for the past five years. In addition, we have reassembled a highly qualified
team of local companies who possess significant experience on major airport development projects in the region. These key
firms include: Terracon for geotechnical investigation and materials testing; Pavement Consultants Inc. (PCI) for
pavement condition surveys; Corvid Consultants, Bionomics and Synergy Consultants for environmental, air/noise,
historical/cultural, hazmat and GIS support; Ricondo and Associates for aviation planning; and CSHQA for architecture.
We are currently working with or have recently worked with all of these firms on numerous successful projects for the Airport
and other clients and feel that these firms are highly qualified to provide services to support our efforts. Also note that
Bionomics is a certified DBE firm to help meet your FAA DBE goals.

The following are key reasons why we believe the WHPacific team is best suited to assist you with your future airport and
roadway engineering needs:

Experience at Boise Airport. WHPacific has worked on 47 projects at your airport since 1991. These include two master
plans, runway rehabilitations, runway & taxiway extensions, roadway & utility upgrades, as well as air cargo and hangar
area development and general drafting services.

Experience with successful FAA/AIP projects. Our team takes great pride in our full-service approach to airport
improvement projects. We will continue to assist you in grant management from pre-application through closeout, including
assisting in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for your projects. We will make your job easier by taking care of

January 20, 2010
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
the details! The FAA continually changes/updates project requirements and standards, and we will keep you informed of these
changes and indicate the impacts to your proposed projects.

Understanding your future plans. The future at Boise Airport is very bright. Having been a part of your last Master Plan
Update, we understand your future airport plans and want to be a part of them. We are excited to participate in the future
growth of your airport.

Interest in your projects. We are very excited about the prospect of continuing to work with the airport staff during the
upcoming years on these challenging projects. Our knowledge of your facilities, conversations and meetings with staff and
agencies, site visits, and research demonstrate that we would excel at being your consultant on these projects.

Proven Project Approach. Based on our 19 years of working with the City and Airport Staff, we understand how you
prefer to conduct projects. Our approach has always been to listen effectively and be responsive to your needs to ensure that
we exceed your expectations. Please see Section II for more information on our approach for your projects.

You know what to expect. We not only bring these items listed above, but we have been your advocates with state and
federal agencies. We will be responsive to your needs as we have in the past. We will protect your interests and we will
keep you informed of changes in regulations from the FAA. We have a broad range of experience planning, designing, and
managing construction for airports across the Northwest, encompassing all the project types listed in your Scope of Services
as well as the Additional Services requested.

Thank you for your consideration of our firm. We look forward to answering any additional questions you have, and working
with the City and extended design team to complete high quality projects that ensure a solid foundation for continued growth
and improvement at the Boise Airport.


WHPacific, Inc.

Rainse Anderson, PE                                         Lisa Vernon, PE
Director of Aviation                                        Operations Manager
(503) 372-3521                                              (208) 275-8712                           

We acknowledge receipt and compliance with Addendums 1-4. Our submittal also includes our Proposal Schedule attached in
a separate sealed envelope as requested.

January 20, 2010                                           2
                                                                                 Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
II. QuaLIfICatIons and experIenCe of                                                                                                                                 Qualifications and Experience
ConsuLtant team                                                                                                                                                      WHPacific brings a broad background and extensive
                                                                                                                                                                     experience in the fields of airport engineering,
Description of Firm/Firm Size                                                                                                                                        master planning, and environmental studies. Our
WHPacific, Inc. has more than 515 employees and 17 offices                                                                                                           firm is one of the leading Aviation Consulting firms in the
in ID, OR, WA, AK, AZ, CA, CO and NM. Fifty of these                                                                                                                 Northwest. Professional aviation staff in our Northwest
employees firm-wide are specifically dedicated to aviation, 30                                                                                                       offices consists of 30 engineers, designers, planners, surveyors,
in the Northwest Region alone. We serve public and private                                                                                                           inspectors, environmental specialists and CAD designers who
clients in five business lines: Transportation (including                                                                                                            are thoroughly experienced in airport planning, environmental,
aviation), Building Engineering, Land Development,                                                                                                                   design and construction management. For each project
Surveying, and Water Resources. WHPacific is a                                                                                                                       entrusted to our firm, we commit individuals who have worked
minority-owned large business. Our parent company,                                                                                                                   together before in a similar capacity, on similar assignments,
NANA Development Corporation, is the business arm of                                                                                                                 who know the local conditions and have good working
NANA Regional Corporation, one of the original Alaska                                                                                                                relationships with the jurisdictions governing the work.
Native Regional Corporations formed under the Alaska Native
Claims Settlement Act of the 1970s. Our Boise office is                                                                                                              The map below highlights the 150 airport clients
located just across I-84 from the Boise Airport, which                                                                                                               WHPacific has served throughout the northwest in
provides you with immediate client service.                                                                                                                          airport planning, design and construction management
                                                                                                                                                                     in conformance with FAA regulations and FAA Airport
History of Working Together                                                                                                                                          Improvement Program regulations. We are fully confident of
WHPacific has a long history of working with the City of                                                                                                             our team’s capability to perform to the highest expectations
Boise on your airport projects. We have been a consultant                                                                                                            of the City. Our Aviation Team has worked with a long
of yours since 1991 and since that time we have completed                                                                                                            list of local airports and the FAA in completing over 40
47 projects for the Airport. Most of the staff who have                                                                                                              engineering, planning, and environmental projects in
worked on these projects are still with WHPacific giving                                                                                                             the last three years, giving us unprecedented knowledge
us an advantage of knowing the history and developing                                                                                                                and experience. WHPacific maintains an excellent
relationships with key staff at your airport. Furthermore, we                                                                                                        performance record for producing high-quality work that
have been a part of the Boise community since 1988, and have                                                                                                         meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. The WHPacific
worked with a number of subconsultants on Airport projects                                                                                                           team offers you a comprehensive range of aviation services:
as well as other transportation and land development projects
in the Treasure Valley area. These are firms we trust and who
provide the same level of client service as we do.
                                                         Blaine Municipal                                                                  Dorothy Scott Municipal

                                                            Bellingham Intl
                                                                                                                                                          Ferry County        Ione Municipal                                         Our Northwest
                                                    Orcas Island
                                                   Lopez Island      Concrete Municipal
                                                              Anacortes         Skagit Regional
                                                                                                               Methow Valley State
                                                                                                                   Twisp Municipal
                                                                                                                                                                 Colville Muncipal         Sandpoint
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     O ces
                                                                                                                                                                   Sand Canyon
                                 William R. Fairchild              Sequim Valley
                                                                                                Darrington Municipal
                                                                                        Arlington Municipal
                                                                                                                                             Okanogan Legion
                                                              Jefferson                                                                  Anderson Field
                                    Forks                                           Snohomish County                                                               Deer Park
                                                              County Intl      Whidbey Air Park Firstair Field                               Grand Coulee Dam
                                                                                                                    Chelan Municipal
                                                                 Apex Park
                                                        Bremerton National
                                                                                       Renton Municipal
                                                                                                                      Waterville                 Wilbur Municipal
                                                                                                                                                                             Mead Flying Svce
                                                                                                                                                                          Spokane Intl
                                                                       Tacoma Narrows Auburn Municipal Cashmere-Dryden
                                                          Sanderson Field                    Crest Air Park
                                                                                                          Cle Elum Municipal

                                                                                                                                                       Odessa Municipal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Klamath Falls
                                                            Vashon Municipal                                                                                                      Willard
                                                                                  Pierce Cty-Thun Field De Verde Field                                               Rosalia
                                                                                                                                Ephrata Municipal                                 Field
                                                                                Spanaway                                                                  Pru Field Municipal
                Ocean Shores Municipal
                                                              OLYMPIA              SUMNER
                                                                                                                        Quincy Municipal Moses Lake
                                                                                                               Bowers Field
                                                                                                                                           Municipal       Lind                                                                      Olympia
                                                                          Olympia            Swanson                                           New Warden
                                                                                                                                            Othello Municipal
                                                                                                                                                                   Whitman Memorial                                                  Portland
                             Willipa Harbor                            Chehalis-Centralia        Packwood
                                                                                                                       Desert Aire
                                                                                                                                                 Connell                Pullman/
                                                                                       Strom Field                Yakima Air Terminal
                                                                        Toledo Winlock-
                                                                        Ed Carlson                                                        Richland                                      Lewiston
                          Port of Ilwaco                                Memorial Field          Sunnyside Municipal
                                                                                                                          Prosser          Vista Field
                                                                     Kelso-Longview                                                                                         Walla Walla
                         Astoria Regional                                                               Goldendale                                                                                           Grangeville
                                                                 Evergreen Goheen
                                                                      Field    Fly For Fun
                        Seaside Municipal                                        Grove Field                                        Hermiston Municipal
                                                 Industrial Airpark                                                          Boardman
                      Nehalem Bay State                                                                             Arlington
                                                                        Ken Jernstedt Airfield                      Municipal              Eastern OR Regional                       Enterprise
                                 Tillamook             Portland Intl               Columbia Gorge Regional Wasco State                     at Pendleton                              Joseph State           McCall
                                                                          PORTLAND                                          Lexington Municipal
                      Pacific City State          McMinnville                Aurora State                                                                         La Grande/Union County
                                                                               Portland Mulino                              Condon State
                                                                       Salem McNary Field                                                                                                                 Council
                     Siletz Bay State                  State                                                                                                             Baker City Muncipal

                   Newport Municipal                                       Albany Municipal           Madras City-County

                                                 Corvallis Municipal       Lebanon State                                                        Grant County Regional - Ogilvie Field
                                                                               Sisters Eagle Air          Prineville
                                                              Redmond Municipal - Roberts Field
                 Florence Municipal                              Eugene - Mahlon Sweet Field
                                                                                                                                                                     Ontario Municipal
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Caldwell            BOISE AIRPORT
                                                                                                     Bend Municipal
                                                                        Creswell Hobby Field
                                                                                   Sunriver          BEND                                                                                            Nampa BOISE
                                                                       Cottage Grove State                                                                                                           Municipal
        Southwest Oregon Regional                                               Oakridge State                                                            Burns Municipal

                                                               Roseburg Regional
                                                                                                                                                                                          Jordan Valley
                Bandon State                                                                                    Christmas Valley Airport
                                                                Myrtle Creek
         Cape Blanco State                                                Prospect State
                                                                                   Chiloquin State

                                                             Grants Pass
        Gold Beach Municipal
                                                                           Ashland Municipal
                                                           Pinehurst State                     Klamath Falls
                                                Illinois Valley                                                          Lake County
                     Brookings                                                                KLAMATH FALLS                                                   McDermitt State

January 20, 2010                                                                                                                                      3
                                     Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Airport Engineering Services                                          Improvement Program (AIP) regulations. WHPacific will
Airfield Pavement Construction, Rehabilitation and                    take the lead in administering your projects over the next
Reconstruction                                                        five-year period. The majority of the projects completed by
Runway Extensions                                                     the Aviation Team at WHPacific are funded through the
Safety Area Improvements                                              FAA’s AIP program. As such, we are very familiar with all
Land Acquisition                                                      facets of managing and administering FAA/AIP projects. We
Surface/Subsurface Drainage Improvements                              will use FAA guidelines in preparing the plans, specifications
Runway and Taxiway Lighting Systems                                   and contract documents. Using the FAA guidelines will
Terminal Area Lighting Systems                                        ensure project quality and compliance with various grant
Lighted and Unlighted Sign Systems                                    requirements including FAM grants. Our knowledge of
NAVAID Installations                                                  Federal standards and specifications is completely up-to-
Relocation of FAA-Owned Facilities                                    date. We will work with you to tailor these specifications to
Hangar Area Development                                               allow for use of locally available materials and aggregates
Terminal and Access Roads                                             leading to a cost-effective design solution. Design work will
Helipads                                                              conform to the applicable FAA Advisory Circulars including:
Security Improvements Fueling and Wash-Down Facilities                •	 Airport Design for Dimensional Criteria
Construction Management                                               •	 Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation
Landside and Airside Parking Facilities
Landscape Improvements                                                •	 Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports for
Surveying and Mapping                                                     Technical Specifications and General Provisions

Airport Planning Services                                             Management Approach
Airport Layout Plans                                                  WHPacific takes a full-service approach to airport
Airport Master Planning                                               improvement projects. We will assist you in grant
Aviation System Planning                                              management from pre-application through closeout, assist
Airport Site Evaluations and Selection                                in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for the
Land Use Planning                                                     project, coordinate with airport users both during design
Financial Analyses                                                    and as construction progresses, ensure that the testing
Economic Impact Studies                                               required by FAA specifications is conducted, and provide the
GPS Approach Feasibility Analyses                                     necessary documentation for project closeout. It is our goal
Pavement Maintenance Plans                                            to ensure that all the FAA requirements are completed as
Heliport Planning                                                     scheduled, and we will make every effort to meet this goal.
Instrument Approach Procedure Analyses
Noise Analyses                                                        Preparation of AIP Pre-application and Application
                                                                      We regularly assist sponsors in the preparation of project
Airport Environmental Services                                        cost estimates and pre-applications for AIP funding for
Wetland Delineations                                                  submission to FAA. Following the allocation of funds and
Categorical Exclusion Reports                                         development of detailed construction plans, we will prepare a
Environmental Assessments                                             formal grant application based on construction bid prices.
Wetland Permitting
Agency Coordination
Property Acquisition                                                  Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Plan
                                                                      Following development of preliminary plans and construction
                                                                      cost estimates, we will identify construction work items that
Boise Airport Approach                                                may reasonably attract DBE participation. These items will
WHPacific’s proven approach for the Boise Airport includes            be identified to promote competitive bidding by at least three
developing project contract documents that are constructible.         subcontractors. A cost summary and a recommended goal
This will ultimately lead to low contractor bids. As we did on        will be established for review and approval by the City and
Boise’s Runway 10L-28R Rehabilitation, we will work closely           FAA Civil Rights Staff.
with you to develop concise operational/phasing plans that
are critical to the safety of daily airport operations. Lastly, our
resident inspectors work effectively with local contractors to        Airway Facilities Division Coordination
ensure that the projects are delivered to the quality specified.      and Reimbursable Agreements
The following further outlines our approach to serving you.           Modification or relocation of FAA-owned cables and
                                                                      navigational facilities requires close coordination with
FAA Knowledge and Special Expertise                                   the Airway Facilities Division. If FAA design review,
WHPacific has 41 years of experience throughout the                   field observation, or flight checks are required by the
northwest in airport planning, design and construction                modifications, a reimbursable agreement must be established.
management in conformance with Federal Aviation                       We have successfully coordinated these agreements between
Administration (FAA) regulations and FAA Airport                      airport sponsors and the FAA.

January 20, 2010                                                 4
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Compliance with AIP Contract Provisions                         Compliance with FAA Design Standards
We will develop contract documents for your projects            and Specifications
containing the required Federal provisions, including those     As a condition of the FAA grant process, the plans,
pertaining to bonding requirements, EEO and affirmative         specifications and contract documents must conform to FAA
action, Federal labor provisions, environmental regulations,    standards. All of our specifications were recently updated
contractor debarment criteria, DBE subcontracting               to meet the FAA’s current Design Notices, dated September
requirements, trade restriction clauses, non-collusion,         2007. Our knowledge of Federal standards and
protection of FAA facilities, and drug-free workplace           specifications is completely up-to-date, as evidenced
requirements. During construction, we will monitor the          by over ten projects completed for the Boise Airport
contractor’s weekly payrolls and monthly utilization reports,   in the last five years. We will work with the City to tailor
and conduct periodic wage rate interviews of the contractor’s   these specifications to allow for use of locally available
personnel.                                                      materials and aggregates leading to a cost-effective design
                                                                solution. Design work will conform to the applicable FAA
Environmental Assessment (EA)                                   Advisory Circulars including Airport Design for dimensional
Our environmental team has completed 12 EAs/Categorical         criteria, Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation, and
Exclusions over the past six years. All have been completed     Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports for
to the FAA standards in the Airport Environmental Standards     technical specifications and general provisions.
Order 5050.4A. This led Cayla Morgan, FAA environmental
specialist, to state in her letter to Gary LeTellier, Airport   Electrical Design
Manager, “The project has a variety of complex                  The WHPacific’s in-house team of electrical
issues and we commend you and WHPacific                         engineers team has performed extensive system analyses
for exceptional work, particularly in the                       and electrical design, including runway and taxiway edge
areas of wetland mitigation, endangered                         lighting and centerline lighting, NAVAID relocations, AWOS
species and the comprehensive plan                              siting design, power supply, Part 139 guidance signs, and
amendment.” In addition, she stated that the EA                 security systems. We take special care in checking the
prepared for the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport              existing circuitry, such as pulling electrical manhole covers
Runway Safety Area project was “the best EA she has             and verifying conduit availability and locations to ensure
ever seen.”                                                     system usage.

Evaluation of Design Alternatives                               Estimating
There is always more than one way to design a project. Some     We use our experience, bid tabulations from the FAA
projects are very straightforward and require very little       and other public works departments, as well as regional
analysis. Others need solutions that are more creative. We      and national bidding publications. We also contact local
will review each project and assess the level of complexity     contractors and suppliers to ensure that our estimate
required. Various design alternatives that we have              reflects the true costs. This comprehensive approach to cost
completed that relate to your proposed projects include new     estimating has allowed us to remain within a few percentage
construction, total pavement reconstructions, cold planning     points of the actual bid received.
and overlays, pulverization, and repair of isolated pavement
failures. Both asphaltic concrete (AC) and Portland cement      Surveys
concrete (PCC) can be considered. We are fully aware that       We will be providing all topographic surveying
most projects will require periodic pavement closures, and we   from our local Boise office. Because our survey staff has
will minimize these operational disruptions by developing a     recently provided surveying services at the Airport (Employee
comprehensive phasing plan for the projects.                    Parking Garage and Air Traffic Control Tower), our staff
                                                                currently holds active security clearance and is ready to
New construction routinely generates equipment and              perform any type of surveying required and are familiar with
materials that is left for disposal by the contractor. One      the requirements of surveying on active commercial airports.
step in our QA/QC review process is to identify salvageable
material/equipment for retention/storage by the airport for     Bidding Award and Preconstruction Conference
re-use on future projects’ work.                                The key to a competitive bidding process is having clear
                                                                and concise construction plans and documents tailored to
We are fully aware that most projects will require periodic     the local conditions. During the design process, we contact
pavement closures, and we will minimize these operational       contractors that are most likely to bid on the project and
disruptions by developing a comprehensive phasing plan          discuss difficult or unique project situations so that our plans
for the projects. The phasing plans we develop will be          will be both effective and buildable. In addition, we will also
thoroughly vested through coordination meetings                 contact a variety of contractors and subcontractors to notify
with the Airport Staff and airport stakeholders.                them of the upcoming request for bids to ensure a competitive
                                                                atmosphere. We will handle all bid aspects of project bidding,
                                                                together with the City and the FAA to ensure that all

January 20, 2010                                          5
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
documentation is prepared and that contracts and grants are         List of Similar Projects
smoothly awarded.
After the construction contract is awarded to the lowest            Boise Airport, Boise, ID
qualified bidder and the contractor’s proposed construction         Airport Master Plan Updates
schedule is reviewed and approved, we will assemble all             Runway 10L-28R Rehabilitation
parties involved in construction for a pre-construction             Helipad
conference. At this conference, the construction phasing,           RON Apron
safety, FOD control, erosion control, and any clarifications to     GA Wash Down Facility
the plans and specifications will be discussed and clarified.       Rickenbacker Street
We will also schedule regular weekly construction progress          Parking Lot Improvements
meetings and compare the progress with the approved                 Runway 28R Extension
schedule. If work is not proceeding as agreed, we will adjust       West End T-Hangar Development
the schedule appropriately, or require the contractor to adjust     Runway Extension Environmental Assessment
their construction techniques to get the project on schedule.       UPS Air Cargo Facilities
Construction Coordination
Daily coordination between the various contractors will
be essential to the success of this project and others at and
around the Airport. In addition, the Airport staff, Airport
District Office and Airport users and tenants need to be
aware of construction progress and upcoming events that
may affect their operations.

On-Site Inspection During Construction
During construction, we will provide a construction
administrator and resident inspector to monitor and
document construction progress, confirm conformance
with schedules, plans and specifications, measure and
document construction pay quantities, document significant
conversations or situations, and document input or visits
by local authorities. We will prepare change orders and
supplemental agreements, prepare daily and weekly                   Caldwell Airport, Caldwell, ID
inspection reports, conduct necessary quality control testing       Airport Development Plan
with Terracon and conduct periodic wage rate interviews. At
project completion, we will conduct a final inspection with         McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, ID
the City, the FAA, and the contractor and prepare record            Environmental Assessment for Parallel Taxiway Relocation
drawings and the final project reports. In the event there is
a large and complex project, we have included CMTS on our           Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, ID
team to provide supplemental inspection capability.                 Master Plan and Environmental Assessment
                                                                    Land Acquisition
Construction Testing                                                FBO Area Development
A construction management program assuring timely and
accurate construction testing results is key to a successful        Council Municipal Airport, Council, ID
project. Field personnel need a fast turnaround of the quality      Airport Improvements
assurance testing results in order to coordinate necessary          Runway 15-33 Reconstruction
changes in material or placement techniques in a timely             King County Int’l Airport - Boeing Field, Seattle, WA
manner. WHPacific resident inspectors and Terracon’s                Runway 13R-31L Safety Area Improvement
construction testing group, have worked together successfully       Runway 13R-31L Rehabilitation
on numerous airport construction projects, several of these at
Boise Airport.                                                      Portland International Airport, Portland, OR
                                                                    GA Ramp Rehabilitation
Project Closeout                                                    Taxiway B Rehabilitation
We provide accurate and timely closeout documentation.              North Apron Reconstruction
Tony Feilzer and Rainse Anderson will take full control of the      Master Plan Update
closeout process to ensure that the final documentation is to       Airport Way Widening and North Frontage Road Relocation
you within 45 days of final acceptance.                             Mt. Hood Avenue Interchange / Bridge

January 20, 2010                                                6
                                Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, North Bend, OR         Runway 9-27 MIRL
Terminal Development                                      GA Terminal Building
Environmental Assessment Taxiway C Relocation and Air
Traffic Control Tower                                     Scappoose Industrial Airpark, St. Helens, OR
Runway 4-22 Rehabilitation                                Access Roads
Runway Safety Area EA & Construction                      Obstruction Removal
Runway 13-31 and Taxiway A Rehabilitation                 Master Plan
Master Plan and Update                                    Security Fencing
                                                          Environmental Assessment and Runway Extension
Sea-Tac International Airport, Seattle, WA
Runway Safety Area
Primary Duct Bank Improvements                            TRANSPORTATION: ROADWAYS & STRUCTURES
Maintenance Area Master Plan                              Roadways
                                                          CIP/ITD, I-84 Orchard St Interchange, Boise, ID
Bellingham International Airport, Bellingham, WA          ITD District 3, I-84 Franklin Road Interchange, Caldwell, ID
2009 Terminal Apron Rehabilitation Phase IV               ITD District 3, Eagle Rd Phases 1-3, Ada County, ID
2008 Airport Apron and Taxiway Improvements               ACHD/ITD Franklin Rd, Five Mile to Touchmark, Boise, ID
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Building         ACHD Maple Grove Road Extension, Boise, ID
Apron and Taxiway Improvements                            ACHD, Overland Road, Five Mile to Eagle Road, Boise, ID
Runway 16 Safety Area                                     ACHD, Curtis Road Extension, Boise, ID
Environmental Assessment                                  ACHD, Castle Drive, Boise, ID
                                                          ACHD, Five Mile Road, Boise, ID
Snohomish County Airport - Paine Field, Everett, WA       ACHD, Hill Road, Boise, ID
West Ramp Hangar Development                              ACHD, McMillan Road, Boise, Idaho
Runway Safety Area Improvements                           ACHD, West ParkCenter River Crossing, Boise, ID

King County International Airport/Boeing Field,           Structures
Seattle, WA                                               CIP/ITD I-84 Orchard Street Interchange, Boise, ID
Runway 13R-31L Safety Area Improvements                   ITD District 3, I-84 Franklin Road Interchange, Caldwell, ID
                                                          CIP/ITD, I-84 Cole IC to Broadway IC Soundwalls, Boise, ID
William R. Fairchild International Airport,               Fremont County/LHTAC Stone Bridge over Henry’s Fork of
Port Angeles, WA                                          Snake River, Fremont County, ID
FAA Obstruction Survey                                    Mountain Home Highway District/LHTAC Elk Creek
                                                          Bridge, Elmore County, ID
Anacortes Airport, Anacortes, WA                          ITD District 3, Karcher IC and Concept Study, Boise, ID
2009 Drainage System Evaluation and Improvements          ITD District 1 US 95/I90 Concept Study, Kootenai County, ID
2009 Lighting Improvements                                ACHD Horseshoe Bend Road Bridge
2008 Taxilane and Ramp Improvements                       ACHD Franklin Road Bridge Over Ten Mile Creek
Private Development review                                City Of Caldwell/LHTAC 21st Avenue Bridge Over Indian
                                                          Creek Concept Study and Bridge Replacement, Caldwell, ID
Arlington Airport, Arlington, WA                          ACHD Cole Road over New York Canal Bridge #350, Boise, ID
Taxiway C and D Improvements                              City Of Caldwell/LHTAC 11TH Avenue Bridge Over Indian
                                                          Creek Concept Study and Bridge Replacement, Caldwell, ID
Aurora State Airport, Marion County, OR                   West ParkCenter River Crossing, ACHD, Boise, ID
EA for Taxiway A Relocation, Phase I Acquisition          East Boise River Footbridge, Boise, ID
Runway Rehabilitation                                     Capital Tunnel, Boise, ID
Taxiway A Relocation                                      Americana Boulevard Bridge, Boise, ID
                                                          Owyhee Street Bridge over New York Canal, Boise, ID
Hillsboro Airport, Hillsboro, OR
Terminal Parking Rehabilitation and Perimeter Roads       SURVEYING
High-Speed Exit Taxiways                                  Boise Airport Runway 28L Extension and Taxiway
Airport Master Plan                                       Boise Airport Runway 10L-28R Design Survey
                                                          Boise Airport Parking Garage
Bend Municipal Airport, Bend, OR                          BPA Group – Boise Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Site
Runway 16-36 Reconstruction and Associated Improvements   PARSONS TSSC III, Wide Area Augmentation System
AWOS Relocation                                           (WAAS), Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance
                                                          (LPV), FAA Aeronautical Surveys AC150/5300-18B, Various
Grant County Regional Airport, John Day, OR               Airports, ID, OR, MT, NM, WA, WY
Runway Extensions (3)                                     ITD/WGI State Hwy 44 Study, Ada/Canyon Counties, ID

January 20, 2010                                      7
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
ITD I-84 Orchard to Gowen and Concept Study, Boise, ID           Another current example of our ability to meet schedules is
CIP/ITD I-84 Orchard Interchange, Boise, ID                      the McCall Municipal Airport, Taxiway Relocation
Boise Canal Corridor Mapping                                     Environmental Assessment. WHPacific is undertaking an
ITD, Eagle Road, Meridian, ID                                    Environmental Assessment to address the runway/taxiway
ACHD/City of Boise, Boise, ID                                    separation deficiency, per FAA design standards. While
CIP I-84 W Photogrammetric Mapping, Ada/Canyon                   the airport is currently designated as an airport reference
Counties                                                         code (ARC) B-II, alternatives exceeding the B-II minimum
Veltex Building Condominiums, Boise, ID                          separation will be analyzed. The purpose of looking beyond
ITD District 4 Twin Falls Overlook, Boise, ID                    B-II standards is to possibly avoid impacting existing
Brogans Apartment Complex, Boise, ID                             wetlands, which would reduce the project’s environmental
US-95 Spur, Snake River Bridge, Weiser, ID                       impact while also decreasing permitting and eliminating
                                                                 the need for off-site mitigation. Since the project has raised
Financial Responsibility                                         concern from some local citizens, WHPacific has created
WHPacific takes the financial responsibility of our client’s     a structured approach that includes public participation
projects very seriously. Our team’s ability to perform work      without negatively impacting the project’s schedule or
in a timely and cost-effective manner is directly related to     budget. To satisfy agency requirements for permitting,
our ability to develop accurate planning and construction        WHPacific will prepare 30% preliminary design of the
documents. Outstanding performance is accomplished               taxiway relocation. A detailed project schedule and budget
through efficient management, thorough and ongoing               was prepared for the project and is being adhered to. Monthly
communication with project teams and clients, and proven         project status reports are being sent to the Airport and FAA
control of budgets, schedules, and quality. WHPacific’s depth    for review.
of dedicated aviation staff allows us to perform within short
time limitations and allows us to adjust to the increased        Another specific example of WHPacific’s strong schedule
demands necessary to meet accelerated schedules. Before          performance is at the Southwest Oregon Regional
we commit ourselves to a new project, we review our ability      Airport. Originally, it was expected that one EA would be
to respond and carefully examine our ongoing projects. We        prepared to include the new terminal building and associated
take this extra step because, as your consultant, you have our   development, Taxiway C improvements, and the Air Traffic
full commitment for meeting your deadlines and needs. We         Control Tower (ATCT). Field investigations were conducted
encourage you to contact our references in Section               simultaneously for all three projects. However, it became
VI for more information regarding our financial                  clear there were more complex issues involved with the
performance.                                                     Taxiway C and ATCT work. Considering the terminal
                                                                 building project was funded with both state and Federal
Consistent Project Delivery                                      discretionary monies that had a tight funding schedule, it
WHPacific delivers projects on schedule and within budget.       was decided that two separate EAs would be completed. By
We offer our clients a high level of service, while still        separating the terminal building from the other two projects,
meeting strict project schedules and budgets. Our strong         the EA was issued a FONSI in time for the terminal’s
management principles bring any potential conflicts to           construction to begin on schedule. Concurrently, work
light early in the process so that corrective action may be      continued on the EA for the Taxiway C and ATCT projects
taken prior to experiencing overruns. WHPacific takes our        with a FONSI being issued one year later. Construction for
project management seriously and is committed to working         the Taxiway C and ATCT projects started on time and also
proactively for you.                                             in-line with the availability of FAA discretionary funds.

Examples of Excellent Schedule/Budget Performance                A final example of WHPacific’s excellent schedule
                                                                 performance is for work completed at the Aurora State
WHPacific’s planning team recently completed the Mulino          Airport during a runway reconstruction project. Aurora
Airport Master Plan Update. We kept our deliverables             State is Oregon’s 5th busiest airport and during the design
on time and within budget, despite four changes with             phase’s public stakeholder meetings, our client and airport
FAA staffing that directly affected FAA review times.            users expressed concern over the impact posed by necessary
Concurrently during the project, the Port of Portland            runway closures. In an effort to meet the needs of our client
transferred management responsibilities to the Oregon            and the airport tenants, the project was designed to utilize the
Department of Aviation (ODA). By maintaining our                 parallel taxiway as a temporary runway and the Air National
flexibility, we were able to respond to ODA’s additional needs   Guard was brought in to set up a temporary air traffic control
without affecting the original project schedule or budget.       tower. As a result of our team’s flexibility and desire
Our proven project management approach allows us                 to meet client needs, we were able to accommodate
to track budgets and project schedules with consistent           nearly 90% of the airport users during runway
results. WHPacific is committed to providing you with this       closures safely and effectively. WHPacific provided these
same dedication and reliable service to keep your project on     resources to our client without impacts to either the schedule
time and within budget.                                          or budget. WHPacific won an ACEC Engineering
                                                                 Excellence Award for this project.

January 20, 2010                                           8
                   Aviation Projects – Performance Data (Engineering)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 or Overruns

                                                                                                                            Design Fee         Design Schedule (Mo)                        Construction Costs
                   Project                                                               Client                       Negotiated    Actual     Negotiated     Actual        Eng. Est.          Cost - Low Bid           Actual Cost

January 20, 2010
                   Portland Intl Airport GA Ramp Improvements                            Port of Portland              $427,100    $427,100        6            6         $4,384,389              $3,511,064            $3,620,000
                   Bellingham Intl Airport, Ph IV 2009 Terminal Apron Rehabilitation     Port of Bellingham            $127,133    $127,133        1            1         $2,207,899             $1,370,693              $1,215,414
                   Bellingham Intl Airport, 2005 Airport Taxiway Improvements            Port of Bellingham            $350,196    $273,403        9           10         $1,603,140               $1,49,613             $1,575,645
                   Chehalis –Centralia Airport SW Development Area Improvements          Chehalis-Centralia Airport    $485,825    $485,825        16          15         $3,380,982             $3,670,793              $3,701,589
                   Renton Airport Taxiway, Lighting, Signage                             City of Renton                $476,179    $465,146        10          10         $2,753,950             $2,750,379             $2,728,040
                   Gold Beach Airport Runway Rehabilitation                              Port of Gold Beach           $332,896     $332,896        6            6          $1,327,128             $1,079,337             $1,130,000
                   South Lewis County Airport Apron Improvements                         Lewis County                  $149,031    $147,200        8            8          $602,624                $460,387               $418,849
                   Anacortes Airport 2008 Airport Improvements                           Port of Anacortes             $206,705    $206,705        9            9         $1,337,369             $1,266,543              $1,387,040
                   Ocean Shores Mun. Airport 2008 Runway and Taxiway Improvements        City of Ocean Shores          $133,850    $133,850        8            8          $1,168,789             $1,080,717             $1,038,105
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Master Plans and ALP Updates, Environmental

                   Pierce County Airport (Thun Field) Taxiway Realignment Improvements   Pierce County                 $104,518    $104,518        8            8           $802,193               $616,342               $597,409
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Projects Without Significant Cost Escalations

                   Arlington Municipal Airport, Taxiway C & D Improvements               City of Arlington             $124,000    $124,000        15          15         $1,443,348              $1,185,849             $1,253,293
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Demonstrated Past Performance to Complete

                   Aurora Airport Runway Overlay                                         ODA                           $562,109    $521,000        12          12         $2,304,610             $1,954,907              $1,878,942
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Assessments, and Engineering Services are structured to

                   Ed Carlson Memorial Field Capital Project                             Lewis County                 $236,800     $236,800        6            6         $1,032,692              $1,091,061             $1,168,694

                   Orcas Airport Runway and Taxiway Lighting                             Port of Orcas                 $194,523    $174,523        8            8           $659,216               $746,653               $748,000
                   Pierce County Airport, 2006 Obstruction Removal Project               Pierce County                 $66,716      $65,000        6            6           $264,166               $234,165               $251,055
                   Gold Beach AWOS                                                       Port of Gold Beach            $70,795      $70,795        4            4          $209,800                $198,530               $180,278

                   Aviation Projects – Performance Data (Planning)
                                                                                                                            Design Fee         Design Schedule (weeks)
                   Project                                                               Client                       Negotiated    Actual     Negotiated     Actual     Reason
                   Mulino MP                                                             Port of Portland              $139,316    $139,316        18          24        Added 3 months during project for PAC review. FAA required 3
                                                                                                                                                                         months additional reivew due to change in personnel

                                                                                                                                                                         Client placed porject on hold for 4 months to deal with property
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

                   Scappoose MP                                                          Port of St. Helens            $99,820      $99,820        16          18
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      charts for project examples.

                                                                                                                                                                         acquisition issue

                   Hillsboro MP                                                          Port of Portland              $131,637    $139,542        24          30        Fee increase and schedule extension result of 3 extra PAC/Open
                                                                                                                                                                         House meetings

                   WSDOT MALP (10)                                                       WDSOT Aviation               $586,675      $574,175       24         varied     Six at 24 months; four at 30 months to account for additional
                                                                                                                                                                         PAC meetings

                   ODA MALP (3)                                                          ODA                           $165,250    $165,250        14          14
                   Gold Beach ALP                                                        Port of Gold Beach            $25,500      $25,500        8            8
                   SWORA MP                                                              Coos County                   $155,800    $155,800        16          16
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      direction. Please refer to the following performance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      meet FAA contracting guidelines as a fixed fee or not-to-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      exceed fee. Based on this we do not have fee increases on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      our projects unless the work scope changes at the sponsor’s
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Firm’s Financial Stability
In terms of our firm’s own financial stability, WHPacific is
owned by the NANA Development Corporation. NANA is
a diversified company with revenues exceeding $1.0 billion.
As a 100% native-owned subsidiary, we enjoy full strategic
and financial support. This support includes access to all of
NANA’s financial resources and lines of credit. Additional
financial details are available upon request.

Recent Awards
To further demonstrate the quality of past projects, the
following is a list of recent awards WHPacific’s Aviation
Team has received.
•	 2009 Airport Consultant of the Year by the Oregon
    Airport Managers Association for extraordinary design
    work at large airports (PDX/SWORA) and small (Bend/
    Grant County) airports
•	 2007 Asphalt Paving Association Smoothness Award,
    Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Runway 4-22
•	 2006 ACEC Oregon Engineering Excellence Honor
    Award, Aurora State Airport, Runway 17-35
•	 2006 Asphalt Paving Association Smoothness Award,
    Aurora State Airport, Runway 17-35
•	 2004 ACEC Washington Silver Award for Technical
    Excellence for the 2003 Taxiway, Lighting, and Signing
    Improvements Project at Renton Municipal Airport, WA
•	 2002 ACEC Oregon Engineering Excellence Honor
    Award in Transportation for Cascade Station at Portland
    International Airport, Portland, OR
•	 2001 Airport Consultant of the Year by the Oregon
    Airport Managers Association

January 20, 2010                                           10
                                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
III. QuaLIfICatIons and experIenCe                                                           projects will provide civil engineering, planning, electrical
of Key staff                                                                                 design, geotechnical, materials testing, environmental,
                                                                                             construction inspection, GIS, and surveying services.
WHPacific has administered airport engineering and
planning projects for more than 41 years, and our team                                       The following organizational chart gives an overview
has experience at more than 150 airports throughout the                                      of the project team including key personnel and their
Northwest. We are ready to provide and manage all the                                        interaction and relationship with one another. The design
services required for your improvement projects during the                                   team reports directly to Tony Feilzer, the project manager.
next five years. We recognize that meeting project objectives                                Rainse Anderson will serve as the Principal in Charge and
and schedules depends on the expertise, availability, and                                    be responsible for quality control. Tony will coordinate with
commitment of the key staff. The team of WHPacific aviation                                  the FAA, the City of Boise, and Matt Petaja at the Airport
professionals and subconsultants we have committed to our                                    directly in his role as project manager.

                                                                           Boise Airport
                                                                       Richard McConnell, AAE
                                                                                Matt Petaja, PE
                                                                              Deputy Director Facilities

                                           City                                                                                         FAA

                                 City Council                                                                                   Sandy Simmons
                             Airport Commission                                                                                      Civil Engineer
                                                                              Project Manager                                    Paul Holmquist
                                                                                                                                Environmental Specialist
                                                                                Tony Feilzer, PE                                    Bruce Fisher
                                                                                                                                    Aviaton Planner

                            Principal In Charge,
                                                                                                                              Operations Manager
                             QA/QC Manager

                            Rainse Anderson, PE                                                                                  Lisa Vernon, PE

                                                         Construction                            Environmental Studies/                         Planning Services
                                                         Management                                     Analysis
              Paul Ashton, PE                                                                     Phil Quarterman, PWS                                Sara Funk, AICP
                                                        Paul Ashton, PE
                 Project Engineer                                                                Senior Environmental Specialist                      Sr. Aviation Planner
                                                      Resident Engineer/Inspector
              Pete Murphy, PE                                                                              Casey Storey                                 Sarah Lucas
                                                         James Kirby, PE
                 Aviation Engineer                                                                   Environmental Specialist                       Aviation Planner
              James Kirby, PE                                                                              Sarah Lucas                        Joseph Birge (Ricondo)
                                                        Derek Mayo, EIT
                 Aviation Engineer                                                                         Aviation Planner                      Planner - Special Studies
        Laila Maqbool, PE, LEED®AP                                                            Bionomics Environmental*                          Jason Apt (Ricondo)
                                                    Kenny Warrington (CMTS)
            Landside Site Civil Engineer                                                             Cultural Resources,                         PLanner - Special Studies
              Derek Mayo, EIT                                                                       Air/Noise, GIS, Hazmat                       Jennifer Hutchison
                                                    Quality Materials Testing*
                 Project Designer                                                                Mary Vigilante (Synergy)                             Graphics/CAD Design
                                                       Quality Assurance Testing
            Jennifer Hutchison                                                                            Air/Noise
               Graphics/CAD Design                                                                                                            Pavement Condition
          Bill Foster, PE, LEED®AP                      Special Services                                                                           Survey
                                                                                                   Roadway Services
             Lead Electrical Engineer
                                                                                                                                                        Jo Lary (PCI)
                                                    Brian Way, RLA, LEED®AP                         Gordon Smith, PE                                   Pavement Specialist
                                                             GIS Analyst                                   Roadway Engineer                    Jay Sharma, PE (PCI)
                Architecture                        Mark Hadley, RLA, ASLA                                                                             Pavement Specialist
                                                                                                      Ken Colson, PE
                                                         Landscape Architect                               Roadway Engineer
        Larry Kalousek, AIA (CSHQA)                Lynda Friesz-Martin (LFPR)*
                     Architect                            Public Involvement
         Martin Hahle, AIA (CSHQA)                                                                    Geotechnical
        Jeff Schneider, AIA (CSHQA)                                                          John Andreae, PE (Terracon)
                     Architect                                                                   Geotechnical/Pavement Specialist
                                                        Travis Foster, PLS
                                                             Survey Lead
                                                                                               Ryan Olsen, PE (Terracon)
                                                                                                     Geotechnical Specialist                                WHPacific, Inc.
                                                   Andrew Kempe, P.Eng., LSIT
                                                           Project Surveyor                                                                                 Subconsultant
                                                                                                                                                  Idaho Certified DBE Firm *

January 20, 2010                                                                   11
                                             Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Availability of Resources                                           delivering on-call type projects that require a proactive
Tony Feilzer, PE, will serve as project manager from our            response and sensitivity to schedule and budget contexts.
local Boise office and will provide overall coordination and        In addition, we have individuals that have prior experience
management. With the assistance of Rainse Anderson as               at your airport. If project schedule(s) require it, additional
Principal in Charge, the City of Boise can be assured that          aviation staff are available to assist the effort. We have the
your projects will receive prompt and focused attention. Each       largest aviation group in the Northwest, with over 30
additional member of our team has been carefully selected           engineers and planners dedicated to airport projects. Below is
to ensure maximum capability and flexibility to complete            an availability chart highlighting our key staff availability
each component of the various proposed projects. They have          for this calendar year. As you can see, our team has ample
all worked together before in a similar capacity, successfully      availability to complete your upcoming projects.

        Key Staff Availability (% available)                    Jan-Mar 2010   Apr-Jun 2010    Jul-Sep 2010   Oct -Dec 2010
        Rainse Anderson, PE, Principal in Charge                     45             45              55             65
        Lisa Vernon, PE, Operations Manager                          35             35              50             50
        Tony Feilzer, PE, Project Manager                            50             60              60             70
        Paul Ashton, PE, Avation Engineer/Resident Inspector         40             40              50             50
        Pete Murphy, PE, Aviation Engineer                           50             50              60             70
        James Kirby, PE, Aviation Engineer/Inspector                 40             40              50             50
        Derek Mayo, EIT, Designer/Inspector                          45             45              45             50
        Sara Funk, AICP, Sr. Aviation Planner                        30             40              40             50
        Sarah Lucas, Project Planner/Permitting                      30             40              40             50
        Jennifer Hutchison, CAD Tech/Graphics                        45             45              45             50
        Mark Hadley, RLA, ASLA, Landscape Architect                  30             30              40             50
        Brian Way, RLA, LEED-AP, GIS Analyst                         30             30              40             50
        Ken Colson, PE, Roadway Engineer                             30             40              35             50
        Gordon Smith, PE, Roadway Engineer                           80             80              80             80
        Laila Maqbool, PE, LEED-AP, Landside Engineer                80             75             90              90
        Travis Foster, PLS, Survey Lead                              50             40             40              30
       Andrew Kempe, PEng, PLS, Surveyor                             50             50              45             45
       Bill Foster, PE, LC, LEED-AP, Electrical Engineer             35             35              45             45
       Phil Quarterman, PWS, Environmental Specialist                35             35              45             55
       Casey Storey, Environmental Specialist                        35             35              45             55
       Laura Jackson, Environmental Specialist (CORVID)              30             30             40              40
       Nicole Jackson, Environmental Specialist (BIONOMICS)          30             30             40              40
       Dave Aizpitarte, Hazmat Specialist (BIONOMICS)                30             30              35             45
       Kris Horton, GIS Specialist (BIONOMICS)                       30             30              35             45
       Jillian Roberts, Historical/Cultural (BIONOMICS)              30             30              35             45
       Joseph Birge, Aviation Planner (RICONDO)                      35             35             50              50
       Jason Apt, Aviation Planner (RICONDO)                         35             35             50              50
       John Andreae, PE, Geotech/Pavement Design (TERRACON)          30             30              35             45
       Ryan Olsen, PE, Geotech (TERRACON)                            30             30              35             45
       Larry Kalousek, AIA, Architect (CSHQA)                        40             40             40              50
       Martin Hahle, AIA, Architect (CSHQA)                          30             30             40              55
       Jeff Schneider, AIA, Architect (CSHQA)                        30             30             40              50
       Jo Lary, Pavement Condition Surveys (PCI)                     30             30             50              50
       Jay Sharman, PE, Pavement Condition Surveys (PCI)             35             35             50              50
       Mary Vigilante, Air/Noise Specialist (SYNERGY)                35             35             50              50
       Lynda Friesz-Martin, Public Involvement (LFPR)                30             30              35             45
       Kenny Warrington, Inspector (CMTS)                            70             70              70             70

January 20, 2010                                               12
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Examples of Firm’s Responsiveness                                 reconstruction and maintenance, lighting systems, utility
One example of WHPacific’s ability to provide responsive          coordination, roads and construction management. He has
service, was for the Boise Airport Runway 10L-28R                 managed over 40 airport planning projects in Idaho, Oregon
Rehabilitation project. WHPacific coordinated the                 and Washington in the last five years and has established
investigation into a unique asphalt stripping problem on the      solid working relationships within the Idaho, airport
main runway at the Boise Airport which appeared only seven        personnel throughout the Northwest, and FAA staff. One of
years after a previous re-construction was completed. It was      Rainse’s strengths is his effective and open communication.
quickly determined that the runway required immediate             He has led many public involvement programs, bringing
attention. WHPacific developed preliminary designs and            communities to consensus on airport improvement projects
cost estimates in a short timeframe to allow planning and         throughout the Northwest.
extensive coordination of the project. This was followed by a     •	 Boise Airport Master Plan Update, Boise, ID.
full design for bidding and construction starting in April with       PM, QA/QC Lead for the preparation of an extensive
design and completing Phase I construction by the end of              Airport Layout Plan set, alternatives preparation, and
the same year. The project required phasing over a two-year           coordination with the FAA regarding ALP elements.
period and a temporarily displaced threshold to maintain          •	 Boise Airport, Runway 10L-28R Rehabilitation,
the demanding commercial, cargo, military, fire fighting and          Boise, ID. Principal-In-Charge for the investigation into
GA air traffic at the Airport. WHPacific provided resident
inspection staff, material testing and complete construction          a unique asphalt stripping problem on the main runway
administration to bring the project in under budget.                  at the Boise Airport which appeared only seven years
                                                                      after initial construction. Considerable coordination with
Another example was for Portland International                        the FAA was required to obtain funding for the project in a
Airport, North Apron Improvements. WHPacific                          short time frame required for immediate construction.
provided design and construction support services for the         •	 Caldwell Industrial Airport Development Plan,
rehabilitation of a corporate ramp used by the airport’s              Caldwell, ID. Principal-In-Charge and QA/QC Lead.
general aviation fixed base operator, Flight Craft Inc. The           WHPacific worked with the City of Caldwell regarding
flightline ramp is 1,800’ x 500’. Work elements included              future development in the vicinity of the Caldwell
pavement design alternatives to rehabilitate the existing             Industrial Airport. Our purpose was to determine the
asphaltic concrete, storm drainage improvements, security             future role of the Airport, the viability of development of
fencing, new and relocated taxiway lights and signs, building
demolition, including contaminated soil removal and design            property on and around the Caldwell Industrial Airport,
of deicing piping facilities. The pavement design includes            the best site for a new terminal facility, the best alternative
both Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and asphaltic                     for runway improvements/extension(s), the best location
concrete to accommodate Boeing 757 aircraft, Airport                  for a future control tower, the appropriate management
Reference Code C-IV. WHPacific was given a notice-to-                 structure for the Airport, and how the City could best
proceed in mid-January and met the Port’s aggressive                  implement these plans.
schedule by submitting 100% plans and specifications in           •	 Council Municipal Airport Runway
three months. We were able to produce the 46-sheet plan set           Reconstruction, Council, ID. Principal-In-Charge.
by using our aviation personnel from three of our offices. In         Reconstruction of Runway 15-33, connector taxiway
addition, two weeks prior to submission of final plans the            and apron, installation of Medium Intensity Runway
Port requested that the entire ramp be designed in PCC. We            Lighting, and new regulator, electrical equipment
were able to complete the design, plans, and specifications to
meet this request.                                                    building, and rotating beacon.
                                                                  •	 Portland International Airport Taxiway B
Resumes of Key Staff                                                  Rehabilitation, Portland, OR. PM for developing
                                                                      alternatives for rehabilitating and relocating portions
Rainse Anderson, PE                                                   of Taxiway B. Rainse led the team in developing final
                                                                      recommendations on the pavement sections to be
Role: Principal-In-Charge, Quality Assurance/Quality Control
                                                                      constructed, developed construction phasing scenarios,
                                                                      and prepared a preliminary Estimation of Construction
Extent of Participation: Responsible for QA/QC of all documents
                                                                      Costs. This Preliminary Design Report also noted
prior to submission to City and FAA. Public Involvement Lead.
                                                                      specific areas of design that would have to be more closely
Reference: Gary LeTellier, former Coos County Airport Director        investigated during final design process. Rainse also led
(706) 798-3236, multiple projects for the Southwest Oregon            the final design and construction administration services,
Regional Airport                                                      which were later added to the scope.
Rainse has worked on over 150 airport projects involving
engineering, environmental, and planning during the past          •	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Runway
30 years. Rainse has been a key figure on numerous airport            4-22 Rehab, North Bend, OR PM for the design
improvement projects that have included EAs and CIP                   and construction management for the rehabilitation
development, runway and taxiway pavement rehabilitation,              and extension of Runway 4-22. The project overlaid the

January 20, 2010                                             13
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
   existing 5,321’ runway with 6-1/2” of asphalt and extend         airport habitat and open water will reduce the probability
   the runway to 6,000’. The project includes installation of       of conflicts between aircraft and wildlife.
   additional MIRL lighting, REILs and underdrain system.        •	 Aurora State Airport, EA for Taxiway Relocation,
   Project financing includes both State FAM grant and              Marion County, OR. PM. WHPacific was selected by
   Federal (FAA) AIP grant funds. A combination of night            the ODA to review the environmental impacts of moving
   work and restricted day time closures will keep this ILS         a full length parallel taxiway to meet FAA separation
   runway open to ensure uninterrupted commercial service           requirements. WHPacific prepared a CatEx document.
   operations. Award: 2007 Asphalt Paving Association               Documentation was required because the project site was
   Smoothness.                                                      in the general vicinity of endangered salmonid habitat
•	 Hillsboro Airport High-Speed Exit Taxiways,                      and there are wetlands that would be impacted by the
   Hillsboro, OR. Principal in Charge for the design of             proposal. Included preparation of a wetland delineation
   two high-speed exit taxiways at Hillsboro Airport to             report and a Letter of No Effect on endangered species.
   accommodate C-III aircraft, enhancing capacity and
   safety at the airport. Project elements includes lighting,    Lisa Vernon, PE
   signage, drainage, storm drain improvements, pavement         Role: Operations Manager/Quality Assurance/Quality Control
   markings, construction phasing. The entire project will       Extent of Participation: Responsible for QA/QC of deliverables and
   be constructed at night, because Hillsboro Airport is the     also has authority to allocate staff from the Boise office and across
   second-busiest airport in the state. The project requires     the firm to meet project needs.
   extensive coordination with FAA control tower and             Reference: Sally Goodell, ACHD, Deputy Director, Planning and
   high-profile tenants (NIKE, INTEL, Hewlett-Packard).          Projects, Ada County Highway District, 387-6129,
   As part of the project, we are assisting the Port with a      East ParkCenter Bridge
   documented CatEx and coordination of local permitting         Lisa is WHPacific’s Boise office operations manager. She has
   for expected impacts to wetlands.                             21 years’ experience managing staff and projects, providing
•	 Aurora State Airport Runway Rehabilitation,                   QA/QC and designing roads, bridges, and buildings for
   Marion County, OR. Design and resident engineer.              federal, state, county, and city projects in ID, OR and WA.
   Runway rehabilitation utilized various innovative             Lisa brings a wealth of experience on design and inspection
   methods, including heater-scarification, asphaltic            for dozens of roads and bridges for local agencies, ITD
   rejuvenation, fabric membrane and an asphaltic concrete       and ACHD. She is currently serving as Project Manager/
   overlay. This method proved cost effective in terms of        Principal for two USFS bridges as well as an ITD Statewide
   initial construction and life cycle costing.                  Bridge Load Rating IDIQ.
•	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark, Runway                          •	 ACHD, East ParkCenter Bridge, Boise, ID. Managed
   Extension, Port of St. Helens, OR PM for design                   this multidisciplinary team for the East ParkCenter
   and construction services and successfully coordinated            Bridge project, which will provided a north-south
   construction phasing to minimize disruption to airport            connection over the Boise River for access on the east end
   users and to reopen the runway on schedule. Project               of the valley. The project included extensive coordination
   included construction of a 1,100-foot runway extension,           with the City of Boise and local developers, surveying,
   maintenance overlay of runway 17-35, parallel taxiway             geotechnical investigation, environmental documentation,
   extensions, and a new Medium Intensity runway lighting            public involvement, and roadway and bridge design.
   system and signs. New PAPIs were also installed along             The project involved the design of 3-4 bridge structures,
   with a new electrical building and miscellaneous drainage         extensive retaining walls, two intersections, and close to
   improvements.                                                     one mile of urban roadway.
•	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Parallel                   •	 ACHD, Ustick Road, Boise, ID. Managed this urban
   Taxiway C Environmental Assessment, North
                                                                     road reconstruction for ACHD. Managed the team for
   Bend, OR. PM for the environmental assessment for
                                                                     this project from concept through final design. The
   the relocation of parallel Taxiway C, adjacent to the             project included surveying, geotechnical investigation,
   proposed new terminal building. Wetland mitigation and            environmental documentation, public involvement, and
   the Endangered Species Act were critical components to            design for four miles of roadway.
   the success of this project because of the impacts of fill/
   removal on the Coos Bay Estuary and fish habitat.             •	 ITD, Rainbow Bridge, Boise, ID. Managed this bridge
                                                                     rehabilitation project for ITD. Managed the project
•	 Klamath Falls Airport, Environmental Assessment,
                                                                     team from concept through final design following ITD’s
   Klamath Falls, OR. PM for the environmental
                                                                     project development process. Project tasks included
   assessment needed in order to reduce the Wildlife hazard
                                                                     field condition surveying, bridge element laboratory
   problem at the Klamath Falls Airport. Wetland mitigation
                                                                     testing, historical resource documentation, environmental
   and the Endangered Species Act were critical components
                                                                     documentation, public involvement, roadway design,
   to the success of this project because reducing the on-

January 20, 2010                                           14
                                        Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
    and bridge design to rehabilitate this historical bridge in            significant involvement with projects involving runway,
    central Idaho. The project took two seasons to complete                taxiway, and apron development.
    construction and was completed in 2009.                                •	 Runway 15/33 Reconstruction, Sioux Falls
•	 State FY10 Statewide BR Load Rating, ITD,                                  Regional Airport, Sioux Falls, SD. This project
   Statewide, ID. Principal in Charge, completing load                        included the design and construction of a 4,000 foot
   ratings for 35 bridges throughout Idaho. The 35 bridges                    by 150 foot crosswind runway. The design called for
   are rated under both AASHTO’s LRFR and LFR                                 the replacement of approximately 39-inches of asphalt,
   specification methods for comparison and range from                        base and subbase with an equivalent Portland Cement
   simple span structures to multiple span structures and                     Concrete section. As design task manager, Tony
   include precast concrete T beams, double T beams, voided                   supervised design staff and assembled the project
   slabs, and steel girder superstructures.                                   handbook (specifications). As project manager during
•	 CIP/ITD – I-84, Garrity Interchange Widening.                              construction, Tony supervised construction observation
   PM throughout the initial phases including scoping,                        staff, conducted the weekly construction project meetings
   negotiating, project set up, surveying, and geotechnical                   with contractor and owner, and managed project budget.
   exploration. While managing this project she gained                     •	 Taxiway A Reconstruction, Pierre Regional
   valuable experience using Constructware with CIP.                          Airport, Pierre, SD. This project included the
•	 ITD/District 5 – Clark Street Overpass. Lisa                               reconstruction of a full length parallel taxiway,
   managed this interchange project for ITD which was a                       approximate 6,400 foot by 50 feet. The design called for
   joint project with the City of Pocatello to widen Center                   the removal and replacement of 21 ½” of asphalt surface,
   Street running underneath the interchange bridges.                         granular base, and sub-base courses with an equivalent
   She managed the project team from concept through                          asphalt surface and granular base course. Tony was
   PS&E design following ITD’s development process.                           called to participate on this project due to his experience
   Tasks included surveying, geotechnical investigation,                      with P-401 pavements.
   environmental documentation, public involvement,                        •	 Safford Regional Airport Master Plan, Safford, AZ.
   roadway design, utility coordination, and bridge design.                   Tony became project manager after the project was well
   The bridge design was provided by ITD Bridge, therefore                    underway. Tony responsibilities included coordinating a
   Lisa coordinated with ITD Bridge to ensure the project                     planning sub-consultant for the production of the report
   met expectations for successful delivery.                                  and supervising drafting staff in the production of the
•	 ITD/District 1 – US95, Setters to Bellgrove. Asst.                         Airport Layout Drawings.
   PM and Bridge Design Lead responsible for managing                      •	 Nogales International Airport Environmental
   the design team and directing the bridge design efforts.                   Assessment, Nogales, AZ. Tony was the primary
   In addition to widening US-95 from a 2-lane to a 4-lane,                   author of an Environmental Assessment for Land
   divided highway, this project included 3 bridges and                       Acquisition at Nogales International Airport.
   5 box culverts. She was lead design engineer for Lake                   •	 Taxiway E Construction, Safford Regional
   Creek Bridge, an 800-foot, 3-span, curved steel girder                     Airport, Safford, AZ. Tony was project manager during
   bridge. Project tasks included surveying, geotechnical                     construction of a 1,700 foot by 35 foot parallel taxiway,
   investigation, environmental documentation, public                         with new MITL installation. As project manager during
   involvement, roadway design and bridge design.                             construction, Tony supervised construction observation
                                                                              staff, conducted the weekly construction project meetings
Tony Feilzer, PE                                                              with contractor and owner, and managed project budget.
Role: Project Manager
                                                                           •	 Runway 17-35 Widening and Overlay, Bisbee
                                                                              Municipal Airport, Bisbee, AZ. Tony was project
Extent of Participation: Responsible for client coordination,
                                                                              engineer during construction of 5,930 foot by 60 foot
overseeing the day-to-day team activities, preparation of client
                                                                              runway overlay. This project also widened the existing
status reports, set technical direction, review draft and final reports,
                                                                              runway to 75 feet, requiring the installation of a new
monitor the work schedule and budget.
                                                                              MIRLS system. Tony provided construction engineering
Reference: Robert Porter, consultant for Safford Regional Airport,
                                                                              support and observed the paving operation.
(928) 428-9141, Master Plan/Taxiway E Construction
Tony brings over 17 years of airport and general civil                     •	 Airport Perimeter Fence Construction, Eloy
experience to the WHPacific Aviation Team. He is                              Municipal Airport, Eloy, AZ. Tony was project
experienced in airport and environmental planning, design                     manager during construction of two miles of six foot
development, asphalt and concrete pavement design,                            chainlink fence. As project manager during construction,
construction drawings, construction administration, site                      Tony supervised construction observation staff,
observations, field reports, submittal reviews, and RFI                       conducted the weekly construction project meetings with
responses, and preparation of cost estimates. Tony has                        contractor and owner, and managed project budget.

January 20, 2010                                                    15
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Paul Ashton, PE                                                      •	 Grant County Reg. Airport, GA Building & USFS
Role: Project Engineer & Resident Engineer for Construction             Fire Airbase Joint Use Facility, John Day, OR.
Extent of Participation: Responsible for design of alignments,          Project Engineer for this $3.5M project currently under
pavement sections, grading and drainage, and plans and                  construction. Paul led the design of the facility site work,
specifications necessary to meet FAA requirements. Paul will also       which included the reconstruction of an aircraft parking
serve as Resident Engineer during all construction projects.            apron, and he is currently assisting with construction
Reference: Colin English, Airport Manager, Grant County (541) 575-      oversight on the project.
1151, GA Building, Taxiway Extensions and Lighting Improvements      •	 Caldwell 11th Ave. Bridge over Indian Creek,
Paul has over 15 years of experience as an engineer for                 Canyon County, ID. Project Engineer for this project.
numerous roadway and aviation projects in Idaho, Utah                   This project involved the total replacement of the existing
and Oregon. His transportation design experience includes               structure over Indian Creek at the intersection of 11th
design studies; roadway geometrics, including horizontal                Ave and Arthur St with a new structure. Responsible
and vertical alignments; grading and drainage; traffic                  for redesigning the roadway features impacted by the
control; construction phasing; traffic signals; and right-of-           construction of the new bridge.
way. Paul has performed transportation analyses through              •	 Caldwell 21st Ave. Bridge over Indian Creek,
environmental impact studies, noise abatement and accident              Canyon County, ID. Project Engineer for this project. This
data review.                                                            project also involved the total replacement of the existing
•	 Boise Airport, Runway 10L-28R Rehabilitation,                        two-lane structure over Indian Creek along 21st Ave. with
   Boise, ID. Project Engineer/Construction Manager/
                                                                        a new five-lane structure. Assisted in redesigning the
   Inspector for this $20M, multi-year runway rehabilitation            roadway features impacted by construction of the bridge.
   project. Responsibilities included construction phasing
   plans, edge drain design, cost estimates, plans and               Gordon Smith, PE
   specifications, and construction inspection.
•	 Boise Airport, Rickenbacker Street Rehabilitation,                Role: Roadway Engineer
   Boise, ID. Project Engineer/Inspector for the design of           Extent of Participation: Civil Engineer for any roadways,
   this rehabilitation project which involved reconstructing         streets, perimeter roads and landside projects as part of Airport
   the heavily deteriorated pavement section and improving           improvements.
   the poor drainage conditions of Rickenbacker Street. Paul         Gordon has more than 37 years of experience as a
                                                                     Professional Engineer. Throughout his career, he has been a
   was involved in all aspects of the roadway design and             design engineer, project engineer, and then project manager
   construction inspection for this project.                         on many transportation projects including airports, bridges,
•	 Boise Airport, GA Wash Pad, Boise, ID. Project                    rural and urban roadways, as well as drainage studies for
   Engineer/Construction Manager for the construction of a           airport and roadway projects. Over the last 20 years, Gordon
   general aviation aircraft wash pad at the Boise Airport. The      has been the project manager on a wide variety of urban and
   project involved a special valve system to divert wash water      rural roadway projects for ITD and ACHD. Most recently
   away from the storm drain system into a holding tank.             he led the successful design of CIP/ITD’s I-84 Orchard
•	 Boise Airport, Perimeter Fence and Gates,                         Interchange and I-84 Franklin Road Interchange. Relevant
   Boise, ID. Project Engineer/Inspector for this project
                                                                     projects he has managed in the past three years include:
   which included over 4700 linear feet of security                  •	 ITD District 3 – US 20, Broadway Ave., Rossi to
   fencing. Responsibilities included preparing plans and                Ridenbaugh, Boise, ID
   specifications, and providing construction inspection.            •	 ITD District 1 – I-90/US-95 Underpass
•	 Grant County Reg. Airport, Lighting                               •	 ACHD/ITD – Franklin Rd, Five Mile to Touchmark,
   Improvements, John Day, OR. Project Engineer/                         Boise, ID
   Construction Manager for this ARRA funded project.                •	 ACHD – 36th St. Extension, Boise, ID
   The project involved the design and construction                  •	 ACHD – 36th St./Hill Rd. Roundabout, Boise, ID
   of an upgraded runway lighting system from a low                  •	 ACHD – Overland Rd., Five Mile to Eagle Rd., Boise, ID
   intensity (LIRL) to a medium intensity (MIRL) system.
   Paul assisted on the project from design through the              •	 ACHD – Maple Grove Road Extension, Boise ID
   construction.                                                     •	 ACHD – Hill Road Realignment, Boise, ID
•	 Grant County Reg. Airport, Taxiway Extensions,                    •	 ITD District 3 - Eagle Road Infrastructure Phases 1, 2, &
   John Day, OR. Project Engineer/Construction Manager                   3, Ada County, ID
   for this project. The project involved the extension of           •	 ITD District 3 – 21st Ave., Caldwell
   two parallel taxiway ends to match the primary runway
   ends. Paul oversaw the construction for this $350,000
   construction project.

January 20, 2010                                              16
                                       Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Ken Colson, PE                                                           as a commercial pilot. Her familiarity with the Federal and
Role: Roadway Engineer                                                   state involvement of airport planning has allowed her to be
                                                                         involved in a variety of planning efforts. Sarah has managed
Extent of Participation: Civil Engineer for any roadways,
                                                                         statewide system planning, airport layout plans and
streets, perimeter roads and landside projects as part of Airport        economic impact studies. Sarah’s been involved in master
improvements.                                                            planning and environmental review/assessment for:
Ken has 17 years of experience in preparing roadway and                  •	 Boise Airport, Master Plan Update, Boise, ID.
bridge plans including specifications, cost estimates, storm
drain systems, detention and retention ponds, infiltration                   Aviation Planner
systems, irrigation systems, application of storm water best             •	 McCall Airport, Environmental Assessment, Parallel
management practices, signing and striping plans, traffic                    Taxiway Relocation, McCall, ID. Aviation Planner
control plans, utility plans, 404 permitting, right-of-way               •	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark, DBE plan and 2009 DBE
plans, legal descriptions and condemnation exhibits. Ken has                 goal preparation, St. Helens, OR. Aviation Planner
worked on many Federal Aid full oversight FHWA projects
and is thoroughly familiar with the processes and regulations            •	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark, Obstruction Removal/
involved including NEPA, Section 4(f) regulations and                        Noise Mitigation/Property Negotiations, St. Helens, OR.
Section 106 Historic Preservation.                                           Aviation Planner
•	 I-84 Franklin Road Interchange, Caldwell, ITD,                        •	 Environmental Assessments, Klamath Falls Airport and
   Canyon County, ID                                                         Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, OR.
•	 Franklin Road, Touchmark to Five Mile, ACHD,                              Aviation Planner
   Ada County, ID                                                        •	 Mulino Airport Master Plan Update, Port of Portland,
•	 Eagle Road Infrastructure Phase 1, 2 and 3, ITD,                          OR. Aviation Planner
   Ada County, ID                                                        •	 Grant County Regional Airport Runway Extensions,
•	 ITD/CIP – I-84, Orchard Interchange, ID                                   Grant County, OR. Aviation Planner
•	 I-84 Eagle IC Ramp, Idaho Transportation Department,                  •	 Hillsboro High Speed Exit Placement, Port of Portland,
   Ada County, ID                                                            OR. Aviation Planner
                                                                         •	 Interior Alaska Regional Transportation Plan, AK.
Sara Funk, RA, AICP                                                          Aviation Planner
Role: Senior Aviation Planner                                            •	 Jordan Valley Airport Development, OR.
Extent of Participation: Coordinating all planning activities,               Aviation Planner
responsible for reviewing/updating forecasts.                            •	 Grants Pass Airport Master Plan Update.
Sara is a Senior Airport Planner with over 30 years of                       Aviation Planner
experience in planning and architecture. Her experience                  •	 Illinois Valley Airport, ALP Update. Aviation Planner
includes demand forecasting, capacity analysis,                          •	 Grove Field Airport, Environmental Assessment.
environmental analysis, capital improvement programming,                     Aviation Planner
public involvement, and the preparation of ALPs.
•	 Caldwell Industrial Airport Development Plan, Caldwell, ID            •	 Aurora State Airport Master Plan Update, Oregon
                                                                             Department of Aviation, OR. Aviation Planner
•	 Mulino Airport Master Plan Update/ALP, Mulino, OR
                                                                         •	 DBE Goal preparation, Oregon Department of Aviation,
•	 Clovis Municipal Airport Action Plan, Clovis, NM                          OR. Aviation Planner
•	 WSDOT Multiple Airport Layout Plans, WA                               •	 State of Oregon System Planning, Aerial Photography,
•	 Pierce County Airport Landside Planning Study,                            Oregon Department of Aviation. Aviation Planner
    Puyallup, WA
•	 Dona Ana County Airport Master Plan, Santa Teresa, NM                 James Kirby, PE
•	 WSDOT Long-Term Air Transportation Study, WA                          Role: Aviation Engineer and Inspector
•	 Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport Master Plan, NM               Extent of Participation: Responsible for development of
•	 Westport Municipal Airport, Westport, WA                              preliminary plans, quantity and cost estimates, specifications &
                                                                         construction assistance.
Sarah Lucas                                                              James has over eight years of experience in design of runway,
                                                                         taxiway and apron facilities. James’ design experience
Role: Aviation Planner/Permitting Specialist                             includes geometric layout of airport facilities and lighting
Extent of Participation: Responsible for inventory collection,           systems, design of NAVAIDs, and various pavement
alternatives analysis, noise contour development, land use               rehabilitation projects. James’ recent project engineering
coordination, and public involvement.                                    experience at Oregon airports includes: 2006, 2008 and 2009
Sarah has five years of experience in aviation planning                  PMP projects, 2007 City of Tualatin PMP, Southwest Oregon
and has been in the aviation industry for over eight years               Regional Airport (SWORA) Terminal Apron, SWORA
January 20, 2010                                                    17
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Taxiway C, SWORA Fuel Farm, Aurora State Taxiway                      •	 PARSONS FAA No. 405 Obstruction Surveys, Moscow-
Relocation, Brookings West Side Taxiway, Gold Beach                      Pullman & Hailey Airports, WA & ID
AWOS, and the Newport Airport Restriping project. His field           •	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark, Security Fencing Phase 2,
experience includes work on many different airports all over             St. Helens, OR
Oregon including work on the ODA Pavement Maintenance
Program since 2001. James has performed inspection work               •	 Aurora State Airport, Rehabilitation of Runway 17-35,
on 55 airports covering all three Pavement Maintenance                   Aurora, OR
Program regions. James’ recent experience includes:                   •	 Aurora State Airport, Relocation of the Parallel Taxiway,
•	 ODA, Pavement Maintenance Program 2001-2009                           Aurora, OR
•	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Terminal Apron,                 •	 Portland International Airport, Preliminary Engineer’s
   North Bend, OR                                                        Design Report for Taxiway B Rehabilitation, Portland, OR
•	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Taxiway C,                       •	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Runway 4-22,
   North Bend, OR                                                        North Bend, OR
•	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Fuel Farm,                       •	 Gold Beach Municipal Airport, Runway Rehab,
   North Bend, OR                                                        Gold Beach, OR
•	 Aurora State Taxiway Relocation, Marion County, OR                 •	 King City Internat’l Airport, Runway Safety Area,
•	 Brookings West Side Taxiway, Brookings, OR                            King City, WA
•	 Gold Beach AWOS, Gold Beach, OR                                    •	 Airport Surveying/GPS Study,
•	 Newport Airport Restriping, Newport, OR                               Oregon Department of Aviation
•	 Hillsboro Airport Capital Improvement Plan,
                                                                      Laila Maqbool, PE, LEED ®AP
   Hillsboro, OR
•	 Mulino Airport Capital Improvement Plan, Mulino, OR                Role: Project Engineer (Landside/Site Civil)
                                                                      Extent of Participation: Responsible for all landside civil
•	 Gold Beach Municipal Airport, Runway Rehabilitation                engineering tasks.
   and Wildlife Security Fencing, Gold Beach, OR                      Laila has six years of civil engineering experience providing
•	 Salem Airport – South Hangar Preliminary and Final                 design services for residential, commercial and educational
   Design, Salem, OR                                                  facilities in the Boise area. Laila specializes in stormwater/
•	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark Master Plan, Security                 drainage design, utility layout/design and grading as well
   Fencing Phase 2, St. Helens, OR                                    as construction documentation, construction observation,
                                                                      applications and water rights permitting. Laila has been
•	 Bend Runway 16-34 Relocation Project, Bend Municipal               a City of Boise Public Works Commissioner for seven
   Airport, Bend, OR                                                  years and has been a member of the Boise Watershed
•	 Taxiway B Project, Bend Municipal Airport, Bend, OR                Art Selection Panel as well as a member of the Boise
•	 Scappoose Airport Master Plan Update, St. Helens, OR               Integrated Water Resource Strategy Development
•	 Pearson Field Airport Improvement Project, Vancouver, WA           team. Laila has performed construction observation as well
                                                                      as filed accompanying reports to the agencies on each of her
•	 Siletz Bay State Airport Improvement Project, Siletz, OR           projects since starting at WHPacific. Laila will bring her
•	 Condon State Airport Improvement Project, Condon, OR               understanding of City codes and standards to any landside
•	 Wasco State Airport Improvement Project, Wasco, OR                 project involved at the Airport.
                                                                      •	 City of Boise Warm Springs Golf Course Maintenance
Pete Murphy, PE                                                           Facility, Preliminary Design, Boise, ID
Role: Aviation Engineer                                               •	 The Anthem Subdivision, Boise, ID
Extent of Participation: Responsible for development of design        •	 Sky Ranch Business and Community Park, Master Plan
plans, quantity and cost estimates.                                       & Phases 1-4, Caldwell, ID
Pete has over 15 years of experience including runway                 •	 Rocky Mountain High School, Meridian, ID
extensions, rehabilitations, and reconstructions; taxiway             •	 Midway Sewer Project, Caldwell, ID
rehabilitations; pavement evaluations, design, and life cycle
costing; airport lighting and signing layout; and fencing.            •	 Hadley Subdivision, Star, ID
For airport planning projects, Pete has been a key figure             •	 South Park Subdivision No. 9 & 10, Caldwell, ID
in developing FAA obstruction charts for airports to use to           •	 Delaware Park Subdivision No. 8, Caldwell, ID
upgrade their approaches to instrument or GPS landing                 •	 Weston Point Subdivision No. 4, Caldwell, ID
systems. Other experience includes developing facilities
layout planning options, equipment purchase options, and              •	 Clear Springs Subdivision No. 3, Caldwell, ID
NAVAID layouts. Pete’s experience includes:                           •	 Orion Park Subdivision No. 1&2, Star, ID
                                                                      •	 Crimson Point Subdivision Phases 5 & 6, Kuna, ID

January 20, 2010                                                 18
                                      Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
•	   D&A Warehouse, Caldwell, ID                                      Area Extension, North Bend, OR. Wetland Scientist
•	   Payette River Orchards, Emmet, ID                                (Mitigation, Permitting)
•	   Kassandrita’s Daycare, Nampa, ID                              •	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Terminal Facility
•	   Senora Creek Subdivision 2B, Kuna, ID                            and Taxiway Relocation, North Bend, OR.
                                                                      Wetland Scientist (Delineation, Mitigation, Permitting)
•	   Yesterday Subdivision, Kuna, ID
                                                                   •	 Salem Airport Industrial Park, Marion County, OR.
•	   Havencrest Subdivision No. 2, Star, ID
                                                                      Wetland Scientist (Delineation, Rare Plant Survey,
Derek Mayo, EIT
Role: Aviation Designer/Construction Inspector                     Casey Storey
Extent of Participation: Responsible for design, quantity
calculations, estimating and project specifications.               Role: Biological Assessment
Derek has over two years of aviation experience at WHPacific.      Extent of Participation: Participate in the delineation process,
He has worked in the Airport Group with design, drafting, and      documentation and permit application, as well as development of
field work. Derek’s experience includes engineer’s estimates,      mitigation actions as required for rare/ threatened/ endangered
taxiway design, specifications, and construction drawings.         flora and fauna.
Derek is an ODOT-certified construction inspector #44419.          Casey is a wetlands and fisheries biologist with nine years
Derek’s field experience includes construction inspection on       of experience. He is knowledgeable in fisheries, water
Aurora State Airport Taxiway Relocation project and on small       quality, stormwater monitoring, wetland delineations,
airports’ pavement inspections throughout central Oregon           stream buffer delineations, and mitigation surveys. Project
under the Pavement Maintenance Program. In addition,               experience includes conducting fish, habitat and aquatic
Derek’s experience includes improvement projects at Hillsboro,     macroinvertebrate surveys, TMDL, ambient long-term, and
ODA PMP and Southwest Oregon Regional Airports. His                MS4 water quality sampling and monitoring, and wetland
most recent experience includes Bend Municipal Airport             permitting and compensatory mitigation planning. Casey
Taxiway B Design (Designed in 2009) and the construction           is adept at technical writing, public presentations and data
inspection of SWORA Taxiway C.                                     analysis. He has prepared wetland delineation reports,
                                                                   wetland permit applications, water quality compliance
Phil Quarterman, PWS                                               reports, annual monitoring reports, endangered species
Role: Senior Environmental Specialist, Environmental/              assessments, and biological survey reports. In addition, he
                                                                   is experienced operating YSI, Hydrolab and ISCO water
Wetland Scientist                                                  quality samplers and Smith Root backpack and boat
Extent of Participation: Coordinate environmental efforts &        electrofishers.
documentation.                                                     •	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark, Access Road, St. Helens,
Phil has 31 years of experience in natural resource planning
with special emphasis on wetland mitigation site design and            OR. Site Review and Endangered and Threatened Species
permitting. Phil has performed over 100 delineations in the            Documentation
Northwest including preparation of reports and submittal           •	 Scappoose Industrial Airpark, Obstruction Removal, St.
for concurrence on a variety of sites up to 6,000 acres. He            Helens, OR. Site Review and Endangered and Threatened
has prepared joint federal/state wetland permit applications,          Species Documentation
obtained permits for 55 projects. For wetland mitigation,          •	 Klamath Falls Airport, Biological Survey and Species
Phil has researched, designed, contracted documents for 42             Documentation
mitigation plans (32 fully implemented) and monitored 21
sites. He has prepared Federal/State permitting and wetland        •	 Ocean Shores Airport, Biological Survey and Species
mitigation site construction for a number of Northwest                 Documentation
airports. He also co-authored AASHTO’s A Guide to Wetland          •	 Siletz Bay State Airport, Biological Survey and Species
Mitigation Issues for Transportation Designers.                        Documentation
•	 McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, ID: Wetland Scientist
    (Delineation)                                                  Brian Way, RLA, LEED®AP
•	 US-30, Alexander – Soda Springs, Soda Springs, ID.              Role: GIS Analyst
    Wetland Scientist (Delineation/Mitigation)                     Extent of Participation: Geographical Information System (GIS)
•	 Siletz Bay State Airport Runway Safety Area Extension,          analysis and documentation for planning, public involvement and
    Siletz, OR. Wetland Scientist (Delineation, Mitigation,        exhibiting purposes.
    Permitting)                                                    Brian is a LEED accredited professional and brings over
•	 Klamath Falls Airport, EA, Klamath Falls, OR. Wetland           12 years of landscape design experience to the WHPacific
    Scientist (EA, Delineation, Mitigation, Permitting)            Landscape Division. He is experienced in all phases of
                                                                   design from master planning through construction services
•	 Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, Runway Safety                including; planting and irrigation design, construction

January 20, 2010                                              19
                                       Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
drawings, construction administration, site observations,              •	 Albert Whitted Airport Air Traffic Control Tower, St.
field reports, submittal reviews, and preparation of cost                 Petersburg, FL
estimates. Brian has significant involvement with many                 •	 Joplin Regional Airport Control Tower and Base
project types, including: roadway beautification/airport                  Building, Joplin, MO
and military bases, public facilities, commercial sites, parks,
play areas, sports fields and public schools. Brian is also            •	 Georgetown Municipal Airport Air Traffic Control Tower,
experienced in GIS analysis for property searches, compiling              Georgetown, TX and Lone star Executive Airport Air
base maps, gathering LiDAR data, producing graphic                        Traffic Control Tower, Conroe, TX
exhibits, printing out utility information /databases. Brian           •	 Ryan Airfield Air Traffic Control Tower Equipment
has also provided site analysis work using the slope and view             Upgrades, Tucson, AZ
shed analysis tools in GIS.                                            •	 Ft. Huachuca Taxiway Edge Lighting, Ft. Huachuca, AZ
•	 PARSONS TSSC III - WAAS, LPV Aeronautical Surveys
                                                                       •	 Ryan Airfield Air Traffic Control Tower Equipment
    (Phase 7. 15 Airports) WSDOT/FAA, Airport Layout
                                                                          Upgrades, Tucson, AZ
    Plan Surveys, Statewide, WA. The final product is a geo-
    referenced AutoCAD GIS-compatible file that provides               •	 Ft. Huachuca Taxiway Edge Lighting, Ft. Huachuca, AZ
    the FAA’s flight procedures offices accurate survey                •	 Arsenic Treatment Systems - Kirtland Air Force Base,
    information for each of the airports.                                 Albuquerque, NM
•	 College Street Improvements Study, Lacey, WA.                       •	 Dyess Air Force Base Single Family Housing
    Conducted GIS analysis                                                Development, Abilene, TX
•	 Puyallup Tribal Community Master Plan, Tacoma, WA.                  •	 Dover Air Force Base Temporary Lodging Facility Design
    Some graphics and maps were completed using GIS.                      Build, Dover AFB, DE
•	 Ambleside Development, Guemes Island, WA.                           •	 Design Build White Sands Missile Range Target Prep
    GIS mapping                                                           and Admin Buildings, Air Force Test Facility
•	 Bellingham International Airport, Aircraft Rescue & Fire            •	 Design Addition to Base Chapel, Holloman AFB
    Fighting (ARFF) Building, Bellingham, WA.                          •	 Design/Replace Eagle Water Tank, Holloman AFB
•	 Ft. Lewis GOQ, Ft. Lewis, WA                                        •	 Design-Build Replacement Family Housing Phase IV, V
•	 WSDOT 2004-2006 On-Call: SR527 (Mill Creek), SR99                      and VI, Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX
    (Federal Way), SR202 (Redmond)                                     •	 Ft. Greely, AK. IDIQ Contract
•	 Lummi Gateway Center, Bellingham, WA
                                                                       Travis Foster, PLS
Bill Foster, PE, LEED AP
                                                                       Role: Survey Project Manager
Role: Electrical Engineer                                              Extent of Participation: Boundary and topographic survey lead.
Extent of Participation: Airfield Electrical Engineering to support    Travis is the Survey Director for the WHPacific Boise office
aviation and building electrical projects.                             in which he manages two survey crews and three office
Bill has more than 22 years of project management and                  personnel. He has been with WHPacific for 13 years. Travis
electrical engineering experience. He has managed projects             has been the Boise Survey Director for the past three years
both as the owner’s representative and for architectural               and was previously located in Klamath Falls, OR where he
and engineering firms, giving him the unique insight to                was the Director of Survey for 5 years and a PM and Senior
provide quality designs for a vast variety of projects. Bill           Survey Crew Chief for 5 years. He has extensive experience
has experience with government, tribal, industrial, and                on a variety of projects in both government and the private
commercial projects ranging from millions of dollars to                sector, including large Cadastral boundary projects. He
several thousand dollars in construction cost. His project             also has considerable experience in providing construction
experience includes planning, scheduling, designing, cost              surveying services on large scale commercial projects from
estimating, and construction management. His expertise                 shopping malls to big box retailers and airports. Travis
includes power distribution, lighting, grounding, fire                 has also provided mapping, right-of-way, and construction
detection systems, communications, lightning protection                surveying services to ITD, ACHD, ODOT and many other
systems, and controls. Bill is also a LEED Accredited                  City/County agencies. Recent projects include;
Professional (AP) and has been or is the LEED AP for five              •	 Boise Airport – Runway 28L Proposed Extension and
LEED Silver-Certified designs.                                             Connecting Taxiway to Runway 9-27 (Topographic
•	 Albuquerque International Airport, LEED Study, NM                       Mapping)
•	 McCarran International Airport ATCT and TRACON                      •	 BPA Group – Boise Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Site
    Facility, Las Vegas, NV                                                Survey (Boundary and Topographic Mapping)
•	 Wittman Regional Airport Air Traffic Control Tower,                 •	 PARSONS TSSC III Aeronautical Surveys (Montana,
    Oshkosh, WI                                                            Idaho, Wyoming & California)

January 20, 2010                                                  20
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
•	 Ten Mile/I-84 Interchange (Construction Surveying             •	 I-84 (Soundwall Project, Broadway to Overland)
   Services)                                                     •	 I-84 (Orchard Interchange Project)
•	 Runway 7-25 Re-construction, Kingsley Field,                  •	 SH-44 (16 Mile Corridor Preservation Project, I-84 to
   Klamath Falls, OR (Construction Surveying)                       Eagle Road)
•	 I-84 (Five Mile to SH 44 Corridor Study)                      •	 SH-55 (Eagle Road Mapping Project from
•	 SH 44 (I-84 to Eagle Road Corridor Preservation)                 I-84 north to SH-44)
•	 Shoshone – Bannock Tribe (Historic boundary survey            •	 SH-55 (Payette River Bridge Replacement Project,
   involving 19th Century treaties, rights of way, and              Cascade, Valley County)
   property ownership)                                           •	 SH-55 (Road Improvement Project, Payette River to
•	 45 Ranch, South Fork of the Owyhee River (Geodetic               Scenic View Dr, Horseshoe Bend)
   Control, Topographic Mapping, Boundary Resolution             •	 US-95 (ITS Design Project, Ironwood Dr to Wyoming
   and Construction Staking)                                        Ave, Coeur d’Alene)
•	 ITD, Blaine Street – Caldwell Blvd. Curb Replacement          •	 US-95 Spur – Snake River Bridge, Weiser, ID
   and Pavement Rehabilitation (Construction Surveying           •	 I-15 (7 mile Corridor Project, District 5, ITD, Malad City,
   Services)                                                        Oneida & Bannock Counties)
•	 Bi-Mart, Emmett, ID (Boundary, Topographic Mapping,           •	 Franklin Road (Five Mile Road to Touchmark Way, Road
   Construction Surveying Services)                                 Improvement and Widening)
•	 Ten Mile Christian Church, Meridian, ID (Construction         •	 Stone Bridge Project (Bridge Replacement and Road
   Surveying Services)                                              Widening, Freemont County)
•	 Sky Ranch Business Center, Caldwell, ID (Subdivision          •	 Maple Grove Road (Widening and Extension – Goddard
   Planning & Platting)                                             to Chinden)
                                                                 •	 Anderson Creek Subdivision (455 Acre Subdivision,
Andrew Kempe, P.Eng, PLS
                                                                    Cascade, Valley County)
Role: Geodetic/Survey Project Manager                            •	 Ten Mile/I-84 Interchange (Construction Surveying
Extent of Participation: Boundary and topographic survey.           Services)
Andrew has over 15 years of diverse survey experience
including Cadastral, geodetic control, boundary,
topographic, ALTA, mining, and numerous large                    Jennifer Hutchison
transportation projects. Andrew has substantial experience       Role: Graphics/CAD Design
on large corridor projects involving Static GPS control          Extent of Participation: Lead drafter and graphic preparation.
networks and adjustments, multi-section breakdown,               With more than ten years of experience in CAD drafting
photo control, alignment and right-of-way analysis and           and design for our Boise office, Jennifer is a strong asset
development, total ownership maps, legal descriptions,           to each project she undertakes. Her strong background in
advanced acquisition sketches, topographic base maps, DTM        AutoCAD/Land Desktop & Civil 3D software is further
surfaces, and Records of Survey. Through an examination          enhanced by ongoing training and education in a variety
of record documents and field located monumentation,             of related applications. Jennifer’s career focus is aviation
he develops right-of-way which best fits existing                projects, and she is currently responsible for lead drafting
monumentation while attempting to honor record geometry          on the Airport Layout Plans for the Boise Airport. She also
and creates alignments with correct mathematical tangency        offers specialized support to project teams with expertise in
for all segments. Andrew has exceptional computational           MicroStation/InRoads, and Adobe Creative Suite. Jennifer’s
skills, especially in coordinate systems and transformations     recent airport experience includes:
and the processing and adjustments of GPS Control                •	 Airport Layout Plan, Boise Airport, Boise, ID
Networks, and provides strong technical support for the          •	 Boise Airport, Runway 10L-28R Rehabilitation, Boise, ID
survey team. He has substantial experience in utilizing NGS
control including CORS stations and observation data, and        •	 Boise Airport, Rickenbacker Street Rehab, Boise, ID
assessing the accuracy of available NGS control. He is an        •	 Boise Airport, GA Wash Pad, Boise, ID
expert in the use of Trimble Geomatics Office for GPS and        •	 Boise Airport, Perimeter Fence and Gates, Boise, ID
conventional data processing and analysis, and AutoCAD/
LDD and MicroStation/InRoads for right-of-way and                •	 Grant County Reg. Airport, Lighting Improvements,
boundary analysis and drawing creation.                              John Day, OR
•	 Boise Airport – FAA (Navigation Light Bridge Project,         •	 Grant County Reg. Airport, Taxiway Extensions,
    Boise, ID)                                                       John Day, OR
•	 I-84 (7 Mile Concept Study, Orchard to Issac’s Canyon)        •	 Grant County Reg. Airport, GA Building & USFS Fire
•	 I-84 (23 Mile Corridor Study, Five Mile Road to SH-44)            Airbase Joint Use Facility, John Day, OR

January 20, 2010                                            21
                                      Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
•	   Heliport Project, Boise Airport, Boise, ID                      such as a water works, as well as retail and commercial
•	   RON Apron, Boise Airport, Boise, ID                             establishments. She also has an understanding and practical
                                                                     experience in the application of special requirements such as
•	   Miscellaneous Paving Projects, Boise Airport, Boise, ID         “Section 4(f)” and environmental justice issues.
•	   Sanderson Field, Shelton, WA                                    •	 Aviation Project Environmental Reviews, OR, WA, ID.
                                                                         Environmental Specialist
Mark Hadley, RLA, ASLA
                                                                     •	 Sandpoint Airport New Taxiway and Taxiway Relocation,
Role: Sr. Landscape Architect                                            Bonner County, ID. Environmental Specialist
Extent of Participation: Lead landscape architecture for any         •	 Klamath Falls Regional Airport, Klamath Falls, OR.
vegetation improvements in, around or near the airport                   Environmental Specialist
As an Idaho-registered Landscape Architect and Senior
Project Manager with over 32 years’ experience, Mark                 •	 Southwest Oregon Reg. Airport, Parallel Taxiway C
provides seasoned design services to his clients, leading                Relocation and Air Traffic Control Tower Environmental
teams of diverse professionals. He has won numerous design               Assessment, North Bend, OR. Environmental Specialist
awards for his design work. His areas of expertise include           •	 Southwest Oregon Reg. Airport Runway 13-31 Safety
open space and recreation master planning and urban                      Area Improvement, North Bend, OR. Environmental
design. He specializes in the design of parks and public                 Specialist
spaces. With his years of experience and over 25 recreation
projects, Mark drives the creation of highly successful parks        •	 Aurora State Airport, Marion County, OR. Environmental
with sustainable facilities. He has shown how to integrate               Specialist
water quality stewardship into the landscape and has                 •	 Ocean Shores Airport, Ocean Shores, WA. Environmental
implemented extensive use of pervious pavements. Mark is                 Specialist
a founding member of the company’s Green Team and was                •	 Grant County Reg. Airport, John Day, OR.
a recent speaker at the OLCA Expo on current trends in the               Environmental Specialist
Green Industry. From public involvement through design
development and final construction documents, Mark will              Nicole Jackson (BIONOMICS)
help make your project successful.
•	 I-84, Franklin Road Interchange, ITD,                             Role: Environmental Specialist
    Canyon County, ID                                                Extent of Participation: Responsible for leading the environmental
                                                                     NEPA documentation process and agency coordination.
•	 Sky Ranch City Park and Master Plan, Caldwell, ID
                                                                     Nicole has seven years of experience conducting field
•	 Centennial Way Beautification, Caldwell, ID                       surveys, sampling, analysis, and report preparation in the
•	 Port of Portland, Portland International Airport, Aircraft        fields of environmental investigation and assessment. Her
    Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility (ARFF), Portland, OR           background includes NEPA compliance, water quality
•	 Albertsons Landscape Architecture, Boise, ID                      assessments, wetland delineation, mitigation, and permitting,
                                                                     environmental compliance, due diligence audits, and
•	 US 20/Fremont Avenue Bike Pathway, Idaho Falls, Idaho,            project management. She performs essential coordination
    for ITD and City of Idaho Falls, ID                              responsibilities with local, state and federal agencies.
•	 ITD – SH-55, Eagle Road, I-84 to SH-44, Boise, ID                 Nicole’s project experience includes NEPA compliance for
                                                                     transportation, land developments, and utility projects.
                                                                     •	 NEPA Compliance Environmental Due
Subconsultants                                                           Diligence - Conduct research and gather property
                                                                         information through client, regulatory agency data,
Laura Jackson (CORVID)                                                   and individual interviews. Conduct field investigation
Role: Environmental Documentation Lead                                   and develop conclusive analysis report. Evaluations
Extent of Participation: Responsible for leading the environmental       and Assessments - Perform data collection,
NEPA documentation process and agency coordination.                      research, field surveys, and agency coordination and
Laura has nearly 25 years of experience in environmental                 consultation. Includes wetland delineation, land
planning and permitting for a wide variety of projects.                  use and prime farmland identification, hazardous
For the past five years, she has focused on preparing                    material investigations, socio-economic, hydrologic,
environmental documentation for airport improvement                      and noise analyses. Recommend management
projects. She has prepared numerous SEPA and NEPA                        practices and mitigation based upon site conditions
documents for projects as wide ranging as residential                    and potential project impacts to the environment.
developments, freeway interchanges, new arterial roadways,               Project Management - Developed project proposals
and airport improvements. Laura, a former 14-year employee               and estimates, oversaw technical staff, tracked project
of WHPacific, has assisted clients in obtaining conditional
use permits and zone change approvals for public facilities              budgets, and supervised field crew.

January 20, 2010                                               22
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
•	 Wetlands/Wetland Identification and Delineation               Enterprise (DBE) registered in Idaho and Oregon, and serves
   - Perform soils, vegetative and hydrologic analyses           on local and regional government advisory groups in Idaho.
   and delineation of impacted jurisdictional and non-           David’s project experience includes:
   jurisdictional wetlands. Section 404 Permitting -             •	 Hazardous Waste Management Administration –
   Perform all necessary documentation and consultation              Advised and developed waste tracking, storage, profiling,
   requirements for Clean Water Act Section 404 Permitting.          and manifestation at the client’s facility. Informed
   Wetland Mitigation - Evaluate establishment,                      customer on waste minimization through process changes
   rehabilitation, and restoration opportunities to mitigate         and chemical management.
   wetland impacts. Design and coordinate conceptual             •	 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA),
   mitigation plans.                                                Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) and Resource
•	 Noise Sampling - Field sample ambient noise levels               Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Hazardous
   using a CEL-573.C1 precision impulse integrating sound           Waste – Consulted in all phases of PCB treatment
   level meter S1.4 Type 1, calibrated with a CEL 284/2             and disposal, including retrofill of PCB transformers,
   calibrator. Modeling - Model noise using the Federal             transportation and disposal of PCB items, and chemical
   Highway Administration Traffic Noise Model (TNM) 2.5.            detoxification or incineration of PCB oils. Participated
•	 Water Quality - Contributed to the sediment assessment           in all phases of RCRA hazardous waste treatment and
   of the South Fork Payette Subbasin for development of a          disposal, which included on site treatment (stabilization
   water quality development plan. The project identified           and neutralization), transportation, and disposal
   the major sources of sediment contributions within               (incineration methods, supplemental fuel uses, and
   the basin based on field surveys of the road system              landfill management).
   and associated drainages. Performed field surveys,            •	 Public Relations – Managed and supported the public
   supervised and managed field crew, and provided quality          involvement process for the completion of environmental
   control on data collected. Inventory utilized Trimble Pro        studies that included outreach to both individuals and
   XRS receiver to collect data and ArcView 3.0 to present          stakeholder groups, public meetings and public hearings.
   data collected.                                               •	 Hazardous Waste Landfill - Mitigated public reaction
•	 Floodplain/Floodway - Performed all work necessary               toward fines and managed public relations with local
   in development and coordination of a floodplain                  community for Envirosafe Services’ hazardous waste
   technical report. Evaluated encroachments to floodplains         landfill in Grandview, Idaho. Prepared documents and
   and floodways to determine level of significance and             press releases for public dissemination. Developed public
   mitigation measures to reduce impacts.                           outreach program and held presentations for apprehensive
•	 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Prepare                   and hostile citizen groups. Managed advertising agency
   figures utilizing aerial photography and topographic             efforts and developed a Small Quantity Generator
   maps for use in projects such as wildlife habitat                Program as a public service and as part of the overall
   enhancements, stream restoration, wetland delineations,          public relations strategy.
   noise studies, cultural resource surveys and development      •	 Industrial Waste Landfill – Managed advertising
   recommendations. Utilize software such as ArcView,               agency efforts regarding environmental information
   GPS Pathfinder Office, Terrasync and AutoCAD, in                 development for industrial landfill located in Denver,
   conjunction with survey data from Trimble GeoXT GPS.             Colorado. Assisted information and multimedia package
•	 Technical Editing - Computer Program Expertise -                 design for dispersal to citizens and landfill clients.
   Proficient in the use and application of Microsoft Office
   and Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop.                       Jillian Roberts (BIONOMICS)
                                                                 Role: Historical/Cultural
Dave Aizpitarte, (BIONOMICS)                                     Extent of Participation: Cultural Investigations, 4(f) evaluations in
Role: Hazmat Specialist                                          accordance with SHPO and the National Historic Preservation Act.
                                                                 Jillian has four years professional experience conducting
Extent of Participation: Conduct Level 1 Hazmat Assessment and
                                                                 cultural resource investigations. This experience includes
other remediation, as necessary                                  overall administration and management of cultural
Dave has over 25 years of experience in the environmental        resource projects, and compilation of cultural resource
industry. For the past 15 years, he has provided                 reports according to Section 106 of the National Historic
environmental and consulting services to private industry        Preservation Act of 1966. Her experience also includes
and government clients. His background includes senior           Department of Transportation Section 4(f) evaluations,
program management and client consultation for NEPA              background and pre field research with several agencies,
issues, noise studies, waste management, regulatory              prehistoric and historic site excavations, artifact recordation
compliance, and remediation. He is the owner and president       and preservation, mapping, and supervision of intensive and
of Bionomics Environmental, Inc., a Disadvantaged Business       reconnaissance field surveys.

January 20, 2010                                            23
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
•	 Cultural Resource Reports – Documentation -                       Joseph Birge (RICONDO)
   Interpret and apply guidelines from Section 106 of the            Role: Aviation Planner, Special Studies
   National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. This includes         Extent of Participation: Assist in Aviation Planning for
   composing, reviewing, editing, and issuing professional           special projects.
   reports of cultural resource investigations and studies.          Joseph joined Ricondo & Associates in 2004 and has 20
   These documents present research, field methods,                  years of aviation experience both as an airport executive and
   findings, prehistoric and historic site recordation,              an airport planning consultant. This experience gives him
   eligibility recommendations, project effect determinations,       a unique understanding of the issues and challenges facing
   and treatment recommendations of eligible sites.                  airport operators in addition to experience in developing
•	 Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation                  practical solutions. Joe has managed numerous planning
   (DOT) Act of 1966 – Evaluation of affected properties             and facility development projects for all types of airport
   that are “used” by a US DOT project. These properties             facilities, including large-hub airports and small general
   include public parks, recreation areas, and historic sites that   aviation airports in the United States and overseas. Some
                                                                     recent projects where Joe served as project manager include
   are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.        a planning assessment for an APM system at Phoenix Sky
•	 Background and Pre Field Research – Perform                       Harbor International Airport, a planning assessment for
   project background research at several state and county           the terminal expansion project at San Antonio International
   offices, including the Idaho, Oregon, and Washington              Airport, and a terminal expansion project at Louisville
   State Historic Preservation Offices, and several county           International Airport. Air Cargo Site Planning. Joe was
   assessor offices and historical societies.                        instrumental in the Master Plan Update for the Boise
                                                                     Airport and will be an asset to the planning team at
•	 Excavation – Excavated research pits near the                     WHPacific.
   Snake River in southwestern Idaho. Utilized standard
   professional excavation techniques, and identified and            Jason Apt (RICONDO)
   cataloged artifacts recovered from the archaeological
   sites. Sub-Surface Shovel Tests - Perform sub-surface             Role: Aviation Planner/Air Quality/GIS Analysis
   shovel tests to examine the potential for prehistoric or          Extent of Participation: Assist in Aviation Planning, also with GIS
   historic artifacts.                                               analysis for special projects.
                                                                     Jason joined Ricondo & Associates in 2002 and has a variety
•	 Mapping – Use of Trimble and Garmin Global Position               of airport physical, environmental, and financial planning
   Systems for field documentation. Creation of Global               experience. Jason assisted in the development of a site
   Information Systems maps for compliance with site and             selection study, cost estimates, and facilities requirements
   report documentation.                                             for a new southern Nevada airport, as well as a needs
•	 Survey – Completed intensive and reconnaissance                   assessment and site selection study for the Southern Nevada
   surveys for areas throughout Idaho. Experience                    Regional Heliport. He also developed peak-hour estimates
   includes completion of transect surveys, identification           and facility requirements for a new passenger terminal at
   and recordation of prehistoric and historic sites                 McCarran International Airport. Additionally, Jason has
   (archaeological and architectural), and the use of Trimble        provided support on a passenger ramp loading study and
                                                                     hotel site selection study for Oakland International Airport,
   and Garmin Global Positioning Systems.                            assisted in the planning of general aviation facilities at
                                                                     Henderson Executive Airport, and was actively involved with
Kris Horton (BIONOMICS)                                              the assessment of airports for 100 percent baggage screening,
Role: GIS Specialist                                                 as directed by the Transportation Security Administration.
Extent of Participation: Geographical Information System (GIS)       Recently, he played a lead role in completing
analysis and documentation for planning, public involvement and      a master plan update for Boise Airport. Jason
exhibiting purposes.                                                 has developed expertise in the Federal Aviation
Kris has 10 years experience in full NEPA compliance, with           Administration’s Emissions and Dispersion Modeling
emphasis on traffic noise, wetland delineations and air              System (EDMS). He has completed complex air quality
quality analyses. Her project experience includes public             analyses in support of several environmental studies,
infrastructure, including Federal Highway Administration,            including SIP updates for Clark County, Nevada, an EIS
Idaho Transportation Department and local highway                    for a new airport in Panama City, Florida, an EIR for south
districts. She also has experience in the graphic design field,      airfield improvements at Los Angeles International Airport,
both in desktop publishing and commercial printing. Kris’            an EA for a runway extension at Stinson Municipal Airport, a
role for the Boise Airport will be primarily for Geographic          supplemental EA for a new passenger terminal at McCarran
Information Systems (GIS). She will collect spatial data with        International Airport, and an EA for a Southern Nevada
a Trimble GEO XT GPS unit with sub meter accuracy and                Regional Heliport. Jason also has experience conducting
create maps with ArcView and AutoCad utilizing GPS data,             air quality analyses in support of Voluntary Airport Low
aerials and other spatial data in support of reports.                Emissions Program (VALE) applications. Jason also has
                                                                     significant experience with GIS, using the software to

January 20, 2010                                              24
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
conduct airspace analyses, perform land use impact analyses,         exceeded 6,000 tons per day. Project included 2.5 miles
generate land use maps, develop airport property maps for            of six-lane freeway access, two terminal buildings, a
ALP and AIP submittal packages, and build digital airspace           parking structure, and airfield pavement construction.
models in support of airport obstruction studies. Most               Provided geotechnical investigation for new commercial
recently, Jason conducted GIS analyses and mapping                   runway and taxiways, as well as pavement failure
in support of a land acquisition and reuse plan for                  analysis and pavement design. Project involvement
McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.                         covered a five year period.
John Andreae, PE (TERRACON)
                                                                  Ryan Olsen, PE (TERRACON)
Role: Senior Geotechnical Engineer
                                                                  Role: Geotechnical Engineer
Extent of Participation: Geotechnical engineering and
                                                                  Extent of Participation: Geotechnical engineering.
pavement design.
                                                                  Ryan is a geotechnical engineer in Terracon’s Boise, Idaho
John is a senior engineer in Terracon’s Boise office,             office. He has performed and assisted with geotechnical
responsible for administration of geotechnical and                evaluations for a wide variety of projects including airports,
construction materials projects, as well as client development.   buildings, land development, commercial and industrial
With over 27 years of experience in geotechnical engineering      facilities, dams, bridges, and levees. His experience includes
and materials testing, John has successfully performed a          geotechnical site investigations, shallow and deep foundation
variety of pavement engineering tasks. These tasks include        evaluations, slope stability and seepage analyses, and report
project management, developing scopes of work, analysis           preparation. He participated in geotechnical evaluations for
of falling weight deflectometer (FWD) data, engineering           a variety of airport projects and has managed several recent
analysis, pavement design, report preparation, technical          geotechnical projects at the Boise Air Terminal. His relevant
reviews, expert witness, and consultation. John has               project experience includes:
performed geotechnical investigations and FAA
pavement design for over 20 airfields in Idaho,                   •	 Boise Air Terminal, FAA RTR Shelters, Boise, ID.
California, Nevada, and Utah and provided                             Performed geotechnical engineering analysis and
construction inspection and materials testing for                     authored the Geotechnical Investigation Report for the
many of these projects. In addition, he has worked for                replacement of two radar transmitter/receiver shelters.
clients that include architects, engineers, state highway             In addition to the geotechnical exploration, Terracon’s
departments, municipalities, contractors, utilities, and design       services included environmental sampling of the existing
build teams. His relevant project experience includes:                east shelter, and construction materials testing of the
•	 Boise Air Terminal, Runway 10L-28R Evaluation                      west shelter.
    and Rehabilitation, Boise, ID. Project manager for            •	 Boise Air Terminal, Customs and Border Patrol
    the geotechnical evaluation of distortion and rutting             Building, Boise, ID. Project Manager for the
    of portions of Runway 10L-28R. The geotechnical                   geotechnical exploration of the proposed Customs and
    evaluation included borings, coring, and FWD testing.             Border Patrol Building at the Boise Air Terminal. The
    Correlations were developed between FWD data and                  proposed building will be a single-story structure with a
    stripped pavement locations to help delineate extent of           slab-on-grade floor system. The geotechnical work also
    stripped areas. Provided pavement rehabilitation design           included percolation testing for storm-water disposal
    alternatives and assistance with construction materials           and exploration and laboratory testing for a proposed
    related portions of the specifications.                           apron expansion.
•	 Friedman Memorial Airport, Runway                              •	 Boise Air Terminal, Runway 10R Approach
    Rehabilitation, Hailey, ID. Geotechnical project                  Lighting Bridge, Boise, ID. Project Manager for the
    manager for the rehabilitation of the primary runway              geotechnical exploration of the proposed structure.
    to address stripping of bituminous surface. Terracon              Once constructed, the bridge will carry approach lights
    provided borings, review of core data, and three pavement         over a roadway and canal that are adjacent to the Boise
    alternatives for rehabilitation of the runway. The selected       Airport. The structure will be supported on drilled-shaft
    design utilized the recycling of pulverized surface and           foundations having diameters of 4.5 to 5.5 feet.
    base, blending it with low levels of Portland cement, and
    compacting it to form cement stabilized base for support
    of the new flexible surface. The project was completed
    ahead of the narrow closure schedule set by the airport.
•	 McCarran International Airport, Airport
    Improvements, Las Vegas, NV. Project manager and
    point of contact with project owner. Supervised a staff
    of 20 lab and field personnel for construction quality
    assurance testing. Paving production rates typically

January 20, 2010                                           25
                                       Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Larry Kalousek, AIA (CSHQA)                                               ◦   Food Court Study
Role: Project Architect                                                   ◦   McDonald’s
Extent of Participation: Architect in Charge for any structural           ◦   Aramark Restaurant/Bar
design, renovation or planning.
As architect in charge of design, Larry will lead the                     ◦   Aramark Coffee Bar/Gift Shop
design team through an in-depth exploration of all the                    ◦   Aramark In-flight kitchen
issues in developing a flexible and efficient design that
meets all program requirements. Larry brings to the table              Airport Improvements:
comprehensive construction knowledge and innovative                       ◦   Fire Sprinkler Upgrades
design techniques, enabling him to consistently deliver
quality projects within budget and schedule requirements.                 ◦   Aircraft Sewage Disposal
Backed by years of diverse project experience Larry has                   ◦   Re-roof Terminal Building
an extensive background in aviation and military related                  ◦   Re-carpet Concourse A
projects. Larry is a hands-on, strong team leader whose
effective management skills and understanding of team                     ◦   Emergency Generator
dynamics play a crucial role in the success of his projects.              ◦   HVAC Replacement and Re-roof
For the Boise Airport, Larry has been involved with
dozens of projects including:                                          Miscellaneous Adjacent Facilities:
Expansion and Remodels:                                                   ◦ Snow Removal Equipment Facility
                                                                            and Equipment Shed
   ◦   New Passenger Terminal Building Master Plan
                                                                          ◦ Sand/Urea Building
   ◦   New Passenger Terminal: Terminal Area Roadway
                                                                          ◦ UPS Air Cargo Facility
   ◦   West Airport Way Road Improvements Utilities
                                                                          ◦ City Shops Building Remodel
   ◦   New Jet Bridge
                                                                          ◦ Relocation of State Aeronautics
   ◦   Concourse “B” Extension
                                                                          ◦ Green Hanger Demo
   ◦   FAA Part 150 Update
                                                                          ◦ Building 1011 Demo/Metal Shed Relocation
   ◦   Baggage Equipment
   ◦   FIDS/BIDS Bid Package                                           Martin Hale, AIA (CSHQA)
   ◦   Public Address Bid Package
                                                                       Role: Project Architect
   ◦   Structured Wiring Bid Package                                   Extent of Participation: Architect for any structural design,
                                                                       renovation or planning project.
Security:                                                              As project manager, Martin has a wide range of
   ◦ Blast Analysis and Implementation                                 responsibilities from overseeing day-to-day operations to
   ◦ Explosion Detection Systems Implementation                        schematic design and development, programming, code
                                                                       research, final detailing and production. For the past 10
   ◦ Security Check Point                                              years Martin has worked on all aspects of terminal design
                                                                       including the programming and design of rental car
Tenant Improvements:                                                   facilities, parking areas, concessions, ticket lobbies, security
   ◦   Airline and Office Tenant Design Standards                      checkpoints and baggage systems. Martin’s expertise
                                                                       includes conceptual design techniques. He has worked
   ◦   Delta Airlines                                                  extensively with renderings, storyboards and models and his
   ◦   Horizon Airlines                                                artistic representations of design solutions have successfully
   ◦   Southwest Airlines                                              influenced the outcome of many projects. His goal is to
                                                                       provide the client with a quality product on time, on budget,
   ◦   United Express                                                  and in such a way that it is responsive to the community and
   ◦   Skywest Airlines                                                the environment as a whole. Recent projects for the Boise
   ◦   America West                                                    Airport include:
                                                                       •	 New Passenger Terminal Building ($60 million building/
   ◦   Concourse A                                                         $110 million program)
   ◦   Modular Office Installation                                     •	 Project manager and lead designer for the new passenger
                                                                           terminal building
                                                                       •	 Master Planning (airside, landside and terminal building)
   ◦ Concession Tenant Design Standards
                                                                       •	 Terminal Design Imagery (River theme - earth, sky and

January 20, 2010                                                  26
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
     water) Terminal Programming (working with airport            on pavement topics at FAA, ACI-NA, AAAE, Airport
     staff, airport commission, city council, mayor, governor,    Consultants Council, and ASCE conferences. Her relevant
     airport police, airlines, rental cars, taxi cabs, parking    project experience includes:
     managers, FAA, TSA, other airport tenants and public)        •	 Tucson International Airport, Pavement Management
•	   Terminal Code analysis                                          Program, Tucson, AZ
•	   Terminal Schematic design                                    •	 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Pavement
•	   Terminal Design development                                     Management Program, Seattle, WA
•	   Terminal Construction documents                              •	 McCarran International Airport, Pavement Management
                                                                     Program, Las Vegas, NV
•	   Terminal Bidding
                                                                  •	 Sky Harbor International Airport, Pavement
•	   Terminal Construction administration                            Management Program, Phoenix, AZ
•	   Baggage conveyor system with 100% in-line EDS (master
     planning, programming, architectural coordination and        Jay Sharma, PE (PCI)
     construction administration)
                                                                  Role: Pavement Condition Surveys
•	   Terminal Blast analysis and structural blast upgrade         Extent of Participation: Conduct pavement condition evaluation
     (post 9/11) (Blast consultant coordination and               and survey/inventory.
     construction document preparation)                           Jay is one of Pavement Consultants’ principals. He has more
•	   Terminal Information Technology systems coordination         than 38 years of experience in pavement design, evaluation,
     (EVIDS, fiber backbone, PA, Telephone, etc.)                 management and construction. Jay has worked as project
•	   Terminal concession planning                                 manager or engineer on several hundred airport-pavement
•	   Terminal art programming, coordination and art selection     related projects, including: implementing pavement
                                                                  management programs; conducting visual condition
     committee                                                    surveys; developing new pavement thickness designs;
•	   Ground load walkway system for ground board aircraft         developing rehabilitation strategies for existing pavements;
•	   parking positions                                            evaluating pavement structural capacity to identify PCN
•	   Terminal access roadway, public parking, and                 values, allowable loads, and remaining structural life; and
     rental car parking                                           providing innovative solutions to pavement problems;
                                                                  evaluating polymer concrete and other high strength, quick
•	   Terminal signage                                             setting materials to be used in in-pavement electrical conduit
•	   Terminal antenna farm                                        trenches; and, evaluating joint sealant material types for
•	   Terminal/ Air Traffic Control Tower line of sight analysis   use on airfield pavements. Jay’s relevant project experience
•	   Rental car parking area pneumatic tube key
     transport system                                             •	 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Runway 16R and
                                                                      Associated Taxiway Design, Seattle, WA
Jo Lary (PCI)                                                     •	 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Runway 16L
                                                                      Reconstruction Pavement Design, Seattle, WA
Role: Pavement Condition Surveys
Extent of Participation: Conduct pavement condition evaluation    •	 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, PCN Calculations
and survey/inventory.                                                 for Three Runways, Seattle, WA
Jo is co-founder of Pavement Consultants Inc. and has             •	 San Diego International Airport Taxiway B/Commuter
26 years experience providing pavement management,                    Ramp Evaluation & Design, San Diego, CA
evaluation and design services to airport, state, city, county,   •	 Sky Harbor International Airport North Runway
and port clients. She is a nationally recognized airport              Reconstruction, Phoenix, AZ
pavement engineering and MicroPAVER expert. As project
manager for PCI, Jo has supervised evaluation of several          Mary Vigilante (SYNERGY)
million square yards of pavement, encompassing asphalt
concrete, portland cement concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete,    Role: Air Quality Analysis
and block pavers. She has supervised the implementation of        Extent of Participation: Air Quality Analysis.
the MicroPAVER software at hundreds of airports. Jo has           Mary has 32 years of experience in assisting airport
conducted training on the use of the MicroPAVER software          operators with preparing bullet-proof environmental
for more than a dozen agencies and has given presentations        documents and strategic plans for the future expansion at
on its use numerous times. Jo has a solid educational             large and small airports in the United States. Her experience
background in pavement engineering that she applies               in airport environmental planning is unusually diverse,
when resolving practical pavement-related problems, and           including: Environmental Assessments, Impact Statements,
she possesses a unique ability to clearly communicate her         documented Categorical Exclusions (CatExs); Compliance
knowledge to lay persons, other engineers, maintenance staff,     with State equivalents of the National Environmental Policy
and upper level management. Jo has given presentations            Act (SEPA, CEQA); Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories,
January 20, 2010                                             27
                                      Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Climate Action Plans, air quality evaluations: General
Conformity, Transportation Conformity, and air quality
improvement programs; Noise Abatement planning,
including Part 150 Noise Compatibility Planning Studies;
Public outreach and public and agency coordination plans.
Mary has participated in an impressive list of EISs, EAs, and
an extensive number of documented categorical exclusions
for airport projects. She prepared the first comprehensive
airport greenhouse gas inventory, over two dozen conformity
evaluations, and has assisted airports in submitting
emissions and activity information for use in State
Implementation Plans. She has provided air and noise
services on for the Boise Air Terminal, Terminal
Expansion CO and PM10 Conformity, Shorfield Rwy
Conformity and the Part 150 Study.

Lynda Friesz-Martin
Role: Public Involvement Lead
Extent of Participation: Responsible for directing the public
involvement process including quality control and cost control for
public involvement materials. Participate in public involvement
planning and implementation activities. Activities include
facilitating meetings, conducting project research and preparing
public involvement materials, graphic design/layout and media
Lynda has more than 25 years of public involvement and
public relations experience. She has managed public
relations/involvement activities for a variety of clients,
ranging from high-profile corporate and public sector clients
to special events and professional sports. Her experience
with environmental document related projects, government
agencies and jurisdictional bodies is extensive. She has
directed the public involvement process for projects ranging
from city and City comprehensive plans, to Environmental
Impact Statements. Within the past three years she
has managed the public involvement and awareness
process on more than 25 projects for agencies such as
the FHWA, ITD, ACHD, LHTAC, Ada County, and
the Cities of Meridian and Boise. Her strengths include
project management, communication strategy, facilitation,
graphic design, web site design and overseeing the business
operations of her firm.

Kenny Warrington (CMTS)
Role: Resident Inspector
Extent of Participation: Construction Inspection.
Kenny completed over 34 years of experience with ODOT
where he worked on all phases of construction contract
inspection and management for state highway projects. Since
leaving ODOT, Kenny has provided contract inspection
and contract management services on various city, state
and Federal agencies’ projects including airport projects at
Portland International, Gold Beach, and Boise airport.

January 20, 2010                                                28
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Iv. QuaLIfICatIons and experIenCe for the                        Survey Work
addItIonaL servICes reQuested                                    Survey needs for any Boise Airport project can be provided
                                                                 in-house from WHPacific’s Boise survey staff. Our Boise
Being a full-service architecture and engineering firm           office has seven professional survey staff capable of staffing
specializing in most aspects of aviation engineering and         3 two-person crews. We also have a highly successful work
planning, WHPacific can provide nearly all of the services       share program set up within WHPacific which allows us
requested in your scope of services. For some of the             access to 24 additional survey crews from our other locations
additional services listed below we have enlisted a number       to take on the largest and most demanding projects. Our
of highly-qualified subconsultants to assist our team. Our       survey group is comprised of professional and technical
relationship with each of these subconsultants is vital to the   personnel recognized as leading experts in geodetic
success of your projects. With each subconsultant we invite      control surveying, airborne Global Positioning Systems
to join our teams, we stress the importance of providing         (GPS) photogrammetric surveying, and FAA aeronautical
highly accountable, personalized attention to the client,        obstruction surveys. They are seasoned professionals
stakeholders, and other members of our team. In doing so, we     who use the latest surveying standards and procedures to
generate good communication, accurate project tracking, and      prepare these surveys, and have earned the recognition and
effective coordination. Our proposal includes a wide range       trust of the FAA and the National Geodetic Survey (NGS).
of firms with depth of experience in many disciplines. Listed    These agencies developed and adopted the new standards
below are a select few of the many subconsultants with whom      and procedures implemented through Advisory Circulars
we have completed projects, many at the Boise Airport over       150/5300-16, -17, and -18. The WHPacific surveyors have
the last five years:                                             the expertise, knowledge, and experience necessary to
                                                                 complete a survey, prepare the documentation necessary to
•	 Bionomics – Environmental                                     support development of an Instrument Approach Procedure,
•	 Corvid Consulting – Environmental                             and successfully shepherd the submittal through the FAA/
                                                                 NGS approval process. In addition, we have prepared many
•	 CSHQA – Architecture                                          airport obstruction charts and can develop the data needed
•	 Linda Friesz Public Relations – Public Involvement            to support preparation of an electronic Airport Layout Plan
•	 Pavement Consultants, Inc. – Pavement Condition               meeting FAA’s new eALP program requirements. We have
   Surveys                                                       provided topographic, GPS and laser scanning
                                                                 survey services for four recent projects at the Boise
•	 Synergy Consultants – Air/Noise Quality Testing               Airport, Runway 28L Extension and Taxiway,
•	 Terracon – Geotechnical, Materials Testing                    Runway 10L-28R Design Survey, Airport Parking
                                                                 Garage and the Air Traffic Control Tower site.
Geotechnical Studies
Terracon will lead the geotechnical, construction materials
engineering and testing, and facilities services for your
Airport projects. The firm began in 1965 and today includes
over 2,750 employees and offices in 38 states. The Boise
office was opened in 1992. Terracon’s Boise, Idaho staff
includes 7 professional engineers, 2 professional geologists,
1 licensed architect, 2 staff geologists, 2 technicians, and 2
clerical/administrative personnel.

Terracon has performed geotechnical,
environmental, and materials testing services
for more than 30 projects at the Boise Airport,
including the recent Runway 12L-28R rehabilitation
project, as managed by WHPacific, as well as other
airports throughout Idaho. Their experience includes             In addition, WHPacific is the first firm in the U.S. to
the geotechnical exploration and pavement design for             acquire the LYNX Mobile Mapping System. This
rehabilitation and new construction of runways, taxiways,        innovative system provides design-grade mapping at speeds
and aprons in accordance with FAA materials standards.           up to 60 mph incorporating Ground Based LIDAR, GPS and
Terracon provides geotechnical services for airport roadways     Inertial Measurement Units to substantially save our clients
and structures, as well as environmental studies and             time and money over traditional surveying techniques. This
materials testing services for airport projects. In addition     new technology is ideal for Highway Corridor Surveys,
to airport work, Terracon provides services for highways,        Structure clearance surveys, Route surveys, Volume surveys,
bridges, commercial and industrial structures, land              Monitoring Surveys, etc. The Lynx Mobile Mapper can be
development, etc.                                                transferred from our traditional survey vehicle to a UTV
                                                                 (Utility Terrain Vehicle -Polaris Ranger) or to a boat to
                                                                 handle almost any type of project and environment.

January 20, 2010                                           29
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Material Testing                                                   transfer of data. WHPacific has over 600 Intel-based PCs
Material Testing will be provided by Terracon. Please see          running Windows XP Professional. We use a wide range
their firm description above.                                      of industry standard design software including AutoCAD
                                                                   Civil 3D 2009/2010, Bentley MicroStation V8 and XM,
Pavement Condition Surveys                                         and Bentley InRoads V8 and XM. Desktop GIS capabilities
Pavement Consultants Inc. (PCI), a professional civil              are provided through the latest versions of ESRI ArcView
engineering company, was established in 1983. The firm             software. All of WHPacific’s CAD software is current and
was founded to provide specialized expertise in pavement           meets or exceeds the US National CAD Standard (NCS).
management, evaluation and design to public agencies and
private entities. PCI has become recognized throughout             GIS Services
the world for the quality of the technical services its staff      Utilizing the latest technology available, including Arc GIS
provides. PCI’s staff has developed pavement management            Desktop (ESRI 3d Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions)
programs for many airports and airport systems over the            ArcView, ArcMap and AutoCAD software (MAP, LDD,
last 28 years to assist airport operators with establishing        Civil 3D), WHPacific assists clients with site analysis,
a program to maintain one of their largest assets, their           site master planning, conceptual plans, land use feasibility
pavements. These projects have required PCI’s staff to             studies, and communication on projects. By using GIS, we
inspect more than two billion square feet of airfield pavement,    are able to combine previously unrelated information into
at several hundred different airports, ranging from small,         a comprehensive picture, thereby providing our clients
general aviation airports to large, commercial service airports    with a visualization of possible hidden relationships,
including 6 of the world’s 30 busiest. The inspections were        spatial analysis, preparation of thematic maps, or 3D
completed using the Pavement Condition Index methodology.          images. In terms of asset and inventory management,
PCI uses MicroPAVER software to analyze the data collected         using both existing and surveyed GIS data, WHPacific
and to identify maintenance and rehabilitation needs. PCI          has provided clients with comprehensive geo-databases for
has provided Pavement Condition Survey services at                 the management of private utilities. These geo-databases
Boise Airport in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2009.                  combine both spatial and tabular data which allow users
                                                                   to identify relationships and patterns, as well as the ability
Air Quality Analysis                                               to perform analyses, ultimately providing cost savings
Synergy Consultants, Inc. was formed in 1995 as an                 for the clients. WHPacific has a handful of staff available
environmental planning firm exclusively focused on airport-        to assist us with GIS mapping, exhibiting and research.
related environmental studies. Synergy Consultants has             Brian Way, RLA, LEED-AP, is WHPacific’s GIS
an unsurpassed record of accomplishment with preparing             Specialist recently demonstrated compatibility of GIS
environmental documentation under the National                     information systems for Airport ALP survey work
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Synergy has prepared              for WSDOT and the FAA. We also have assistance from
Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental              Bionomics should addition GIS personnel be needed.
Assessments (EAs), Findings of No Significant Impact
(FONSIs), Determinations of Non-Significance, and have             Resident Engineer Services
assisted our FAA and airport clients with developing and           Paul Ashton, PE, will serve as our resident engineer for Boise
implementing NEPA-related studies. Other studies and               Airport projects. Paul has been a key team member of a
services provided include airport greenhouse gas inventories,      number of recent projects at Boise and is extremely familiar
climate change planning, Part 150 Noise Compatibility              with the Airport’s master plan objectives and history of
Planning Studies, specialized noise abatement and air              the airport. Not only is Paul knowledgeable in FAA
traffic control procedure assessments, Clean Air Act               design standards, he frequently serves as the resident
conformity evaluations, and air pollutant studies and              inspector on airport projects and has done so for a
monitoring programs. Through her efforts in planning               number of projects at Boise Airport. Paul will be assisted
and conducting environmental studies for 25 of the 30              by other staff including James Kirby, Derek Mayo and Laila
busiest airports in the United States, Mary Vigilante has          Maqbool as well as CMTS, as project demands are determined.
gained extensive experience addressing a wide range of
environmental issues and their mitigation at commercial            Architectural Services
service airports. Mary has participated in 17 airport              CSHQA is a full-service architectural, engineering and
Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), over 30                    planning firm founded in Boise, ID in 1889 and has 90
environmental assessments (EAs), and numerous                      experienced professionals to provide planning and design
categorical exclusions, as well as NEPA-like state                 services to both the private and public sector. CSHQA has
environmental reviews.                                             over 30 years of aviation experience. Their key personnel
                                                                   listed in our qualifications have a combined aviation
Auto CAD Services                                                  experience of over 70 years. CSHQA’s personnel actively
WHPacific provides design and drafting services through            attend all the major aviation-related trade conferences to
an integrated system of computers and electronics. These           stay current and knowledgeable of ever-changing aviation
in-house capabilities translate into labor savings and easy        conditions and requirements. The CSHQA team has the

January 20, 2010                                              30
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
extensive experience to successfully complete all aspects of
your proposed projects. Most notably, CSHQA has been
providing similar services to Boise Airport for over
30 years, including the new Customs and Border
Protection Facility, the recent Airport expansion
with New Terminal and Airport Shuttle Parking Lot.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Plan
At this time, no DBE goals have been set for the City of Boise
Airport projects. However, we will set aside at least 10%
of the work to be subcontracted to at least one DBE firm,
identified below, to meet your future goal. WHPacific has
identified the following services that would be available to
subcontract, including the following:

•	   Air Quality
•	   Architecture
•	   Biological Investigation*
•	   Cultural/Historical*
•	   Environmental Investigation*
•	   Geotechnical
•	   GIS*
•	   Hazmat*
•	   Materials Testing*
•	   Historical/Cultural Assessment*
•	   Pavement Condition Survey
•	   Planning
•	   Public Involvement*

*Indicates WHPacific has partnered with an Idaho-
certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firm
for this service.

We have reviewed each subconsultant firm’s qualifications in
the type of work needed, keeping in mind the importance of
technical qualifications as well as opportunities to increase
the participation of disadvantaged business as the project
scope develops. To assist our capable team and to meet
the future DBE goal, WHPacific has partnered with the
following firms, each certified by the State of Idaho/Idaho
Transportation Department as a Disadvantaged Business
Enterprise under the State’s Office of Minority, Women and
Emerging Small Business.

•	 Bionomics Environmental – Environmental, Air/
   Noise, Cultural/Historical/Hazmat/GIS
•	 Lynda Friesz Public Relations – Public Relations
•	 Quality Materials Testing – Materials Testing

January 20, 2010                                          31
                                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
v. speCIfIC reLevant projeCt experIenCe                                                    Please note, this is not a complete list of all the airport
                                                                                           improvement and planning projects we have performed, just a
Listed below is a graphic representation of the vast                                       relevant few in regards to location, airport size and relevance
project experience our aviation team has had over the last five                            to your projects. Detailed descriptions of a select number of
years with the project types anticipated under this contract.                              these projects is featured immediately following.

    Project Experience Matrix

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pavement Condition Surveys
                                                                     Runway Rehab/Extensions/

                                                                                                Taxiway and Apron Rehab/

                                                                                                                           Airfield Lighting/Electrical

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Storm Drainage Facilities

                                                                                                                                                                             Environmental Studies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Roads and Parking Lot
                                                                                                                                                          Planning Studies

    Aviation-Related Projects in Last 5 Years
    Boise Airport Runway 10L-28R Rehab                                        X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Boise Airport Master Plan Update                                                                                                                           X                   X                                               X
    Boise Airport Heliport                                                                               X                          X                                                                                              X
    Boise Airport Parking Garage                                                                                                                                                   X                         X                     X               X
    Boise Airport Air Traffic Control Tower                                                                                                                                                                                        X
    Boise Airport Terminal Runway Ext                                         X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X               X                         X
    Boise Airport RON Area Carrier Apron                                                                 X                          X                                                                        X                     X                                         X
    Boise Airport Rickenbacker Street                                                                                                                                                                        X                     X               X
    Boise Airport GA Wash Pad                                                                            X                                                                                                   X                     X
    Boise Airport Perimeter Fence and Gates                                                                                                                                                                                        X
    McCall Airport Parallel T/W Relocation - EA                                                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Council Airport Improvement Project                                       X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Caldwell Airport Industrial Plan                                                                                                                           X                   X
    Sandpoint Airport Runway Shift                                            X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                                                               X
    Portland Intl Taxiway B                                                   X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Portland Intl Enplaning Roadway Exp                                                                                                                        X                                                                                   X
    Bellingham Intl Terminal Apron Rehab                                                                 X                          X                                                                                              X                                         X
    Bellingham Intl ARFF Building                                                                                                                                                  X                         X                     X               X
    Bellingham Intl Apron and T/W Imp.                                                                   X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Pierce County (Thun Field) R/W Imp.                                       X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Pierce County (Thun Field) T/W Alignment                                                             X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Pierce County (Thun Field) AWOS                                                                                                 X                                              X                         X                     X
    King County Intl (Boeing Field) R/W 13R-31L                               X                                                     X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Hillsboro High Speed Exit Taxiways                                                                   X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Hillsboro Terminal Parking & Perim Rds                                                                                                                                                                   X                     X               X                         X
    Hillsboro Airport Master Plan                                                                                                                              X                   X
    Bend Municipal Runway 16-34 Reconst                                       X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    SWORA Runway 4-22 -Rehab                                                  X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    SWORA Runway 13-31 - Relocation                                           X                          X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    SWORA T/W C Relocation/Air Traffic Control Tower                                                     X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Aurora State T/W A Relocation and EA                                                                 X                          X                                              X                         X                     X                                         X
    Scappoose Access Roads & Fencing                                                                                                                                               X                         X                     X               X
    Grant County Runway Extensions                                            X                          X                          X                          X                   X                         X                     X                                         X
    Mulino Airport Master Plan Update                                                                                                                          X                   X
    Washington State Mult. ALPs                                                                                                                                X                   X                                               X
    Washington State Long Term Air Trans Study                                                                                                                 X                   X
    ODA Pavement Maintenance Program                                          X                          X                                                                                                                                                                   X
    PARSONS WAAS FAA Surveys                                                                                                                                   X                                                                   X

January 20, 2010                                                   32
                                     Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Runway Extensions/Rehabilitations/Construction                      Bend Municipal Airport, Runway 16-34
                                                                    Reconstruction and Associated Improvements,
                   Boise Airport, Runway 10L-28R                    Bend, OR
                   Rehabilitation, Boise, ID                        WHPacific provided construction management and
                   WHPacific worked in close contact with           inspection services for Phase III construction work on the
                   the FAA and Boise Airport to investigate         above project which completed construction of the 5,000’
                   into a unique asphalt stripping problem          x 75’ runway and eight connector taxiways. Construction
                   on the main runway at the Boise Airport          included new MIRL, lighted directional signs, segmented
                   which appeared only seven years after            circle, and pavement subdrainage systems along with the
                   initial construction. Results of the             site grading, drainage, and stabilization work. Construction
                   investigation showed that the runway             was performed at night to keep the airport open for daylight
needed to be rehabilitated to maintain serviceability. As this      operations as much as possible. Work was performed under a
was an unexpected problem, extensive coordination with the          night-time noise permit and closely coordinated with airport
FAA was required to determine potential funding sources and         neighbors to minimize noise impacts. Project construction
to determine an acceptable rehabilitation design. Corrective        is currently continuing with the addition of a new electrical
measures were taken by installing pavement edge drains              equipment services facility and PAPI/ REIL installations
and removing the Porous Friction Course (PFC) in favor              which have been funded through cost savings that have been
of runway grooving. WHPacific provided the engineering              found in the construction work. WHPacific took over this
services to design a rehabilitation of the runway to correct        project during the second year of construction and insured
the stripping problem and to ensure continued availability          that it was completed on time and under budget.
of Runway 10L-28R. The project required phasing and                     Project Manager: Randy Kruckenberg, PE
a temporarily displaced threshold to maintain the                       Start/End Dates: March 2008- December 2008
demanding commercial, cargo, military, fire fighting and                Airport Sponsor: City of Bend, Oregon
GA air traffic at the Airport. Considerable coordination                Contact: Gary Judd, Airport Manager, (541) 389-0258
with the FAA was required to obtain funding for the
project in a short time frame required for immediate
construction. Due to the size of the project and the                                                    Southwest Oregon
unplanned need to rehabilitate the pavement the work was                                                Regional Airport,
conducted over two construction seasons.                                                                Runway 4-22 Rehab,
    Project Manager/Principal in Charge: Jason Ritchie, PE/Rainse                                       North Bend, OR
    Anderson, PE, Paul Ashton, PE, Project Engineer/Inspector                                            WHPacific provided
    Start/End Dates: December 2006 – December 2008                                                       design and construction
    Airport Sponsor: City of Boise                                                                       management services
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director                                              for the rehabilitation
    (208) 383-3110
                                                                                                         and extension of
                                                                                                         Runway 4-22. The
                                                                    project overlaid the existing 5,321’ runway with 6-1/2”
                            Grant County Regional
                                                                    of asphalt and extended the runway to 6,000’. The project
                            Airport, Runway Extensions,
                                                                    included installation of additional MIRL lighting, REILs
                            Grant County, OR
                                                                    and an underdrain system. Project financing includes both
                             This airport improvement project       State FAM grant and Federal (FAA) AIP grant funds. A
                             consisted of the extension of three    combination of night work and restricted day time closures
                             runway ends and the construction       will keep this ILS runway open to ensure uninterrupted
of a new Taxiway B connecting the existing Runways 17-35            commercial service operations. The project was completed
and 9-27. Runway 9 was extended 950 feet and required the           under budget and the close-out report within 45 days
excavation of over 50,000 cubic yards of material to construct      of project acceptance. AWARD: 2007 Asphalt Paving
the pavement and clear safety areas and approach surfaces. Both     Association Smoothness Award.
ends of Runway 17-35 were extended to increase the available            Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
runway length to 5,225 feet from 4,500 feet. The project also           Start/End Dates: September 2005 – May 2006
included preparation of a Documented Categorical Exclusion              Airport Sponsor: Coos County Airport District
report and an update to the Airport Layout Plan to meet FAA   ’s        Contact Name/Phone Number: Gary LeTellier, former Airport
project development requirements. WHPacific also helped obtain          Director (706) 798-3236
ConnectOregon I Grant Funds for these airport improvements.
    Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
    Start/End Dates: May 2007 – December 2008
    Airport Sponsor: Grant County
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Colin English, Airport Manager,
    (541) 575-1511

January 20, 2010                                               33
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
                                                                 Part 77 surface. Based on the type of work proposed,
                                                                 significant impacts to airport operations are anticipated
                                                                 during construction; the project team is facilitating a public
                                                                 involvement process to keep tenants and concerned citizens
                                                                 informed as the design progresses. A detailed construction
                                                                 phasing plan will be developed to minimize the impacts
                                                                 of construction. Final design is scheduled to be completed
                                                                 during the winter and spring of 2010, with construction to
                                                                 follow in the summer of 2010.
                                                                     Project Manager: Darren Murata, PE
                                                                     Start/End Dates: 2009-ongoing
                                                                     Airport Sponsor: Pierce County
                                                                     Contact Name/Phone Number: Mike Esher, Airport
                                                                     Administrator, (253) 798-7109

Aurora State, Runway Rehabilitation,                             Taxiway/Apron Extensions/Rehabilitations/
Marion County, OR                                                Construction
WHPacific provided design and construction management
services for the rehabilitation of Runway 17-35; 5000’ x 100’.
The project also included upgrading the runway lighting
and electrical systems and modifying the parallel taxiway to
serve as a temporary runway. Multiple public meetings were
held with tenants and concerned citizens to deliver strategies
to minimize the impacts of construction to the users. Through
the coordination effort it was determined that a construction
schedule of weekend work would cause the least amount
of interruption during the project. Prior to construction, a
massive coordination effort between the contractor, ODA,
various FAA divisions, and the Oregon National Guard was
required to ensure that the proper NOTAMs, communication
channels and safety items were in place. WHPacific provided
project oversight of all the construction operations which
were completed in four weekends. The FAA also approved
the use of the parallel taxiway as a temporary runway
during the shutdown of the main runway. Aurora State
is normally an uncontrolled airport; therefore, in order to      Portland International Airport (PDX) – Preliminary
conduct the temporary runway operations safely, the Oregon       Engineer’s Design Report, Taxiway B East
Air National Guard provided and operated a temporary Air         Rehabilitation and Taxiway B West Rehabilitation,
Traffic Control Tower. The project was completed on schedule     Portland, OR
and under the original budget. This project won a 2006           (A) Preliminary Engineer’s Design Report. The report
ACEC Honor Award in Transportation and an Asphalt                compiled was to assist the Port of Portland in developing
Paving Association Smoothness Award.                             alternatives for rehabilitating and relocating portions of
    Project Manager; Rainse Anderson, PE                         Taxiway B at PDX. The information delivered included field
    Start/End Dates: 2005-2006                                   investigation data and engineering reports on subsurface
    Airport Sponsor: Oregon Department of Aviation               soil conditions, alternative asphalt and concrete pavement
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Chris Cummings
                                                                 sections developed for the projected aircraft traffic loads,
                                                                 life cycle cost analysis of the different pavement sections,
    (503) 378-3168                                               and constructability impacts of alternatives proposed.
                                                                 After consultations with Port staff on the initial results of
Pierce County (Thun Field), 2010 Runway                          the study, WHPacific made final recommendations on the
Improvements, Pierce County, WA                                  pavement sections to be constructed, developed construction
WHPacific is providing preliminary engineering,                  phasing scenarios, and prepared a preliminary Estimation
environmental review, and final design services for this         of Construction Costs. This Preliminary Design Report
FAA AIP funded improvement project at Thun Field. This           also noted specific areas of design that would have to be
project includes rehabilitation and widening of Runway           more closely investigated during final design process. (B)
16-34. Project elements will also include the installation of    Taxiway B East Rehabilitation and (C) Taxiway B West
a new Medium Intensity Runway Edge Lighting System,              Rehabilitation. Final design and construction support
relocation of PAPI’s and REIL’s, construction of stormwater      services were added to the scope of our contract. WHPacific
facilities, and removal of tree obstructions to the runway’s
January 20, 2010                                           34
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
completed the PCC pavement plan and profiles, jointing           Aurora State Airport, Taxiway A Relocation,
layout and typical sections. Construction support included       Marion County, OR
submittal and RFI review, site visits, engineering support       WHPacific provided design and construction management
and project administration.                                      services for the relocation of Taxiway A from 240’ from
    Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE                         centerline of Runway 17-35 to 300’. This meets the FAA
    Start/End Dates: 2003-2005                                   standards for the latest GPS approach. The project included
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Portland                            major drainage improvements and a new Taxiway lighting
    Contact Name/Phone: Tom Peterson, PE, Engineering Services   system, electrical building, beacon tower and beacon. A
                                                                 total of 15 phases and work areas were developed to keep
    Director (503) 944-7360                                      the airport operational at all times. Extensive coordination
                                                                 with the tenants, users and FAA was required. This project
Bellingham International Airport, 2009 Terminal
                                                                 was constructed over a two year period and was completed
Apron Rehabilitation Phase IV, Bellingham, WA
                                                                 under budget.
WHPacific provided engineering design and construction
services for this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act             Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
(ARRA) funded project. The project reconstructed the north           Start/End Dates: June 2006 – October 2008
asphalt terminal apron area with portland cement concrete            Airport Sponsor: Oregon Department of Aviation
pavement. The rehabilitation area was approximately 74,000           Contact Name/Phone Number: Chris Cummings, Program
SF with 15 inch doweled concrete pavement.                           Manager, (503) 378-3168
    Project Manager: Celeste Low, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2009                                        Arlington Airport, Taxiway C and D Improvements,
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Bellingham                          Arlington, WA
    Contact Name/Phone Number: John Hergesheimer, Project        WHPacific provided preliminary engineering, environmental
                                                                 review, final design, and construction management
    Engineer (360) 676-2500                                      services for taxiway, taxilane and ramp improvements to
                                                                 the Arlington Airport. Services being provided include
                                                                 preliminary engineering, survey, geotechnical, SEPA/
                                                                 NEPA, biological reviews, endangered species act review,
                                                                 cultural and historic resources review, final design and
                                                                 construction inspection and administration services. This
                                                                 project overlaid Taxiway C and D, reconstructed multiple
                                                                 connector taxiways to Runway 11-29, constructed two
                                                                 new run-up aprons and rehabilitated Taxiway D2 and D3.
                                                                 A construction safety and phasing plan was developed
                                                                 to minimize the impacts to business and other tenants
                                                                 adjacent to the projects work areas.
                                                                     Project Manager: David Williams, PE
                                                                     Start/End Dates: 2007-2008
                                                                     Airport Sponsor: City of Arlington
Bellingham International Airport Apron and Taxiway                   Contact Name/Phone Number: Joe Alexander, Project
Improvements, Bellingham, WA                                         Manager, (360) 403-3471
WHPacific provided engineering and construction
management services for the construction of an asphalt           Orcas Island Airport, 2011 Runway, Taxiway, and
taxilane to access the existing terminal apron, reconstruction   Apron Improvements, Eastsound, WA
of the terminal apron, construction of a deicing collection      WHPacific is providing surveying, engineering,
and discharge system, reconstruction of Taxiway C, and           environmental permitting, FAA grant management and
crack sealing of Runway 16-34 at the Airport. Project            construction management services for this FAA improvement
elements include the design of a new taxilane to ARC Group       project at the airport. The existing airfield pavements are old
III requirements with pavement strengths to accommodate          with some areas of pavement failure. The project proposes to
for 737 and MD-80 aircraft. Services include geotechnical,       complete an overlay of the runway, connector taxiways, and
survey, preliminary engineering, SEPA/NEPA, permitting,          parallel taxiway. The project also includes a combination of
storm water design, pavement design, mechanical/electrical       full reconstruction and overlay of the tiedown aprons. The
design, final design, construction management, resident          connector taxiways will be modified to bring them to current
engineering and testing.                                         FAA geometric design standards.
    Project Manager: Celeste Low, PE                                 Project Manager: David Williams, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2008-2009                                       Start/End Dates: 2009-ongoing
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Bellingham                              Airport Sponsor: Port of Orcas
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Scott Wendling, Project               Contact Name/Phone Number: Bea von Tobel, Airport
    Manager, (360) 676-2500                                          Manager, (360) 376-5285

January 20, 2010                                           35
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
                           Anacortes Airport, 2008               declared distance lighting and signing. Modifications to
                           Taxilane and Ramp                     the existing FAA-owned MALSF approach lighting
                           Improvements, Anacortes,              system were designed by the consultant team and
                           WA                                    reviewed by FAA through a reimbursable agreement. The
                             WHPacific provided design           project also included examination of all airfield lighting
                             and construction management         circuits, electrical vault modifications, and examination of
                             services for improvements that      current runway width of 200 feet verses the FAA-standard
were constructed in the summer of 2008. The project elements     150 foot dimension.
included reconstructing multiple existing aircraft taxilanes         Project Manager: Mark Napier, PE
in the airport’s hangar area, rehabilitating the existing            Start/End Dates: 2005 - 2006
airport entrance road, constructing an aircraft washdown             Airport Sponsor: King County
facility, and improving storm drainage improvements                  Contact Name/Phone Number: Rick Renaud, Project Manager,
necessary to support the new and planned development.
The taxilane work required evaluating and engineering                (206) 296-7427
revisions to underground utilities, including a significant
effort connecting all hangar roof drains to the storm drainage
system, full pavement rehabilitation in the hangar area,
and an extensive construction phasing plan and tenant
notification plan. The project was staged to allow minimal
disruption to tenants, with advance notifications to enable
aircraft relocation prior to taxilane closures.
    Project Manager: Darren Murata, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2008-2009
    Airport Sponsor/ Port of Anacortes
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Becky Darden, Project
    Manager, (360) 299-1831

Airfield Lighting Projects
Anacortes Airport, 2009 Lighting Improvements,                   Aurora State Airport, Taxiway A Relocation,
Anacortes, WA                                                    Marion County, OR
WHPacific is providing engineering, FAA grant management         WHPacific provided design and construction management
and construction management services for this FAA                services for the relocation of Taxiway A from 240’ from
improvement project at the airport. The airport required         centerline of Runway 17-35 to 300’. This meets the FAA
additional ramp lighting for its tiedown apron as                standards for the latest GPS approach. The project included
well as installation of a back-up generator to power             major drainage improvements and a new Taxiway lighting
the airport’s rotating beacon, access gates, site                system, electrical building, beacon tower and beacon.
lighting, and emergency lighting features. The project           A total of 15 phases and work areas were developed to keep
required working within limited space for the installation       the airport operational at all times. Extensive coordination
of light towers in a confined hangar area and the FAR            with the tenants, users and FAA was required. This project
Part 77 surfaces. The project provided an assessment of          was constructed over a two year period and was completed
lighting needs for the full facility, including future private   under budget.
hangar developments.                                                 Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
    Project Manager: David Williams, PE                              Start/End Dates: June 2006 – October 2008
    Start/End Dates: 2009-est completion January 2010                Airport Sponsor: Oregon Department of Aviation
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Anacortes,                              Contact Name/Phone Number: Chris Cummings, Program
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Brady Rowe, Project Manager,          Manager, (503) 378-3168
    (360) 299-1827

King County International Airport/Boeing Field,
Seattle, WA
WHPacific provided preliminary design and final design
services for the Runway 13R - 31L Safety Area Improvement
project. The project included construction of 880 feet of
special-use pavement at the North end of the instrument
runway, construction/modification of blast fences adjacent
to the Boeing facilities, modification of the Runway 31L
displaced threshold location and connector taxiways, and

January 20, 2010                                          36
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Planning Studies
Boise Airport Master Plan Update, Boise, ID
WHPacific, as subconsultant to Ricondo Associates (a
team member on this submittal), provided the City of
Boise with a master plan update for the Boise Airport
that incorporates an inventory of existing conditions
and planned terminal area development with potential
development opportunities as described by the current
capital improvement plan. Additionally, a financial
management plan was developed to assist in planning for
the integrated development of the airport.
    Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2007 – ongoing (FAA review)
    Airport Sponsor: City of Boise
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director,
    (208) 383-3110                                             Mulino, Master Plan Update/ALP, Mulino, OR
                                                               For the Port of Portland, WHPacific updated the Mulino
                                                               Airport’s Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan. Mulino
                                                               is a small GA airport that serves as a reliever to the Port’s
                                                               three other metropolitan airports. The previous Master Plan
                                                               was over 12 years old and needed to be updated to reflect
                                                               new facilities, current projections of airport activity, new
                                                               environmental and other regulatory constraints, and to plan
                                                               for an appropriate mix of land uses to support projected
                                                               aviation and non-aviation needs and the long-term financial
                                                               health of the airport. The updated Master Plan, provided
                                                               by WHPacific, will help the Port select appropriate patterns
                                                               of land use on the airfield and adjoining Port properties
                                                               based on updated forecasts of demand for aviation services
                                                               such as hangars, tie downs, repair, flight instruction, etc.
                                                               The ALP/Terminal Area, Airspace and Land Use drawings
                                                               were prepared as a guide to future development needs at the
                                                               Airport. An updated capital improvement plan will allow the
                                                               Port to make strategic investments in needed airfield projects.
                                                               WHPacific used guidance from the FAA Advisory Circular
                                                               150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans, and other relevant
Hillsboro Master Plan, Hillsboro, OR                           FAA Advisory Circulars and Orders, Federal Aviation
WHPacific assisted in providing the Port of Portland with      Regulations, Transportation Security Administration, and
a master plan that incorporates an inventory of existing       other aviation industry publications in preparation of these
conditions and planned terminal area development with          two planning documents.
potential development opportunities as described by the            Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
current capital improvement plan. An environmental                 Start/End Dates: November 2006 – March 2008
analysis was conducted for the overall impacts of projects
                                                                   Airport Sponsor: Port of Portland
contemplated. Our tasks included inventory, operations
survey, obstruction surveys, ALP development and capital           Contact Name/Phone Number: Jason Gately,
improvement cost estimate.                                         (503) 460-4570
    Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
                                                               Washington State Long Term Air Transportation
    Start/End Dates: November 2003 – September 2005
                                                               Study (LATS), Statewide, WA
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Portland                          WHPacific recently completed work with WSDOT
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Steve Wagner,                   Aviation and the prime consulting firm SH&E on a three
    Coffman Associates, (816) 524-3500                         year statewide study authorized by the Governor through
                                                               Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (ESSB) 5121. The purpose
                                                               of LATS was to understand what capacity currently exists
                                                               in aviation facilities and what will be needed to meet future
                                                               demand for air transportation. Funded by the FAA as a
                                                               state aviation system plan, the project was also required to
                                                               meet the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5070-7, The Airport
January 20, 2010                                          37
                                    Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
System Planning Process. WHPacific was responsible for               raised concern from some local citizens, WHPacific
the following work items: system wide airport inventory              has created a structured approach that includes public
update, airport database update, evaluation of existing              participation without negatively impacting the project’s
capacity for aircraft storage, review capacity versus demand,        schedule or budget. Preliminary design of the taxiway
development of scenarios to accommodate the forecast                 relocation is also included as part of WHPacific’s services.
demand, and development of a capital improvement plan                A detailed project schedule and budget was prepared
(CIP) to meet the capacity and performance measure                   for the project and is being adhered to. Monthly project
requirements. WHPacific staff (Sara Funk) also lead the              status reports are sent to the Airport and FAA for review.
team’s work to help WSDOT establish a classification system              Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
for Washington’s 140 public-use airports.                                Start/End Dates: August 2008 - ongoing
    Project Managers: David Williams, PE; Rainse Anderson, PE            Airport Sponsor: City of McCall
    Start/End Dates: 2008-2009                                           Contact Name/Phone Number: John Anderson, Airport
    Airport Sponsor: WSDOT Aviation                                      Manager (208) 634-1488
    Contact Name/Phone Number: John Shambaugh
    (360) 651-6300

Washington State Multiple Airport Layout Plans,
WSDOT Aviation Division, Statewide, WA
WHPacific prepared airport layout plan updates for ten
airports throughout the State of Washington. The ALP
updates are for Anderson Field, Cashmere-Dryden, Cle
Elum Municipal, Dorothy Scott, Grand Coulee Dam, Grove
Field, Ocean Shores Municipal, Odessa Municipal, Omak
Municipal, and Rosalia Municipal Airports. Project tasks
include data collection and site assessment, forecasting,
review of land use criteria, development of airport planning
criteria and facility requirements and development
alternatives. A series of advisory board meetings are being
held throughout the course of the project. The meetings and          Klamath Falls Airport, Environmental Assessment,
initial planning tasks will then guide the development of            Klamath Falls, OR
the airport layout plan, associated master plan drawings,            The Klamath Falls Airport experienced a wildlife hazard
summary of airport improvement projects and costs, and               problem that has caused a significant safety concern. The
the completion of the airport layout plan update reports.            City of Klamath Falls engaged WHPacific to conduct
Coordination and review opportunities will occur at all              an environmental assessment at the airport in order to
stages of the plan development.                                      reduce the hazard problem. It was determined that wetland
    Project Manager: David Williams, PE                              mitigation and the Endangered Species Act would be
    Start/End Dates: 2007-2008                                       critical components in resolving this issue as the reduction
    Airport Sponsor: WSDOT Aviation                                  of the on-airport habitat and open water would diminish
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Eric Johnson, Project Manager,        the probability of conflicts between aircraft and wildlife.
                                                                     WHPacific’s environmental experts performed a delineation
    (360) 651-6300
                                                                     of wetlands and waters in a 2,000-acre study area, including
                                                                     on-site delineation within the airport and off-site delineation
Environmental Studies                                                in the remainder of the study area and prepared and
                                                                     submitted a wetland delineation report. They attended on-site
                            McCall Municipal Airport,                meetings with regulatory agencies to review the delineation
                            Taxiway Relocation                       and facilitate concurrence. Potential projects to remediate
                            Environmental Assessment,                bird strike hazards were identified and prioritized, including
                            McCall, ID                               drainage improvements, re-routing of irrigation drains, and
                           WHPacific is undertaking an               filling airport ditches and associated wetlands. In addition
                           Environmental Assessment to               to the preliminary design of various abatement methods,
address the runway/taxiway separation deficiency, per                WHPacific also provided the City with cost estimates and
FAA design standards. While the airport is currently                 implementation phasing. The projects were phased over
designated as an airport reference code (ARC) B-II,                  several years as funding became available
alternatives exceeding the B-II minimum separation                       Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
will be analyzed. The purpose of looking beyond B-II
                                                                         Start/End Dates: 2004-2007
standards is to possibly avoid impacting existing
wetlands, which would reduce the project’s environmental                 Airport Sponsor: City of Klamath Falls
impact while also decreasing permitting and eliminating                  Contact Name/Phone Number: Ann Crook, Airport Director,
the need for off-site mitigation. Since the project has                  (541) 883-5372

January 20, 2010                                                38
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Storm Drainage Facilities                                         Surveying
Anacortes Airport, 2009 Drainage System Evaluation                Boise Airport Runway 28L Proposed Extension and
and Improvements, Anacortes, WA                                   Connecting Taxiway, Boise, ID
WHPacific is providing preliminary/final engineering on           WHPacific completed a Topographic Survey to assist in
this FAA AIP funded improvement project at the Anacortes          the design for the future extension of Runway 28L and
Airport. This project includes evaluation of the capacity,        for a new connecting Taxiway to the runway on the South
maintainability, environmental impact, and wildlife impact of     side of Gowen Road. WHPacific was responsible for the
the existing drainage system; then evaluation and design of       coordination between Airport Administration, the FAA and
a new drainage management system that will accommodate            Local Utility Agencies to complete the project with minimal
existing and future expansion projects.                           impact to the daily operations of the airfield. The survey was
    Project Manager: David Williams, PE                           completed with a combination of GPS and Conventional
    Start/End Dates: 2009-ongoing                                 Survey techniques with a complete base map being delivered
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Anacortes                            to HNTB, the Prime Consultant.
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Brady Rowe, Project Manager            Project Manager: Travis Foster, PLS
    (360) 293-1827                                                    Start/End Dates: 2008
                                                                      Airport Sponsor: City of Boise
Pierce County Airport (Thun Field) 2008 Taxiway                       Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director
Realignment, Puyallup, WA                                             (208) 383-3110
WHPacific provided design and construction phase services
for this 2008 improvement project. The project included           Boise Airport Runway 10L-28R Design Survey, Boise, ID
the realignment of 700 lf of the parallel taxiway, to meet        WHPacific completed a design level topographic survey
FAA requirements for runway-taxiway separation, and               of the existing surface and adjacent features of Runway
construction of a new hold apron. Stormwater conveyance           10L-28R to be used in assisting the engineers in preparing
and detention/water quality facilities were also constructed      construction documents to reconstruct the runway surface
to support the proposed improvements.                             and drainage facilities. Survey control was set at 500’
    Project Manager: Darren Murata, PE                            intervals along the length of the runway with differential
    Start/End Dates: 2007-2008                                    levels ran through each control point to establish a high
    Airport Sponsor: Pierce County                                accuracy for the vertical datum. Trimble S6 Total Stations
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Mike Esher, Airport                were used to complete a extremely tight grid at 25 foot
                                                                  intervals on all hard surfaces while RTK GPS was used to
    Administrator, (253) 798-7109
                                                                  collect the existing ground and other features outside of the
                                                                  hard surfaces. A final base map was completed with 0.25 foot
Orcas Island Airport, North Outfall Drainage
                                                                  contours and delivered to the WHPacific engineering group
Improvements, Eastsound, WA
                                                                  to then proceed with the design work.
WHPacific is providing design engineering, environmental
permitting and construction management services for the               Project Manager: Travis Foster, PLS
relocation and new anchoring system for the Port’s north              Start/End Dates: 2006
storm drainage outfall to the Puget Sound. The existing               Airport Sponsor: City of Boise
anchoring system has failed and the storm drainage pipe is            Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director
not fully constrained causing damage to adjacent property             (208) 383-3110
and concerns about conveying stormwater flow. Our design
includes a steel saddling system with a series of 25’ driven
piles to hold the storm drainage pipe in the correct alignment.
The project has required obtaining permits from the Army
Corps of Engineers and Washington State Department of
Ecology through the JARPA process.
    Project Manager: David Williams, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2009-ongoing
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Orcas
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Bea von Tobel, Airport
    Manager, (360) 376-5285

January 20, 2010                                           39
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
                                                                  PARSONS TSSC III, Wide Area Augmentation
                                                                  System (WAAS), Localizer Performance with
                                                                  Vertical Guidance (LPV), FAA Aeronautical Surveys
                                                                  AC150/5300-18B, Various Airports,
                                                                  ID, OR, MT, NM, WA, WY
                                                                  WHPacific is providing Aeronautical Surveying Services
                                                                  as a subconsultant to PARSONS TSSC III, for the
                                                                  Federal Aviation Administration as part of its Wide Area
                                                                  Augmentation System Program during the 2009 and 2010
                                                                  calendar years. The surveys meet the requirements of the
                                                                  new FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5300-18B at 15
                                                                  different airports in the Western United States. They will be
                                                                  used to develop LPV instrument approach procedures at the
                                                                  various airports, located in Idaho, Oregon, Montana, New
                                                                  Mexico, Washington and Wyoming. Field crews from four
Boise Airport Parking Garage, Boise, ID                           of WHPacific’s offices were involved with the completion
This Topographic Survey was for the future expansion of           of these surveys. The surveys involved high accuracy GPS
the existing parking garage at the Boise Airport. Due to          control (static, Rapid static, and RTK), standard terrestrial
the complexity of the structure and the need for As-Built         surveying, aerial photo control and photogrammetry. The
information on the structure columns and support beams,           final product is a geo-referenced AutoCAD GIS-compatible
two helix access ramps, and the varying elevations of             file that provides the FAA’s flight procedures offices accurate
the different floors, it was decided to use a static LIDAR        survey information for each of the airports. A work plan and
scanner to survey the structure. Five scanning stations           safety plan were developed by WHPacific to ensure that all
were used to create a 3-D Point Cloud of the structure from       field staff involved were thoroughly trained in both airfield
which almost any dimensions could be extracted for design         surveys and on-airport movement before the start of the
purposes. This data was combined with conventional RTK            project. The work is on schedule and will be complete by
GPS observations to prepare a topographic basemap of the          the end of 2009. PARSONS recently selected WHPacific for
site. Additional point information on the structure could         phase 9 of the Wide Area Augmentation System Program.
be extracted at any time as necessary without the need to         This phase will include completion of aeronautical surveys
revisit the site.                                                 at 45 airports in Alaska, Arizona, California, New Mexico,
    Project Manager: Travis Foster, PLS                           Nevada and Oregon.
    Start/End Dates: 2009                                             Project Manager: Dave Field, PE
    Airport Sponsor: City of Boise                                    Start/End Dates: 2009-ongoing
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director           Client: FAA, WHPacific is a subconsultant to PARSONS
    (208) 383-3110                                                    Contact Name/Phone Number: Nathan Magestad, Project
                                                                      Manager, PARSONS TSSC III
                            BPA Group – Boise Airport                 (202) 484-3663
                            Air Traffic Control Tower
                            Site Survey, Boise, ID                Roads and Parking Lots
                            WHPacific was responsible
                            for completing a topographic          Boise Airport, Rickenbacker Street Reconstruction,
                            survey and boundary resolution        Boise, ID
                            for the site of the new Air           WHPacific provided design of this rehabilitation project
                            Traffic Control Tower for the         which involved reconstructing the heavily deteriorated
                            Boise Airport and Gowen Field.        pavement section and improving the poor drainage conditions
                            WHPacific was the point of            of Rickenbacker Street. The project was coordinated closely
                            contact in coordinating between       with the City of Boise, Airport Division and also included
                            the BPA Group, the Boise              construction management and inspection services. The new
                            Airport Operations Staff, the         roadway will be two lanes and will include the addition of
                            National Guard and our own            curbing and a paved parking area.
                            survey personnel on site.                 Project Manager/Project Engineer: Jason Ritchie, PE; Gordon
                            Project Manager: Travis Foster, PLS       Smith, PE; Paul Ashton, PE, Project Engineer/Inspector
                            Start/End Dates: 2009                     Start/End Dates: 2008-2009
                            Client: BPA Group                         Client: City of Boise
                            Contact Name/Phone Number:                Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director
                            Danny Leung, Project Manager,             (208) 383-3110
                            (425) 990-1044

January 20, 2010                                            40
                                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Boise Airport Employee Parking, Boise, ID                             Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
This project was part of WHPacific’s prior On-Call Airport            Start/End Dates: 2008-2009
Engineering IDIQ contract and involved the paving of a                Airport Sponsor: Coos County Airport District
currently dirt and gravel mix area east of the terminal.              Contact Name/Phone Number: Gary LeTellier, former Airport
The intent was to construct a temporary parking lot for               Director (706) 798-3236
employees. Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction
(ISPWC) was utilized for the project. Existing flood lighting     Scappoose Industrial Airpark Access Road,
was modified to illuminate the project area.                      St. Helens, OR
    Project Manager: Jason Ritchie, PE                            WHPacific recently provided the design of a 1,000 foot
    Start/End Dates: 2008                                         Airport Access Road and automated access gate. As part
    Client: City of Boise                                         of our services, WHPacific provided coordination with the
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Matt Petaja, Deputy Director       tenants, the Port and the FAA to determine road, fencing, and
    (208) 383-3110                                                gate layouts. The project is currently under construction.
                                                                      Project Manager: Rainse Anderson, PE
                                                                      Start/End Dates: 2009-ongoing (sched. to be complete 2/10)
                                                                      Client: Port of St. Helens
                                                                      Contact Name/Phone Number: Edward Conrad Wagoner,
                                                                      Airport Manager (503) 397-2888

                                                                  Pavement Condition Surveys
                                                                  ODA Pavement Maintenance Program,
                                                                  Statewide Oregon
                                                                  WHPacific developed this program in conjunction with
                                                                  the Oregon Department of Aviation in 1999. Since then,
                                                                  WHPacific has provided engineering services from concept
                                                                  through construction for a $1M pavement maintenance
                                                                  project each year. The program is funded through aviation
Hillsboro, Terminal Parking Rehabilitation and                    fuel taxes, local sponsor match money, and federal grants.
Perimeter Roads, Hillsboro, OR                                    It is targeted at the smaller airports in the state, the
WHPacific provided the design of work to remove and               general aviation airports, which typically cannot fund
replace the asphalt in traffic lanes of the existing terminal     their own maintenance needs. The airport pavements are
parking lot, rehabilitate asphalt surfaces in parking areas and   similar to local county roads from the standpoint that age,
reconstruct approximately ½-mile of perimeter road with a         environmental factors, and maintenance influence pavement
cement-treated subbase an asphalt surface. The Terminal           life more than traffic loading. The program is based on
parking lot rehabilitation construction was performed in          the philosophy that maintaining good pavements through
nightly work windows in order for the Terminal operations to      crack sealing, surface sealing, and minor AC patching can
continue with their daily business.                               significantly extend the initial investment in the facility. Each
                                                                  year, WHPacific completes the following work on the project:
    Project Manager: Randy Kruckenberg, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2007-2008
    Airport Sponsor: Port of Portland
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Nathan Grimes, GA Ops
    Supervisor (503) 693-1963

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Terminal
Development, North Bend, OR
WHPacific engineered several elements for the airport’s New
Terminal Development, including 325 stalls for short & long
term parking, employee and rental car parking; an aircraft
ramp accommodating two commercial aircraft; a new access
road as well as design of other utilities, water, stormwater,
gas and communications. The WHPacific team also
prepared an Environmental Assessment for the terminal area
development plan, focusing on impacts to wetlands, impacts
to aquatic life and water quality.

January 20, 2010                                           41
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
•	 Review the prioritized recommendations from the              service with the City of Caldwell water Department and
   pavement management database                                 Fire Marshall’s office. Work also included the coordination
•	 Identify preliminary scope of work at each facility and      with Pioneer Irrigation District to relocate a portion of
   develop the cost summary                                     the “A” Drain and to acquire 404 permitting through the
                                                                Army Corps of Engineers. All permit applications were
•	 Field-verify the scope of work including evaluation of       prepared and tracked on the owners behalf, including state/
   pavement conditions, measure bid item quantities, and        governmental permits.
   coordinate safety and operations with owner                      Project Manager: Tom Jones, RLA, ASLA
•	 Prepare plans, specs, and bid schedule for review by DOJ         Start/End Dates: 2004-2009
•	 Provide complete ‘services during construction’ including        Client: City of Caldwell
   administration, inspection, coordination with airports for       Contact name/Phone Number: Eljay Waite and Ken Frazee
   safety and operations, pay estimates, and close-out docs         (208) 455-3006
    Project Manager: Ed Chamberland, PE
    Start/End Dates: 1999-ongoing                                                                 ITD District 3 –
                                                                                                  I-84, Franklin Road
    Airport Sponsor: Oregon Department of Aviation
                                                                                                  Interchange, Caldwell, ID
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Chris Cummings, ODA                                              Franklin Road/US 20-26
    Programs Manager (503) 378-3168                                                             was a two-lane road crossing
                                                                                                I-84. The new interchange
Other Relevant Projects                                                                         project included improving
                                                                                                Franklin Road to a six-lane
                                                                                                urban section through the
                                                                interchange with double left-turn lanes on to and off the
                                                                ramps. This project included concept, preliminary and final
                                                                designs, PS&E, geotechnical investigations, landscaping
                                                                of the interchange gore areas, public involvement,
                                                                environmental and traffic studies including four new signals.
                                                                The 4(f) issues involved canals and drainage ditches. The
                                                                overpass has been designed as a 336-foot, two span, skewed
                                                                steel plate girder superstructure. The out-to-out bridge width
                                                                is 103’-6”. Construction is being completed in stages, keeping
                                                                the existing bridge open until a portion of the new structure
                                                                is complete for use in carrying traffic while replacing the old
                                                                existing structure. Bridge was designed to AASHTO LRFD
                                                                Bridge Design Specifications and ITD Bridge Design LRFD
                                                                Manual. 2009 ACEC Outstanding Transportation and
Sky Ranch Business Park, Phase I & II, Caldwell, ID             Grand Award for Innovation.
WHPacific provided Professional Planning, Surveying,                Project Manager: Gordon Smith, PE
Engineering and Landscape design services for the Sky               Start/End Dates: 2002-2006
Ranch Business Park which includes approximately 350                Client: Idaho Transportation Department
acres of Commercial, industrial, and municipal development.
This project included a 65 acre City Park, over 80 acres            Contact name/Phone Number: Daris Bruce, Project Manager,
of industrial development and 1 million square feet of              ITD (208) 334-8331
commercial and retail development. Project tasks included
assisting in the pre-planning exercise and Public Hearing       SH-75, Timber Way to Big Wood River Bridge, ITD,
Process to develop a conceptual plan that met client            Blaine County, ID
needs, which could be supported by the local residential        Prime consultant for a 3.2 mile roadway widening and
communities and the City of Caldwell. Project surveying         reconstruction project. In addition to the overall project
tasks included coordinating the project’s topographic,          management of five subconsultants, WHPacific design
boundary survey needs, preparation lot segregation              responsibilities include the survey and right-of-way plans, roadway
documents, assorted site legal descriptions, ALTA Surveys       geometric design, structure design including retaining walls,
and construction staking. On-site civil work included           construction staging and traffic control plans, signing and striping.
design of grading, storm drainage conveyance system,            Design contract value is $1.4M and construction cost of $8M.
water and sanitary sewer systems, design coordination, and          Project Manager: Tracy Olsen, PE
construction support services for the site’s infrastructure.        Start/End Dates: (2009-current) on-schedule for a 2012
Final construction documents for the site’s infrastructure          completion date for design and ROW acquisition.
stormwater/water quality facilities, site grading design and        Client: ITD
off-site street frontage improvements. Professional services        Contact Name/Phone Number: Mike Scott, Project Manager,
also included the coordination the site’s domestic/fire water       ITD (208) 886-7841
January 20, 2010                                         42
                                  Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
Snake River Canyon Overlook Structure Concept
Study, ITD, Twin Falls, ID
Prime consultant, completed the survey and conceptual
design of a 30-ft long cantilever structure as part of a
proposed pedestrian pathway improvement project. Design
included survey, managing the geotechnical consultant,
concept study that explored two alternative configurations
for both steel and concrete. Contract value $28K. Completed
study $3K under budget.
    Project Manager: Tracy Olsen, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2009
    Client: ITD
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Phil White, Project Manager,
    ITD (208) 886-7841

21st Ave., Chicago to Franklin and Intersection of
Franklin & 21st Ave., ITD, Canyon County, ID
Prime consultant for ¾ mile of urban road reconstruction
and realignment including a new signalized intersection
at Franklin Road, 21st Avenue and the new connection to
Commercial Way. The existing high skew angle intersection
was relocated and realigned to a more perpendicular road
crossing configuration to improve intersection sight distance
and safety. Included a siphon structure at the existing
crossing of Notus Canal and Franklin Rd. In addition,
Commercial Way was realigned and extended across the
Notus Canal requiring a new bridge structure. Portions of
the road widening of 21st Avenue and the realignment of
Franklin Rd. occurred over highly compressible soils native
to the area and required extra monitoring in fill areas during
construction to ensure all settlement had occurred prior to
final paving. Maintaining existing two-way traffic during
construction was a priority for the community as the gateway
to the College of Idaho and the City. Design Contract value
of $ 250,000 and a construction cost of $2.6 M.
    Project Manager: Gordon Smith, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2009
    Client: ITD/City of Caldwell
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Brent Orton, City of Caldwell
    (208) 455-3006

Franklin Rd, Five Mile to Touchmark, ACHD/ITD,
Ada County, ID
Prime consultant completing survey, roadway and ROW
plans for improvements and widening of 1.7 miles of
Franklin Rd. from a 2-lane rural section to a 5-lane urban
section to ITD standards for ACHD. Includes roadway and
drainage design, detention pond, approach tie-ins for over
30 approaches, ROW plans that included 51 properties with
legals for takes and permanent easements, construction
staging to facilitate an ADT of 30,000 including a major
concrete intersection. Design contract value is $940k and est.
construction cost of $10M.
    Project Manager: Gordon Smith, PE
    Start/End Dates: 2005-2009
    Client: ACHD/ITD
    Contact Name/Phone Number: Tim Morgan, Project Manager,
    ACHD (208) 387-6177

January 20, 2010                                          43
                               Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services
vI. referenCes                                             What Can You Expect From WHPacific?
Airport References                                         An Experienced Team
                                                           •	 WHPacific has experienced staff who are dedicated to
Gary LeTellier, former Airport Director, Coos County          your success and really know how to successfully deliver
Airport District, (706) 798-3236                              airport projects. Our Aviation Team has demonstrated
Project(s): multiple projects at Southwest Oregon             our abilities on previous project work in the City and at
Regional Airport, Runway 4-22, Runway 13-31,                  your Airport and are available to continue working with
Taxiway C Relocation, Air Traffic Control Tower,              you and support your staff in all aspects of the Airport’s
Terminal Development                                          development.
John Anderson, Airport Manager, McCall Municipal           •	 Our team has the proven capacity to perform multiple
Airport, (208) 634-1488                                       assignments simultaneously.
Project(s): Environmental Assessment for Parallel          •	 Our team knows how to “get it done,” they have built
Taxiway Relocation                                            solid agency relationships, and received high praise from
                                                              the FAA.
Colin English, Airport Manager, Grant County
Regional Airport, (541) 575-1151                           Representation
Project: Runway Extensions                                 •	 We will be highly responsive to you, standing by your
Gary Judd, Airport Manager, Bend Municipal Airport,
                                                              side, providing you with sound advice throughout all
(541) 389-0258                                                phases of projects.
Project(s): Runway 16-34 Reconstruction and                •	 Unexpected circumstances will be dealt with immediately,
Associated Improvements, AWOS Relocation                      presenting you with solutions and recommendations.
                                                           •	 We don’t “shy away” from difficult situations, be
Chris Cummings, Planning & Projects Manager,                  it changed conditions, funding issues or difficult
Oregon Department of Aviation, (503) 378-3168                 contractors. We are YOUR representative.
Project(s): ODA, Pavement Maintenance Program;
Aurora State Airport, Taxiway A Relocation                 Company Commitment
John Hergesheimer, Project Engineer,                       •	 Aviation services have been a large part of WHPacific
Port of Bellingham, (360) 676-2500                            for the past 41 years and we are committed to continuing
Project: 2009 Terminal Apron Rehabilitation Phase IV          to be one of the leading aviation consultants in the
                                                              Northwest, providing our clients with the highest level of
                                                              responsive service.
Other Similar Project References
Jerry Flatz, PE, Federal Aid Manager, Local Highway        •	 We understand how important a communicative and
Technical Assistance Council, (208) 344-0565                  responsive team is to you, and we pledge to provide you
Project(s): Stone Bridge over the Henry’s Fork; Old           with the highest level of service and communication.
Highway 30; 11th Ave. Bridge over Indian Creek.
                                                           Boise Airport Mission
Wade Christiansen, Project Manager, Idaho
Transportation Department, (208) 334-8969
                                                           •	   Aviation infrastructure
Project(s): US-20, Broadway Avenue Rehab; Eagle Road       •	   Ability to grow/expand
Infrastructure Improvements                                •	   Economic engine to region
                                                           •	   Connection to the world
Tim Morgan, Project Manager, Ada County Highway
District, (208) 387-6177
                                                           •	   Visions of the future
Project: Franklin Road, Five Mile to Touchmark             •	   Connect world to regional opportunities and attractions
                                                           •	   Economic development
                                                           •	   Leadership

                                                           We fully understand and appreciate your values,
                                                           and want to work with you to help you further your
                                                           Mission at the Boise Airport for the next five years!

January 20, 2010                                      44
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    45
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    46
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    47
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    48
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    49
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    50
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    51
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    52
                   Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

January 20, 2010                    53
                         Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

                          Boise Airport Multiple Projects
                                                                                 City of Boise
                                                                                 Boise, Idaho

                                          WHPacific’s relationship with the Boise Airport began in 1991 when we
                                          were retained to prepare an Environmental Assessment for the Runway
                                          28R – Taxiway A Extension project, and since that time, we have
                                          completed 46 additional projects at the airport, including:
                                          Boise Airport Master Plan Update - WHPacific was responsible for
                                          preparing the Airport Layout Plan and alternatives development as
                                          part of a team of consultants preparing an update to the Boise Airport
                                          Master Plan,
                                          Boise Airport, On-Call Engineering Services - Through 2009 WHPacific
                                          was selected to provide on-call engineering services at the Boise Airport;
                                          completed projects include the following:
                                            Heliport - This project involves the design and construction of a
                                            helicopter landing area west of the abandoned Aircraft Surveillance
                                            Radar (ASR-7) site. The landing area was designed to the FAA
                                            Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5390-2B standards. A separate approach
                                            is used for the Heliport providing increased safety and operations
                                            RON Air Carrier Apron - This project involved the design and
                                            construction of a Remote Overnight (RON) Air carrier Apron
                                            East of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Station. The
                                            configuration allows parking for three 737 aircraft and frees up
                                            valuable gate space at the terminal. Design elements included
                                            storm drainage improvement, grading, lighting, signing, pavement
                                            markings and an analysis of access to the ARFF station using
                                            AutoTurn software to satisfy FAA fire fighting access requirements.
                                          Boise Airport, Runway 10L-28R Rehabilitation - WHPacific coordinated
                                          the investigation of a unique asphalt stripping problem on the main
                                          runway at the Boise Airport which appeared only seven years after
                                          initial construction. Results of the investigation showed that the runway
                                          needed to be rehabilitated to maintain serviceability with corrective
                                          measures being taken by installing pavement edge drains and removing
                                          the Porous Friction Course (PFC) in favor of runway grooving.
                                          WHPacific provided the engineering services to design a rehabilitation
                                          of the runway to correct the stripping problem and to ensure continued
                                          availability of Runway 10L-28R.


      January 20, 2010                    54
                                      Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

                              Southwest Oregon Regional Airport
                                              Multiple Projects
                                                                                         North Bend, Oregon

                     Since 2000, WHPacific has provided a number of multi-year, phased improvement projects at the
                     Southwest Oregon Regional Airport. Our work began in conjunction with Coffman Associates where
                     we teamed on the update to the Airport Master Plan document and drawings. The update included
                     recommendations for the preferred site for the new terminal building and a review of the runway length
                     requirements for current aircraft using Runway 4-22.

                     WHPacific subsequently prepared Environmental Documentation for Runway 13-31’s safety area
                     project which included a 2.7-acre area detention pond and wetlands well within the boundaries of the RSA.
                     Because of the project’s location on the Coos Bay Estuary, Endangered Species Act compliance, stormwater
                     management and wetland mitigation were critical to successfully permitting this project.

                                             WHPacific has also provided design and construction management services
                                             for the maintenance Overlay of Runway 13-31, the Parallel Taxiway, and Four
                                             Connectors. The project included construction
                                             of a new connector taxiway, rehabilitation of the
                                             concrete ramp, construction of a new electrical
                                             equipment building including a new backup
                                             generator, and installation/rehabilitation of
                                             the storm drainage system. WHPacific also
                                             provided design and construction management
                                             services for the Rehabilitation and Extension of
                                             Runway 4-22. The project overlayed the existing
                                             runway with 6-1/2” of asphalt and extended the
                                             runway to 6,000’ and included the installation of
                     additional MIRL lighting, REILs and underdrain systems. A combination
                     of night work and restricted day time closures kept this ILS runway open
                     to ensure uninterrupted commercial service operations.

                     Next, WHPacific engineered several elements for the airport’s
                     New Terminal Development, including 325 stalls for short & long
                     term parking, employee and rental car parking; an aircraft ramp
                     accommodating 2 commercial aircraft; a new access road as well as design
                     of other utilities, water, stormwater, gas and communications.

                     Most recently, WHPacific conducted an Environmental Assessment for the Relocation of Parallel
                     Taxiway C  adjacent to the new terminal building. Wetland mitigation and the Endangered Species Act were
                     important considerations for the success of this project because of the impacts of fill/removal on the Coos
                     Bay Estuary and fish habitat. WHPacific prepared preliminary design for mitigation sites and submitted
                     permit applications. A county comprehensive plan amendment was sought to allow construction of a sea
                     wall within the estuary for the taxiway relocation.


      January 20, 2010                                          55
                              Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

                        Aurora State Airport - Multiple Projects
                                              Client: Oregon Department of Aviation
                                                                   Aurora, Oregon

                                         For the Aurora State Airport Taxiway Relocation and Environmental Assessment,
                                         WHPacific was selected by the ODA to review the environmental impacts of moving
                                         a full length parallel taxiway to meet FAA separation requirements. WHPacific lead
                                         the preparation of a Categorical Exclusion document. Documentation was required
                                         because the project site was in the general vicinity of endangered salmonid habitat
                                         and there are wetlands that would be impacted by the proposal. The project also
                                         included preparation of a wetland delineation report and a letter of no effect on
                                         endangered species.

                                         After completing the EA, WHPacific provided design and construction management
                                         services for the 5000’ x 100’ Rehabilitation of Runway 17-35. Multiple public
                                         meetings were held with tenants, concerned citizens and contractors to deliver
                                         strategies to minimize the impacts of construction to the users. The project included
                                         upgrading the runway lighting and electrical systems and modifying the parallel
                                         taxiway to serve as a temporary runway. Aurora State is normally an uncontrolled
                                         airport; in order to conduct the temporary runway operations safely, the Oregon
                                         Air National Guard provided and operated a temporary Air Traffic Control Tower.
                                         The project was completed on schedule and
                                         under the original budget. This project won
                                         an ACEC Honor Award in Transportation,
                                         2006; Asphalt Paving Association
                                         Smoothness Award.

                                         The next project to be designed was the
                                         Relocation of the Parallel Taxiway. The
                                         project required re-routing the main
                                         stormwater conveyance ditch between the
                                         runway and taxiway, extending over 20
                                         existing storm lines from adjacent property,
                                         a taxiway lighting and signing system and new electrical vault, rotating beacon and
                                         tower. Because of the large number of airport operations the project was developed
                                         with 15 different work areas and five separate phases that included both day and
                                         night construction activity.


     January 20, 2010                            56
                         Boise Airport | 5 Year Engineering Services

                        Airport Environmental Projects
                                                                               Multiple Locations
                                                                                 State of Oregon
                           As part of WHPacific’s Airport Planning services, we have conducted a number of environmental
                           assessment projects for airports region wide. These services include: Economic Impact Studies/
                           Financial Analysis, Airport Site Evaluations and Selection, Stormwater/Water Quality Analysis,
                           Land Use Planning, Pavement Maintenance Plans, Wetland Delineations, full Environmental
                           Assessments. We have performed these various tasks for the following airports:

                           Klamath Falls Airport, Environmental Assessment, Klamath Falls, OR - Performed a delineation
                           of wetlands in the 2,000-acre study area, including on-site and off-site delineation of the study area
                           and preparation and submission of a wetland delineation report.

                           Aurora State Airport, Taxiway Relocation and Environmental Assessment, Marion County, OR
                           - Reviewed environmental impacts of moving a full length parallel taxiway to meet FAA separation
                           requirements, led the preparation of a CatEx document, a wetland delineation report and a letter of
                           no effect on endangered species.

                            North Bend Municipal Airport, Parallel Taxiway C Relocation and Environmental Assessment,
                            North Bend, OR - Conducted an extensive environmental assessment for the relocation of parallel
                            Taxiway C, adjacent to the new terminal building and in an environmentally-sensitive marine
                            estuary system.

                            Scappoose Industrial Airpark Environmental Assessment, Scappoose, OR - Identified the
                            level of environmental review needed to support the recommended runway extension. A CatEx
                            determination required the airport prove there would be no adverse off-site environmental impacts.

                            Bandon State Airport Environmental Assessment,
                            Bandon, OR - Prepared a full environmental
                            assessment for this runway relocation project.
                            A finding of no significant impact (FONSI)
                            was issued to the State, the EA complied with
                            all Federal regulations with special attention
                            to wetlands, rare and endangered species, and
                            archaeological surveys.

                            Jordan Valley Airport Development, Jordan
                            Valley, OR - Prepared necessary environmental
                            documentation, permit applications, land use
                            actions, property acquisitions, and an ALP update
                            for this new airport.


     January 20, 2010                            57

Project: RFP 10-035B: Boise Airport 5 year Engineering Services

Consultant: WHPacific, Inc.

Owner: Aviation Department, City of Boise, Ada County, Idaho, a municipal corporation

   THIS AGREEMENT, made this 8th day of June, 2010, by and between the City of Boise, a municipal
corporation organized under the laws of the State of Idaho, hereinafter referred to as "Owner", and
Consultant, hereinafter referred to as “Consultant”, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of

1. Scope of Services: The Owner desires to obtain professional engineering services for Airport Capital
Improvement projects. In accordance with the contract documents, a specific scope of services and fee
proposal shall be negotiated for each project and be executed by individual Task Orders (Attachment A).

Consultant shall perform all services within the cost and time frames defined in executed Task Orders,
and comply in all respects, as described herein for the consideration stipulated, and in compliance with
applicable Federal, State and City Codes. Contract documents consist of the following together with any
amendments that may be agreed to in writing by both parties:

               Contract Agreement                     Liability Insurance
               Consultant’s Proposal                  Worker’s Compensation
               Specifications                         Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and
               Acknowledgements                       Omission)
               Federal Contract Provisions            Task Order Template

Standard of Care: Service provided by the Consultant under this agreement shall be performed in a
manner consistent with that degree of care and skills ordinary exercised by members of the same
profession currently practicing under similar conditions.

2. Time of Performance: All work and products described in the Scope of Services shall be completed in
accordance with the agreed upon time, as specified in executed project task orders and within the contract
time of five (5) years from the date of contract execution. The term may be modified by mutual written
agreement of the parties.

3. Indemnification and Insurance: To the maximum extent permitted by law, the consultant shall
indemnify and save and hold harmless City from any and all losses, claims, actions, judgments for
damages, or injury to persons or property and losses and expenses to the extent caused or incurred by the
negligent acts of Consultant, it’s agents, employees, or subconsultants and not caused by or arising out of
the tortious conduct of City or its employees.

Mutual Waiver of Consequential Damages: Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, neither
party shall be liable to the other for any consequential damages incurred due to the fault of the other party,
regardless of the nature of this fault or whether it was committed by Consultant or Owner, their
employees, agents, subconsultants, or subcontractors. Consequential damages include but are not limited
to loss of profits and lose of use.

                                                                                                      Page 1 of 8
In addition, Consultant shall obtain, and specifically agrees that it will maintain, throughout the term of
this Agreement, commercial general and automobile liability insurance, in which the City shall be named
an additional insured in the minimum amount as specified in the Idaho Tort Claims Act set forth in Title
6, Chapter 9 of the Idaho Code. The limits of insurance shall not be deemed a limitation of the covenants
to indemnify and save and hold harmless City; and if City becomes liable for an amount in excess of the
insurance limits, herein provided, Consultant covenants and agrees to indemnify and save and hold
harmless City from and for all such losses, claims, actions, or judgments for damages or liability to
persons or property. Consultant shall provide City with a Certificate of Insurance, or other proof of
insurance evidencing Consultant's compliance with the requirements of this paragraph and naming the
City as an additional insured and shall file such proof of insurance with the City. In the event the
insurance minimums are changed, Consultant shall immediately submit proof of compliance with the
changed limits.

Additionally, the Consultant shall have and maintain during the life of this contract, statutory Workers
Compensation, regardless of the number of employees, or lack thereof, to be engaged in work on the
project under this agreement (including himself) in the statutory limits as required by law. In case any
such work is sublet, the Consultant shall require that subConsultant to provide Workers Compensation
Insurance for himself and any/all the latter's employees. It is mutually agreed and understood by the
parties that the Consultant and the Consultant’s employees, agents, servants, guests and business invitees,
an are acting as independent Consultants and are in no way employees of the City.

4. Errors and Omission: Consultant will maintain Professional Liability Insurance with a minimum limit
as specified in the Idaho Tort Claims Act as set forth in Title 6, Chapter 9 of Idaho Code ($500,000.00).

Proof of all insurance shall be submitted to City of Boise, Purchasing Department, 150 N. Capitol Blvd.
Boise, ID. 83702

5. Independent Consultant: In all matters pertaining to this agreement, Consultant shall be acting as an
independent Consultant, and neither Consultant, nor any officer, employee or agent of Consultant will be
deemed an employee of City. The selection and designation of the personnel of the City in the
performance of this agreement shall be made by the City.

6. Compensation: For performing the services specified in Section 1 herein, the City agrees to pay the
consultant for actual time and materials, including reimbursable direct expenses, the total not to exceed
the executed task order amount and the total contract sum not to exceed $2,650,000.00 (two million, six
hundred fifty thousand US dollars). Reimbursable direct expenses shall include all direct travel expenses,
including air fares, mileage at the rate of no more than $0.50 per mile, taxi and other transfer fares, hotels,
meals and other incidental expenses directly related to the performance of the services to be provided
pursuant to this agreement, plus the purchase of any materials required for the performance of those
services. They shall not include any sub-contract or other personal services except as may be agreed to in
writing in advance by the parties. Mark up of sub-contract work is limited to 10% of actual costs. All
invoices shall include proper documentation, such as time cards and expense receipts to substantiate
invoice amount. The consultant shall submit invoices within 90 calendar days of services being
completed. Invoices for services beyond 90 calendar days may not be accepted. The consultant shall not
exceed the negotiated “not to exceed” task order amount without prior written authorization from the
owner. Change Orders may be issued, subject to Purchasing/Council approval.

7. Method of Payment: Consultant will invoice the Aviation Department at 3201 Airport Way, Suite
1000 Boise, Idaho 83705-6530 directly for all current amounts earned under this Agreement. Owner will
pay all properly documented invoices within forty five days after receipt.
                                                                                                       Page 2 of 8
8. Notices: Any and all notices required to be given by either of the parties hereto, unless otherwise
stated in this agreement, shall be in writing and be deemed communicated when mailed in the United
States mail, certified, return receipt requested, addressed as follows:

City of Boise                                    WHPacific, Inc.
Aviation Department                             Attn: Rainse Anderson
P. O. Box 500                                   3501 West Elder St., Suite 200
Boise, Idaho 83701                              Boise, Idaho 83705

Either party may change their address for the purpose of this paragraph by giving written notice of such
change to the other in the manner herein provided.

9. Attorney Fees: Should any litigation be commenced between the parties hereto concerning this
Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled, in addition to any other relief as may be granted, to
court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees as determined by a Court of competent jurisdiction. This
provision shall be deemed to be a separate contract between the parties and shall survive any default,
termination or forfeiture of this Agreement.

10. Time is of the Essence: The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that time is strictly of the essence
with respect to each and every term, condition and provision hereof, and that the failure to timely perform
any of the obligations hereunder shall constitute a breach of, and a default under, this Agreement by the
party so failing to perform.

11. Force Majeure: Any delays in or failure of performance by Consultant shall not constitute a breach or
default hereunder if and to the extent such delays or failures of performance are caused by occurrences
beyond the reasonable control of Consultant, including but not limited to, acts of God or the public
enemy; compliance with any order or request of any governmental authority; fires, floods, explosion,
accidents; riots, strikes or other concerted acts of workmen, whether direct or indirect; or any causes,
whether or not of the same class or kind as those specifically named above, which are not within the
reasonable control of Consultant. In the event that any event of force majeure as herein defined occurs,
Consultant shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time for performance of its Services under this

12. Assignment: It is expressly agreed and understood by the parties hereto, that Consultant shall not
have the right to assign, transfer, hypothecate or sell any of its rights under this Agreement except upon
the prior express written consent of City.

13. Discrimination Prohibited: In performing the Services required herein, Consultant shall not
discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, age or
physical disability.

14. Reports and Information: At such times and in such forms as the City may require, there shall be
furnished to the City such statements, records, reports, data and information as the City may request
pertaining to matters covered by this Agreement.

                                                                                                       Page 3 of 8
15. Audits and Inspections. At any time during normal business hours and as often as the City may deem
necessary, there shall be made available to the City for examination all of Consultant's records with
respect to all matters covered by this Agreement. Consultant shall permit the City to audit, examine, and
make excerpts or transcripts from such records, and to make audits of all contracts, invoices, materials,
payrolls, records of personnel, conditions of employment and other data relating to all matters covered by
this Agreement.

16. Publication, Reproduction and Use of Material: No material produced in whole or in part under this
Agreement shall be subject to copyright in the United States or in any other country. The City shall have
unrestricted authority to publish, disclose and otherwise use, in whole or in part, any reports, data or other
materials prepared under this Agreement.

17. Compliance with Laws: In performing the scope of services required hereunder, Consultant shall
comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, and codes of Federal, State, and local governments, in effect
during this agreement.

18. Changes: The City may, from time to time, request changes in the Scope of Services to be performed
hereunder. Such changes, including any increase or decrease in the amount of Consultant's compensation,
which are mutually agreed upon by and between the City and Consultant, shall be incorporated in written
amendments to this Agreement.

19. Termination for Cause: If, through any cause, Consultant shall fail to fulfill in a timely and proper
manner its obligations under this Agreement, or if Consultant shall violate any of the covenants,
agreements, or stipulations of this Agreement, the City shall thereupon have the right to terminate this
Agreement by giving written notice to Consultant of such termination and specifying the effective date
thereof at least fifteen (15) days before the effective date of such termination. In such event, all finished
or unfinished documents, data, maps, studies, surveys, drawings, models, photographs and reports
prepared by Consultant under this Agreement shall, at the option of the City, become its property, and
Consultant shall be entitled to receive just and equitable compensation for any work satisfactorily
complete hereunder.
Consultant may terminate this agreement upon giving the Owner Fourteen (14) calendar days prior notice
for any of the following reasons: 1) Breach by the owner of any material term of this agreement,
including but not limited to the payment terms; 2) Changes in material conditions under which the
agreement was entered into coupled with a failure of the parties to negotiate an accord regarding the fees,
changes, schedules relating to those changes.

Notwithstanding the above, Consultant shall not be relieved of liability to the City for damages sustained
by the City by virtue of any breach of this Agreement by Consultant, and the City may withhold any
payments to Consultant for the purposes of set-off until such time as the exact amount of damages due the
City from Consultant is determined. This provision shall survive the termination of this agreement and
shall not relieve Consultant of its liability to the City for damages.

20. Termination for Convenience: The City may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving at least
fifteen (15) days notice in writing to the Consultant. If the Agreement is terminated by the City as
provided herein, Consultant will be paid an amount which bears the same ratio to the total compensation
as the services actually performed bear to the total services of Consultant covered by this Agreement, less
payments of compensation previously made. If this Agreement is terminated due to the fault of
Consultant, Section 19 hereof relative to termination shall apply.
The Consultant may terminate this agreement upon giving the owner fifteen (15) calendar days prior
written notice for breach of any material terms of this agreement by the city.
                                                                                                      Page 4 of 8
 21. Consultant to Pay or Secure Taxes: The Consultant in consideration of securing the business agrees:
1) To pay promptly when all taxes due (other than on real property), excises and license fees due the
state, its subdivisions, and municipal and quasi-municipal corporations therein, accrued or accruing in
accordance with conditions of this Agreement, whether or not the same shall be payable at the end of such
term; 2) That if said taxes, excises and license fees are not payable at the end of said term, but liability for
the payment thereof exists, even though the same constitute liens upon the Consultant's property, to secure
the same to the satisfaction of the respective officers charged with the collection thereof; and that; 3) That,
in the event of default in the payment or securing of such taxes, excises, and license fees, that Boise City
may withhold from any payment due the Consultant hereunder the estimated amount of such accrued
taxes, excises and license fees for the benefit of all taxing units to which said Consultant is liable.

22. Severability: If any part of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such holding will
not affect the validity or enforceability of any other part of this Agreement so long as the remainder of the
Agreement is reasonably capable of completion.

23. Entire Agreement: This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes any
and all other agreements or understandings, oral or written, whether previous to the execution hereof or
contemporaneous herewith.

24. Non-Appropriation: Should funding become not available, due to lack of appropriation, the City may
terminate this agreement upon thirty (30) calendar day written notice to the consultant.

25. Applicable Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance
with the laws of the State of Idaho, and the ordinances of the City of Boise.

26. Renewal: This agreement shall not be valid for more than Five (5) years from the date of approval by
the City. This agreement is not renewable.

27. Approval Required: This Agreement shall not become effective or binding until approved by the
Boise City Council and receipt of required proof of insurance.

28. Key Personnel: Unless otherwise agreed to by the OWNER, the Consultant agrees to utilize the key
personnel for projects involving this contract as indicated in their proposal. Any change in personal shall
be approved by the City of Boise project manager.

29. Hourly Rate Increases: The increase in hourly billing rates shall correspond to increases in key
personnel’s salary and shall not exceed 3.0% per year.


                                                                                                        Page 5 of 8
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the City and the Consultant/Consultant have executed this Agreement as of
the date first above written.

City OF BOISE                                WHPacific, Inc.
                                             3501 West Elder St., Suite 200
APPROVED BY:                                 Boise, Idaho 83705

David H. Bieter, Mayor            Date       Signature                          Date

ATTEST:                                      Print Name

City Clerk                        Date                   CONTRACT AMOUNT:

Denis Ryall, Purchasing Manager   Date


Department                        Date

Legal Department                  Date

Risk Management                   Date

                                                                                       Page 6 of 8

State of ________)
  ) ss
County of _______)

On this______day of _____________20____, before me personally appeared ______________
known to me and known by me to be the person who executed the above instrument, who, being by me
first duly sworn, did depose and say that he/she is _________________________
and that he executed the foregoing instrument on behalf of said firm for the use and purposes stated

Notary Public ______________________________
Residing at __________________

My Commission Expires ______________________

                                                                                              Page 7 of 8

THIS TASK ORDER, entered into this            day of             ,2010, between The City of Boise, Boise, Idaho,
hereinafter referred to as the OWNER, and___________________, hereinafter referred to as the CONSULTANT,
is subject to the provisions of the Agreement for Engineering Services, RFP 10 -035 , dated the              ,
hereinafter referred to as the AGREEMENT.

WHEREAS, the OWNER intends to

                                                           , hereinafter referred to as the
PROJECT; NOW, THEREFORE, the OWNER and CONSULTANT in consideration of their mutual covenants
herein agree in respect as set forth below.

The OWNER will provide to CONSULTANT the data and/or services specified in the AGREEMENT.
In addition, the OWNER will furnish to CONSULTANT

Consultant will

CONSULTANT will perform said services within               calendar days of the date of this TASK ORDER.

The OWNER will pay CONSULTANT for its services and reimbursable expenses as follows:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this TASK ORDER AGREEMENT as of the day and
year first above written.

OWNER: Boise City, Boise, Idaho                          CONSULTANT:
       150 N. Capitol Boulevard
       PO Box 500
       Boise ID 83701

DEPARTMENT APPROVAL:                               By:

By:                                                Name/Title:


      Denis Ryall, Purchasing Manager

                                                                                                        Page 8 of 8
                                                                                   150 N. CAPITOL BOULEVARD
       PHONE (208) 384-3775                                                                P.O. BOX 500
        FAX (208) 384-3995                                                           BOISE, IDAHO 83701-0500

                                               ADDENDA ONE
                                                     RFP 10-035

                         Boise Airport Five Year Engineering Services
                                  Aviation Department, City of Boise

                                   FACSIMILE TRANSMITTAL
 Date:     December 16, 2009

 Total Pages Transmitted (Including this sheet):                            1


  This Addenda Number 001 is being issued to notify you of the following changes to the
  specifications for our project RFP 10-035 Boise Airport Five Year Engineering

  Bid Opening Date Clarification:
  The bid opening date was stated in the specification as January 6, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. local time (page
  3 & 4) but is January 20, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. local time.

                                   NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS AND PROPOSERS

You are hereby notified of the following clarifications of and/or revisions to the above referenced project. This Addendum
is hereby as of the above posted date made a part of the project requirements and contract documents for the referenced
project. You are to note the receipt of, and compliance with this Addendum upon the space provided within the bid or
proposal. Failure to acknowledge this Addendum does not relieve you from fulfilling the Addenda requirements.
                                                                    150 N. CAPITOL BOULEVARD
    PHONE (208) 384-3775                                                    P.O. BOX 500
     FAX (208) 384-3995                                               BOISE, IDAHO 83701-0500

                                     ADDENDA TWO
                                           RFP 10-035

                   Boise Airport Five Year Engineering Services
                            Aviation Department, City of Boise

                            FACSIMILE TRANSMITTAL
Date:   December 23, 2009

Total Pages Transmitted (Including this sheet):               3


This Addenda Number 002 is being issued to notify you of the following changes to the
specifications for our project RFP 10-035 Boise Airport Five Year Engineering

Question 1
The invitation to propose indicates that the City intends to award the contract to “one supplier”.
Section 1.17 of the RFP states that the City will recommend the most experienced and qualified two
or three firms for award of the contract. Could you please verify for me that the City’s intent is
indeed to award this contract to two or three firms?
Answer 1
The Boise Airport intends to award contracts to three (3) firms.

Question 2
The checklist on Page 18, the third paragraph, says "Proposals are limited to 60 pages, front and
back,..." Is this indicating 60 pages printed on both sides, totaling 120 printed pages?
Answer 2
Limit proposal to sixty (60) sheets of paper, excluding the cover and back page (they can be used
Question 3
Page 4 , The last paragraph says:
Additional sheets may be included if more room is needed for technical information, answers, and
explanations. Does this allow for more than the 60 pages described on Page 18?
Answer 3
Limit proposal to sixty (60) sheets of paper, excluding the cover and back page (they can be used

Question 4
Page 7, Items 1.14 and 1.15,
These items limit the proposers to be local and have local offices, while on Page 18, next to last
sentence of the third paragraph says: "If you are from outside the Boise area, proposal packets may
be requested by calling ........" Is it the intent of the RFP to limit proposals from only corporations
that have local offices?
Answer 4
The City of Boise has a Significant Local Economic Presence ordinance. The City still may award
to non-local proposers, but the award decision is made by the City Council if the highest ranked
proposer is non-local.

Question 5
Also on Page 19 - Proposal Schedule , A yes or No answer is shown for "Significant Local
Presence",then in parenthesis : "Misstatement of local presence may result in disqualification of the
bid or proposal by the City of Boise". This refers back to the clarification requested on page 7, Items
1.14 and 1.15.

Answer 5
This statement applies to frauluent responses. The request is to state you business or office address
and answer yes or no to whether it is considered local or non-local.

Question 6
On Page 3, first paragraph, last sentence says:
"Immediately thereafter, all proposals will be opened and publicly read in the presence of the
proposers at Boise City Hall". Does this require that there be a company representative present for
the receiving of the Proposals? Will the Proposals will be opened and checked that they comply with
the Proposal instructions at this time?
Answer 6
A company representative is welcome to attend the bid opening but it is not required. The proposals
will be opened and they will be checked for a signature at that time. The complete proposal
compliance will be checked during the evaluation phase.

Question 7
   Page 16, Item II. Qualifications and Experience of Consultant Team ...City reserves the right to
  investigate and confirm the proposer's financial responsibility. This may include financial information
  and interviews with past clients, and employees. Unfavorable responses to these investigations may
  be grounds for rejection of proposal...
  Answer 7
  The references will be checked and each proposer will be evaluated on the reference responses.

                                   NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS AND PROPOSERS

You are hereby notified of the following clarifications of and/or revisions to the above referenced project. This Addendum
is hereby as of the above posted date made a part of the project requirements and contract documents for the referenced
project. You are to note the receipt of, and compliance with this Addendum upon the space provided within the bid or
proposal. Failure to acknowledge this Addendum does not relieve you from fulfilling the Addenda requirements.
                                                                       150 N. CAPITOL BOULEVARD
      PHONE (208) 384-3775                                                     P.O. BOX 500
       FAX (208) 384-3995                                                BOISE, IDAHO 83701-0500

                                      ADDENDA THREE
                                             RFP 10-035

                     Boise Airport Five Year Engineering Services
                              Aviation Department, City of Boise

                              FACSIMILE TRANSMITTAL
 Date:   January 6, 2010

 Total Pages Transmitted (Including this sheet):                 2

Question 8
Page 16, Item VI References
...provide a minimum of four references for similar projects...
Page 21 is a form to provide three references. Does this form go in Item VI of the proposal?
Answer 8
Page 16, Item VI References; Change following: “Please provide a minimum of three (3) references for
similar projects, as proposed in this RFP.”

Question 9
The requirement for an organization chart is omitted. Do you want an organization chart for the team?
Answer 9
Page 16, Item I Cover Letter, requests ….. list of team members, team organization, project approach.
An organization chart may be used to provide this information.

Question 10
Page 17, Selection Process Schedule
Is the schedule correct that the shortlist is made on February 10 and the interviews are February 11?
Answer 10
Modify the proposed time schedule as follows:
Interview short listed firms (conference call) and decision on recommended firms; 2/17/10.
Anticipated award; 3/9/10.

Question 11
Page 8 of RFP, Item 1.17 Evaluation of Proposal, Selection & Negotiation Third paragraph refers to
Consultant fee information that will be used to break a tie of most qualified firms... No fee information
is requested in the RFP. Please clarify.
Answer 11
Page 8, Item 1.17 Evaluation of Proposal, Selection & Negotiations, 3rd paragraph; Delete following
sentence: “The consultant fee proposal information will not be used in determining which firms are
selected as being most qualified unless two firms are considered equally qualified.”

Question 12
Page 8 of RFP, Item 1.17
Mentions evaluation criteria for the proposals. No evaluation criteria are provided in the RFP--only
weighting of proposal sections. What are the Airport's goals and priorities for this contract?
Answer 12
Page 8, Item 1.17 Evaluation of Proposal, Selection & Negotiations; Change the following sentence:
“Based upon the written proposals and reference information, the city’s selection team will select the
most qualified, capable, experienced, and responsive firms for the work being proposed, for further
consideration through teleconference interviews.”
The Airport’s goal is to select the most qualified, experienced, capable, and responsive firms for the
work being proposed.

Question 13
Is there a way to get a tour of the Boise Airport site in conjunction with the Five Year Engineering
Answer 13
No tours are available during this RFP process.

Page 3, 7th paragraph; Change the following sentence: “The City intends to award contracts to two or
three Design Teams/Firms.”

Page 7, Item 1.13 Award Criteria; Change the following sentence: “At a minimum, award criteria will
include qualifications, experience, capabilities, responsiveness, reference information, and compliance
with the RFP requirements.”
                                   NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS AND PROPOSERS

You are hereby notified of the following clarifications of and/or revisions to the above referenced project. This Addendum
is hereby as of the above posted date made a part of the project requirements and contract documents for the referenced
project. You are to note the receipt of, and compliance with this Addendum upon the space provided within the bid or
proposal. Failure to acknowledge this Addendum does not relieve you from fulfilling the Addenda requirements.

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